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1. English Quotations (4th Edition), 

P. H. Dalbiac. 

2. Classical Quotations (3rd Edition), 

T. B. Harbottle. 

3. French and Italian Quotations (2nd Edition), 

T. B. Harboitle. 
P. H. Dalbiac. 

4. German Quotations, Lilian Dalbiac. 

5. Contemporary (English) Quotations, 

H. Swan. 

6. Famous Sayings and their Authors, 

E. Latham. 

7. Dictionary of Historical Allusions, 

(2nd Edition), . . T. B. Harbottle. 

8. Dictionary of Battles, . T. B. Harbottle. 

9. Dictionary of Indian Biography, 

C. E. Buckland, CLE. 

10. Dictionary of Political Phrases and Allusions, 

Hugh Montgomery. 
P. G. Cambray. 

11. Spanish Quotations, . T. B. Harbottle. 

Major Martin Hume. 

12. Oriental Quotations, . Claud Field. 

13. Dictionary of Abbreviations, W. T. Rogers. 

[/« prep. 

A Dictionary of Oriental 


(3ta6ic mi (peteian) 





In presenting these specimens from tlie still hitherto 
largely unworked mines of the Orient, the compiler 
desires to thank warmly the following Oriental scholars 
who have allowed liim to make use of their translations: 
Sir C. J. Lyall. K.C.S.I., Professor MargoHouth of Ox- 
ford, Professors Browne and Nicholson of Cambridge, 
Mr, Whinfield, and the owners of the copyright of 
the late Col. Wilberforcc Clarke's works. He also 
wishes to thank Messrs. Kegan, Paul, Trench & Co. for 
allowing him to quote from Redhouse's translation of 
the Masnavi and Bicktiell's translation of Hafij;, and 
Mr. T. Fisher Unwin for permitting quotations to be 
made from Professor Browne's Literary History of 
Persia. In transliterating Arabic the compiler has 
adopted the system of Professor Palmer in his Arabic 
Manual. In transliterating Persian he has for the most 
part adopted that of Mr. Tolbort in the Persian trans- 
lation of "Robinson Crusoe." 

No better motto for the student of Oriental verse, 
whether in the original or in a translation, can be found 
than the words of Goethe in the " West-oestlicher 
Diwan : " 

Herrlich ist der Orient 

Ubers Mittelmeer gedriingeii ; 

Nur wer Hafiz liebt und kennt 

Weiss was Calderon gesungcn. C. F. 

Arabic and Persian Sayings 

*** Ab-i-hayat astlahq, dar dll wa Janash pazir." 

Di wan •{•ShamS'i-Tabriz. 

** Love is the water of life ; receive it in thy heart and soul." 


** Ab-i-hayat tira-firun shud, Khizr flarrulch pal ]ci:Oa0t? 
Khun chakid az shakh-i-sTul ; bad-i-baharanra che shud ? " 


^* Dark have grown life's fairy waters ; where is holy Khizr say ? 

From the rose-bough blood is dropping ; where do spring*s soft breezes 
stray?" (Eastwick). 

-" Aber amad wa baz bar seur-i-sabza firirist 
Be bada arfirbawan na mi basrad zist, 
In sabza ki imroz tamashaerah'e XDaat 
Ta sabza'e khak-i-ma tamaahagab'e klst." Omak Khayyam. 

" Down rain the tears from skies enwrapt in gloom 
Without this wine the tulips could not bloom. 
As now these flowerets yield delight to me 
So shall my dust yield flowers, God knows for whom." 


-*' Aber ffar ab-i-zindaffi barad 
Hargiz az shakb-i-bed bar na kborl 
Bar foromaya rozgar maber 
Kaz nai boriya shakar nakhorl." Guustan, chap. i. 

*' What though life's water from the clouds descend 
Thou'Ut ne er pluck fruit from off the willow-bough ; 
Not on the base thy precious moments spend 
Thou 'lit ne'er taste sugar from the reed I trow." 




Abetsa wa tawalla 'an Ja'ahu 'rama, wa ma yudrlka la'allahu 
yazzakka au yadhahakkaru ftitanHaliu' Idhdhikra, 'cunxna mani 
'Btaghna fti'anta lahu tasadda wa ma 'alaika 'alia yazzakka wa 
amma man Jaaka yas'a wa huwa yakhsha ftk'anta 'anhu talaha 
kalla innaha tadhklratun." Koran, chap. 80. 

** He (Muhammad) frowned and he turned his back because the blind 
man came to him, but what made thee know whether he would nut aim at 
holiness, or be warned and the warning profit him. But as to him who 
has become wealthy, him thou didst receive with honour, yet it is not thy 
concern that he endeavours not to be pure, but as to him who cometh to 
thee earnest and full of fears him dost thou neglect. Do not so ; verily it 
is a warning." Rodwell. 

" Ablahe k'u roz-i-roshan sham'a-i-kaftiri nihad 
Zud basbad k'asb basbab rausran na basbad dar cbira^rb." 

GuLisTAN, chap. I. 

" The dolt who in bright day sets up a camphor light 
Soon thou wilt see his lamp devoid of oil at night." 


" Adam cbe serabe buad wa rub cbu mai 
Qalib cbu nai buad Bcula'e dar wai 
Danl cbe buad adam-i-kbaki Kbayyam 
Fanu8-i-kbi3rall wa cblragbe dar wai." Omar Khayyam. 

** Man is a cup, his soul the wine therein, 
Flesh is a pip>e, spirit the voice therein, 
O Khayyam have you fathomed what man is ? 
A magic lantern with a light therein." (Whinfield). 


'A 'da 'aduwwlka na&uka 'llati baina Jambaika." 

GuLisTAN, chap. 7. 

** The most malignant of thine enemies is the lust which abides within 
thee." (Eastwick). 

" Addaulat rlbun qullabun w'cdqudrata barqun kbullabun." 

Maqamat of Hariri, chap. 21. 

** Dominion b a breeze that changes, and power is a lightning that 
deceives." (Chenery). 

" Adl wa insaf dan na kuft* wa na din 
Ancbe dar bifiB-i-mulk dar kcu* ast 
Adl be din nizam 'alam ra 
Bibtar az zulm-i-Sbab dindar ast." Ja.mi. Hiha«istan. 

*' Be aware that justice and equity not unbelief nor religion 
Are needed for the maintenance of the kingdom. 
Justice without religion is for the next world 
Better than the tyranny of a religious Shah." (Rehatsek). 


" 'AfBJa yBitadabbaruna 'Igurana, am 'ala QuIubJn B(]faJuha." 

"WiU ihey not ihen mctUlale on ihe Koran? Aie locks upon iheir 
hearU?" HonwRU., 

'"Albilam yaelru fll'ardhl f&talcuna lahum quiubun ya'qlliina blha, 
Bu adhanun yaemai'uiia blho, tbinoaba la ta'ma'rabsaru walakjn 
ta'ma 'Iqulubu llatl fl'aauduri." KnaAn, cliap. n, 

" Have they mn then journeyed lhrou);h ihc liini! ? Have Ihey nol hearts- 
to unilerstand with, <i[ e.iis la heat with ? Bui it is not verily thnt iheir 

IcbalTYui 'am 
ft'obara blhi ; 

» bunyaoahu ala taqwa taina Uahi warldhwanln 
n 'assasa bunyanahu ala Bhafa Jiu-LiSn harin 
rl jahannama?" Ki'n v., dap. 9. 

who hath foundeil 

,lh founded his 
hnt it fallelii in 

feai ot God and [he ilcsire 10 pies 
building on the brink of a totletin| 
tuin with him into the fire of hell P" llfonwRij,). 

■"Atemaa wu'adiialiu wa'dan baaanan fbhuwa laqlhl kamamnatt 
a'natau mata'a Ibayatl 'dduitya thumma buwa yaums 'Iqlysmati 
tnlna Tmubdharln." Kuwak, chap. aS. 

•■ Shiill he then to  
shall meet wilh, l>e a« 
ihis life present, and u 
ward for punishmen ? 

a goodly promise which he 
sloped Lhc conveniences of 
ctioii shall lie brought for- 



" 'Af&nl llahu wa Bhukran tahu mln lllatln kadat tu 'afflnl 
wa manna bi'tburBa 'sift "Innahu la budda mln hatfln eayabrinl 
roa yatanasani wa laklnnahu lla tagadlidhl I'uldl yiitiBinl. 
In bumma, lam yugiil hamlmtim wa la hlma Eulaybln mlnahu 

"God basFBved me, thinks be 1u Him I 
blol me out 
And has granled me recovery ; though 

a sickness that went near to 
iiisi needs be thai death will 
delay before llie end of my 
Ihe guarded 

Death forgets m< not yet He g 

feeding ; 
If it be decreed, then will no friend avail, nay not 

domain of Kolayb ID guard me from Him." 

HANtRl MA'J,' 

" 'Afft'anta tukrlhu "niiBBB batta yakunu mumlnln ? " 
"Will thou then compel men to becunie l*lievers?" (K 



I &u tahtU 'I'luna wa man Icana & 

•' Cansl thou make ihe deaf lo hear, or canst thou djrecl the blind and 
him who is in n nianilesi etior ? " (Sale). 

" 'Aftltl 'Iddlyaru mahaUutia famuqamuha 

Blmloan ta'abbaila Kbauluba fEiHJamuha 

Famadaafl'u 'rralFyanl 'urriya raairmha 

Khalaqan kama dbamina 'Iwuhiyra at lftm nha. 

DimBnim taJarrBtna ba'da 'abdl anlslha 

HijBjJim khalauna balaluha waharamuba." Mu'Ai.LtnAH or Lrjup. 

" Desolate ate the maniions uF Ihe f^ir, the stations in Mina where they 
resled and iho^e where they fixed their ahodes. Baie arc llie hil s of 
Ghaul and deierled U ihc summit of Kijam. 

" The canals of Raiyyan are ilestroycd : the remains or 1 hem are laid bare 
and imiKiih hy the floods, like characters engraven on the sobd nck^ 

" IJenr ruins ! many a year has been closed, many a month holy and 
unhallowed has elapsed since I eichanged tcmler vows with Iheir [ait 
inhabiianis." SlB W. Jones. 



DIN Ku« 

" Agarat murad.baBbad kl namlii wa blmanl 
Biriban bt Jihad Icbudra zajabaa dun Ibnl 
Za tan waza jan wa az dll bu^zar. masaz manzll 
Kl aha wad sltbt iiasil blmiirad na kamranl," 

" Panis thy spirit m be gifted 
With a dcathlesx tile. 
Let il seek lo be uplifted 
O'tr earth's storm and strife. 
Spurn its joy. — its lies dissever, 
Hopes ami fear- divest ; 
Thus, aspire lo live for ever. 


" A-gar dunj-a na bsshad, dardmandem 
Wa agar baahad. ba tnlhrasb pae bandem 
Bata'e zln jabaa asbubtar neat 

Kl ranj-i-khatlrast ar baal wa nest. Gulistan, ch«p, a. 

■' ilave *e no woildly geai, — 'lis grief and pain, 

i lave we il. ihen its charms nur letl enchain. 

(-'an we Ihsn Mi n plague moic iroubloui- Hnd 

Which ahsent. prescni, still afflicts the mind." 

(East WICK). 

s ihe Guebte fcEils hia flajne 
iiiuld feed on him Ihe same." 

(East WICK). 

" Agar za bash-t-r'ayyat nutlak khurad sabl 
Bar aurand ghulaman-i-u darakht az bekh 
Ba nlm balza Id sultaa Bitam rawa darad 
Zanand laskarlaaaah bazar muTgh ba sekh." 

" ir but one apple finm the peasant's field 
The king should eat, his men uproot the I 
And does ihe Sultan bat his sanction yieli 

Cause with a thou 

kl morcbana blkburad 
Natawan bu.rd azQ baaalqal zang; 
Baelyata dll cbe sud suftan w'az? 
Narawad mekh-l-ahanln dar sang." 

'' Faith does not company wiili wurldly it 
From those habit is injuilice, then 
Expecl not truth." 



'* Aibist azim barkashldan khudra, 
W*az Jiunla'e khalq bargruzldan khudra, 
Az mardumak-i-dlda bibayad amokht 
Dldan hama kasra wa na didan khudra." 

** It is a crime to seek to raise but self, 
Before all other men to praise but self, 
The pupil (if the eye a lesson gives, 
Be all submitted to thy gaze but self. 

" 'AJab, 'ajab, bakudamin rah az Jahan raftl, 
dase zadl par wa bal wa qafe dar ishkasti, 
Hawa girlfti wa sue Jahan-i-Jan rafti 
Tu baz-i-khcuus budi dar wlsaq-i-pir zanl, 
Chu tabl-i-baz shunidi, balamakan rafti.' 






"** *Tis marvellous by what way thou wenlest from the world 

Thou didst strongly shake thy wings and feathers and having broken thy 

Didst take to the air and journey towards the world of soul. 
Thou wert a favourite falcon kept in captivity by an old woman 
When ihou heard'si the falcon-drum, ihou didst fly away into the void.'' 

'* AJaban lirajln an yanala wilayutan 
Hatta idhama nala blfirhayatihl bagrha." Maqamat op Hariri (21). 

** Wonderful ! a man hoping to attain to rule, and then when he attains 
to his desire, he wrongs. Chenery. 

"* AJ'all Imauta nasba *ainik wa haza flraqu bainl wa bainik." 

Maqamat of Hariri, chap. 50. 

** Keep death before thine eye and this is the parting between iliee and 


** Akhlr in Jan ba badan paiwasta ast 
Hech in Jan ba badcm manasta ast 
Tab nur-i-chashm ba pih ast Juft 
Nur-i-dil dar qatra'e khuni nihuft 
Shadl andar grurda wa grham dar Jlgar 
Aql Chun shama' damn mag-haztar 
In taalqviha na be kalfleist wa chun 
Aqlaha dar danlsh chuni zabun.'' 


Jalaluddik Rumi. 


After all soul is linked to body 

Though it in nowise resembles the body 

The power of the light of the eye is mated with fat 

The light of the heart is hidden in a drop of blood 

Joy harbours in the kidneys and pain in the liver 

The lamp of reason in the brains of the head. 

These connections are not without a why and how 

But reason is at a loss to understand the how." (Whinfield). 


lenglh the wnlfcuh will become i wolf 
:n ihuuuh i! gmw up amongsi men." 

(E. G. Browni 

" flitn iin ki dam za, mar mahrum uaahud, 
Kam bud az asrar kl mafhuin naahud. 
Chun nek tiame bln^ram az rue kblrd 
Craaram blffuzoaht wa bech m'aluiii na abud" 

R Khav 

" Whilom, ere youth's conceit had waned, me thought 
Answcfs Id all tire's problems I had wrought ; 
Bot now, grown old and wik, ton lale I see 
My life is sptni, and all my lore i% nouj;h[," 


" Aknun kl za kbuBbdUl bE^luz nam namand, 
Bk hamdam-l-pukUtaJUE mal-l-kbam namand, 
Dael'l-tarab az Baghtr-l-mal baz magrlr 
Imroz kl dardaBtbaJuzJamnamand." Omar Kiiavvam 

■' Nowofold joys nonght but the name is left 
Of all old friends Iml wine we ate hc.cft 
And that n ine iirw ; but still cleave to the cup 
I'or save ihe cu|, what solace is there le/l. 

Akxlm ud dbaiftir wa lau kana kaflra." Savino uf M 

'■ Hunnui the guest though he ix an infidel." 

" Alcaar abl aljannatablab, al plsar. 
Bahr in gatt sultan ul baahar 
Zlrakl Chun bad klbr-angez fust 
Abl&he Bhu ta bamanad din dutuBt." 

■' For this cause, O ^on. ihe I'rince of men declared 
' The mitjonly of tliuse in l'Iradi^e me the foolUh '. 
Cleverness is u a wind raising sloims of pride 
lie foolish, so that yout heart may be at peace." 

" Akullu 'amran tabsabina umran, wa nam taharrlqa bl'lalll 

/  'Alalka bl'dsldgl wa lau annahu 'ahraiialEa 'seldqu bloaii 'Iwaid 
' wa'bgm rldtaa 'llabl fti'oKbba Iwara man 'askhata Imaula wa'ardha 

" Keep CO Itulh though il scorch Ihee with the lire nF ihtcatetiing, and 
seek lo please God : for ihe most foolish of mankind is he who angers ihe 
maaier and pleases the slave." (Chrnerv). 

ihe (ixil dues not 

" 'Alam nasbrali laka sodraka wa wadha'naa 'anka wlzraka 
'■lodht aoqadlia dliarsika wararnaa zlkraka, lainna raa'n, 'I'ueii 
yuera, Inna rae.'a I'uari yuara, Ibidha r^raghta fa'nsab wa'lla rabbika 
ta-ryhab." k.ika-, th.ip. 94- 

" Have we not opened thy bteaat for ihee ? and taken off from thee Ihy 

Ihee? Then verily oloni; with the difficulty cometh case, verily along ivilh 
the difficulty cometh enw. But when thou ail set a.1 liberty, be inttant in 
prayet, and seek Ihy Lord with fervour." Rodwku.. 

■' 'Alam naj'ali 'lardha kUhtan 'ahalyan wa'amwatan wa Ja'aJna 
flha rawaeya shamikbatin 'w'aaqalnahum ma'an furatan. Wallun 
yaumaldbln lllnnukadhdtilbln 'Iritaligu Ua ma kuntum blhi tiikadb- 
dhlbim lnialJqu 11a dblilln dtl thalathi sbu'abln." K-.l-A.^, chap. j,. 

" Have we not made the enrlh a receptacle for the living and the desd, 
and placed on il Ihe (all lirm mountains and given you sweet water to 
drink ? Woe on that day to those who charged with imposture ! ' Begone 
to that hell which ye called a lie ; begone to ihe shndows (hat lie in triple 


" 'Alam tara 'anna, llaha yueabblhu lahu intui S'ssanuiwatl wa' 
lardhl wattalru safbtln kullun qad 'alima salatabu watasblyabu 
wallahu 'allmun bima yafalun," KtniAi-. thaii. ;., 

■avcns and in ihe enrlli micred ihe 
Ihey aptead theit Hinys? Ever)' 
raves nnu lis prai:'!.-, and God knoVfelh vihaX Chey 

'llaha 'anzala mlna 'SBamaal maan raUmOna 
kbtaliftin alwanuha wa mlna IJlball Judadun 
blyadtaun wa hiuurun mukhtalifiui 'alwanuha wa Kbaraabibu 
sudvm wa mtna Inssl a' ddawatti w'lan'aml muUitalirun alwaouhu." 

' Dost ihdii not see ihat Cod scndelh donn ihe rain froni heave 

bring by it )lie upgrnwlh uf fruils of varioas hues and that 

inlains are traels of varied hues while and red nnd olhcrs ate of a 

block? And of men and reptiles and animals various likewise ai 

hues." RoDWi 

 AJam tara anna 'iTiilka tajri fl'lba 
mtn ayatihl Inna S dtaallka layatln 11 

" SresI thou not hon the ship'i speed on in the sen through ti.e Favour 0' 
God ihat He miiy show jou of llis signs? Lo, herein are signs to ever) 
paiieni grateful person." Rodwkll. 

"Seest thou nol how Ihy Lord strelcheih furih thi- shadow? if He so 
pleased, he had made it stnlionary ; but we bring Ihe sun ujjon it thus 
RUJding its direction." ' (Muih). 

"Alam carakalfa fa'ola rabbtilca bi'ashabl 'Ifll, alam yahj'al Icalda- 
bum fl todhlil. wa'arsala alaihim t^lran 'ababll, tarmlytblm biha- 
Jaratln mia slJlU. faja'alataum ka'asfln malcul." Kiika>, diap. to;. 

" llisi ihou not seen how thy Ijjrd dealt with the ajmy of the elephant? 
Did He not cause their stratapem 10 miscarry? and He sent a|^in:il them 
liirds in flocks, claj'stunes did they httil down upon them, and lie made 
them like siubble eaten down." (KoOWELl). 

a talcheb'a qulubuttum lldtilkrl 


"Alam 3rarau 'anna Ja'alna 'llaila liyaskunu flhi wa'nnahara 
mubsiran Inna fl dhaltka laayatin liqaiunin yumintin." 

KoRAK, chap. 27. 

" See they not that we have ordained the night that they may rest in it, 
and the Hay with its gift of light? Of a truth herein are signs to people 
who believe." (Rodweli.). 

*' *Alam wahm wa khisral wa tab*a wa bim 

Hast rahrau-ra eke sadd azim ; 

Naqshae in khisral naqsh band 

Chun KhalUi ra kl koh bud, shud gazand 

Quit ' Hadha Rabbi ' Ibrahim rad 

Chunki andar 'aJam wahm ufbad 

Alam wahm wa khiyal wa chashm band 

Anchunan koh-ra za Jae khweeh kand ; 
. Taki 'Hadha Rabbi ' amad qaJ-i-u 

Kharbat wa khar-ra che baahad hal-i-u ? " J al alu ddi n- Ru m i . 

** This world of illusions, fancies, desires and fears 

Is a mighty obstacle in the traveller's path. 

Thus when these forms of delusive imaginations 

Misled Abraham, who was a very mountain of wisdom. 

He said of the star * This is my Lord*. 

Having fallen into the midst of the world of illusion 
. Seeing then that this world of eye-fascinatiug illusion 

Seduced from the right path such a mountain as Abraham. 

So that he said of the star * This is my Lord ', 

What will not its illusions effect on a stupid ass?" 

Whin FIELD. 

'* Al* aqilu takfihi llsharatu wa'lfirhafllu la tanf)ei*uhu alfu 'ibaratin." 

Arabic Pkovkkb, 

"A hint sufficelh for the wise, but a thousand speeches profit not the 

•« » 

'Al'ardhu jami'an qabdhatuhu yauma Iqiyamati, wa 'ssamawatu 
m atwiyya tun biyaminihi subhcuiahu wa ta'ala 'amma srushrlkun." 

Koran, chap. 39. 

'* On the resurrection day the whole earth shall be but His handful and 
in His right hand shall the heaven be folded together. Glory be to Him ! 
and high be He uplifted above the partners they join with Him." 


'*Al*arifu hashshun bashshun bassamun wa kesrfa la wa huwa 
fturahan bi'lhakki wi bi kuUi shey ?" Amcenna. 

** The gnostic is gentle, courteous, smiling ; and how should it be other- 
wise, since he rejoices in God and in all things." (E. G. Browne). 




Ala ta na khwahi bala bar hasud 

Ki an beJcht bargashta khud dar bala ast 

Che hajat kl bar wai kuni dushmanl 

Ki lira chunln dushmanl dar qafti ast." Gulistan, chap. 8. 

** Oh on the envious man invoke no curse 
For of himself poor wretch, accursed is he ; 
On him no hatred can inflict au^ht worse 
Than his self-fed, self-t«>riuring enmity." 


Ala, ta nashnavl znadh-iHsukhan eroi, 

Ki andak maya'e naTai az tu darad ; 

Afirar roze muradash bar niyari. 

Do sad chandan *ayubat bar shumarad." Gulistan, chap. 8. 

** Heed not the flatterer's fulsome talk 
He from.lhee hopes some trifle to obtain ; 
Thou wilt shouldsl thou his wi>hes baulk 
Two hundred times as much of censure gain." 


«t I 

'Ala ya sakina 'Iqasri 'Imualla 

Satudfiemu 'anqaribin fl'ttxirabi, 

Lahu malakun yunadl kulla yaumin [^y^^^ 

Ladu lllmauti wa' bnu rilkharabi." Ai.i w. Mlrtaza. 

** O tenant of the lofty pnlace 

Know that thy grave sliall soon be filled ! 

It has an angel who cries daily 

* Draw nigh to death, for ruin build.'" (Bicknp.i.l). 

" Al faqir la yaxnlik shaian wa la soiznlak." Gulistan, chnp. s. 

**The faqir does not possess anything, and is not possessed by anyone." 


** Al ftkqni flakhri." Sayino <>f Muhammad, -t 

** Poverty is my glory." 
•* Al flEkqru SiTVadu 'iTVaJah fl 'darain." Savin<; <»f Muhammad. 

•* Poverty blackens the countenance in both worlds." (Eastwick). 

** Al ghusun idha qawwamtaha, Itadalat, 
Wa laisa yanfkk*uka *ttaqwlmu bllkheushbi." Gulistan, ch.ip. 7. /^ 

** Green branches thou may'st render straight 
The attempt to straighten dry wood comes too late." 




" Righi It mciji worthy 10 be followed, and irulh is most fiiiinc lo be 
lislcne.1 lu," (Chknkbv). 

'■ 'Albakmnu ttakathuru hfttta eurtumu Tinaqablr, koUa aaufb. 
tolamun, thumma kaJla saufa talamun. kalia lau taTamuaa lima 
'lyaqlii lalaraiinna 'IJablm. Cbumina latarammaba aln 'lyagln. 
thumma latuB 'oluima yaumaldbln 'anl 'In'iim." Ki>k>.v, <hip, im. 

■■The desire nfincieaving riches occupielh you, lill ye come (o the giave. 
Nay ! but in ihe end ye shall know. Nay ! once mote, in the end ye shall 
know. Nay '. would thai ye knew it with knowledge of certainty. Surety 
ye shall see hell-lite, then shall ye surely tee it wlih the eye of cerlainty ; 
ihen shall ye lurely on that day be asked eoticerning the plenurei of this 
life." KoiiwRi.i., 

1 miabl rabbi 

yauinl 'ddlnl. lyyalta naTiudu wa Ipyaka n 
'ImuataQlma elrat 'Uad&ina an'amta 'aJalb 
-alamim na la 'dhdbalin." 

"Praise lie to God. I.ord of the worUU I 
merciful 1 King on the day ol juilgment. Thei 
l<i Thee do we crv t^r help. Guide Thou us on 
Ihose to whom Thou an gracious, nut •>( ihr. 

Vrahinoni 'irahlml, mallki 

The compassionate, l 
only do we worship a 
he righi path, the palh 

 Too kind a man may be with fools 
And move ihem but lo flout him more 
And mischief oil may bring thee peace 
When mildness works not faliy's cure." 

 Aitmera kil guft baebad wa baa 
Cbim blgoyad na glrad andar Icaa 
Allm an Icae buwad lei bad nakimad 
Na blgroTad ba Icbalq wa Icbud 

" The sage «ho does buL preach 
With all his words man' 
Who does no cul, truly wise 
Not one whose nets and docli 

- Allzza fl 'nnaqall wa lau 'anna Bbarafl Tmawa bulughu miman 
Lam tabrabj 'ahshanisu yaumaa daratB 'Ihamall." Ai Ii'.hk 
" If bloaU'd inJulcncc «crd fame, 
And pjmpous e^e our nol>lcst aim, 
The oil) iliat regulates ihe day 

Wuuld nei^r from Aiies' maniion sliay." J. D. CablVli 
J 'llobi yubl blhl 'abde 


" Fflsliog ia Ihe food of Clod nhcreby 

llie bodies of ihe 
GulsT,,^, Prcfjict. 

"Alkarlmtdliawa'ada walla." 

'■AUadlllnftatenahiiinu ■Ikltabaya'rirunahukaraaya'rifiuiaabna- 


"They lo whom we have given ihe scriptures know him (Muhammad) 
eren as they know their own chililten ; but iruly ■. put of ihem conetul 
Ihe (ruth, though acquainted with it. This irulli is from thy Lord ; be not 
then of Ihoie who doubt. Rodwei.l. 

" Allabu la 'llaha Ilia huwa al balyyu 'Ikalyyum. La talchudhuhu 
Btnatun wa la naum ; labu ma fl esaamawatl wa ma fl'l ardbl. Man 
(Iha 'lladbl yashfa'u inclahu ilia bi Idbntlii; ya'lamu ma balna 
aldlhlm wa ma khal^bam wa la yubltuna blabal'in mln 'llmlbl tUa 
blnuk Hba'a. Wasl'a Icuraiyubu 'ssaiuawati wal ardba wola ya'u- 
duhu hlfdbubuma wahuwa 'I'aliyu 1'adhlm." 

"Godl There is no Go<l but tie i the livinij, the self-subsisting ; neither 
slumber sciieth Ilim, nor sleep; His whatsoever is in the heavens and 
whatsoever is in the earth. Who is he ihal can intercede with I lioi except 
by His permission ? He knoweth what is present with His cieaturcs and 
whttt is yet lo befall them ; yel naught uf Ilis kni>ulcdg<: do ihey compre- 
hend save what He willclh. Hi? throne leachelh over the heavens and 
the earth and the upholding of biith burileueih Ilim not ; and He is [he 
High, the Great." KouwRi.i,, 

" Allabu lladbl raTaa essaiuawatl blg^irl 'amadln taramiaba 
tbiunma 'stawa 'ala I'arabl waaakblchara 'aabsbamsa wa'lgamara 
Iculluu yajii la^alln musamma yudabbaii la'mr yutbesUu layatl 
I'MilIalcum bllqal rabblkum ttiqlnvm." Ki^ha». cbip. ij. 

"It iii God uho haih ordered the heavens without pillars which thnu 
canst lipoid ; then scaled Himself upon His throne and imposed laws on 
the sun and moon ; each Iravellelh lu its appointed goal. He ordereth all 
things. He maketh His sign^ clear, if haply ye may believe that ye shall 
meet your Lord." Kodwbll. 


"AtlBhu latinu) bl'abadUil yarzuQU man yaahau wa huwa 
'wtyyu 1'azlc. Man kana yurldu hartha lalchlratl nozld la 
harthlh! wa luan kaiia yurldu hartha 'ddunya nutihl mlnba v 
laliu fl lalcblratl min naelb." KlJKA^, i.ha\ 

"Gort is Lenicn uiuwds Ilisscrvflms^ for whom He will FFe dmh p... 
vi 'e; and He is thealning, Ihe miglily. Whoso chnusei the [illa|:;t.- oflhe 
life lo come, in him will we give an ample inc>»sE in his lillage ; and 
whojo chooseih the lil1»|^ of ihis life, (hereof will we gi»e him ; Imt he 
shall have no portion in ihe life lo oime." Kouwei.c , 

" Allahu nuru 'ssamawatl wa' lardhl niatbalu nuribl kamlshkatln 
flba mlababun almlabahu fi zujajatln ka'annaba kaukabun dur- 
rlyun yukadu mln ahajaratln mubarakatln zaltounatln la abarqly- 
yatlD nra ta ffbarblyyatln yakadu zaltuha yudhljru wa lau tam 
tamsashu narun, rnirun 'ala nurin. yahdl llahu linurlhi man 

'■ {ioii is the lifjhl of Ihc hi'avenB ami the earlh. The limililuilc of His 
ll^hl lEi as a niche in which is a lamp— the lamp encaied in ijlass — ihi- glass 
as it were a Elislenine star. Krom u l]lesacd tree is it lighteil, the olive 
neither ut Ihc Ens! nor of ihe \Vc*t, whine oil would well iiiyh shine out. 
even ihonfih fire touched ii nol ! It is light upon light I (iod giiideih 
whom He will to His light." Uoj.vrEl.i.. 

" Allahu y'al&mu 'anna la nuhlbbukuin wa la nalumukum 'ala 
Kullun lahu DlyatuB H bughdln aahlblbi, bfclinatl Uahl naqllkum 
waCaqluna," Aiiu>ti.'MAi.i>. 

" God knows that wc, we love you not in suoth, and that we blame vou 
not that ye have no love for us ; 
Each of us has his ground for the loathing his fellow moves 
A grace il is from the Lord ihnl we hale you, ye us ! " 

C. J. LvAi.i.. 
" Almauckhainmli'lfatAmlD'aleblhl 'alsha 'Ibahlma 
Taqtaduhu buratu 'Bsag'har ila "ladhlmatl w'alhadhlma 
Wa yara 'aslba'a tanuehuha 'ayd! 'dhdhlb'al' Imustadhlitia," 

" Death is lieltci for a man than to live the life of a hcast 

When Ihe ring of subjection leads him to mighty trouble and nulrikge 
And he sees lioni whom the paws of assailing hyaenas seize." 

'■ Almuwaddatu muwaddat«Jii. muwaddata wafla wa muwoddata 
'aDa. falwafla mln Allah subbanahu. wa'lafia mlna 'ahsbait&nl 
lanabu 'ilaba." Am. i.'Ai..i. 

" Love it of two sorts the sound and the faded. Thai which Li sound 
is from God Almiyhly, and ihnt which gets obliteraled is from Ihe accursed 
devil.'' D. S. MARGOLrotiTK, 


ma' IqariAh, wa ma 'adraka ma 'lg.ar1ah, yauma 
1 kaTarashl 'Imabthuttii wa takunu IJlbalu ka'Ulinf 
amma man thaqulnt mawazinuhu fahuwa & alshatln 
'a'amma man Ichafiat mawazlnubu fa 

"The Blow 1 what is Ihe Blow ? And wh»l shall teach Ihee whal the 
Blow is. The day when men shall be like scallered nmlhs and ihe 
mouniaini shall be like carded dyed wool ! Then as id him whose 
iialanccs are heavy— his shall be a life ihat shall please hiili Well, and as lo 
him whose Imlancet arc l''gh\, he shall have hell I'lr his moiher." 

" Alqina'atu kanzuu layufaa." Auamc Phth. , 

" Conlenliiieni is a Iteasiite williuul dtcay." 

" Tbis day have I |>eirecled your religion for you, and iinve tilled up Ihe 
meoure of my favours inwards you, and it is my pleasure ihai Islam be 
your religion. (KobWELL). 

" 'Amabanalaka'lalbun, ama 'andharaka 'lahaibun 
wa ma fl nuaUii ralbun. wa la eam'ulca qad samma, 
oma nada bilca 'Imautti, ama 'aema'alca 'ssautu, 
aina talcsha min 'Ifautl. foCahtata wa tahtamma ? " 

" Is noi the shnnDe plain lo thee? doih ant huaiinejis warn thee ? and in 
ili counsel there is no doubtfulness, not hath ihy heariny lieciinie deaf. Is 
not death catling Ihee. doth he not make ihec hear his voice? dosl thou 
not feaj ihy passinj; away so as to Ik; wary aiiil on* ous ? " 

■' Amada awwal baqallmjaioad 
Dar nabatl azjamodl uftad ; 
Salha andar nabati mm' Icard 
W'ozjamadl yad Da aiirad az nabard ; 
Was tiabatl chun ba tudwao tiftad 
NamaBdaah bal nabati bech yad." jai.alvuuik Rum. 

>■ First he appeared in the class of inorganic things, 
Next he passed therefrom into thai of plinls, 
For yean he lived as one of the pants, 
Remembering naught of hit inorganic stale lo dilTcrcnt, 
And when he passed from the vigetive to the animal ttate 
He had no remenibiance of hii slate as a plant." 



" Is not .lefllh ihy di.. 
hair thy warning? nhit 
sice ping -place ? Whal 
shull l«ihydefen<iei?" 

? whal then is thy preparation ? Is not grey 
■n is Ih}' eicuse ? And in the gravels niche thy 
,t thou aay? and lo God Ihy going, and ivho 


:e piufilible and Trauglil 
ure or perish amid the 


" Ambiyara k&r *ugba Ikhtlyar 
KoflrBiDra kar dunya Ikbtlyar ; 
Z'ankl bar murg-bi befiueJliiB-i-lcliweBh, 
Mirawad u dar pesli jan peah peah." Jalali.- 

" The prophets chase the licllcr pari, fulurily, 
The t'lofish chose (he wrst, the world's fatuity. 
H.ich bird will flucic with birds ot its own Teather still 
The cock well knows his male and (olloivs where she « i 

'ssamal q 
lokum an 

1 khalaqa ■ssamawati wa'lBJdila wa'aneala lakum mint 
I'ln fa'aobaCiia bthi bada'atQa dbata bahjatio. ma Icani 
untaltu Bhajaraha, 'allabun ma'a'llabi, bal bum qaumui 

" Who hath made the heavens and the earth, and lendelh down ihe rair 
to you Trom heaven, by which we cause luxuriant groves tii sprinc up i 
Not in your |K>wei is it to cause its trees to spring up ? What '. A god wil}: 
Cod t Vet Ihey are a people who find equals Tor llini." RonWELL. 

like the impious f 

" Annaau ala dini mululdbim. " 

 I'cople foiloiv the religion of il 

who hclieve and do the things that are right like 
1 on the earth? Shall we treat the God-fearing 



■a, huruD ma wa'ada wa bi 

what he pcomiscs, nnd the 

jz-l-Janff blni pxisht-i-toiLii 
An manam k'aDdar-1-khak wa khun blnl sari : 
Anb:! Janff arad bakbun-I-kbwesb bozl ml-kunad 
Boz-i-maldan. anld bugrezad be. fchun-l-laahkari." 

' I'm noi he thai iiii Lhe batllc-day my back will 
I'm one whose head Ihoa wilt behold 'mid dust 
He must stake ceaselessly his blood who joins i 
Who flies in wit lisks cntelesily his fellow soldier's life. 

gory fight 

" ADia 'llodhi waJadtuka ammuka baldya 
Wa' nnasu bauJuka yadbahlkuna raaamrB, 
Fejlbad li narslk 'an takiinu idba 
Yebku fl yauml mautuka. dbablka n: 

" On niolhei'i knees a. naked new-born babe 
Wee^Hng Ihuu sat'st, while all around thee smiled ; 
So liie. that sinking to thy life's last sleep 
Calm Ihuu miy'st srnik. while all niaund thee weep 

" 'Anzala mlna 'eaamal muLo foaalat 'audlyaCun blqadaiiha 
[a'btaiuala 'ssailu zabadan rablan wa mlmma yuqlilvina alalbi 
tl'miarl 'btlgha bllyatln au mataln zabadun mlthliiliu kadballka 
yudhrlbu 'Uabu 'Ihaqqa wa'tbatlla Ta'amma 'zzabadu Tayodbbabu 
Juhon wa 'amma ma yanfaii "noasa rayanikutbu Ql'ardbl." 

"He scndclh down the rain from heaven: then H.iw the loircnls in 
tbeii due meaiurc, and the flood bca.relb along i swelling foam and out of 
that ore which ihey ignite in the lire for the sake of ornaments oi utensils 
a. like scam ariseth. In this way doth Gnd dep'ict truth and falsehood. As 
to the »cuni it passelh off like froth, and as to what is useful to man, it 
(emainelh on the enrlh." (RoiiWEU.). 

run wainnahu la'adhamu Inda llabl 


" 'Ara'aita manl 'ttakhadb' Uababu bswaJmafa 
wakUa. Am tahsabu asiUL akaarahum 7asma'ai 
hvim lUa Ica'la'Q'aain] bal hum a'dbollu aabila," 

" What Ihinl 
thou ihen lie a 
of them hear o 

ven (u 

thou of him who takelh his pa^ions for bis God. will 
irdian over him? ThinkesI Ihou that ihe grenict pari 
ntierstanil. Vprilv, ^h«' aie iust like the Unlet. Vea, 
Iher fiiiiii ihe right «ii>," Ri'DWEI L. 

■' 'Ara'aita Tladhi yukadhdhlbu bl'diiln. fadhalllta yaduhj 'lyatlm 
■wa la yahudhdhu ala ta'ami 'Imlakiii, fawaJlun UlrDUsalllQ. 'lladhina 
huiD 'an salatlbim Baahun. 'Uadblna bum j'^U'Saim, wa yamcaVn 

'Ima'uil." KckAN, chap, m?, 

" What ihinkest thou uf him who trealeth the day of juiigmeni as a lie ? 
He it is who thruslelh awaj the orphan, and slirrelh not others np to feed 
the poiir. Woe then to 'hose who pray, who in Ihcir prayer are careless, 
who make a show of devotion, l>ul refuse help lo Ihe neeJy." 


" 'Ara'aiCum lo aababa ma'aukum ffbauran. ttunan yatlkum 
bima'in mala," Kokak, ctuvp. 6j. 

'• What Ihinii 

;? If at early ir 

ti your 

k awRy, who 

displaying her tfTulj^tn 

■' Ar-rabll 
baina yadelka 'seaf^ru 't 
wa llmi liya na talchllun. 


A'stisluunsu WBilqamoru blbusbanl wa'lnsjmu washabBjaj-ii yas- 
Judanl ira'Bsama rafa'aba wawodha'a 'Imlzan, a'lla tatghau fl 
Imlzan wa'qlnu 'Iwazna bl'lqlstl wa la tukheiru 'tmizaa wa'lordba 
WBdha'aba lila'aam. filisi f^kihatun wa'InnaUilu dliatu la'tcmam 
wa'lbabbu dhu'l'aaB wa'lrraltaan (bblalyya ala' rabblkuma tukad- 
niban?" K"XAN. chap. 5s. 

"The ilod of mercy haLh lauyhl Ihc Koran, haih etfatccl man, hath 
uught him arlicuUle !>pcech. Thc<;un anil I he monn have each their limes 
U)d the plints and the trees bend in adnralion. And the heaven He tuith 
reared it on high : and He hath appoinled ihe halance, Ihal in the balance 
ye ihuuld not transgress : weigh iherefoie with fairness and scant not (he 
lialanee. And the eatlh He halh prepared for mankind, therein ate rrujts 
and palms with iheiihed clusieis. and the (>tain with iis husks and Ihc 
Bupporls of bfe. Which then of Ihe liouniies of jour Lord will yc deny f " 
" 'Airijalu quw^vamuna ala 'iiniBal blma bdhdhala llahu ba'dha- 

K«.*«. <:h.p, *. 
*onien nn account of ihe quah'Lies wilh which 
ovc [he other and on account of the oullay they 
for Lhtni," (RODWBLI.). 

i'an wa buwa kbalnui lakiun wa'asa 'an 
tublbbu Bhal 'an wa huwa sbarruD laJcum wa' llahu yalatnu wa'an- 
tum la talamun." Koiah, chap, 3, 

■' Haply ye are averse from a 

'■ Men a 

a ihtng ihxugh ii h 

And God li 

■' Aaalsh-l-doKlti tatelr-l-indoberf OBt 
Ba doatao taJattuT, ba dUBbmatuui mudara." 
"Whal hold! in peace Ihis iwivfold world, let this tw< 
Araily 10 every friend, courlcsy 10 every foe." 

" 'Asalatu 'rral eanatanl "aol' IkSataJl 
Wa hlli^jatu 'IfOdtall zanatanl laday 'I'atalt ; 
U^dl aktalnui wa majdl 'aw-walaii staaraun 
Wa'ahehamau ra'da 'didhiiha ka'ahahamal Httaftill.' 

-fold sentence 


o kiml ; 

rl I n 

A fame uniuUieJ slitl I Imasi 

ObscurM, coricealrd, bul never IoeI 

The wme hrighi >'ib ihai W the dav 

Pours from the wcsl his mellow ray. J, D. CarlvlB- 


" Aean ml-namuc] bwwbJ eham-l-darra ba bul sud 
Obalt guttaim let In tufan ba, sad gaubar iia ml-orzad." 

" Lieht at first the toil of ocean seemed in hope of future eain ; 
I did mUtake; a hundred jewels are not worth one hurricane." 
" 'A8habldu man 'abwa baghairl wosllatln 
FayaUiaqunl Bha'nuii 'adhallu tariqa ; 
Yuw^lju naran thumma yutfl barasbaliatln 
LI dhfttilca taranl mubraqan wa g'barlqa." Gulistan, ciwp, i. 

■' I'll Vfith uninlcrccpted gaze survej' 
Him whom 1 love, and wiliiered, lose my way. 
One while a Same he kiodles, bright in vain 
For soon He qacnches it with cooling tain ; 
'Tis thus thou seest me burnt, then diowned again.'' 

" ABhiq BhablnBbabaBt do 'alam bar u nlsar 
Hlch iltlfat-i-Bbab baaue niaar nest ; 
lebq aet wa 'ashiq aat kl ba<}lst ta abad ; 
DUJUE barln maolb k) bajuz musta'ar neat." 


" The lover is a monarch ; two worlds lie at his feet [ 
The king pays no heed tr> what lies at his feet ; 
'Tis love and the lover that live to all eternity 
Set not thy heurl on aught else : tis only burrowed." 

" 'Asian az gunab tauba Icunand 
'Ai^ran az Ibadat iatlgbftf." Gulistan, chap. a. 

orthless worship which they view with si 

-1-klna dozakh ast wa kln-l-tu 

u an kuU aat wa khasm-i-dln-l-tu 

in tu .)uzu dozakbi. bin, fcaeb dar : 

u sue kull-l-kbud g^rad cjarar ; 

r tu juzu Jannati' ey namdar. 

btu bashadchujaimat i>aadar." Jalalui 

" The root of hnlred is hell and that hile of yours 
Is a part oF that whole and Is the foe of your religion 
Since you are a part of hell, beware ! 
For the part ever lends towards its whole 
But If you ate a portion of heaven, O renowned one, 
Your joy will be as lasting as heaven itself."' 


" Two coune5 may be sped by charger hot, 
The Mmel goa tluwly but goes day and night." 


" Asrar-l-ozalra na tn danl wa na man 
'Wa, Id harf-l-mu'amma na tu ^wanl wa aa inai] 
Haat az pas-i-purda suftoffu-l-moii wa tu 
Chun parda bar uftad na tu manl ma na man." Omak K>iawa». 

" Astalz Allah min Bhaltanihl 
Qad halaqna' ah 'min tUKhiaolbi : 
y^ Bag aat wa dar hazaran mirawad 
Har U dar wal raft u an miahawad. 
Har Id aardat kard madan Id dar uat 
Dlv plnhan gnahta ondar xer poet ; 
Chim nlyabad aurat. ayad dar kbljral. 
Ta kaahanad an Icbiyalat dar mabal." Jalaluddiu Bumi. 

" I^t us seek refuge with Allah from Samn ; 
Alas ! we are iicri$hing [rum his insolence. 
The dog is one yet he enters a thousand forms : 
Whatever be enters, straight becomes himsell; 
Whatever makes you shiver, know he is in it. 
The Devil is hidden beneath ils outward form. 
When be finds no form at hand, he enters your thoughts 
To cause them tu drnw you into sin.'' (WhINI-'IBLD). 

" 'AsCaqlm, Ca'I'udu tatuni 'uruquhu 
Qawlman wa yashsbahu idha ma 'Itawa 'ttawa 
Wa la tuti 'I'hlrsa 'Imudhllla, wa kun fatan, 
Idha Itababat 'aheha'u blttawa. tawa. 
Wa "asl 'Ihawa 'Imtu-dl fakom min muhaUlQln 
'Da 'nnajml lamma 'an 'ata'a 'Ibawa, hawa." 

Ma^pasiat at Hahiri. chap. 47- 


" Be upright, for the slrnigh( iree will spteod its roots, whereas when it 

grows crooked, il speedily pines away. 
Obey not abasing greed, but l>ehavc as a man who bears in silence the 

pangs of hunger thai gnaw at his vital parts ; 
And battle against lusts that destroy Ihee, fur many who had soared to 

the siar-i, enslaved bv lust, fell and came to grief." (Steinuass) 

"'AtadhunDU an aatajifa'ukai haluka, Idha ana Irtlhaluka. au 
yuniiliUiuka maluk^ hlna tublguka amaluka. au yushni onka 
nadamuka, idha ZEilIat qadorouka. au yatifu alelka ma'sboruka, 
ytmtflft yft^lmPT^^ft y^i^bH h^^.riitr^^," Hahiki Ma \n\t i 

•' Thinkest Ihou thw thy slulc will profit thee when thy departure 
drnwelh near? or that thy wealth will dehver ihee when thy deeds destroy 
thee? or that thy repentance will suffice (or thee when thy foot slippeth, 
or Ihat Ihy kindred will lean to Lhee in Ibe day that thy judgment- place 
gatherelh lliee?" Chbnerv, 

" 'Afaimiruna 'nnafia bt'lblrrl watansBuna 'anfuaakutn wa'&ntum 
tatluna 'Ikltaba. 'aTala t^'qllim ? wa'atalnu bi'asabii wa'ssalati 
walnnaha lakabiratun lUa 'ala 'IkhaehlylD." Koran, chap, i. 

" Will ye enjoin what i^ right upon uLhei!>, and, Lhuugh ye lead the 
Book, forget your own souls ? Will ye not then understand ? And seek 
help with palience and prayer; anrl a hard duty indeed is ihis but not to 
the humble." (Kodwbll). 

■• To quench Ihe ipark is ihy sole Course to end 
A flame which would o'er heaven and earth e 

'Atlsb suzan nakimad ba alpand 


East WICK 


•■ Flames canno 

with such speed wild r 



As lyranis pe 

sh by the wronged hear 



" Atsar-l'inardain chu bugzaabt az yoke 
Baabad an az ni-1-ahaltan be shake 
Khun blni niz az sbalCan buwad 
Aokl zahlr dusbman-l-inBan buwad ; 
Khamioza rit-l-sbaltana^C wa qai 
Ey plBar. aiman mabash azmakar-i-way." FAlllul>l'[)l^ Attax. 

" The sneezing of a man if it CKceed one sneeie 
Is without doobt one of the devil's works 

The flowing of blood from tbe nose likewi^ proceeds from Satnn 
He who is the manifest enemy of mankind 
Yawning is his work and also vomiting 
O young man be not off thy guard against his deceit," (Ouselbv), 


" Au kaeayylbln mlna 'ssamal flhl dbulumatun naJ^i'BdUD wa 
baraquD yaj'aluna 'asabl'abum fl adhanlhlm miaa'sBawalQl hadb- 
ara 'Imauti wa 'Uabu mubltun bl'UcoflrlEi." Kuka^. chap, >. 

" Like ihosc who, when (.here coiiielh a storm-cloud out of the heaven, 
big with darkness, ihunder and lighming, tliru*i their fingers irlo their 
cats, bccauw of the thunder clap, for fear of deitth '. and God is round 
ahoDl the unbelievers.'' (Rodwell). 

" 'Auma tara 'Iniabbuba w'almBkrulta luzza Q naniat 
K'aahHhaukl yabdu fi'lghuaunl ma'a'IJaitls7 'Imult^jjat ? 
Wa lau antaqailtta 'zzamanl wajadtta aktbarahajn saqAt." 

As the ihoin ci 
If ihou uilt examiDe well the eons of ihe time, th( 
them but refuse.*' 

" Auratl baztarabam awrval bawtijud 
Jul tulratam az bayat chlze caRcvid ; 
Battem balkrab wa uodaneni che bud 

a raltao wa budan maqsud" 

" He hrought me hither to ni}' grml aurpnK 
From lite I gather but a dark si:rinise ; 
Igopeiforcc. Why come? Why live ? Why go? 
I ask these questions, but find no replies." 


 'AwaJam yara 'lllnBajiu anna khalaqnabu min nutfatln faidha 
huwa kbaaimuD mublo. wa dharaba lana matbaiao. qala man yubi 
'radboma wobla ramlm. Qui yuhlyiba 'lladhanebaha avrwala mar- 
ratin na huwablkulll Ichalqln 'allm." Kiika^j, chaji. )6. 

" Dolh not man perceive ihnl we have crealcd him of seed ? Vet lo I 

" 'Awalam yara 'lladhlna kaTaru anna 'esamawati wa'l'ardlia 
Icanata raCqan faTataqnahuma waja'alna mln'Imaal kulla Bbayan 
hayyln, 'afala yumlnun," Kimiav, cbBp, n 

" Do njl llic unbelievers see Ihal the heavens ami ihe eailh were boili a 
solid mass, then we clnve ihem asunder and [hat by means ■•( water 
we gave hfe to cvcrjlhing ? Will they not Lhcn believe?" Koiiwkll. 

" Awaz'l-aa«:an Icam na kiinad rlEq-l-^udara." Ur.j'r. 

" The dt^s' barking dues nai iliminish iht- lieyyar's bread." 

" 'Ayabsabu 'Unsanu an yutraka ^t;ida? alam yaku nutfatan min 
manlyylD yiinma. thumma kana 'alaqataa Tokbalaqa fOsawwa, 
bOa'ala miubu 'zzai^alni, 'IdbdhaJcara wa'lunea, alalsa dhalika 
blqadarin 'alaan yutitya 'Imauta?" Kuban, chap. ;;, 

" Doth man think that he will be left alone? Was he not a mere 
embryo, then he became thick blood, of which GoilJ loimetl him and 
fiuhioned him ; ami made him twain male nnd female. I& Mv not power- 
ful enough lo quicken Ihe dead I'" (KnitWEii ). 

" 'Ayawaddu 'abadukLuu 'an takuna lahu Jannatiin min nakbilin 
va' a'nabln tajti min tabtiba 'nnharu. labu fiba mlc kulll tbtham- 
arati wa'asababu 'Iklbaru wa labu dhuTTiyyatun dhu'afau Ie,'aaa- 
boha i*saniii flbl naioui fa' btaroqat kadballka yubayylnu 'llabu 
lakiunu 'layatl la'allafcum tatafakkanm." KumM, chap. ;. 

Doth any of you dcsiie to have fc)r himself a garden of date irecs and 
vines, with wutet courseii running through il, wherein he shall have all 
kinds of fruit, and that he should reach old age, and have a weak offspring ; 
then shall a fiery wmd strike it and it shall be burnt up. Thus doth God 
show His signs unto you that ye may consider. " 

r ye be, death will overtake you, Ihouj^h ] 


" Oh, thou 
pleasing Uin 

a thy Lord we1]-p1e33«l and 
rvanis, aiid entei Ihou my 


" Ayyuba "ItnuddeClithir. qum fft' andhir, wa rabbaJta fakabbir wa 
tbiabaka, ratoMilr wa'rnijza ffthjur, wa la tamnun taatakthlr. wa 
llrabbUu fA'sblr." Ku»ak. chap. ;.. 

" O thou enwiapped in thy mantle ! aiise and wain ! and ihy Lord — 
magniry Him, »nd thy raiment — parify it, and the aborainalion — flee it, 
and bestow not favouis that ihou mayeat receive again with increase, and 

Az post gar db 
" The truly free a 

basbad az palrahan bar ayad." 
i soon as posiil.1 

" Az amadan wa raftan-l-ma audi ku. 
Wa aa tar-l wnjud-umr-i-ma pudl leu, 
Dar cbambar-l-cbarkb Jlam-1-cfaandin pi 
MlBUZBid wa kbak mlstiawad, duel] ku." 

' We come and go, but To 
And spin life'i woof, but 
And many a righteous oi 
In heaven's blue ronduri 

n has bumed to dnsl 
but iheir smoke where is it? 

" Thou hast a poitii>n with the angels and likewise with the brules 
Pass on from the pleasure of animals thai thou mayesi excel ihe angels." 


" Az rafta qalam hich dl^rar gun na shawad 
Wa za khurdan firham bajuz Jierar-khun na shawad 
Gar dar hama umr-i-khwesh khunaba khuri, 
Ek qatraaz an ki hast afiEun na shawad." Omar Khayyam. 

*• Man cannot change what pen hath writ of yore, 
Diet of sorrow breedeth heart -pan^; sore ; 
Spend thy whole life in shedding tears of blood, 
Tnou can'st not add one tear-drop to thy store." 



Az sadaf yaA grir nuqta'e hilm 

Har ki burrad sarat^ grauhar bakhshash." Hafiz. 

'* Learn meekness from the shell in ocean's bed 
And pearls on one who wounds thy head bestow." 


** Az tawakkul dar sabab kahil mashau 
Bamaz * al kasib habib ullah ' shanau 
Oar tawakkul ml-kunl dar kar kun 
Kasb kun, pas tcUdya bar Jabbar kun." Anwar-i-Suhbili. 



Do not, to slothfulness, on God depend, 

The saying hear, ** Who labours is God*s friend." 

With labour be combined thy confidence 

And, while thou toilest, trust Omnipotence." Eastwick. 

Ba bcu:*f ab-i-rahmat makiin bar khasis, 

Chu kardi, mukafat bar yakh nawls." Bostan op S'adi. 

** Use not mercy with ice- water towards the mean. 

When thou dost — write the compensation for it on ice." 


'* Ba chunan galib khudawande kase 
Chun na mirad grar na bashad u khase." Jalaluddin Rumi. 

** For love of our Almighty God, the Lord of all. 
Who would not die ; a stock, a block, we needs must call." 


" Ba darya dar manaTl beshumarand 
Wa gar khwahi salamat, bar kinarast." Gulistan, chap. z. 

** Upon the sea, 'tis true is boundless gain 
Wouldst thou be safe, upon the shore remain." 


'* Badbakht kase ki sar bitabad 
Z*in dar ki dar-i-dlgar na yabad." Gulistan. 

** Ill-fated is he who turns from this door, for he will find no other." 


*' Ba jak nataraehldu dar maJUs 
Btranjad dlM-hoahmandan baal ; 
Agar birka'e pur kunand az gulBb 
Boffe d&r wai ufcad. kuoad m&^Jalab." Culirtax. dup. 3. 

" \W there bul une tough person in their traio 
l''or his misdeeds ihe wise will suffer pain. 
Should you B cistern with rose-water till 
A dog dropped in it would defile it still." (Eastwick). 

For c 

am (alls from binck duuds." 

" BahlacaK' lcar-i*'alam barar. 
Kl dar Icar (rarinl ill ay ad t>aicar ; 
CblraKb ar bagrarml db alVokbti 
Na khud ra na parwana ra eokhcl 
Shlklb awarad baadha ra kalid 
SbUcllmaela ra kas paalieinan nc 



" Be thou scdnle in whnl ihou liasi 
Foi fiery hasle will prove abotlive tc 
Did Dot the lamp m hoi itself illume 
' 1 would not its substance and the moth consume 
Patience Bu[<plies to every ward its key 
One ne'er did patienl men tcgrellul see." Ea 

 Ba hukro-i-klluda Chun kase uftad 
Hama alamaah pae ba sar Dihaod * 
Cbu blnand k'iqbaJ dastaah gMP. 
81talah Icunon bar bar nlhand." Cvusri 

" When one has fallen by high heaven's decree 
The banded world will irample on his head ; 
Then (awn and fuld iheir hanrls respcelfully^ 
When ihey l«h«ld his sleps by fortune Id." 

" Ba In do aib nadan ki Jabandaranand, 
Azjabl kl dana-e-Jaban aod ; 
Khuehtiash kl az khurraml. eaban bamlBal. 
Har k'u na kharaet. kaftrash mldanand." Os^ks 

Think ihey in wistlum all mankind surpass ; 

And glit'ly do ihey damn as infidel 

Each one who is not, like themselves, an ass. 


" Bakht wa daulat ba kardanl aeat, 

Juz ba tayid-l-Bsmaii) nest ; 

nrtsd ast d&r Jaban blayaj- 

Be tamlz aijumand wa aqll tchwar ; 

KlmlaKar t» shuaaa murda wa ranj, 

Ablah acdor Icharaba yalta sanj." Guu^au. Book i. 

" Fortune and wealth are not to merit given, 
None cut obtitm Ihem but by aid from heaven ; 
In this world oft a matwl inecls out eyes 
The undiscerning honoured, scorned the wise ; 
The alcheoiisl expires with grief and vain 
And fools a treasure nealh a shed obtain." (EastwJcK), 

" Balagba 1'ula blkamallbl, 
KoHhafa 'dduja bl jamalihi, 
Haetinatjaml'u IcbiBalihl; 
Salla 'alalbl wa alibi." Gul^stan, tteiii^f. 

" AW perfect he" and therefore won 
His lofty place and like a sun 
His beauty lighted up the night. 
Fair ore hii virtues all and briuhl. 
Let peace and tienediclion be 
On him and his poslcriiy." (Eastwick). 

" Bani Adam a'eaa yakdiKor and. 
El dar aft-tnisb za yalc Jauhar and. 
Cliu *uzul badard aurad rozgar 
Dlffar "uzuhara namanad qarar ; 
Tu k'as mUmat-l-dieraraii be-g-haml, 
Nashayod kl namat nlbaad adml." 


Since all at lirsl from the same essence came : 
When by hard fortune one limb is oppressed 
The nthet memberi lose their wonted rest ; 
If thou feel'sl not for others' misery, 
A son of Adam is no name for thee. ( I- 

Ba nlzd-l-il&na ni'amat ao aat, 

S'azu Janat buwad Jawid maerur 1 

Za elm wa zar ki cbun Rorat buwad jae 

Bimand hamchu saogat bar sar-1-ffor." J ami. 


mv eve like a falcon lo 
iwatd) eyo is open to tl 

" Barozgar-l-salamaC shUcaataKSin daryBib, 
Cbu sa'll az tu bazaii talab kunad chlze, 
Bidib. waerama Bitamsar boroz blstanad." 

" In prospeious days gn seek oul ihc dislresse 
Tlie poor man's I'layec can chsnge misfoitui 
Give, when ihe beg(;sr humlily makes requt 
Lcsl Ihe oppresior lake from ihee by force.' 

" Baab Chun du]ab nalan chashmtar 
Tazasahnjanatbarolad bazar : 
Rabm kbwabi, rabm Icun ba, labkbar, 
Rabmkhwahl. barzalfan rabmat ar." 


" Imitale ihc waler-wheel ihal erQan5 and weeps i 
By prayers and groan! and (ears a man his hcarl pure keeps ; 
Wouldsl thou shetl leaisi Keel pily when thou mcelesl wne, 
Wodld&t rncrcy And? Shaw meicy, when men bow them low." 

" Oft have they laid ibe vigorous ncalh the clay 
While the lorC' wounded have revived at last." 

(East WICK). 


K'as hacitlyaah ba ru-e-zamin yak nlshan oanmiid ; 

Wa an plr lasbara lei Hlpurdand zer-l-khalc 

KhftkttBh chunaD blkhurad k'azu uetukhan namand ; 

ZiDdastiiam-l-famikh-l-NuBhlrwaa ba-odl. 

QarchI baal Kuzosbt kl Nuehlrwan namand ; 

Khalrl knui, al ruJan. -wa ghanlmat Bhumar umr. 

ffan peehtar Icl bang bar ayad 'fulan namand'." Gulistas, th»p. i. 

" Full many a chief of glorioas name bcnealh ihe ground now buried lies. 
Vet Dol one token of bis fame, on enrlli's uide sailiicc meets our eyes. 
That ieeii form ul life berefl which to eirtb's keeping they commit 
The soil devours, no bone it left, no trace remains to tell of it ; 
The glorious name of Nushiiwan lives in bis deeds year aTter year ; 
Do good my friend and look upon this life as an occasion dear 
For acting well cie yet we heat of Ihee that thy career is done." 

"Baa sitareatlsh az ahanjabid 

Wa Id dll shoHda pazaraft wa kashid ; 

Lek dar zulmat yak dLizde nlhan 

Mtnihad anguabt bar astarasan ; 

Mlkuabad aataraganra yak ba yak 

Taki nafrozad chlrasbe bar falak ; 

ChLm Inayatat shawad ba ma muqlm 

Kal buad blmi az an dlv laim ; 

Oar bazaran dam basbad bar qadam, 

Cbun tu ba ma'l na basbad bleb g'bam." Jalaluddih Rumi. 

" How many sparks of lire from flint and steel have flown 
How nwny hearts like tinder, make those sparks their own. 
But in Ibe dark some thief his linger presses there 
And every train puts out Ihnt has been lighted here. 
EitinBi^ished if those sparks were not, a flame would rise 
A burning light be kindled, flashing beyond the skies 
A thousand snares xie laid to catch our tripping feet 
But Lord, if thou ua shield, harm never shall us meeL 
If but Thy grace will guide us, lead us on our way, 
No Ihicfcan steal our peace of mind, our light of day." 


" Batll aet on ki mudd'al ^oyad 
 Kbufto ra kbufta kal kunad bedar? ' 
Mard bayad kl g^ad andar gueb. 
War nawtabtaat pand bar dlwar." Cltlistah, chap. z. 

Thouj;h on u. wali thou ihem descry. 


" Ba tu b&kliarabat agai Koyem roz 
Bib x'aiUcJ kunam be tu ba mlhmb namaz ; 
By awwal wa akblr-l-haina bhalqan tu 

" lara btsoz wa khwahl blnawajs." 

le *ilh Thee 

il Thy late lo see ! 

.,(hctishme." Whini 

" Ba tu mara soUitaii andar 'azab 
Bib k] 9bu<I&D ba dlsare dar bihleht ; 
Bue plyaz az dlhan-l-khubrue 
Naghzaztar ayad kl Etui az doat-l-zlBbt." 

" Beller with thee lie torluied ami consui 
Than with anuther Ellen's bowcis pos-i 
More iweel fiom beauty's mnuih Ihc m 
Thsn rosci (ram ihc hBnd of uglincis." 


e be sftiLid of lias 

y lias 1u gain.'' (NICHOLSON). 


" Baxlkrasb bar cbe blnl dar kbumshBet 
Dili danad dar In m'ana U ffushast ; 
Na bulbul bar Kulasb taeblh khwanist, 
K) bar kharl batasblbasb xaboalBt," 

Esch ihorn's 

u seesl Slill declaic Ilia piabe 
heart can hear Iheir secret lays, 
rose ihe nighlinKale His name 
1 lotvRHe His marvels lo procliiiir 

w ihercfore, ( 

1, Ihe faci 

Besana a^ar wafa kunad Icbwesh-i-maD aat 

War IcbweBb kbaCa kimad, badandesh-l-man aat ; 

Oar ssahr muwaflqat kunad, tlryakaat, 

War nosh mukhalirat kunad, nlBh-i-man ast." Om 

" Is a fritftid faiihlt-ss? Spurn him as a foe, 
Bui iin irustwotlhy fues respect bestow, 
Hole] healing poison fur an antidote, 
And Inneful sweets for deadly eisel know." 

^^ ' ' Be abr mtiBlikll aat tatnasha'a aftab, 

^H Salb naitara rukh-l-u dar niqab kun.' 



) with Thy hearl-vanishini; cuil." 

Beehtar asbabjannat ablahand, 

Bliarr foilsufl mlrlliand -, 
Ebweeb-ra "uryaQ kun aa Jumla tazul, 
Tark kbud kun ta kunad rahmat mucuL" Jai-a 

The majotilj of those in Paradise are the simple 
Whii have e^icapcd the snares of philosophy, 
Strip yourself bare of overweening intellect 
That grace may ever be sheil upon you fioni abi^i 


" Bewafbl chua sofftuira 'or bud 
BewafU Chun rawadorl namud 
Haqq Ta&la Takhr aurad az wafa 
Gun 'man aufo baahdshalrana?'" Jalalu 

" Whereas warn of fidelity is shameful even in dogs, 
How can il be right in men P 
God Almighty Himself makes boast of tideiity 
Saying ' Who is more faithhil 10 his promise than weF 

" Bl-bfn an be-hamlyatra kl harslz 
Nakhwahad did ru-e-nelc bokhtl. 
Tan asani gTizinad kliwlehtaiira, 
Zan wa farzand bugxarad Iwsaltlitl." 

t wretch devoid of shame I for him 
'i face will smile not, nor has smiled ; 
pampeis in each selfish whim 
(lis hardships 10 his wife and child." 


" Bi chaehm-l-letiwlali dldam dar bayaban 
Kl mord-l-ahlBta buszasht az sbitaban ; 
Soman d-l-bad pa az tok tarn mand, 
Shutarban hamchiuum ableta mirond." 

" I've in the desert with ihe!^ eyes li 
The hurrying pilgrim to theslow-sl 
The rapid courser in the rear tema 
While the slaw camel still its step 1 

I royal pearls ibcse are also ilevouring n 

t thorn, and with wine 
I a serpent, and where 
lers." (Eastwick). 

n-gatheiing lliou shall know 


" The eyes of men ihough sharp are closed by avarice 
Gieed will both bird snit fish loward ihe Del entice." 


n ftiraat, ey blrBdar, 

Dar (raitnrBiVt cbu meKh basliad ; 

Daryab kl umr bos aziz ast : 

Gar faut shawail, doreffh bashad." 

'■ Opporuinily flics, O brother, 
As Ihe cluud that quick doth pass ; 
Ob ninl:e use ofil  life is precious 


BOSTAN OF S'ADl, ctnp. I. 

' ' Blkstaa daram kl dar kuBbaj^nda tu'l 
Blmua raham kl rah numayanda tu'l. 
Uan daat ba bich dostgiri nadihom, 
Kl eahaa boma t&nl and. wa paylnda ti 


" Open ihe doot ! O warder best and purest. 
And guide the way, O ibou. of guides the turesl ! 
Direclois boin of men shall ool direel me, 
Their counsel comes to nought, but thou enduiest." 

(Whin FIELD), 

El be murdan □ 

 Blnadan anchunan mze raaanad, 
Kl sad daca dar an hairan bamanad." 
" ileaven u> the fuul supplies 


" Blngar badaDB dar grll cbu blmard, graelit muqbll 
Za 'adam blkard baull du bazar arma^banl. 
Za kbudi cbu u tbna ahud, gul wa bare mewaha ebud. 
Zb eaTul bar 'ala abud, bifututi aamaiii." Di» an.i.ShamS'I-Tahrii. 

" Earth receives tlie seed and eufds it. 

For self-iacrilice. 

teeming life rewards il 

clustering bla 

>ard ihna 


" BlDgar za saba daman-1-fful chak shuda, 
Bui bill sa jama)-l-gTil tarabnok shuda. 
Dar Baya-e-gul nlBhln ki blsyar in gvX 
Az khak bar amadast nra bar kbak abuda." Omah 

ulbuls dolinE iin 

uses on complain 

es rend ihei. veil 

rose which maD> 

u sprung rinm e 

r[h and dropped 

 Wilh Ihy friend ihou failh hasl t 
Sec with whom ihou'sl joined a 

lien ai the bidding of ihy foe, 
incc, and from whom thou'iL sought 

lUhcA from ihe world, and 
. appreciating the meril of 

■' Blrau, ba duatan aauda blnlBhlo. 
Cbu blnl darmiyan-1-duabmanaa jang' ; 
Wa ear blnl ki baham ek zabanand, 
iCamnTi ra zlb kun wa bar bara nib sang," Cui.i« 

" Go I wilh iby friends sit free from caie, 
If thou thy foes should see with discord rent. 
Bui if thou mark's! ngreemenl lliere, 
Go stiing Ihy bow, thyself prepare. 
And pile thy miuiles un the baltlemenl.'' (K. 


' Bl shlrln zabaal tawan tnird gue 
Kl palwaata tallcht burd tuad khue 
Tu ehlrin zabanl za S'adl blfflr, 
TuTBh mera gT 'Wtalkhl blmlr,'" .-i S'a 

" tJnc can by iHtct iprecli cnjiy away the ball of power, 
llui one of liad disposilion CDnsliinlly endures billeiness ; 
Take Ibou from S'adi ihe pleasant speech : 
To I he one of bitter visage say ' Die of bitterness.'" (C 

Tawaul kl pile ba n 

nd language so^ and fair 
a mammuth with a hair." 

" Blehnau az nal. chun hlkayat mlkunad. 
Az judaiba ahlkayat mikunad. 
K'az luiiyistaii ca mara blbuiida aod. 
Az naflram mard wa zan nallda and. 
Slna kbwabam ebarb Bharh az flraq. 
Ta baguyam aharh dard-l-lshtyak. 
Har kaee k'u dur manad az ai ~ ' ' 
Bas.luyad ruz^ar waBl-t-khweeh." 

'■ llearken to the reed-flulc, how 
VVhen complaining of ihe pains 
 Ever since they tore me liom i . 
My plaintive notes have moved tneo and 
1 burst my breast striving lo give veni to 
And to expiesi Ihe pangs of yearning for 
1 le who abides far away from his home, 
li. exei lunging for Ihe day he shall lelui 

' separalion ; 

ly home ; 


:n this counsel heat of mi 
11 will fruitless be." 


" Willi severity to catty a lifihl hand (o Ihe 5wotd 

Is lo cany Ihc hack of ihe hantl of regrel to Ihe teeth." 

" Blya, blyo, kl nerabl cbu ma digor yore, 
Ohu ma bajiimlajaban Icbud Icujast dUdora? 
Bljra. Wya, wa bar bar sue ruzstar mabar, 
B^ neat naQd-l-tura peBh-1-ffhalr bEizare." DiwAN-t-SnAM^-i-TtexiA 

" Come, come for you will nol lind another fiieni! like Me. 
Where indeed is a Heiovcd like Me in nil the *o.ld ? 
Come, come, and do not spend your life in wandering to and fro, 
Since there is no market elsewhere for your money." 

" Blya ca bar arem daat« za dll, 
Kl DBtawan baraurd farda za gil ; 
Bl fasl-l-lcbazan ml aa blni darakht 
Ki bo barg' manad za sarma'e Bokhc 7 
Bar arad tlhi daatba'e nlyae 
ZarahmatnaKardadtlbidaet boz," Bk^anof S'adi, chap. i). 

" Come '. lei us raise a. hand from ihe heart. 
For lo>mortow one cannot raise the hand from the clay of ihe grave ; 
In Ihe aalumn season seest Ihou not the tree 
Which from severe cold remains leafless P 
It uplifts Ihe empty hands of supplicalion, 
It returns not thrnugh God's mercy, empty-handed." (Clarke). 

" Biya, wa flkrat-I-man kun ti flkratat dadam, 
Ohu I'al ml-kharl az kan-l-man bakharbari ; 
Blya wajantb-l-ankas birau kl payat dad, 

Badu nlcrtu' badu dlda kl dad dldari." Diwan.i-Smams.i-Tabiii. 

" Come, and think of Me, Who gave you the facnlly of thought, 

Since from my mine you may purchase an ass.load of rutnca ; 

Come, advance towards dim Who gave you a Tout, 

Look with all your eyes upon llim Who gave you an eye." 



" BuBttm ba u rawan harja r&wsd, 
Iieic an oz khalq plnban mlBhawad. 
Mewaha laba kunan, k'az man blctaar, 
Ab halwan amada. k'az man bikbwar." Jai-^iuuui 

" Thai spirilufll ^rden Hccompanies Ihem everywhere 
Vet it is never levealed lo the eyes of Ihe people, 
lt<^ iruils ever asking lo be gathered, 
lis fount of [ife welling up lo be drunk." (WhINI 

" We used to be on Ihe earlh, ignoiani ol 

Ignorant of the irc^isurc Ijuiied within i' 

■' Budi tu btilbul-l-maatl miy&na'e chughdan, 

Bastd bul KUliHtan. ba ffullatan raftl, 

Base kbiunar kaahldl az In khamlr-l-turuBh, 

Ba aqlbat ba kharabat-l-Jawldan raftL" H 

 Thou werl a love- 1c 

e headache from this bitter ferment, 

to the tavern of elerniiy." (Nicholson). 

" Bugaar az laf-1-aql wB tazl. kl hasl 
Aql Inja aqila, ftul fBziil." Jtui. 

At Ihm thou w 

" The country of'I' ttid 'we' forsake; thy home in annihilaiion mal 

Since fearing not thil Uep lo lake, thou shill gain the highest felicil> 

K. G. Browni 


Taml ' bama w'a: 

" The scenr of ihe beloved one paised over ihe lovers' grave 
Whal marvel if lo those drj' bones, ihe breath of life it gave." 

East WICK. 

" Bui pij^z az dlhan-i-lthubrue 
Na^tizaztar ayad lei gi^l az daet-I-zlabt." Gulistan, cbiip. 6. 

" Mor 

n beauty's mouth the i 

" Bulnntilyat bayod tawaz'a ^uzio, 
Kl an bam-ra neat Bullam Jaz in : 
Za raag'hrur-l-diuiFa rab-t-dln ma Jul 
Khuda-blat az khwisbtan bin majul." Bhutan of S'adi. 

" If thou desirest esaltalion choose hamilily ; tor to /Aat roof there is no 
ladder save thin. 

Inquire not the path of religion from him who is puffed up by worldly 
fortune ; loolt not fur discernment of God from him who sees but himself. 
Asiatic Jodrkal. 
" Bulbula [nuzbda'e babor blyor. 

Sbabar-I-batl ba bum baz guzar," Glustan, chap. S. 

" O nightingale ! spring's tidings brcitihe 1 

HI rumours to the owlt bequeathe.'' (Eastwick). 

"The nigh ling ale that 

re grows hiind 


c name the aamceh." 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 ^ ^^^^^1 





Bute Chun bar arad oiuhhimat-l-kaB, 

h.p. ,0. 

 Hob may nn idol accomplish n pers.m's imporlanl affairs 

VVhicK Ciiiinot drive a fly from ils hcet" (Cl 


Nanus zadan taraca-o-bandaKiat. 

Zunuar wa kallsya wa taeblh wa s&llb 


" Paeodas like as mosques are homes of prayer, 

'T» prayer that cburch-bclU chime into the air ; 

Vea, t^hurch and kn'lia, rosary and cross 

Are all but divers tnnnue5 of world-wide prayer." 



 Buwad diwan-l-qurb shah wala, 

B'an dlwan marau bisyar bala. 

Ki tarsam cbun azau bala warafti. 

Za har uitftda'e muhkanltar tiftl." Ja."i, BiHAnrstAS 


" The seat of pjo«imity to the Sultan is liigh, 

Those placed on it are vL-ry exalted ; 

I fear wheo thou fallcst from thai heigM 

Thou wilt fall mure heavily ihan all others." 


" Buwad kbar wa gu] babam, ey boabmaitd. 

Chodarband-l-khar-1? tu ffuldaata band." R<.^an ™- S'.«, 

cl«p. ,, 

'• O wise man I the thorn ami ihe rise arc lufiether : 

Why an thou in the fetter of the ihun? fa-len Ihou the lOSelmiKjuel." ^M 


Blmn ayad az zer abr altab 

chop. 6.  

" Sun like the gicat fall under a veil of edipse, 


Spark -like Ihe envious fall into the water, 

The 5iin comes forth from beneath the cloud 

Gradually : but the spark perishes in the water." 



Khuda binl az Ithwlshtan bin ma kbwah ; 

Tawaz'u sar raf at afrazadat, 

Talubbiu- bikhak andar andazadat." li.>'TAN of S-*oi 


" The great showed not le^rd lo themselves 

Desire not God-lwholdioR from one self-beholdinfi 

Humility exalts the head o( thy tublimily, 

Arrogance cast* thee lo the dust." (Cl 



" Chakar-nawoziat kl kordast lahq-l-tu. 
Wama kuja dile kt b'ftn Ishq darkhwar ast t 
Har dll kl u bUcliun Bhabe dar bawa'e tu, 
Chu ruz-l-ruBbanast, hawa z'u n 

"'Tls slave- caressing thy love has priclised, 
E[k, wheic is Ihe heart worthy of that love? 
Every heart thai has slepl due night in Ihine air 
Is like radiant day ; thereby ihe air is illuminated." 
" Chandan blkbiiram Bharab k'lc bu-l-abarab 
Ayad za turab chun rawam zer-1-turab ; 
Ta ba aar-i-khak-l-man rasd makbwaii 
AKbu-l-Bbarab-i-maDahawadmBSt wakbarab." 0>iai: 

" So rnany cups of wine will I consume 
lis bouquet shall exhale riom nut my tomb ; 
And every one that passes by shall hnll, 
And reel and slaKrer with thai mighty fume." 

" Chand hard oatiBb kardl az raQum 
SaoB'tia az 'iBbq-l-u Bhud bamcbu mum 
Z'ln hanif ahud khlrad barlk lis. 
Naakti mekun a) adib khuab nawls. 
Dor kbur hai- flkr basta bar 'adam 
Dam ba timri naqab kbJyal pur raqam." Jxlalui 

" How 

Through marvelling thereat stone 
These letters exercise and perplex 
Write on, O skilful Faic-wnlei, 

" Cband kardl gird-l-'alam babrl ear 
Blab gardad zar. aba wad Kbam biBbtar ; 
Kasa'e chaahm-l-barlaan pur na Bhud, 
Ta aodaf qan'l nashud. pur-1-durr naabud." Anwiii.i.. 

" How lone, gold -set king round the earth wilt go ? 
Ai glawR thy treasure, w thy cure will grow ; 
Nfllshl will Ihe eye-cup of the greedy ^1, 
Pearls brim the shell but not until 'tis siill." 


" Chaodln gham-l-behudai malctiur shad b&zl, 
Wa andar rah-1-bedad tu badod bazl : 
Cbun Bkbtr-l'lcbr in Jahan nlete aet. 

" No longer hug yout grief ond rain despair 
Kut in this unjust world lie just and fair 
And since Ihe substance of ihe woild is naught 
Deem yourself naught nnd «o shake olif dull care." 

" Char chiz Id asl manafl' ast wa manal, 
Niantad an bachar dlgar b'akhlr bal. 
Baqa ba talkhl maig, we. amal ba khtjlat-t-uzl, 
Ounoh ba aliarm-l-nad wn at, 'ata ba zUl-l-suwal." A^wwu-i-Su 

" FoDi things at lirst to great advaniage [end 
Vet are not worth four cithers in the end : 
Life is not worth ihe woe of dying, nor 
Will ofSce make ihee compensation for 
The shame of thy displacement, sin weichs not 
Remorse : nor can alms gild the beggar^ lot." 


Qaflla'o muhtaabtmfbu nsl-Ktmad." Anwar.I'Su 

en does not strike the poor and needy cruwd, 
ikes the pompous gathering of the prou-1." 


m za an sar buwad, wa za 'aJam-t-dlsar buwad. 
In 5U Jalian, an sujaban, binBhaBtaman baraatan ; 
Bar aetan an kaa buwad. k'u natlq-l-akhras buwail. 
In rams gultan baa buwad, Aigar maKu, dar 1ce«b zabon." 

" Mine eye is from ihftt source, and from another i 
Here a world and there a world : I am sealed o: 
On the ihicsholil are they alone, whoi^e eloqueni 
Tis enough lo utter this inlimaiion : soy no more 

" What marvel il 
A nightingale i 
"Cbi bak az mauj-i-bahr an ra Id boahadNuh Jdahtlbanf 

r where Noah is the pitui, 


" Etow HcU would it have been, if bell hi,il been full o( me. 
Perhaps for others there might have been escape." 


"Cbk raids 21 zirlh ba kuBhatl-l-tlr-t-qaza? 
Chi manra'aC zi slpar tia naroz-l-hulcml qadr 7 
Agar zi ahan wa pulad sur-i-tilan Icuni, 
Hawala cbun blraaad. zud ajal blkobad dfu-." 

" What serves thy armour 'fiaiiisl Vale's arruwi 
What serves thy shield il Destiny iranspietce 
Though steel and iion may thy ramparts plati 
When conie-s the mandate, Death shall burst 

a ata'e tu nest T ' 

" Obi khuali gaft FlidauBl paJc zad, 
Kl rahmat liar an cartiac pale bad, 
' Ma azar murs kl danakaab ast. 
Kt unizjandoradwaJtuikhuBhaBt.'" 

■' How »ell said Kirdausi of pure birlh 
(May mercy lie on that pure KimU ! ) 
' Wound not the ani Ibat is the grain carrier 
For it also has life, and life is pleasant.' " (Cm 


" Cbl kbuab guTt zale ba forzand-l-lthwlBh. 
Cbu dldash psJitnK BJgB,n wa pll tan. 
'Oar az ahd-i'khurdi^at yad ajnadl, 
Kl blcbara budl ilor aghuBh-l-man, 
Na liardl dar In roz ba man Jafb 
Kl tu sber marde wa maa plrs zas.' " Gvm&t 

" Well said ihttl SReit niolhcr lo her son, 
WhoM gianl aim could well n ligec slay, 
'Couldsi Ihou reinemlJCt days long past and gone 
When in my aims a helpless inrsnl lay. 
And know thyself that babe, thou wouldsl not novr 
Thus wrong me when I'm old, an athlete thou." 

" Cbl naehaz am ad in nuqta dar Slodbad, 
KI'lBhqatlah aat, ey pisar, pand, bad;' 
Ba bad aUab tez barlar sbawad. 
Pslang ae zadan Icinawartar ahawad." 
" How pleasantly occurred this wiliicism i 
' Oh son 1 love is fire ; advice, wind.' 
The fierce fire by the wind hccunic* moi 
The panther by striking l>ec.>nie> more anijry. 

" Chi Balhae flrawan wa umarbae daraz 
Kl Icbalq bar sar-l-ma bar zamln btkbwabad raft ; 
Cbunanld ilaat ba dost amadoet mulk bama, 
Ba dasthae dlgar bamcbuuln blkhwabad ran." C 

" Iliiw long shall men my buried rlusl Lread doi 
Thrnii(;h many u Icn^llicning yeir and distant 
From hand to hand lo me (tescenda this cmwi 

the book ' Sinbad ' 


" Why does not Lhe soul lake wing when from the gloiioas presence 
A siieeth 'if sweet Tavour conies to it saying, ' Alolt ! ' " 


"ChlbaJ sat-i-'UQir-l-azIzat ffuxasht, mlzaj-i-tu az baj-i-tlfll da gvaht : 
Hama ba hawa wa bawaa askbtt, dame ba ma^alih na pardakbU ; 
Ma IcuQ takya bar umr-t-na paedar. mabash alman az basl-l- 

" FoTly years of your preciou! life have elupaed ; yout disposition hunot 
allcred from the slate of childhood. You have done all things lht(>i^h 
thiiughtlessnesa nnd vanity. Pl»ce not reliance upon perishaUe lihe; 
think not yourself secure from lhe sport of fortune." (GLADWIN). 

" Chira dll bar In Icai-awangrab nlbem 
Ki Faran biraftand wa ma bar libemf 
Paa az ma bamin gul dlhad bustan 
Nlahlnand ba yak digar di^ton." Biotas or S'adi, i-bip. ^ 

Why pUce we the heart on this camvan place, 
From which friends have deparled, and we are on the road ? 
After U!i [i.i. our death) the garden will give the same rose and friends will 
sit by one another." (Clakkb). 

fool of Mount 
■' Chlragbe n 

"The lamp which God has lighted whoever blows it 
" Chira ha(]q na me blnl al kbud-paroat ? 

Cbu ayod blktiehldanat peah chiz, 

Bltauflq-1-baqq dan. oa az B'ai khwlBh." B 

" O self. worshipper, why dosl ihou not see God ? 
When by ihy sliiving a thing happens 
Know by God's grace it is, not by ihine own effi 


"Chlra mlffudazl za sauda'e zar? 
Chlra mlkaebl bar-l-mlhiiat chu khor? 
Chuaon gaobta'i aayad bahor ahtkor 

Sl yadat nlayad za rui-1-ahumar." Pa\u\aiia up S'.^uu 

" Why destroy ihyself liy thy maiinesa afler gold ? 
Wherefore dott ihou carry ihe burden at labour like the tss ? 
Id such manner host Iboj become the prey o! thy own puisuils, 
Thai thy memory oegiecieih the day oraccouni." {Gladwin), 

" Cbira za sayad napiirrad baeue Sultan baz, 
Cbu blshnawad kbsbar-l-litl'l zatabl waduwal? 
Chtra chu zarra iilayad baraqas har aiiS 
Dor altab-l-baqa ta rlhondaab za zawol." Dm Av-i-SHt^s-i-TAUKi^ 

" ^Vhy should a falcon not fly from ihe quarry lownida the King 
When il hears by drum and dinni-stick ihe notice of  Relurn ?' 
Why should tiot every Suli begin to dance like a mote. 
In the aun of eternity that it may deliver him frum decay." 

" Chub-1-tar-ra chunan IcI Ichwabl, picb, 
Na sbawad khushlcjiiz b'atlsh rast," GuL]s'rAK, chap. 7. 

while -i, 

It pleasi 


■1 gotth U|), wbere si 

" Chu 'amiabut az duda lu'ab-i-andeaba 
Dtfar mabor kl puslda pud wa tar buwad ; 
Cbu tujnagnil. guft.l.tu guO-l-u baehad 
Cbu tu Qabafi, baTanda klrdlgar buwad." Dm as-i-Sh,m>i<,.j 

'• Weave no more svitb E^oot. liLe Ihe spider, a web of cart 
Wherein bolb wool and warp are rollen. 
While thou ait silent, His speech is thy speech. 
While thou weavell not, God ii ihe wciiver." (NlCH( 


" Chu az 8ruluxnbe dida baahi khnnhl 
Raws baatiftrt ar bar-i-kharash kaahL" Bostax op S'adi» chap. 7. 

" When them mayst have experienced pleasure from a rose bosh. 
If thoa endarest the harden of its thorn, it is proper. (Clarke). 

** Chu bas bash Id saiyadi kuni wa Ixiqma dihi, 

TufUl khwara mashu chun kalagh bi par wa baL" 


" Be like the hawk, the quarry chase, and food to others give, 
Not like the raven's callow brood, a remnant-eater live." 


'* Chu dar rah babini burida sari, 
Kl ffhaltan rawad sue maidan-i-ma, 
Az u purs, az u purs asrar-i-dil, 
K'azu bishnawi strr-i-pinhan-i-nuL" Diwan-i-Shams-i-Tabru. 

*' When thoa seest in the pathway a severed head, 
Which is rolling toward our field. 
Ask of it, ask of it the secrets of the heart. 
For of it thou wilt learn our hidden mystery." 


" Chu arhuta pa zadam wa andaru na didazn durr, 
GKmah bakht man ast, in gunah danra nest." Firdausi. 

" When I dived in the sea without finding pearls, it was the fault of my 
unhappy star, and not that of the sea." (Ouselby). 

" Chu insan na danad bajuz khwurad wa khwab, 
Kudamash fiEkzilat buwad bar dawab?" Bostan of S'aoi. 

" When a man understands only eating and sleeping. 
What excellence hath he over the reptiles?" (Clarke). 

** Chu Jan^r awari ba kase dar sitiz 
B:i az way sruzirat buwad ya guriz." Gulistan, Preface. 

•* When thou contendest, choose an enemy 
Whom thou mayst vanquish or whom thou canst fly." 


" Chu kardl ba kalukh-andaz paikar 
8ar-i-khudra banadani shikasti ; 
Chu tir andakhti dar rue dushman, 
Hazcu* kun k'andar amajash nashasti." Gulistan, chap. t. 

"When with a practised slinger thou wouldst fight, 
Thou b^ thy folly thine own head will break. 
Ere 'gainst thy foe thine arrow wings its flight, 
See thou beyoml his range position take." 



".Chukarsbe fuzul-i-man barayad 
Mara dor vray eukhan iruftan DBshayod : 
Wa gar binun Id qb blna wa cbah aat. 
Agarkhamuah blntsbinam grioaliast." Gllis-i 

" Without my meddling if a thing succeed 
For me lo give advice iheiein, what need ? 
But if I see  blind man and a pit, 
Why then I'm guilty if I silent sit." 


" Chu Icbashm ayadat bar sruuati kaae, 
Ta'anunul Icunaab dar 'aQubat base ; 
Kl sahai ast I'al-l-BadaJLhsbaji sbikaat, 
Shikasta na shayad dlffar barah baat." Bosta 

" Chu khud-ra za nlkan shumardi, badi, 
Na mi sai^ad andar Uiuda'l khudl ; 

Na bar8hB.bBaw&rebadar burd (rui." Busman ot S'adi. 

" When Ihou reckonesl thyself the good, thou art already c*il ; 
self-tighlcouiiness hath no ptnce in goiilincss. 

" If thou art valorous boi^l not of Ihy valuur ; for not every good rider 
hath borne off the priie." AscATlc Jouknal. 

" Chu kudakon haJa to. oband ma ba alam-i-khak 
Kuiiem daman-1-khud pur za khak wa Bang wa BiRil ? 
Za kbak dast badarem wa bar sama parrein. 
Za kudaW bafrurezem sue baiam-l-rljal." JJi« ak^I'Shahi-i.t^hik. 

" How long Eball WL-, like children in the enrthly sphere 
Fill our Up with dust and stones and sherds ? 
Let us give up the earlh and fly heavenwards. 
Let us flee from childhood Ki the iHuiquel <>l men, 


" Chu laahkar birun takht khashm az kamin. 
Na insaf manod. na tagwa, na din, 
Na did am chunlQ dlv zer-l-falak 

K'ajumlgurewid Chan din malak," Bjsiak w S'adi. 


" Like an army anger rushed from ambush, 
Jujlice remained nol, nor piety, nor religion ; 
I I3W nnt such a demon (as sngei) beneaih the sky 
From whom so many angels fly." (Clarkb). 

" Chun 'adu aabudjlhad amad mutuil. 
Sh&hwat ar nabud. Dabasbad Imtleal. 
Sabr nabud. chun naboebad mail-l-tu, 
Rbaaam chun nabud. oabOBhad taajat khail-i-tu." 

" Weie Ihere no hosiility, war woulii be impossible, 
Hajlst ihou no lusl, obedience to the law could nol be 
I^ladit thou no concupiscence there could be no ahstiaence 
Where no nntagoniii exists, what need is there oraimies?" 

•■ Cbunan litafat wa khubi wa buen wa jan-bakhahl. 
Kaae az u blebkibad, zlbi ahaqa wa dhalol. 
Btpar. blpar. haJa. ey murKh sue m'adali'l-kbvflab, 
Kl az qatb blrahldl wa baz sbud par wa bal. 
Az ab-1-Bhor safar kun baaue ab-i-hayat^ 
BiO"" Icun ba sue sadar-i-Jan za Batr-i-n'lal." 

( D I w AN  i-5i 1 « y s-i-Ta eau). 
" Such grace and beauty and loveliness and bestowal of life, 
O misery and error, if anyone dispense with Him 1 
Fly, fly O bird, to thy native home. 

For thou hast escaped from the cage, and thy pinions are outspread. 
Travel away from the bluer stream towards ihe water of life, 
Return from the vestibule to ihe high se.ii of the soul." Nti:H0l-S0N, 
" ObuB asl-i-chn^bma baqlet. far'aah hamesba Baqiet, 
OhuD bar du b) zawaland, az chl tura fughanaat ? 
JKoracbu chaebniae dan wain sUD'abacbunJauba, 
T»chaahni«baet baqliJaubaajsu rawanaat ; 
Ohamra blrun Itun az aax. wa In ab-1-Jau banaa Icbur, 
Az lbut:-l-ab m'andeeb k'ln ab be Uran ast." 

" Whereas Ihe springhead is undying, its branch gives water continually ; 
Since neither can cease, why are you lamenting ? 
Conceive Ihe Soul as a founiain and ibcsc created things at rivers ; 
While the fountain flows, the riverii run from it 
Put grief out of your head, and keep tguaffing this river water. 
Do not think of the water failing ; for this water is without end.'' 



" Ohu natawon b&r aBalc dast akhtan, 
Zaruiist ba irlrdlebaeh sokhtaii ; 
Qarat zlDdosanl nablaht aat wlr. 
Na marat ffuEayad na ahamBlilr wa tlr." Biist*n of S'adi, i hap 

" Sioce one cannot draw forth the hand DgainEt the sky, 
It U necessary lo be content with its revolution ; 
It God hai written fat thee long life 
Neither the snake nor the swoid nor the arrow may injutc ihee." 


" Cbtm az qauml yake bt dBnlabi kard. 
Nl klbra nuanzaJBt manad na mlbra ; 
Na ml l^lDl Id Kawe dar 'alaf zar 
BIyalayadhaiDaer>iwftn-i-dlhra?" Guli.ttas, clup 

" When but one member of a tribe has done 
A foolish act, all bear alike disgrace ; 
Seest thou how in the mead one ox alone 
Will lead astray Ihe whole herd of a place?" 

" Cbun ba dldl eardlsh sans as)a, 
Ab Ju ra bam blbla okhir bis, 
Kbak-ra dldl boramad dar bawa. 
Danolyaii kbak bintrar bad-ra. 
Dlghae fikr ml bini t>a Jusb, 
Aadar atleh bam nazr ml kun bahusb 
OuCt Haqg Aiyub ra ' dar karomat 
Man ba har mul tu eabr dadamat ' 
pin , ba sabr kbud makun cbandtn cai 
Sabr dldl. sabr dadanra nlBsr." 

llstone lutning round, 



You see the kettles o( thought boiling over. 

Look with inlelligence at the fire beneath them. 

God said lo Job " Out of my clemency 

I have given a grain of patience lo every hair of thine " 

Look not then, to much at your own patience. 

After seeing patience, look to the giver of patience." 



"Cbun bahaqq nabud bld&rjan-l-tila. 
Hast bldari chu dor bandao-l-ma. 
Jao hama roz az lakd wa kub khlyal, 
Wa sa zlyaD sud wa za kbauf zawal. 
Nai safa mlmanadaBh n^ lutf wa far. 
Hal boBuo aeman rah safar. 
Khufta an baahad U u az bar kblral 
OnrwX uimnld wa Icunad ba u maqaL" Jalaludoih 

"'Our wakefulness fellers out spirits, 
Then our souls are a prey to carious whims, 
ThODghti of iou aod gain and feus of misery. 
Tbey retain not parity nor dignity nor lustre, 
Nor aspiration to soar hcavcnwaids. 
That one is really sleefnng who hankers oRer etch whim 
And holds parley with each fatiey." (Whinfii 

J«tALUBDiN Rum. 

*■ Cbun buwad aal-i-Jauhar qabil, 
Tarblyatra dar u aar bashad ; 
Hlcb aaJqal nlku padanad kard 
Alumera id bad saubor bashad." 

" Is your first nature such that teaching caa 
Affect it, soon instruction witi take root : 
Hut iion which at fiisl imperfect ran 
Forth from the furnace, who can then imbue it 
With the capacity of polish f " Eastwick. 

" Chun duyam az awwalanlyat blhtar aat, 
Pae t&uajul wa mubaddal-ra parast ; 
Sad hazaraa hashr didl, ey 'anud, 
Ta kunuD bar lahza az badu wujud. 
Ax Jamadl bllchabar sue namo, 
Wa 2a nttilia aue hayat wa Ibtlla ; 
Baz sue aql wa tamizat khuah ; 
BazBuekhariJInpanJ waBhaah." jALAHjcois Row. 


" Since the laiicr aS your slates were betiei than the fanner, 
Seek annihilalion and adore change oF slile ; 
Von have already seen hundreds of resurrections 
Occur every moment from youi origin till now ; 
One from Ihc inorgBnic stale to the vegetivc &lale. 
From the v^elive state lo the animal stale of trial ; 
Thence again to rationality and good discernmrnl, 
Again you will rise fiom this world of sense and form."' 


' Chun taut Bbawao) babada efau'id mora. 
TalQlD za Bharab w&iaxn guyld mora. 
Kbwabld b&niz-l-&aBhr yabid mora, 
Azkhak-I-dar-l-mekdshJuj^dmara." Omar Kiiaw 

" When I am dead, with wine my body lave, 
for i>bit chant a bacchanalian stave. 
And if you need me at the day of doom, 
Beneath the tavern threshold seek my grave," 


" CbuD galiikbe boslbt tu ba bawa bar na Bbaw), 
Ba hawa bar Bhawl. ar blshlcuDl wa sard ahawJ, 
Tu aear nashkunl. an k'at biaarlBht u BhUcanad." 

" Since yon are properly a cicd you will nut rise Into the air ; 
V'ou will ri&e into ihe air if you break and become dust. 
If you break not. He who moulded you will break you." 

** ChUD ^ul bacbaman dflm^n pur zar namud. 
Bulbul ba baEor saut duatanasb eltud ; 
Wa an gab Id ba bad raft barEclaah kl bud : 
Kaa nam-l-fful az zaban-l -bulbul naabanud." Anwhhi-Suheili. 

" When the rose her skirl of gold showed in the parterre. 
With a thousand songs the nightingale her pratus did proclaim ; 
But alas t her leaves were soon scallered lo the air. 
And then no more did any hear from the nightingale her name." 

" Obun giixKU pir, naxuk dlt tua baab. 
Suet wa razlda cbu ab wa Ell mabaeb ; 
War ba bar zakbme tu pur klna sbawl. 
Paa kuja be salqaJ ainaBbawl?" Jauiuddih Ruki. 

" Having chosen ihy Uirector, be not weak of heart 
Nor yet sluggith and lax like water and mud ; 
But if thou lakest umbrage at every rub 
How wilt thou become a polished minor?" Whinjibld, 


** Ohun bAAU-l-adml dar In shuridton 
Juz khurdan-l-frbussa nest ys kaodsn-i-J&n. 
Khurram dil-i-an kl 1*111 jahan zud biraft. 
Asuda lease Id kbud nlyamad bajahan." Omak Khavtah. 

" Since all we gain in this abode of woe 
Is sorrow's pangs to feel and grief lo know, 
Happy Ate ihey thai nevei come al all. 
And they, thai, having come, the soonest go." 

" Cbun tear ua bar murod-l-ma kbwabad raft, 
Aodaabae Jlbd-i-ma kuja kbwahad raft, 
Palvasta nisbsata em ax hasrst-l-anal^ 
Diramadaem wa zudmlbaTBdraft." Omar Kiiavtajl 

" Fate will not bend 10 humour man's caprice, 
So vaunt not human powers but hold your peace. 
Here musl we stay, weighed down with grief for (his, 
That we were born so late, so soon decease." (WhinFIRLD), 


c takes 'if and ' perchan 
spring will IK sure to be ' would that I had n 

" CbuQ kbuda khwshod bd purda kas darad. 
Mftttftfth andaf t'ana pakan burdt 
War Ichuda khwahad Id poahad alb-I-kas. 
Kcum zauad dar alb-1-maiyuban oaTafi." 

' for his pattnei, the off- 

Jalaluddin Rum, 

" When God decides 10 hnmble any 
A demon stirs this last (o ' 
And he whom God elects 
Has grace bcsiowed on hi 

iuii some man of God 
cloak where 'tis he halts 
to cover others' feults." 


" Chunkl barbukaatjumlakarha. 
Kar din aula k'az an yabl liba ; 
Nlac daatori dar in Ja qar'a bab 
JuE ummtd wa Allah 'alim bl 'eawab." Jalaluddin 

" Since all things arc dependent on probability. 

Religion is so first of all, for thereby you (ind release. 

In tms world no knocking at the door is possible 

Save hope, and God knows what is best." (Whisfi 

•' ObunU eruyaada na darad Jan wa tar, 
Chitt u-ra kal bunatl barg* wa aamr ? 

U b^lan larzBOtar net az bars-1-sah ; 
Oar badlaash nlz ham ba far buwad, 
Dar badlaaah larza ham muzmlr buwad." Jalaluddk 


" Wlien the pteacher himself hm no licht or life. 
lIoH CBD his words jield leaves and Truit ? 
flc impudently preaches to others to wilk aright, 
While himself he is unsteady as a iced shaken by wind- 
Thus though his preaching is very eloquent, 
It hides within il unsleadiness in the feith." (WlllNF 

" Chunki nfibud ranj aatiari mar tu ra. 
Shart nabudaeh tarn nlayad j»za; 
Habbazaan ahart wa shadaanjaza, 

" Chun kuni ba bihasad malcar wa hasad. 
Z'act baad dlira siyablba rasad ; 
Khak abu mardan haqq ra zer pa, 
Khak baJ" Bar kiin baaadra bEun cttii ma," Jala 

" Should envy lill ihy breast 'gainst one that envies n 
Foul stains ensue ; thy heart's impure : all good's f 
rrostrate thyself then at the feet vf holy men, 
Cast dust upon thy head, God's pardon to obtain," 
" Cbun lala ba iiauruz qadah kIi* badast 
Ba lalarukbe asar tura fursat bast ; 
Mai Dusb bl kburraml kl lb cborkb^l-kabud 
Na^ab ttxra cbu iMd gardanad poat." Om 

Digar cbi grbem khtu^d hamaaTati ja'e ust? 
Sbab bar tawangare baaara'e hamlrawad. 
Darwisb bar kuja kl shab amad. sara'e ust." G 

" Whene'er a man from home and country flies 
All earth i; his ; he has no further "'• 

Each night the rich man lu 
Where night descends, the 

his palace hies 

poor man's home is there.'' 



" Chun na dfu-i kamaJ-l-fazI, an bib 
Kl BUbOD clar dlhan nlgabdaii ; 
Admlra zaban fazlhat kunad 
Juzi be mas'bzra BubukBorl." Gui.1^1 

" Il^t ihou nol petrect cxcelJence, 'tis best 
Til keep thy tongue in silence, for 'lis this 
Which shames a man ; as lightness does allest 

" Chun gaza blrun kunad ax dbarlih ear. 
Aqllan KBrdandJutnla kor via, Icsr ; 
Mahlyan uTMid az daiya blrun ; 

De4n Erti*ad murgh porranra zabun." Amva 

" When Tale's dark features tiom the mantle rise 
Of Mght and hearing both Ihey rob the wise ; 
Fiih on Ihe shore ftom ocean's breast are tossed. 
And soaring birds in earth-set snares are lost." 

" Chun ranj bar natawanl slrlft az ranjiu-, 
QAdam za raftan wa pursidanaeh darlffh madar. 
Hazar sharabat-l-shlrin wa mewtt'e maehtnum 
Ohunanan mufid na bashad Id hue auhbat-l-yar." 

" Were bU Ihy fond endeavours vain 
To chase away the sufferer's aniarl 
Still hover near lest absence pain 

His lonely heart. 
For friendship's tones have kindlier po«ei 
Than odoruus fruit or neclared bowl 
To soolh in sorrow's luiguid hum 

The sinking wol." (Asiatic J 


" Chun shabld-i-ruh Ithana pardoz staawod, 
Bbt Jln9 b'aat-l-kbwiBbtan bez shawad. 
In saz-1-wuJud-l-cbar abreabam Cab'Bi 

Az zakbma'e ruzgar blsaz Bbawad." Omak Kiixvvau. 

" When the fair spirit ilotb this house vacate. 
Each elcmeat resumes its primal sUle 
And these four slrandt of life, like threads of silk 
Are all unravelled by the blows of rule." (Whinpiri.d). 

" Chun sukhaji dar wasf in balat rasld. 
Ham qalam bisbkadt wa ham kaghaz dAHd ; 
Altab amad datll'i-aftab, 
Gar dalllat bayad, az wal rumatab." Ja].aluduin Rush. 

" When ihe discourse touched on ihi; matter 0/ love. 
Pen was broken and paper torn ; 
None but the sun can display the sun, 
If you would see it displayed, turn not away from it." 

" Chim tayammum ba nujud ab dan 
Ilm De<lU ba dam gutb-1-zaman, 
Khwlsb abla kvtn. t'aba mlr wa slpae 
Baataffi za In ablahi yabi wa baa." Jxi.allddin Rum. 

■' Traditional knowledge when inspiration is available 
Is like making ablutions with sand when water is near 
Make vouiself ignorani, be submissive, and then 
Vou will obtain release from your ignorance." (WhINFIELD), 

" Chun tu baehl bakht-l-kbud, ey m'anawi. 
Pas tu lei balcbtl za khud leal kam abawl ? 
Tu za khud kal kam shawi, ey kbueh kblsaJ, 

When Ihy real self is thy ii 

luu ever lose thyself 
e and thy kingdom." 



" Chun ubda OB. mlaha'wad kase fardara. 
Hall Icbush Icuii tn dll-1-pur saudara ; 
Mai nuBh blnur-1-ma al mah. kl mah 
Blsrar bitanad wa na yabad mara," Ohiai. 

" Since no one can assuie ihee of ihe morrow 
Rejoice thy h^iirl lo-diy and banish sorrow 
Wilh inoon-brigM wine, fair moon ! the moon in hea 
Will look for us in vain on many a morrow." (Wh 

" Cbun waqlfl. ey pisar, sa bar oarare. 
Cbandln cbe Ichurl ba bebuda tlnuui, 
Chun minaraTCad ba ilchttyore kare, 
Khuah bash daiio uata Icl bastl bare." Omau 

" Vou know ihe secret of this life my dear 
Then why remain a prey <o nseless feai? 
Bend things to suit your whima you cannol 
Cheer up for the few moments you are her 

: yet 

s OK S'ADi, chap. T. 



M DP S'Anr, clup. 9. 

" Cbu Bhah ra na bunad agrabl za hal Blpah, 
Sujaelpab zaqahr wal Ihtlraz kucad? 
Blqasd-I-Jam bazaran babana pish arand, 
Bl chauff-i-Qaq bazaran taraaa saz kunond." 

jAlll, DlHANISTAN.eliap, J. 

" If the Shah be not aware of his aniij^'s state. 
How can the soldiers avoid his severity? 
They have a thousand excuses for qaamng wine, 
They ling a thousand songs ; profligacy tuning the lule." 



Chu qatra az wataD-l-kbwlsh ran vn. bas amad, 
Musadlf-i-sadafl saeht wa ahud yalce gaubai* : 
Na Tuelfe basafor raft az pldr-i-Blryan ? 

Na dar safiar ba sa'adat rasld wa mulk wa zafor?" 

" When Ihe drop depaned from iis naiive home and relumed 
II found a shell and became a peicl. 
Did not Joseph go on a journey from hit fBther weeping 
Did he not in ihe jouinry come lu fortune and kingdom and victory?" 
"Chusbatabazbajaulacdaral waaalrl kun. 
Chuchaffdchand tawanbuddarpaadlwar?" AKWAB-i^inraiLi. 

n lie?" 

" Cbu ebawad ruza maya'e azar, 

" If (ailing liccomes an occasion of (rouble 
Then the breaking of it is better than the keeping ; 
" nake Ihy humour impatleni by fasting 

' ' ' ss airihingi 

and foibeflti 

" Chu aindoD kase salcht rul na kard, 
&i khaalk-l-tadib ba aar na kburd. 
Ba ffuftan duruehtl uiakun ba amir 
Ohu blol kl aakbcl Huiiad. aust e^r, 
Ba akblaq ba har ki binl btsaz. 
Agar zer daat ast wa ^ar BarTaraz." fiosTA> [>i- S'adi, chsp. 4. 

" No one tnade a hard face anvil-like, 
Who suffered not the chastising hammer on his head ; 
Eiercise not vehemence in speaking 10 an amir, 
Pursue gentleness, when thou seesi thai he practises severity ; 
Make thyself by manners concordant with whomsoever thoQ nn&yest sei 
Whether he be inferior, or superior." (Clakkb). 

" Like are, if void of purity, the k'aln and the idle-Erne 
The house that has not chastity can in its Wallt no good conUiii." 


Taotn bUtan Id 

** As the arrow fpeeds from the bov, like the bird of joar _ 
Know that the Abcolnte will oertainlj flee from the f ii i a ginaiy^ 
Hit naipe will flee when it sees an attempt at speech ; 
He will flee from joo so that if joa limn his pictnie 
The pictare will flj from the tablet, the impresaoo wiD flee' from the 
sooL" (Nicholson). 

'' Clra auia-S-caklitan didi, di^ar naahklbl as atiali, 
Agmr Ab-f-hayat ayad tura aa atiflh m'angiiad * 


** Thoo wilt never more eodare without the flame, when tboa hast 
known the raptm'e of baming. 

** If the water of life shoold come to thee, it would not stir thee from the 
flame.'' (Nicholson). 

" Dab darwlah dar galime bUdmapand wa du padHhah dar ktftana 
dar nagaajand." Guustax, chipL i. 

** Ten derrishes may sleep ander one blanket, bot one country cannot 
contain two kinf^s." (Eastwick). 

" Dalqat ba chl kar ayad? wa taabib wa muraqq'a? 
Kbudra za Vifnalhae nakiiMda bari dar. 
HaSBt ba kulab-i-baraki daahtanat neet ; 
Darwlsh sifSat baab wa kulah-i-tartari dar." Guustax, dMpw a. 

'' Of what arail is frock or rosary 
Or clouted garment ? Keep thyself bot free 
From evil deed, there is no need for thee 
To wear the cap of felt ; a darwesh be 
In heart and wear the cap of TarUry." (Eastwick). 

" Daman-aluda agar khud hama hikmat soyad, 
Ba aiikhan gruftaa seba'ash bcul an bib na ahawad ; 
Wa an kl paklza dll aat ar blnsblnad kbanmwh, 
Hama az Birat-l-saf)Bah naaibat shanawand." Anwar-i-Schbiu. 

" One stained with crime, thouc^h all he says be wise 
Makes no one better by his cjoquence 
While in the pure of heart such doctrine lies 
That though maintaining silence, all men thence 
Learn to be good by taat inference." (Eastwick). 


'■ From Ihe skirt of one so &ir as thou I'll ne'er consent to p»rt. 

For nitli many a Hood of tears thou hast been purchased by this heart." 
" Damon-i-u trir. ey yar-1-diler, 

K'u munozza baabad az l>ala wa Eer ; 

Ba tu t>ast]ad dar makan wa t>l cruman, 

CbuD bamanl az aeral wa az dukan ; 

17 baraurad az kadLtratba aaSa, 

Marjo^Jut ttiraglrad wafh." Jalalvddin Rumu 

" O brave frienrl, grasp His skirt, 
Who is removed alike from the world above and below ; 
Who will abide with thee in the house and abroad 
When thou lackesl house and home 
He vrlll bring forth peace out of perturbations 
And when thou atf afflicted, will keep His promise." 


" If yju breathe truth like the true day-sprinE, 

Vou Hill separate yourself from the darkness of ignorance." 

" Dams chand ffuftam bar aram bakam, 
Darlgha ki basirirt rah nafs ; 
Darigrba kl bar khnan-l-alwan-I-umr. 

Damecband khwurdam wa^uftand 'baa,'" Gui.istah, chap. 6. 

" Melhough a few short moments I would spend 
As my soul wished i alas I I gasp for air 
At the rich board where all life's dainties blend 
I sate me down — partook a moment (here 
When ah ! ihcy bade me leave the scarcely-lasted fare." 

(East wick). 
" Dam saktat oat mas^ar yar ahawad lutr-i-khuda, 
Wama Adam na barad earfa zi Shaltan-i-r^jlm." HAfit Odi 41;. 

'■ The meshes of the net arc siiong but Gud withholds His giaee from none 
No! otherwise could man prevail o'er Satan the slone-pelled one." 



" Darokhte. kl okouD glrlttaat pa'e, 
Ba nlrul ahokhee bar aysd zajae, 
Wo(rar hamcbunan ruzgarl hlil, 
Ba gardunosb a£ bikli na«ralll ; 
Sar-l-chaeliinBi abayad fftiifton ba bll, 
Cbu pur ahud DEiBhayad suzoshtan ba pll." 

I up le 

A ipade miy the young lill n 
Whose channel swollen by sli 
The elephant atiempis in vair 

" D^r-Bzl az kboni'l-lBtiQasb qad&he dar dodond, 
Za an (alok charakh zanan gasht. zamln maat uTl 

cup fiom ihe piicher of His love, 
;cl and the eaith fell intoxicaled." 
(Asiatic Journal). 

" Before ihcc like the lamb Ihey gentle are ; 
Absent, than saiage wolves more ruthless fac." 

a ba rue-khud za mardum, 
Ta alb na arusbtarand cnaTa ; 
Dartjastachlaud? -allmii 'Ifrbaib 
Danal Qlhait wa ashkara." Gulistan, chap, i. 

" I close Ihe duoi tiefore me against men. 
That my faults may not stand to them confessed ; 
Of what avail its bin 'gainst Thee whose ken 
Sees lioih the hidden and the manifest?" (Eastwick) 


" Dar dlda-l-tauK-l-mur nurast az tu, 
Dar pa-l-zalf-l-pasbB zuroet az tu, 
Zat-l-tu stuBSt mar kliuiiawaiide ra. 
Her wasf Id naaazast durastaz tu." O.mah Kiiawam. 

" O Thou who gives! sighi lo cmmel's ^e^ 
And suength to feebk limbs of puny tfics 
To Thee we will aicrihe omnipolence 
No meanef attribute to Thee applies." (Whinfield). 
" Dftr ffuzar az nam wa blciffor dor slfbt. 
T» sUatat rail aumayad bub Eat ; 
IkhUlor-l-kbalq az uom uflad. 
Chun t>a m'ana raJt, aram uftad." jAi.itLUDutN Ruin. 

" l'»5S over names and look lo qualities 
So that qualities may lead thee to essence; 
The differences a( sects arise fiom His names 
When thty pierce to Hia essence, they find His peace." 


" Dar hadls amad kl dll taamchu ptir oat 
Daf bayabane aalr sarear aat ; 
Bad par ra bar taraf ranad gruzaf, 
Qah chup wa gab raat ba sad ikbtUaf." Jauluuijin Rum. 

" There is a tradition ' The heait is like a feather 
In the desert, which is boine captive by the winds ; 
The wind drives it everywhere at random. 
Now to light and now ic left in opposite directions.' " 


'■ Dar-i-mlr wa waalr wa auitanra 
Bl waallat ma^rard plraman. 
Sag wa dartjan cbu yaftand gharlb, 
Im garlban giiitt wa an daman." CijuyrA^, cbap. i. 

" To door of king or minister or peer 
Draw ihou not nigh, unless with patrons girt ; 
For if a poor man at the gate appear, 
Warders his collar seize, and dogs his skirl." 

" Dar parda-e-aarar kaeei^ rata nlBt, 
Zia t'ablajan-i-blch kaa agab Diet, 
Jul dar dU-i-lclialc-1-tlra manzU^ab Diet ; 
Atacm Id In rhsanba kotah nlaC," Omab K>iavvau. 


" All mortBl ken is bounded hj- ihe veil, 
To see beyond man's vi«on is too frail ; 
Vea ! eiith's ditcl: bosonn is bis only home ; 
Alas 1 'twere long to lelt the doleful tale." 

(Wh infield). 
" Dar rab-l-nlyaz har dill ra daryab, 
Dar kul buzur muqbat! m daryab ; 
Sad ka'ba-e-ab wa gU be. yak dll narasad ; 
Ka'bacblrawl?birau dill ra daryab." Omar Kmawah. 

" When seeking love, pay court to eveiy heart, 
When once admitted, seek the perfect heart 
A hundred ka'bas equal not one heart ; 
Seek nol the ka'bi, rather seek the hurt." 


" Dar sukban ba dustan ahlata bash, 
Ta DodaDOd duabman-i-fchunkhwar ^uah ; 
PlBb-l-dlwar anche gul hush dar, 
Ta na baabad dar plsh-l-diwor gvah." Gulictak, chap. s. 

" In talk with friends speak soft and low 

Lest thy bloodthirsty Toeman thee should hear : 

A wall may front thee — true 1 but dost thou know 

If there be nol behind a listening ear I" (EastwIck). 

" A daiwesh said in his prayers, * O God ! bave n 
for Thou hast already bad mercy on the good, i~ ''' 
them good.' " 

)l gieat rivers turbid gto* 

/cied, their shallowness they show," 


" Daryab kiaznibjudakhwabl ran, 
Dar parda'e aarar-l-kbuda khwalil raft, 
Mai kbur kl na danl az ktita aiuada% 
Khueh baab. na danl kl kuja khwahl rafc." 

Make hasle 

soon must you quit this life below, 

And pass th 

veil, and AlUb'a secrets know ; 

Make haste 

o takf your [ileasure while you may 

Vou know n 

1)1 whence you come not whither go. 


ning luve 

of life Ihj hands as the palh'ar 

. alciien 

" Daat-l-iiadTEKibIlUi{UcEi,t aajiBht 

Harf-l'bllcmat.dar dil pakat sarisht ; 

Pale 3CUI1 az naqsh surat alnara, 

Bue dar ma'nBi icon an alna ra, 

Ta Bhanod gfiDj-l-mana slna'at 

Oharq our-i-nuuil^t alna'at." jam, Sk 

" The mighty hand ihal mixed ihy dusl inscn 
The cbaxicter ot wiadoni on lliy heart ; 
Oh [ cleanse ihy bosom of material form, 
And turn the miiror of the soul to spirit, 
Unlil it be wilh spirit nil possessed. 
Drowned in the light of intellectual Ituth." 

". Oast-f-sultait dig'ar Icuja blnad, 
Cbun bar earsin dar uftad turunj ; 
Tlahnara dll aalchwaliad an kuza, 
Kl raaid aet ba dlhan-l-BukunJ," 

" Ne'er will the orange Troin the sultan's lu 
Once in the dung-hill fallen, mure there r 
Though thinty, none will water e'er demi 
When ulcemled lips Ihe jar have pressed.' 

" Daud KufC ' Ey psdehab Chun bl nlyazl tu za ma, 
Hlkmat cbl bud akblr blfru dar khttqat^l-bar du t 
HaqQ ffuitaah 'By mard-l-zaman gOAje budam 
JuBtam kl ta polda sbawad au ffanj-i-lheaii 



" David said ' O Lord, since Thou hasl no need of us. 

Say then, what wisdom was there in creating the two worlds?' 
I jiid said to him ' O temporal man, I was a hidden treasure i 
1 sought that that treasure of loving kindness and bounty should be 
revealed.'" (NICHOLSON). 

" Daulat duDya kl tomanna kunad 7 
Baklh watbkardklbamakunad?" ANnAK-i-SuKsiLi, 

" Who would wish fur this world's riches, a vain atid fleeting shew ? 
To wliLini have they ptijved l.iilhful, that lo me ihcy should he so?" 


" Daiir-I-JawSinl boshud az daet-l- 
Ab I doiigba an zaman dll-lkruz ; 
Quwat-i-a»r panJa-e-sUer biraJt, 

Bazlam alcnun ba i>aiiire chu yuz." GuLiiTAs i 

" V'oulh's cilcling hours have passed for aye away, 
Ah me I alas, thai that gay time U spent ; 
The lion feels his iiicngth of paw decay, 
Now, like a paid, with cheese-scraps I'm content." 


" Hope not fitini mothei fortune (oi a cunsiancy 
'1 hai she will nunc thee gently on hei lap : 
There the true scent of kindness docs nnl lie." 

" Dhallka bl'anna llaha I&m yaku mughaTyirau nl'amataii 
n'amoha 'ala qaumin hatta srucrbarrlru ma bfaDfUsiblm." 

M Ihe fivodt with which He bvonrelb 
what is in iheii hearts." 


" Dhalikai' Ikitabu la ralba flbl butlau lUmuttcuilii." Kokan, chap. >. 

; II i: 

"Dhaqat 'alalhlmu Tardhu blma rahubat wa dbaqat 'alalbiin 
'anfUBubum wa dhanau 'an la malja mlna 'Itahl 'Ilia 'llalhi tbumma 
taba "alalblm lijetubu 'Inna 'llaha huwB 'ttawwabu 'rrahlm." 


" The catth, spacious as it is became loo slrail for them ; and (heir 
souls became so stroighteneil wilbin ihem thai Ihey belhoughl ihem ihat 
there was no refuge (roin God but unto Himself. Then was He luinect to 
ihem Ihat Ihey might be Liirned lo Him, foi God is He that turneth, the 
Merciful." {Ron WELL). 

" Dhaml wa man khalaqtu wahlda." K^eak. chap. 74. 

" Leave me alone lu deal with him nhoui I have created." 


"Dtiiirlba matbalun fa' etacal'u lahu. inna lladbina tad'uiiB mtTi 
dunl 'llahl Ian yakhluqu dbubaban wa lau I'Jtama'u labu wa'ln 
yaslubbumu 'dhdbubabu shat'an la yastanqtdbubu minbu dha'ub 
ttalltra walmatlub." K.ik^n, chap. .». 

" A paralilc is set forth to you, wherefnre hearken [o il. Verily they on 
whom ye call beside <iod, cannot create a fly, though they assemble for it i 
and if the fly carry off aughl from them ihey cannot lake it nway from it. 
Weak the suppliant and the supplicnieil." (Rodwbi.l). 

" Dlda'e orzu Juz ba suzan-l-fEuia wa Hebta'e [^al dtikbta na Kardad." 

" One must have king- recognising eyes 
To rcc-:gnise the king in each di^uiie." 

" Dldar ml-niimat wa parhez kunl 
Bazar-l-ltbwlab wa atlab-l-ma tlz mllciini." Gvli-.t«n, dup. a. 

" Thou dost Thv face now show snd now conceal ; 
Thy worth Gnn.inceat, and inflim'sl our leal." 

(East wick). 
" Dlffaran nardand zard as blm-l-an. 
Tu chu mil khandao gab eud wa zlyan ; 
Z'ankl g^jl g&r barg barlcaeb mllcuiil 
FblT'^" oaszarad, nagurdad mansant. 
Ooyad az kbarl cbara uftam ba Kham 
iThaTiriii. ra man Icbud za Uiar aurtla am ; 
Ua' uttasawaf. iial wljdan ul&rb 
Pllfiiwad Indatiyan uttarh." jALALuuDtN Rum, 

" Let others grow pale finm fear of misfortune. 
Do thou smile like the rose at loss and gain. 
¥ai the rose, though its petals be lorn asunder 
Still smiles on, and it is aevec east down. 
It ays ' Why should I fall into grief in disgrace ? 
I gather beauty even from the iborn of di^iace.' 
What is Sufism f 'Tis to find joy in the heail 
WhensoeTM distress and care assail il." (Whjnkielh). 


" Dl teuzoffare bodldam ODdor bazar 
Bar taza ^13 lakad btuDi zad blsyar ; 
Wa an git ba zaban-l-hal ba wsi mlffuft 
Man bamctu tu buda am niku dar." Ohai 

busy potter b)- ihe v 

! lilt clay cried ' Use 
man myself but yesti 

in a tump of day ; 
rday.'" ' (Whin 

"Dlla che boBta'e In khalcdan-l-bar gruzrani ? 
Az In khazlra blnm par kl nmrsh-l-alam Joni ; 
Tu rar-t-khllwat-l-nazi, muqlm-l-parda'e razi, 
QararBata cbl aazi dar In ntshlman-l-fanj, " 

" O heaU, why ml thcHi a caplive in Ihe e 
Fly forth from this enclosure, since thou 
Thou art a darling bosom-friend, thou a. 
Why dost thou make thy dwelling-place 

rlh that is parsing away f 
trl a bird of ihc spiiitual world i 
t always behind the secret veil ; 
in this perishable abode?" 

■e of my friend only, 


t on the Eternal : for n 

umplished rhey sleep plea 

" Dll slrr-i-hayat agar kamahl danlat, 
Dar mauc bam asrar llabi danlat, 
Akniin Id tu ba Icbudl nadanistl blch, 
F&rda Icl za khud rawl, chl khwahl danlat." 


ill 11 yonrself, 
n you know ? " 


" If the heart knew life's secrets h 
At denth 'twould know God's se< 
Bnt if yoQ know naught here, wl 
To-morrow, stripped of self, wh: 

 DU tu ra dor kul atil-1-dU kashld. 
Tan tu ra dor habs ab wa b^I kashld ; 
His, Bhlsa ey dll bldih az hamdlle, 

Bau, blJaulqbaJraazmuqbale." jALActinoiH Run 

" The spirit ever leads In haunts of holy men. 
The flesh would cast thee in the pit of sin sgwn, 
Bewdie I Feed Ihou thy sdul wilh love from holy ground ; 
Make ha^le ! seek means of gtacn from one who grace hath found." 

" Keep thyself true lo failh and virtue and he not afraid 
Ofemply posts with arms above ihe door displayed." 

■* Dl Bbeikta ba cblragh baml araeht grlrd-i-ahaixr 
K'as dilv w& da^ maiulam wa Insanam arzu'st." 

" Dlv cbu blrun rawad, flrlshta dar ayad." 

" When fiends lelite, good angels c 

** Du baltam Jigor kard ruze Icabab 
Kl miguft Kuyanda'e barabab. 
' Darisba 1 ki bu ma, base ruzgar 
Blrolad gul, wa blshKatttd nau bahar ; 
Base tlr wa dal mah wa urdubihlabt 
Bar ayad kl ma kbak basbem wa khiebC." 


When Ihe minstrel wilh the stringed instrumenl ke 

' Alai I without us, many it lime 

The roie will grow, and Ihe fresh spring; blossom ! 

Many a fourth, lenih and second moniti 

Will appear, when we are dust and brick." 


" Du bamdad ffar ayad kaae bakbldmaC-l-stiaJj, 
Slwnjm bar aliia dar wai kunad balutf nigab ; 
Ummld bast parastandaffan-l-mukhllHra 
Kl na-ummid na gardond za astan-l-'llah." Gulkh-an, chnp. i. 

 If iwii miirninj;* ona allends Ihe king 

Duubllesi ihe third a favouiing glance will biing ; 
So in God's court ; who worship truly there 
Hope to be not eNcluded in despair. (EASlTiVtCK). 

" Du cbis basil umr aat kbalr wa nam nUcLi, 
Cbu dar In du dar gazri ' kullu man aleiba ftin ' 
Ma baab dar pa'e azar wa kam-l-lcbal(j barar, 
K'BZ in du kar biyabi sa'adat-l-dujaban." Akivar-i-Suhbill 

" Two Ihings life offerEi,— fame, the virtuous deed 
Save these ' all things arc subject tu decay' 
Injure not otbers, help men tu succeed, 
Thus shilt thoa reap a blessing for to-day, 
And Ihe ncKl world when this has passed away." 


 Dubul dar figban aet dalm, wale 
Cbl basil, cbu andar mujan bicb neat, 
O&rat daniBhl bast m'ane t^tab, 
Baaurac mosbu gbarra k'an bleb Dest." Amvab-i^ukuili. 

" Loudly ever sounds the tabor 
But in vain, — within is naught ; 
An ihou wi'^e. for substance labour, 
Semhlance will avail thee nought." EastwICK. 

" Dtikfataranrabamajangast wajadal bamadar 
Plaaran ra bacaa badkhwab-l-pldr ml blnam ; 
Ablaban ra bama sbarbat zl gulabaat wa sbakar, 
Qut-1-dana hama az khun-i-J!gar mi-blnam. 
Aap-l'tBzl abuda majmb ba lir-i-palan 
Tauq-!-zarrln bama dar gardan-l-khar ml-blnam." Hafu Opb, «»■ 

" Daughters of turbulent mind awaking their mothers' ire. 
And sons who of froward mood wish ill to their sire, I see ; 
Sherbets of sugar and rose the world to the fool supplies, 
Bui naught save hii own heart's blood the food of the wise I see ; 
Galled by the pack-saddle's weight the Arab's proud steed grows old, 
Vet always the ass's neck encircled with gold I see." ( Uicknbll). 


" The base who've saved ihcir own vile wrappers, cry, 
•What maltct Ihough ihe universe should .lie?"' 


"' Dunya bamurad randa ffir, akhlr ohi, 
Wa In ooma-o-umr Uianda gir, akliir Chi, 
Olram kl balcam<i-dll bamant sad aal. 
Sad eal dlgar bamanda g{r, akhlr chl." Ouas Khawak. 

■' Suppose llie world poes well wilh you, what then? 
When life's last page is lead nnd lucned, what ihen i* 
.Suppose you live a bundled year^ ofbli^s 
Vea, anti a hundred more to boot, whiil then? 


" Dunya didl wa har cbe didi hlch aet, 
Wa an nl* ki guru wa shunldl hlch ast. 
Sar ta ear-l-ateq dawldi blch ast, 
Wa an olz dar kbana khuzldi hlch aat." Omar Khawam. 

■' Vou see ihe worlii but all you see is naught. 
And all you say and all you hear is naughl, 
Naught the four quaitcrs of the mighty earth, 
The secrets treasured in your chamber naught." 


'■ Duapa Id hulml na'lm oat. 
Shiilta plDdarad kl In khud qa'lm ast ; 
Ta bar ayad naeahan Bubh-i-ajal. 
Wa rlbad az zulmat-l-zann wa dag'hl." Ruhi. 

" This world which is only a ftream 
Seems to the sleeper as a thin); enduring for ever 
But when the mom of the lait day shall dawn. 
The sleeper will escape from the cloud of illus' 


" DuBhman ba ffbalat gutt kt man fallauBaa, 
I2ld daiiad kl anchl u guSt nlam ; 
LeUn chu Aaiia gbam asbyan amada am 
Akhlr Vnin az an kl man na danam kl am." 

" My crilics call me a philosopher 

But Allah knows full well they eieatly e 
I know not even what I am, much less 
What is the reason thnt I sojourn here." 



" Twiit not thy mouituhes boastful, nor wilh phde Iby weak foe scan 
Every biine contains some marrow, every gaiment cloaks a man." 



il fik 

" Duab murg-he basubh tnl-nalld 
'Agl wa Babarsjn buburd wa togat wa hush ; 
Yoke az diiBtan-l-mukhllsra 
Magar awoz-l-man rosld ba, gniah, 
Guft 'Bawarnadashtajn Id tura 
Bang'-l-iniirghl chunln kunad madhush' 
QufCam 'In ahart admlyyat neat, 
Mursh taablb kbwan wa man khamush.'" Guli^tan, chap. >. 

"But yesler mom a bird wilh lender strain, 
My reason, patience, sense, endurance stole : 
A comrade, one most near in friendship's claim, 
(Perhaps he heard the outpouring of my soul), 
Said, ' My belief would ne'er have credited 
That a bird's voice could make thee thus distraught,' 
' Il tits not well my stale as man ' I said, 
'That birds their God should praise and I say naught.'" 


" Duehmau cbl ktmad cbun mihrbari basbad dost? " 

■' While friends are 1 

" DuBbisaii-t-niz and in qalat>gan. 
ABhtq-1-tniz and Id zarha'e kan, 
Z'anld ruz aet alna ta'rir-l-i:). 
Ta bablnad ashraQ talif-i-u. 
Haqq qiyamatra laqab z'an i-uz kard 
Roz blnumayad JamaM-Burkb wa zard 

can the foe effect 7" 


" Makers of base coin hale the daylight 
Coins of pure gold love the daylight. 
Because daylight ii the mirror that reflects them 
So that they sec iheir own perfect beauty. 
God has named the resurrection ' that day,' 
Day shows off the beauty of teti and yellow." 


" Duetl bayad oz an guna Just, 
K'an abodu 'ddbar bamanad duiiiat ; 
Khana k'asaBoah buwad az khiBht^l-kbaiii 
Past shawad az du elh baran tamam," 

" Seek such a friendahip fni ihyself Ic 
Ai may Ihrough endlrss yearn endui 
Hooses of Dnlaked bricks a few da] 
Will level wilh Ihc earth, be sure.'' 

" Dust maBhumar an ki dar nlmat aanad 
Lof-l-yaii wa btradar ktawandaKl. 
Duat an baehad kl Klrad dast-l-dust 
Dar pareshan ball wa dar mandasl." (Ium.stan, cIu 

" Think not ihy friend one who in furlune's hour 
Boasts of his friendship and fraternity : 
Him I coll friend who sums up all his puwer 
To aid thee in distress and misery." (Eastwic 

1 bamonaHt, muahklt In aat, c 
ivuD suit? kl u dar klnar-l-mi 

" Dt:iBt nazdlktar az mi 
Otil kunarn? ba klh t 

" Not to myself Riii I so near u He 
My Friend ; and stranger still, from Him I'm fiur. 
What can I do ? Where tell this mystery ? 
He'sinourarms, yci w.e<:«t:ludedare." (Ej 

" Du sukhan blabnau ar hami-khwahl 
El Bhawi az hayat barkhurdar. 
Pae dar dmnon-l-glna'at kasb, 
Tama' az mat mardumaabardar." anwa 

" List lo this short adx-iee if thou wouldsl fain 
From life its vintage of delights obtain 
' O'et thine own feel contentment's border fold, 
And thy desire from others' wealth withhold." 


'* Du srar-i-zirak wa az bada'e kuhun du mane 
Faraflrhate wa kltabe wa erusha'e chamane, 
Man in Tnakam badunya wa akhirat nartihaTn, 
Affarchl dar payam uftad har dam anjumane." Hapiz Odb, 534. 

** Two sprightly friends two mans * moreoTer of wine that has long been 
A leasure hour, a page to muse on, a nook on the verdant sward 
Not for this earth nor future glor>', Td part with this place of joy 
Nor if a crowd, at every moment, my track pursued to annoy. 


** BSl 'abdu smdabbir wa llahu yukaddir.** Arabic Provbrb. 

** The servant arranges, but God settles." 

** BU kardhu mikradhu'l muwaddat." Arabic Provbrb, 

** Borrowing is the scissors of friendship." 

(E. G. Browne). 

** BBHsaftu: sakar." 

*' Travel is travail." (Burton). 

'* By anki ba mulk yafti dast rasi, 
Daulat talbi, kam talab azar-i-kase ; 
Sad tifirb-i-eiyasat an kharabi na kunad 
K'azurda makhfl bararad naflse." (Anwar-i-Sumbili)^ 

•* Oh thou to whom an empire's sway is given 
Would'st thou be blest, eschew then tyranny ; 
Not by a hundred swords are realms so riven 
As by, if just, one injured victim's sigh." Eastwick. 

" By anki tul khulasa'e kaim wa makan, 
B\gzar dame waswasa'e sud wa zis^n. 
Yak Jam-i-mai az saqi-i-baqi bistan, 
Ta baz rihl az g'ham-l-ln bar du jahan." Omar Khayyam. 

** O man who art creation's summary, 
Getting and spending weigh too much with thee. 
Arise and quaff the Etern Cupbearer's wine 
And so from cares about both worlds be free." 


* A Persian measure. 


' Ey astUqan. ey asbiqan. bong^m-i-kuch ast sBjahon t 
Dor TUBh-l-Jan&m ml-rasad tatil-I-rabil az asman. 
Nak Barban barkhaata. Qltarha araata. 
Az ma halall khaata : cht kbufta ed al Icarawaa ? 
In bangaha az iilsb wa ■prta bang' rahllast wajaraa. 

■' O lovrrs, O lovers, k is tiroe to abandon ihc *orl(t, 
The drum ofdepailuic leaches my spiritual enr from heaven 
Behold, the dtivei has ri^n and made ready the Hies of camelE 
And b^ed us to aojuil him of blame ; why, O travellers arc you asleep ? 
These sounds before and behind arc the din of departure and of the 

came! -bells ; 
With each moment a soul and a spirit is setting oiT into the void." 

" By bad-l-saba, agar tawanl, 
&2 rab-i-waTa wa mlhrbanl, 
Az man bibarl khabar bayaram 

Ml murd wa za ishtiya<i ml guft 

K'ey bi Cu haram zlndagani." Hxrit 

•■ Hreeie which «1 the morninf blowesl, 

Fly, i( faith and truth thou knowest, 

Say, 10 my Beloved one turning ; 

He who with thy love is burning 

Dying sighs where he is hidden 

' Life without thee is forbidden. '" (Biuknkll). 

" Ey bartar az khlyal wa qiyaa wa guman wa wahm, 
Wa za bar chl gufta and shunldem wa khanda em, 
UaJllB tamam sasht wa ba payan rasld "umrl, 
Ma bafflobunaQ dar awwaU wasT-l-tu manda em." 

" O Loftier than all thought, catiception. fancy or surmise 
All vainly Thou art sought, (00 high for feeble man's emprise 
Past is our festal day, and reached at length life's latest span, 
Thy dues are yet to pay, the firslliogs of Thy praise by man." 

" Ey basi sarha'e pak i^bta dar zlr-1-khak 
Ta tu bidanl Id Bar z'an ear-l«ligar bapa'at. 
An sar-l-aall nlhan, wa'ln ear-l-far'al alyan ; 
Z'ankl pas az Injaban. 'alim-i-bl-muutabaBt." 

" O the many pure heads seaiieted tieneath the clay. 

That thou roayesl know the head depends on that oihcr htitd ; 
That original head hidden, and this derived head manifest. 
Forasmuch as behind this world lies the infinite universe." 



" By bayadattazajan-l-aeblqan. 
Z'ab-l-lutfat tar zaban-i-aahlqan. 
Az tu bar 'aiam uttada aaya'e 
Khubruyanra abuda Barmaya'e : 
Astalgan uftada an aaya and, 
Maoda dar sauda oz an Baiima and ; 
Ta za Lalla elpar huaoat ear noead 
iBhq-l-u atlBh ba Majnun war nazod, 
Ta Iab-1-Shlr1a na kardl cbun shakar, 

An "asblqra na sbud pur kbunjlear." Jaui (Salamak aud 
" Oh Thou whijse memoty quickens lovei's sonls, 
Whose foQTil of joy renews ihc luver's tongue ; 
Thy shadow falls across the vroit<l and they 
Bow down to it ; and of the lich in beauly 
Thoa in the licbes ihit make lovers mad. 
Not till Thy secret beauty through the cheek 
Of Laita smite, does she inflame Majnun, 
And noc till Thou have sugared Shitin's lip 
The hearts of tho» two lovers fill with blood." 

" Ey b1 tu haram zlcdasaci I 
Kbud bl tu kudam zindaganl? 
Har zlndagl lei bl tu bastaad, 

Marglat ba nam zliidaffanl." Ak>vak-i>: 

" Life without thre we may unlawful call. 

Or left of thee is it then life at all 7 

All life without thee is alas the same, 

Death, living death and life alone in name." £a$i 

*■ By blradar tu hamla andlaba'l. 
Ma baqa tu ustulchwan wa rteha'!, 
Gar fful aat andieba, tu Kulahanl, 
War buwad kharl, tu bima'e guUcbaal." Jal*luddi 

" O Brother, you are essenlially thought, 
All the rest of you is bune and sinew, 
Ifyour thoughts me tose-liki;, you are a rose-gatdcn 
If ihey are Ihoin like, you are fuel for the furnace." 

" By blaa kare Icl auwal B'ab ffasht, 
B'ad az blkusbada shud. aakht) guzasbt ; 
B'ad naummedl base ummldha'at. 
As pas zulmat base kburBbedha'Bt," Jalai.uddi 

" Ah '. many are the conditions uhich iit lirst are hard. 
But are afterwards relieved and lose their harshness 
Ortentimes hope succeeds to hopelessness 
Many limes dues sunllj;hl succeed to dnrkness." 


" Ey blsa zulme kl bliil dar Ittmm , 
Khue tu bashaii dar eshan, ey fulan. 
Andar eahaii tafta hastl-l-tu 
Az QiTaq WB ziilm wa bad maatl-1-tu. 
An tu'i wa an zaklun bar lihud ml-zani 
Bar khud an dam tar-I-l'anat lal-tanl. 
Mumlnan alna'e elc digrar and. 
In khsbar az pale^mbEir aworand : 
Plah-1-cbaatiiDat daabti ehisha kabud, 

Z'sji sabab 'alam kabudat ml-namud." J:M,*i,iioDr!i B 

" Thou who dosi bUnie injustice in mankind 

'Tis bul ihe iiuage ol thine own daik mind i 

In ihem reflected all ihy nuiure is 

With all il!> angles anil fiblii|uilies ; 

Around ihyaelflhyself Ihc noose hasl ihrown 

And doil a self- in Hided wound liemoan ; 

* Back 10 each other we tefleclions throw ' 

So spoke the holy Prophet long ago : 

What wonder if the world look dark to him ?" 
" By dll. ar sall-i-fbna bunyad-l-hastl bar kanad, 
Chun tura Nuhast klshtlban zl tuTan. Kham maklLur, 
Oarohl cnanzll bos khaCamak ast wa maqsad napadlil, 
Hlcb rahi nest kanra nest payan, sham makhvir. 
Bal-l-ma dar furqat-l.Janan wa Ibram-l-rBqib 
Jumla tni-danad khuda'e hal o^ardaQ, ^ham makhiir." 

Hafi' Que. si^. 

" Heart, should Ihe flood of death life's fabric sweep away, 
Noah «liall steer the ark o'ei billows dark, despair not. 
Though perilous the «lage. though out of sight Ihc goal, 
Whithersoe'er we wend, there is an end, despair not. 
If love evades our grasp, and rivals press iheir suit, 
Gotl, Lord of every chanjje, surveys the range, despair ool." 

■' By dll az kuraah bl bur aarmaya'a wlrd wa nlyazl 
Klnmita'kaBidanJaruz-l-bazarlnlyafl." ANWAii.i-S<jMBii.t 

" Take from het street, thy stock uf giitf, thy wailings, O my heart 
These unsought goods wdl ne'er lind [here a salctime or a mart" 

" Ey dust I t>ar janaze-1-dusbman ctau biAffzorl 
Bttadl ma Icun, kl bar tu hamin majara buvad." (Anok), 

■• O Friend ! 

" By hamnafbab mara za mai quwat kunld 
Wa In rue chu kahruba chu yaqut kunld. 
Otaun murda aha warn ba mai blahuyld man 

n thou by the corpse of thine enemy 
on thee wdl the same fate fall." 

E. G. Bkownb. 


" Comrades, I pray you, ph3rsic me with wine 
Make this wan amber face like rubies shine 
And if I die, use wine to wash my corpse 
And lay me in a coffin made of vine." Whinfibld. 

*' By hunarha nihada bar kaf-i-dast, 
Albha dar glrifta zir-i-baflrlil, 
Ta chl khwahi kharidan, ey maflrlirur, 
Biiz-1-darmandagl ba slm-i-daerbl ? " Gulistan, chap. a. 

" Thy merits in thy palm thou dost display, 
Thy faults beneath thy arm from sight withhold ; 
What wilt thou purchase, vain one, in that day 
The day of anguish with thy feign^ gold ? *' Eastwick. 

" By iBhq-i-bltabahl, ey mutrlb-l-ilcOil, 
Ham pxisht wa ham panahl, kafwat laqab na dldam." 


** O indestructible Love ! O divine minstrel 
Thou art both stay and refuge ; a name equal to thee I have not found." 


" By Jan za kyja rasidat in dam ? 
By dU za kujast in tapldan? 
By murgrb. blgu zaban-i-murgrban 
Man danam ramz-1-tu shimidan. 
Dll sruft 'blkarkbana budam 
Ta khana'e ab wa gil pa^idan 
Az khana'e sun'a ml paridan 
Ta khana'e sun'a afHdan. 
Chun pae na mand ml kashidan 
Chun erue'am surati kashidan." Diwan-lShams-i.Tabriz. 

** Whence did this breath come to thee, O my soul ; 
Whence this throbbing, O my heart ? 

bird, speak the language of birds 

1 can understand thy hidden meaning. 

The soul answered * I was in the divine factory 

While the house of water-and-clay was a-baking 

I was flying away from the material workshop 

While the workshop was being created 

When I could resist no more, they dragged me 

To mould nr.e into shape like a ball.*" (Nicholson). 

'* By kabkl khush-khiram, kuja ml-ravi basrlst? 
Gharra ma shu, ki grurba'e 'abid namaz kard." Hafiz Odb, xaa. 

** O partridge, bird of graceful gait, say whether wouldst thou shape thy 
Be not so bold, for well we know how the religious cat can pray." 



" By k&udb an danA kl plab-I-ahah dam 
Ooh Qabr az nulcta'e Itbush mlzanad ; 
Nulcta'e Chun ab ml arad latlf, 

Sbab ra abe bar atlBli mlzanad." Javi, Hihabistan (j). 

" Happy is ihnl Ictitned man who in thi: presence ol llie Shah 
Uileis a pleasani masim when be is inflamed with anger ; 
When like water he bring! the graceful mHiim 
To the Shah, it throws water upon liie." Rehai'SBK. 

" Ky Ichunuk chaahme kJ u grlryan-i-u'st, 
Ey hamayun dil ki u burlyan-l-u'Bt, 
Az pai bar giriya akilr Ichanda ast 

Mard akliir-bln mubarak baiida a^t." Jalaluimiin Ruitt. 

" How blessed are the cyei that smart with sorrow's brine. 

How hieued i« the heart inflamed with love divine J 

Contrition's tears are ever hallowed by heaven's smile. 

The laltci enil of all things man should scan anhile." 


" By khwaja sarmastok shudl. bar asblqan khunbak zadl, 
Maet-l-khudawana-l-kliuiU, kUBbil giriftl be, kfaudo, 
Bae murgh parran dar hawa az damha tkrd wa Juda 
Mlayad az charkta-i-qaza ba Blna aab Ur-i-bola." 

" Lo I a besutled fool like thee to scorn, 
The votaries of love I God's wine has drowned 
Thy wits and ludden ihee wrestle with ihy Lord, 
As when n bird his airy flight resumes 
Eiullingly, nor dreads ihe dislBnl lure, 
tale to his bosom speeds the shait of woe," (NlCHOLSoy). 
" Ely ki babansra™-l-*Iard rahat-l-Janl mara, 
By w bstalkha'e taqr ganj-l-rawanl mara, 
AJlcbs Da burdaet wahm, an che nadldast fahm, 
Az tu blJaD miroaad. qlbta az anl mora." di>vak-i-Siiauvi-Taiiiiie. 

" O Thou, who an my .•.oul' 

OThou, whoarlniy,|,iii 

That which the imiginal 

standing has not seen 

Visilcth my soul from thet 


n or sorrow, 
bitterness of dearth, 
:ived, thai which the under- 

hence in worship I ti 

n towards Thee." 
" By kl shakbB-l-masat baqlr oamud, 
Ta durusbtl hunar na plndart ; 
Asp-1-Iashar mlyan bakor ayad 

Bvut-I-maldan na Kav-l-parwarl," Gulistah, chap. i. 

" Thou who my stature didst with scorn survey. 
Think not that roughness marks tlie bold in war. 
The slender courser in the batlle day, 
Will the fat siall-led ox outvalue far." Eastwick. 



" BoB-sIcr, Ihou wallteBl by ihe water's brink 
Huw cansl Ihou know ihc stale or us who sink?" 

" Ely murgli-1-saJiei', iBhq £& parwana bl-amua 
K'an Bukhta rajanshud wa awaz ni yamad. 
In mudd'ayan dar talaboeb bl khabar and, 
K'lm ra Id khabar ahud, kbabaraab baz nlyamad." 

bird of ihe mgrn 

love of Ih 



Consumed il dies, n 

r uuers e" 

n « cry 1 

Pretended searchers 


e love no 



DW, tell no 


" Ey rabldajaa-i-tu^ ma wa man. 
By latlfe'e i^h andar mard -wa zaa. 
Mard wa zan chvm yak ehawad an yak tu'i 
Chunk) yokha mahw ebawad an yak cu'l. 
In ma wa man babr In baraakbt! 

Ta tu ba khud nard Ichldniat bakhti." jAukLuooiH Ruhi. 

"O Thou, Whoarl exempt from 'us' and 'we' 

Who pervadest the spirits of all men and women ; 

When man and woman become one, Lhou ait that one. 

When their uninn is dissolved, lo Thou abideji. 

Thou hast made these ' us ' and ' we ' for thai purpose 

To wil, to play chess wiih Ihem by thyself." Whinfielr. 
" Eiy saki gnzldo, manindat ey du-dlda. 
Andar 'ajsm nlyamad. andar 'arab na didam : 
Chandan blrlz bado, k'az kbud ehawam piyada, 
K 'andar kbudl.wa basti ghalr-l-fab na dldom." 


" O chosen cup-liearcr, O apple of mine eyes, the like of ihce, 
Ne'er appeared in Persia, nor in Arabia have I found it ; 
Pom oul wine till I become s wanderer from myself, 
For IP sell-hcod and existence I have fell unlv fiitigue." 


"By sen tura nan-l-Jawin shUBh nanumayad, 
M'aebuq-l-maii aet an Id banazdtk-i-tu zlehtaat ; 
Huran-i-blhlabtra'duzakh buwad a'rftf, 

Aaduzakhlan pura. kl a'raf bihlBbtast." Gulistan, dap, i. 

" ^atcd, thou wilt my barley-loaf repel ; 
She whom I love, ill-favoured seems to ihec ; 
To Kdin's Houris Aral * would seem hell. 
Hell's inmates ask,— they'll call it heavenly." East»*ick. 

"The Muhaminadon Purgalory. 


" By eukhan. klmlya'e 

Ki cttandlQ nigar a: 

a kimlya aaz Matf 

ti barsalibtaiid 

u barfe na pardakhtand : 

Na daDam cbl murg'be I 
Za ma yadgart ki roanad ti 


" Say, Ixni^age 1 whence is given ihy ivundruus magic power f 
And \vho ihe alchemist ihal luio-i thee inlo gold ? 
Whence spring Ihy tounliess images? While, !o this hour 
N^ne can ihy full resources ever hope to unfold ; 
VVhal hint art thou of 90 much beauty f We 
Our sole memorial leave behind in ihee." KasTWIi: 

It food will thou ihy nmicli begin ? " 


" Thou in whose loot not e'en  Ihom has broken,— bow can'st 1I1OI 
Tell what the wiirriors feel, whose heads before the sabre bow." 

" By waqlf-l-aarar-l-ianjlr-l-hmiia Jcaa, 
^u* bedat-1-uJz daatsir-l-hama leas, 
Ya Rabb tu marai UiubBi dlh wa usr pazlr, 
E!y taubadlh wauzr-pazir-i-bama leas," Omau Khavv 

" Oh Thou who know'st the secret thoughts of all 
In time of sorest need »ho aidest all, 
Grant me repentance and accept my plea 
OThou whn dost accept the pleas of all." Wh)\J[el 

" Byyaica wa'an yadhrlbalisanuka 'unqaka." AH.tnic Pxuvn 

" lienarB thil thy tongue does not cut tliy neck." 

D. SrmvAi. 
" Ey zabardaat sir dast azar. 
Oajm ta kai bamanad In bazarf 
Sachl kar ayailat Jaban darl, 



** Oppressor ! troubler of the poor ! 
How soon will this thy mart be o'er ! 
What good will empire be to thee? 
Better thy death than tyranny." 

- Ey zinda^-1-tan wa tawanam hama tu, 
Jani wa dili, ey dil, wa Janam hama tu, 
Tu haati-1-man ehudi az ani hama man, 
Man nist shudam dar tu az an am hama tu." 


Omar Khavvam. 


My body's life and strength proceed from Thee, 

My soul within and spirit are of Thee, 

My being is of Thee and Thou art mine, 

And I am thine, since I am lost in Thee." Whinfield. 


Fabadir ejryuha I'grhumru 
Lima yahlu blhi 'hnurru ; 
Faqad kada yahl 'lumru 
Wa ma aqla*ta *an dhanuna ; 
Wa la tarkan ila 'ddhcui. 
Wain lana wain sarra, 
Fa tulqa kamanl 'grhtara 
Ba'fl'an tanfUthu 'asamma." 

Maqamat of Hariri, chap. iz. 

** Hasten, O simple one, to that by which the bitter is made sweet ; for 
thy life is now near to decay and thou hast not withdrawn thyself from 
blame. And rely not on fortune though it be soft, though it be gay : for 
so wilt thou be found like one deceived by a viper that spitteth venom." 


** Fabala ulfata ttibau hawa 'nnafisi wa badru Ihawa tumuhu 
'lainl." Maqamat of Hariri, chap, la 

*' The trouble of man is the following of the soul's desire, and the seed 
of desire is the longing look of ihe eye." (Chenery). 

** Fadhaka qarl ud-dahri, ma'asha huwalun, 
Idha Budda minhu mankharun jasha mankharu." 

Ta'adbata Sharran. 

'* Against him the wild days dash, he meets them with cunning mind. 
Is one of his nostrils stopped? he breathes through the other free." 

C. J. Lyall. 

'* Fa 'dhkuru llaha kcMihikrikum aba'lkum au'ashadda dhlkran." 

Koran, chap. 2. 

** Remember God as ye rememl>er your own fathers or with a yet more 
intense remembrance." (Rodwell). 


n la 'adada laha 

Wa Isltha Tukeafu Uta sbabamsu wa' Iqamaru ; 
Wa bun ala Tardbi mln hadlira wa yablaatln 
Wa l^tha 7U>;)ajiiu llla ma lahu tbamaru ; 
Ahaanta dhannaka bt 'layyami idb bosunat 
Wa lam talchat eu-a ma yatl bihi Iqadr." A. i 

 We see rhe orb, of h. 

ten nl.ove how numberless ihey are, 
le eclipsed ancl ne'er a lessei star ; 
Aod maoy a. tree on earth we see. some bare, aome leafy gieen, 
Orihem not one Is hurt with stone, save what lias fruillul been. 
Think'st ihou thyself all pmsperous, in days which prosp'rous 1>e, 
Nor fear's! the im pending eiii which conies hy heaven's decree?" 


" Fahadhlri 'unaea w'aeahbuhtim 'aJa dakhlll 
Walnnama rajulu 'ddunya wa wablduba 
Uan la yuawrcilu fl'ddimya 'ola nOuli." Ai, Tur.HXAi. 

" lie only's tilted for the strife, 
Which fills the boist'toui paths of life 
Who as he (reads the crowded scenes, 
Upon no kindred bosom leans." J. D. CAkLVLK 

 Fahm-i-aukhan cbun Da kunad mustaml 
Quwat-1-tab'a az mutakolllme ma Jul ; 
Puataat-l-maldaa-l-lradat biyar 
Ta ba nizd-l-martl-l-aukhaiiTul gal." 

" Eipect not from thai speaker etoqui 
Whose words his audience cannot v 
With a wide Held of willingness 
Then will the uiator the ball propel." 

" FallauS dlvra munlclr ahanad, 
Dar haman daiD Bakbra-«-div aba wad ; 
Oar na dtdl dlvra khudra bibln. 
Bljununnabudkabudt barjabln." 


" The philosopher denies the existence nf ihe Devil 
At the same time he is the Devil's Inuijhing -stock. 
If thou has! not icrn the Devil, look at thyicir, 
Without demon's oiri how came that blue lurbin * on ihy brow." 

" Falnnakl lau aa'altl tiaqs'l yaunilii 'ala Isjall lladtal lam tutal 
Fa BabraQ B majali 'Imautl sabran fB ma nallu 'Ikbuludl blmua- 
tatal." Kjtaki. 

" Xcn. if Ijut a day of life thou ^hr.uldst beg with weeping 
Kcyond what thy doom appoinis, Ihou wouldst not gain it, 
Be slill then anil face ihe onset of death, high-hearled, 
!''or none upon earth shall win to abide for ever." C. J. Lvalu 

" Fa^nna 'aealda man wuiilha blffhalrlhl." Ghauai-i. 

" Happy the man nho lets himself be warned by the example of 

" FalD takunl' I'alyyamu flna lAbaddalat blbuaa wa nulnB w'alba- 
wadlthu taf^lu 
Fa ma layyanat mlnna ratatun wa la dliallatana llllati laiaa 

" And auoth.'if the changing days have wrought us— their wonted way, 
a lot miied of weal and woe yet one thing ihey could not do : They have 
not made soft or weak the stock of our sturdy spear, Ihcy have not abased 
our hearts to doing of deeds of shame." C. J. LVAI.L. 

" And how, if ye l>elicve not, will you screen yourselves from the day 
that shall turn children grey-headed ? The very heaven shall be rent 
asunder by it : Ibis threat >hall be carried into effect." (RODWBLI-J. 

■' Fakam taedlru fl 'Bsabni, na taklitalii mlaa 'zzahwt, 
Wa tansabbu Ita 'llahwl, Ica'anna 'Imauta ma 'amma? 
Wa battama tajaflka wa 'ItiCa'u talaflica 
Tiba'anjama'at flka alynban abamlulia '□dhamma: 
Idha 'aalcbaCta maulaka, tama ta^ilaqu mln dhaka, 
"Wa -la 'akbfaqa mas'akav taladha'alta mina lahamma." 



" How long wilt ihou be bewildered in csielessness, and walk proudlji in 

vanity, and go eagerly to diversioD. as if death were not lac a11| 

Tilt wbeo will last Iby swerving, and Iby delaying to mend habits thai 

unite in thee vices whose every son shall be cotlectEd in thee ? 
If ihou anger thy Master, thou art not ilisjuieted al it ; but if thy scheme 
be booLiess, thou burnest with vcxalion." (Cheherv). 

" Fa laisa takhlk eia. 'rrahmanl Icbaflyatun 
In 'okhlaea 'labdu fl 'tta'atl au da J a, 
Wa t»dlFt 'Iroauta bl'lhusna tuqaddtmuba 
Fa ma pinftnahu d'aJ 'Irnautl In faja." .Ma.jahai ui- Hskiki, chap. 31, 

no hidden dead shall renin n hidden frDin ibe Compassionate 

;ui«! deeds senl before : death's sudden 
not put off." (Stkihuass). 

" Falakra ghalr az in khud aiat kare 
Kl yareroJutUfHizadKftjfare." aswar-i-Slheili. 

d shall ri 
dcaih by jj 


" Fala 'qt^iama 'raqabata. wa ma 'adraka ma I'aqaData fakku 
raqabaCIn au 'It'amuD fl yaumln db) maSKbabatln yatlman dtaa 
maqrabatln au rDlsklnan dha matrabatic," Kokan, chnp. 90. 

" Vcl he (man) altemplelh nut the steep. .And who shall teach thee 
n the captive, or to feed in ihe day of 
^, or the poor that lieth in the dust." 
(RomvEi L). 

" Fa la tahsabl 'anni takhaabsh'atu b'adakuni li&balan wa la 'anni 
mlna ImautI 'aft-oqu 
Wa la 'an nafBI yazdablba waldukum wa la 'annani bl 'Imasbl Q 
'IqaidI akhraqu." Jafah inv Uluah. 

" Nay think not that 1 am bowed by fear away from ^ou, 
Or that 1 tremble before the death that stands «> nigh. 
Or that my soul quakes M all before your threatenings 
Or that my spirit is broken by walking ia these chains." 

" Fa la taktuiDUDna 'Uaha ma fl auduiikum 
Uyakhfa wa mahma yuktaml 'Uaba y'allin 
Tuakhkhar &yiidh'Hi fl kttabln fayuddakbar 
Uyatunt 'Ihleabl au yuojjal fa yUDqam." Zuiiahl 


■' Altempt no! lo conceal (rom God the deaiEi 

ich your 
foi thai which you strive lo hiile, God perfectly Icnni 

'our bosoms 

sometimes defers the punishment but registers the 
reserves it for ibe day of ncec 
ment and heavily it blls." 

volume and 
le rates the chastise* 

" Fa la tatblq blwamldhln naln bargibt fahuwa khuUaba, 
W'asblr Idba hu 'adhra bUca 'IkhuCuba w'allaba. 
Fama 'ala tlbrl 'arun S 'nnari hlna yaqallaba." 

" Trust not the gleaiti of forli 

ies i^ainsl thee, and drives them o 

e cold, when it is turned about in 


m worahmacuhu lakuatuia mj 

" But for God's grace and mercy u 

I the niiiage )>eguile 

" Fa ma adrl, Idha yaminonicu ardhan 
Dridu'l icha3T». ayj-uimma yallnl : 
A'al khajTU 'lladhi ana abta^hibl 
Ami' Bb-ebarTu 'lladbi buwa y abtag-bln)." 

ind for ihe land of ray quest if my portion 

" And I know noi 
shall be 

The Rood which I hope fnr and seek, or the evil that awkcth foi me." 
(E. G. Brow\b), 

" Fa ma kana Qalaun bulkuhu hulka wabid wa lakinnabu bum- 
yanuqaumln tahaddama." Abmii ihn At-taih". 

who went down the way of death ; 
ilh his death in ruin fell." 

C. J. LvM.1.. 

Idbin ka' annahum bumuruD 


a ^^l^icll 'llaliu 'an j-ahdlyahu yaehrah Badrabu lii-lalaml 

yurld 'an yudblllahu yaj'al sodrahu dbajrylqan harajan 

yaaa'adu &' BBamal," Kmiun, chap. 6. 

" And u'hom God shall plmsu lo guide, ihal man's breasl will He open 
lo Islam : hul whom He shall phme lo mislrad, strait nnd niirron will He 
make his brcEisI as though he were niQunline up inlo the very heavens." 

" Fa na'udhib 'lUahi 'Iwahld mlna labor alnubl w'alMd." 

" F'anqad It man 'adtia 'izlniam bikafflht 
Wa cashadha in 'alg'ha 'riiayata an lagha, 
Wa'r-a 'Imarara idha d'aaka Uralhl, 
Waiid laJaja idba bomaka 'setyyaKba." it 

" Obey ihou him in whose hand it 
eye if he ncgiecl ohsemince or speak vj 
when he call's ihee lo Ihe gracing on it, 

eadin^ cord i cast down thine 
And graie on hiller pasture 
water at Ihe sail well when he 
(Chen BUY). 

" Farbabat karda base nl'amat wanaz 
Z'an blandesb kl chun khwahi raft : 
Bachunln Jiiasanadanamklchlaban 
Ba dar-i-mars daran khwabi raft." 

" When thuu gri.wi-ii (a\ in uleiily and enjoyn 
Think of Ihi.s also,— how ihou an lo escnpc 
With such a la^e iHxly I know not how 

" Fareb kbtitsh az kbaahm na kbusb bib ai 
Bar albhandan ab xa atleh bib aat, 
Murade ti dar lucr gardad tamam, 
Chi bayad sue qahi- dadan lagB,m?" 


" Sweet guile ia belief than unplea 

" Parumandan-l-sbabr-l-lthud ba Ichasan 
Bill a£ Bhohrlyari be, ebahr-l'kaean ; 
Bafiluihr-l-kaaaii g^j-chl bashod blhl 
Dll ai mlbr-l-lcbana nabaebad tlU." 

Earth's hollow pomps thai peiish ? 
The friends the luves of youth are ihcie 
And these the bean will cherish : 
Its slrines will twin? Rioitnd the home 
Where we were nursed howe'cr wc roam." 

" Farq-l-ebahi wa bandasl barkhaet 
Cbun qaza'e nablehta ayod pjeh ; 
Oar kase khak-l-murda baz kunad. 
Nashlnasod tawangar az d&rwlab." i 

" l»sl is the difference of king and slave, 
Al ihe apptiiiieh uf destiny's decree : 
Should one upturn the nshe; of ihu ^rave, 
Could he discein 'l;vixt ueallh and yioverl 

" Paryad az In mor-t-flubuk, zinhaJ- az In Ithwab-i-giraa 
By lUl Bue dlldHj- Bbu. ej> yar sue yar sbu ; 
By paBt>an bedar abu. kbufta naebayad paaban." 

" Alas for this life so lighl, benare of this slumber so heavy, 
O soul seek the Beloved, O friend seek the Friend 
O watchman be wakeful ; it i^liovus not a watchman to sleep," 

" Faryad fcl raft 'iimr bar iMhuda, 
Ham luqma baram wa ham Dale aluda, 
Farmuda'e aakarda alyah rua'am kard 
Faryad za kardba'ena formuda." OviAn Khivyam. 

" Alas ! my wasted life has gone to wrack, 

What willi forbidden meats and drinks, alack i 
And leaving undone what 'iwas tiGht to do. 
And doing wrong, my face i: 

very black." Wni 


" Fasad-1-charkh na blnand wa naabnawand taaina, 
Ki chaahmafaa boma Icuraet wa ffushha bama kar. 
Basa kBSa ki mab wa mibr baahadosb balln, 

Ba'oqlbftt zIgrU wakhlshtg&rdadaab bletar." 

" None see ni 

Eacha , ^ 

Ofi those who moon and sun their pillow thought 

Have later bricks anil clay too gladly soughl." IIii 

It hear the malice ol the sky 
is dotf and blind is every eye 

■aise of thy Lord 
in the tiighl do 

( ROmVELI.), 

" Faeb mlffuyam wa az gulta'e kbud dilsbadam, 
Banda'e lahqam wa az bar du Jahaa azailain, 
Talr-1-snilBban-i-qudBam cbi dlbam Bbarb-t-flraq 
KI dor in damnab-l-hadlBab chun uftadam 7 " 

" Aloud I say it and with heart of glee, 

• Love's slave am I an.! from l»Ih worlds am 
Can 1. Lhe bird of bacred gardens tell, 
lino tills net of chance how first I fell?" 


" Fata'antu 'aiihu 'Ikboila batta lanantisat, wa batta "alonl haliku 
'UauDl 'aewadi 
41tala 'mariaD 'aaea 'alEhahu blnalbihl wa y'alamu 'anna Imar'a 
gbalru mtikballadl." Dujiai^i. 

" 1 |)lied spear above hini, lilt the riders left llieir prey, 
And over myself black blood Kowed foilh in a dusky tide ; 
I foughl as a man who gives his life (or his brother's life. 
Who knows that his lime is short, thai death's doom above him hangs." 
C. J. Lyall. 

" Pa ya dbnlla 'rr^all baehalrl malin, 
Walau kanatfadbailubum kashaiDsl." Ai.n Laila wa LAit-t. 

They're bul poor > 

" Faya mautu zur anna Ibayata dhamimatun. 
Idba anbattati 'Ibazatu wa urtafa 'Ibattu. 
Fa la ajaban in kunta ayanta fadbllan 
Faqtran wadbaDaqefnbldaulatt yaatu." Ai.n' Laii.a wa La 

" Uh how vile e'en to thee Death, this life we muil own 
When [he mallard flies high, while the hawk is struck down, 
Is it strange to see wisdom ask alms at the gale 
And within the fool lord it in iri'oknl slalef" ToHRBl 


it dar-t-eulh baz. 

Ki nagah dor-f-tauba Kordad fltraz : 

 Klst an 
For ihL 
Oh son 
For Ihe 





at.i »li«ii ilioii se 
nunc: suddenly 
calh lhe load of 

est the door of peace open 
becomes shiil. 


Tja bar atlsb nlhand v 

1 nanumayand. 
a cnushk baaayand." 





skill are weak « 
cast on file ajid 

ile in the h 




" Feridun ramitli flrishta nabud, 
Za muBhk wa z'ambar sariebta nabud ; 
Ba dad wa dablah yaft an nlkul 
Tu dad wa dablsh kun. Feiiduo tul," 

" The happy Feridi 
He was ml foimi 

He Eained hi. repuiaiion by ju^iitc ai 
Be tTiou just and lilietal, and ihou wil 

was not an angel, 

nf muslt or amliereris, 


" Feridun gult naqqaehan-l-Chln-ra 
El pairamuD-i-kliarKabash blduzand, 
Badanra nlLc dar ey liiBl'd-l-husfayar, 
Kl nlkan khuil bUEUrgr wa ailt ruzacd." 

" Said Feridun k. China's men of ai 

The gnwi enough of honour have and bliss.' " Eastwil'K. 

" Fl alctbaii ayyaml kuntu k'-abdln llladhl yakunu jallean taihta 
oayfln "ullUca bl-eba'ratln wahldatin wa lam yadrl mata yanzllu 
■aleyhl fl'l-hln, aw ba'da hln." iIeji.i-i.limi, 

servant who is sitfing under a sword 
ir, and he knowcth nol when il shall 
«hile." (E. U. Bkowne). 

" Flkrekl ba kar-i-ltbud t 
Babrl chl ba dlsrare rUu 
Wa an gab kl badln nai 
Dar kardan-l-dlKaran c 

trabayad kard. 
bayad kard, 
' khatae kardi. 
lira bayad kard." 


" Why to aniilher's care consiun 
Schemes that thine own excitions cbim ? 
And when ihou hasi licEn [has supine. 
Why nn another hang Ihe blame?" E 

" FiraBh-i-dilat bast wa Dirawi tan, 
Chu maldan faralch ast gue blzan, 
Man an ruz ra qadr nashiaakhtam, 
Bldanletam uknun Id dar bakhtam," Bu-iT^:' of S' 

" Thou hasl leisure of mind and slienglh of hody 
When the pluin is spaduuti, strike the ball of hfe ; 
[ undtistood nut the vahn: i>f that day uf youth 
Now I know it when I have playeil it away." 

" Flriahta khue aha wad admi ba kam khurdao 
Wa Bar khurad chu bahalm bluftad chujamod ; 
Murad-1-har ki bar ari mutf-i-amr-i-Iu Bhud 
KhilaM-noft Id gsrdan kaohad cba yaft murad." 

" FirlBbta ruet ba Itm wa babtma rust bajahl 
Darin mlyan ba taoaz'a bamand mardumzad : 
Qahe ham! kasbadaah 11m sue 'allsryln 
QabeoBh Jahl t>a paetl kl har chl bada bad." 

" The angel grew with knuwlcdyc, ihe hcasi with i(;norini:c, 
Man remained in dispute hetwecn Ihenx. 
Sometimes knowledge drawa him in the seventh heiiven, 
Somelimes ignorance drags hint down, so that (he says) ' f'ome what 
will '.'" (NicHot-SON). 



" FlrlBtada bayad ki dajiB. buwod, 
Ba guftaah diler wa CawaniL buwod. 
Az u hor cbl puTBand goyad Jawab. 
Ba nau'e kl bashad tarlQ aawab, 
Sukbanha'e kbwlsb ashkara kunad. 
Bud iDsao kl majlla taQaza kimad 
Blsa kas kl az yak badls durueht 
Baham zad Jabane wa kbalqe bakueht, 
Yake dlgar az g\i(ta'e dll-pasand 
Miyan du zldd tarab-l-yarl flKand." Amvab-i-Suhbii 

" Wise must he Uf by monarchs senl 
And bold in speech &nd cloquenl: ; 
He muse reply lo hU they ask, 
So as lo best fuIRt his task. 
In speaking it must be his aim 
For ihcise who hear his speech ro frame. 
Oft has a word too roughly said 
The world embroiled and neaped with dead 1 
And oft another soft and mild 
Two naliona, hale has reconciled." EASTWltK. 

" Flrumanda^anra dirun shad kim, 
Za mz finunaadagl yad kun ; 
Na kbwablnda'l bar daT'l-dlKaran 
Ba sbukrana kbwablnda az dar marau." Bos-tan it S'adi. 

" Make ihc heitis of those dejected happy, 

Remember ihe day of helplessness (the judgment day) 

Thou art not a bc^ar al the doors of others, 

In thanks to God, drive not a beggar from thy dooi." 


" Fursate dan ; kl aa lab ta badaban in hama nist, 
Az tabattuk oia kiin andeaba wa cbun gal khueh basb. 
Z'aukl tamkln-l-Jaban-l-ffuzran In bama nlat." Hf.m Ooa es. 

If bumbled, ca 
Life's honours 

e nol ; a? lb 
vhich pass s( 

" Ehu-sat nlgtu', kl fitna cbu dar 'alam uftad. 

Haflz ba Jam m 

,z gbam karan ffirlft." 

llafii struck at the cup and through grief took the ci 

" Fursat Bhiunar subbat k'oz In du raba manzll 

Cbun bigzarem dlgar 

baham raeldan." 


rofligacy. For Ihis track 
iute is not evidenl to every one." 

" Pueurda monad, yakbe k'an ba zlr-l-saya buwad. 
Na did sbl'sbi'a'e aftab-l-tabBnom ; 
TabaBBum-l-nifch-i-khurBhed har yakhe kl badld 
Bokhwlsh b&lad wa giiyad kl at>-l-haiwai:iam." 


" The ice Him remains in the shade i» froien 
It saw not the brilliance of my glowing sun. 
All ice that has seen the smile of the sun's bee 
Grows itself Hgain, and says ' I am the water of life.' " 


" Futad atlBb-i-Bubh dar sulcbta 
Ba ek dam Jabane shud afrukhta 
Tu ffufto ki dar kbatt-I-zanKbar 
Za ek ffustaa nasah dar omad tatar." I<i->-.-i an 

" The file of the morning fell upon tinder 
A world became in a moment illumined 
Thou wouldst have said that in the country of Znnylai 
A Tartar had suddenly issued (ram a corner." (. 

" Oar anha Id n 

" It it is thy desire that the Heloved should not break the ct 
Keep thy end of the thread that He may keep bis end." 



;ml lav 
;h( of da 

" Qar baqtyaa-l-fazl bag'BBhtl niadEU--l-charkh, 
Jus be, maqaiT-l-mah iiabudl maqar mora. 
N1, al. Ill charlcb wa dahr nadanand qadr-i-fazl. 
In ffufta bud gtih-l-Jawsni pldor mara," 

uuld have been aiy abode and 
E. G.'dsownk. 

" Qar yakera tu kamran blnl. 
DlKrera dll az mujablda rtsh, 
Ruzake chond bash, ta bUchurad 
Khak ma^bB-l-Bar-l-ldilyal aotllBh." 

" To-day Ihou mBrkcsl une Bushed wiih sue 
Another sick wilh slrugglcs againsl fate, 
Pause but a little while, ihe earth shall pi 
His brains that did such plans erst medita 

" Oar gauhar-l-ta'atat naslftam harglc, 
Qard-l-Kunah as ctalhra naraftam bargiz. 

n ax barBab-l-kormat. 
1 ra du na ffufuun barglz." Ouar I 

" No pearls of righteousness do I enlace, 
Nor sweep the dust of sin from off my face, 
Vet since I never counted one as two, 
I do not quite despair of heavenly pace. " 



" llailsl Ihnu one virlue, faulls thtee-score and [en 
Nought liul ihat virlue sliines in fiiendship's ken." 

" Oar gazandat rassd za, khalc] maranj, 
Kl Da rahat raeod xa Idialq na ranj, 
Az kbuda dBo khllaf-l-dushman wa dust, 
Kl tUI-1-har du dar taBarruf-1-ust ; 
Oarcbl tlr az kaman hamlKUzarad. 
As Icamandar binad abl-1-kblrad." <1i.lista»;, diap 

'■ An Ihou by cieaiures injiireti ? do noi gticVB ; 
None joy or pain from ciealures e'er receive. 
Know lh>t by God holh friends and foes are given, 
Yes ! for the hearls of both are swayed hy heaven. 
What lhou(;h the arrows from the liowttring fly, 
The wise Hcll lim.w the iirdier\ SEcnty." (PUni wict 

" Oar hunarmand Ea aubaehJaTa'e blnad, 
Ta dll-l-kbwieh alyazarad wa darbam □ashawad ; 
Sang'I'ba^I gauliar agar kasae zarrin ahlkunad, 
Qlmat-l-sans nlafzayad wa zar kam aa abawad." 

" What if n vagitiond -ii 

Ll duat blsblnakbte, 

" If this dainianl had known the Fiicnd (God) 
fie would not have engaged in contest with the enemy." 

" GArJahan plabat buzurff wa be bauillat, 
Plsb Qudrat zarra'e medan kl nlat ; 
Id jabau kbud khaba Janlha ebumast, 
HlQ duvld an BU kl aabarasbumast." Jaiii.lddiv Rktsii. 

" In man's oti-cin ihe wothl is Viiit without an et»t 
With Power Infinite compared, a groin of sand 
The world's aroand the soul a dismal prison den 
Ariie 1 Escape ! R^ain the fields al large '. Be men 1 " 



" Oar kaee waaM-u z& man puread, 
Be-dll oz be'DlBti&ii che Koyad baz ? 

Aahiqan tuBhtiKa[i-l-m*ashuq and, 

Bar na ayad za kuehtlgan awaz." Gulistan {Prtf 

" If one His ptttise of me uould learn, 
What iiflhe tiacelesscan Llie longueless lell? 
l,Qver5 are killed by Ihose Ibey love so well ; 
No voices flora Ihe slam relurn.'' (Eastivic 

" Oar kusbl warjui 
Rue wa Bar 
Bandar a farman nabaahad 
Har chl ftirmBl bar anam." 

" Oar man za mal maKbana tc 
War kaflr wa grabar war bui 
Har talf^ baman grumane darand. 
Man zanl bhudum chunanki bastam. haaCam." 

" Am I a wirie-bibliet? What if I am ? 
A giauur or infidel ? Suppose I am ? 
Kach sect miscalls me but I heed then 

oor my head I lay 
ndmenl I obey." 

" Gar mara zsr balctiBbtan dlbad an yar-i-'azlz 
Ta DB gu'l lei dar an dam sbam-l-Janam baahad ; 
Ouyam az banda's mlskln chl ffunah aodlr sbud. 
K'u dl! azurda sbud az man ? Gham-l-anam baahad." 

" If Ihat Loved One sh.-uld -ay me cruelly 

Tbou shouldsl noi sa), e'en then, I feared to die 
I'd ask ' What fault has iby poor servani done 
'Tisfor thine anger thai I grieve plon.:.'" (E 

'- Gbj- na bastaad gandam mahbub nush 
Chi burd Kandam aumajau rarush? 
Paa magii k'lnjumla dlnha batiland 
BatUan ba bu-t-baqq dam dil and ; 
Paa masujumla khlyal aat wa zalal 
Bl haqiqat nlat dar alam kiilyal. 
Darinlyan dalq-pusban yak faqlr 
Imtlhan kun wa an kl haqq ast, an blglr." 


" If wheat were nol valued as sweet md good for food. 
The cheat who shows wheat and sells bailey would make 00 profit. 
Say noi then that all these creeds aie false 
The false ones ensiare hearts by the scent of truth. 
Say not Lhat they are all erroneoos fancies 
There is no fancy in the universe without some truth. 
In the crowd of lag-weareis there is one faqit. 
Search well and find out thai true one." (WMINFtSLDj, 

■' Gar nabudl ummid-l-rahat wa raoj, 
Pae darwesh bar folok budl : 
War wazir az khuda bttarsid), 
Hamchuiuui k'az malU:, inalalc buill." G\.m.i).tan. chip. i. 

" Could [he huly daiwish cease fronii worldly joy nnd sorrow, 
On the sky his fool would be ; 
And the viiier (01 himself angelic light would barrow. 

Served he God as royaity." (EAsTWtCK). 

War □abudl kbub wa Elsht wa eaag we, war, 
Waj: iiabuill nat^ wa Shaltan wa hawa. 
War nabudl zakhm wa cballeb wa dag'ba. 
Pas ba che aam wa laqab kbandl mallk 
Bandaean i khwlah ra mantahlk I 
Cbun ba goTti ' ey sabur ' wa ' ey ballm ' 
Kal ba Kuttl 'ey ahuj'a' wa 'ey karlm!'" 

• If Itiei 
And r 
And n< 

. opposi 

>i Satan 

n of fail 

d foul,  

And DO wounds or war or fraud, 
Pray, O deslroyet of virtue, by what name and title 
Could the King of kings address his slaves ) 
How could He say ' O (cmperaie' or ' O meek one,' 
Or ' O courageous one ' or  O wise one.' " 


" Oar Qasbiaad QriBhta'e ba div, 
Wabshat aiuuzad wa kblyanaC wa rlv : 
Az badaii nekui nlyamuzi. 

NiFad za furs' puetln duzl," Gulhtah, cbip. t, 

" With demons did an angel take his seal, 
He'd learn but terror, treason and deceit ; 
Thou ftnm the bad will nothing learn but ill 
The wolf wdi ne'er the furrier's office fill." (EastwicK). 
" Oar niayad tia BUBh-l-rafthbaS-i-kaa 
Bar raaulaa palyam bashad wa bae." Gm-rsTAH, ch^i. I. 

" \Vhat though men hear not P Messenger 
Can but discbarge their duly : and il is 
To tell their message." 



'* Gar parw&Qi dar&kht-l-kaj'm. 
Bar-I-nUcnaml kbuii la-Jarm, 
Agar khud hamln surate chun tlUsm 
Bl mirl WBlsmat blmlradchujlam." EIostan ofS'aqi, 

■' If ibou causesi Ihyseir Lo cheiish the tree of liberality 
Thuu muyest msuicdly enjoy the fruit of a good mtne. 
But if ihuu ait n mere semblance, 
Thou wilt die, and thy name like ihy body will die." 

y Ihy portion here, O Sage, 

"■ Gar tTj-e-zatuin bajumla abad kucl, 
ChimdaQ iiabud Id khatire sbod Icuni, 
Gar banda kunl balutf azadera. 
Blbtar kl bazar banda azad Icunl." Omai Khawak. 

" Belter to make one soul rejoice with glee, 
Thsn plant a desert with a colony. 
Rather one freeman bind with chains of love, 
Than set a thousand prisoner! cnplives free." 


ruby as is found in Badakhshanyan earth, 
ruby differ from the pebble in its worth?" 

" Gar shadi-i-lchwlshtan badan medanl 
K'aauda dllira ba g'bami binshani. 
Dar matam-i-aQl-I-khwlBh baahl hama u: 
Medar mualbat, ki 'ajab nadanl." 

Thyself hast slain then 


" Gar tu kbwahl k'u tura basbad abaikar, 
Paa u-ra as cbasbm-l-aeblqan nlffar ; 
Maoear az cbosbm khudat an khub ra. 
Bin ba chaehm-!-ta)ibai] mattub ra." Jai-^muhiiih I 

" If you (Italic Llinl God may be pleasing lo you, 
Then look ai Him wilh Ihe eyes of ihose ihal love Him. 
Looli not at ihal Iteauly with your own eyes, 
Look at that Object of desire with His voiaries' eyes." 

" Oar tu ra daya bltareaiiad za ab 
Tu matars wa sue darya an sbltab. 
Tu bate bar kbushk wa bar tar zlnda'i 
Na chu iQurffb Ichana khana kandaV jALM.unniK I 

" Though tliy nun 

Da thou (ear nut, tiut n.isie on ir 
Thou art IL duck, and douriiihest 

lay (lighten ihee awny (rem 

" The soul of the prophet cares for nought but God, 
It has nolhing to do with approvittg or disapproving His works." 
" Qhalanl 'ddliaru bl wafH 'Igbanl ttdalaa 11 malun siwa Irdbl." 

" Obsll blnalBl 'IrfanI blqlmatiba. 
Fasimtuha 'an rakbiet 'Iqadii mubtadhall. 
Wa 'adatu 'nnasli 'an yuzba bijaubarlhl 
Wa lalaa y'amalu llta fl yaday batall." 

" My soul from every lainish free 
May boldly vaunt her purity, 
However keen, howevet bright. 
The sabre glitter to the sight. 

Its sptenduur's lost, in piilish vain 
Till unie bold hand the steel susi 


'■ Iklicf Icel sorrow tie wc gladness know 
Thiin to I.e happy anil ihen suffer woe." (Eastwick). 

" Gham-l-rorzand we, atui wajama vie, qut 
Bazat arad za Blrat-l-m&llcut. 
Hama ruz Ittlfaq mlsazam 
KJ bashab ba khudae pardazam. 
Shab, cbu 'aqd-i-namaz mlbandam, 

" Catc for thy sons, hreaJ, raimenl and BUpporl 
Will ilrnj;' l)iy fuolslcpti luck from hcHven's court. 
All clay I man Ihe juu ariangemems make, 
To God at niglu myscU in prajer betake. 
NighL comes; I would lo prayer myself confine 
Bui think 'Haw shall my sons lo-morrow dine?'" 


" Qh m ma kbur k'az In chaman shakb-i-Kule pazhmurda sbud, 

BtienoBrlDtazaast. waJ'BdsambBJ tabdar." Aswah-i-Suhuli. 

>t ihoi. it 

ranches of the 1 

: dead, 

" Ohanlmat dan wa mat khur dar gnllataa 
Ki ffuJ ta halta'e dig«j- nabashad 
Zaman-l-khusb dill dar yab, dar yab, 
KldalmdarBadaf gauharnabaahad." Haiu Ohe, ■. 

" Spend well thy linie ; diink wiiit^ within thi: bower 
Vox when a week is gone, the flower is not ; 
Snatch, snatch the hour that glads the heart so well 
Vnr the pearl always in the shell is not." Bicknei 


" GliBJilmat shunmr in glraml naf^. 
El bl murgh qlmat aa. darad qeSaa ; 
MalcuQ "umr zai b'afeus wa haiC 
Kl fursatazlz aat w^alwaqt aalf." ltll'■T«^ up s\ 

" Keckon this piecious soul gain 
f'tir the cage, birdleiis, has no value ; 
VVade not ihy Iiie in icgrel and Mirruw 
For cipporlunily is precious ; and lime, a sword." 

Waleldn blfluiar andar asaleh aat." 

" Gharax-l-oaqBhlBt k'az ma yad manad 
El haatl ra aa ml bloam baqa'e 
KagsT sahib dlle mza barabmat 
Bonad dar kar-l-dai-wishan dua'e." Culistan, Pniaa. 

" In ihott, since in no mundnne ihing I see 
^ The si^tu impretsed of perpeluily ; 

--. This picture (the Gulislan} shall my sole memorial be ; 
\^^reihaps herearier for this pious toik 
^ome man of prayer fni mc loo grace shall ask." 


" Gharlbe garaC mast pleh award. 
Do patmana abast wa ek chumcba dugh ; 
Oar az banda laghwl ebunldl. maranj. 
Jahaa dJda blayoi- guyad dai-ugh." Cui.itak, chap. i. 

" Cuids, which lo Ihee a poor man brines, will prowe 
Water, two cups ; and buneimilk, one spi>on. 
Let nol my idle tales ihine anger move 

"Oharq gashtaaqlhaechunjabal. 
Dar babar wabm wa glrdab khlyal ; 
Kuhara boat z'ln tufaa tazxxb. 
Bu amanl Juz kl dar klabtl Nuh : 
Z'lQ kblyal i-ahzan rahl 'lyaqln 
Gasht haftad wa du mlllat z'abl-l-dln, 
Mard u'lyaqlo rast az wahm wa khlyal 
iSvi abrura us mlguyad hltal." 


" Human icason U drowned like [he high mountains 
In the fiood of illusion imd vain imaginations. 
The very mountains are overwhelm^ by ihls flood, 
Where is safety lo lie fonnd save in Noah's ark ? 
By illusions that plunder the load of faiih 
The faithful have been split into sevenly-lwo secli, ; 
But the man of conviction escapes iilusion, 
He does not mistake his eye-biow for the new moon,' 

 Ghawwoa-1-ciira juz gll-i-Bhuraba na dadast, 
Zlra ki na dldaat az tu Juz kl mu'ada ^ 
Ma'na talab ax zabir-i-tanzll chu mardacn 
Kbursand mashu bamchu Ichar azqaul bawa," Namh'I-Kiiivbhw. 

" A handful of salt stained clay hath the diver offered to thee. 
Because in thy heart be beheld but envy and enmity ; 
Strive from the Outward Form from the Inwaid -Sense 10 win 
Like a man, nor rest cunleni like no nss wiih a senseless din." 

K. G. Brdwsk. 

" OhudbltA bldarrlna wa nasb'ata tina 
Pamaa ambaka annaka ibnu dhl'bi 7 
Idha kana 'ttlba'a Bu'an 
Palaltba blnaTin adabu ladlbl." 

" Thou hast been nourished with our milk and giowii 
Who informed Ihee then that thou an a wolfs whel 
When the nature is a nature of evil, 
Naught will ihe inslrudion of the teacher avail." 

" Ohurub ehatos wa qamarra chira alyao bashad ? 
Tura Khurub numayad, wall shuruq buwod, 
Lahad chu baba numayad. khalas-l-Jan bafhad." 


" Why shonld selling be injurious 
To ihee it seetns a selling, but 'l 
Tha' the vault seems a prison, 'tj 

" abuBsa ma khur z'od Id ahlQawat Oex u'st, 

Ehaahm fam Icbiir kl balawat dar u'et ; 

Sb'BSba'e barQ dar aziirdan ost. 

Qalda'e bahr faru iLhurdao aat ; 

Slna'e darya oa abawad pur grbubar 

Gsrchi ki baran Icunadasb Baossar." Anwab-i 

■' Be not thou wroth for wroih doth grief contain 
Swallow Ihy rage anil 'twill lie sweet to ihee 
The lightning flashes but to give men pain 
Hut aye to sHallow h thy wont, Q se>. 
And hence thy hreasl is ne'er with dust o'erspreaiJ, 
Though shiiwers descent! nil stnne-llke on Ihy head." 
" Oilo khuabbue dar bammam raze 

Baald oz dast-l-mabbube ba daatam : 

Badu gtuftam kl muahlcl ya ambire, 

El az bu'e dllawiz-1-tu most^am. 

Baffufta 'Man ^l-l-nachlz budam. 

Wa lekin muddote ba gul nlahaatain.' 

Kamal-i-hamiilahlii dar man aar lianl, 

WaKama man baman Icbakam kJ bastam." Guli^van 

" 'Tisas in the Itith, a piece of perfumed clay 
Came (rom my loved one's hands to mine one day ; 
' Art thou then musk or amheigns ? ' I said, 
' That by Ihy scent my soul is ravished ? ' 
• Not ao^ il answered, ' worthless earth was I, 
Bui long I kept the ruse's company.' 
Thus near, its peifccl fraj^rance lo me came 
lilse I'm but earth, the worthless and the same." 

" Oiraya kun ta bodlhan kbandaD sha'^ 
Kin tazarra Ya bar baqq qadraba'at 
Wa an baha k'anja'at aailra kujaat 
Ey kbuaba cbasbme k! an g^riyan-l-u'at 
Wa ey bumayun dll kl an burlyaD-l-ual 
Akblr bar Klraya'e ma kbanda aat 
Mard-1-akhir bin iDubarak bandaaat," Jalaluddin Rvhu 

" Weep that at length thou may'st !>e oF a smiling countenance. 
For this lamentalion halh gieat value with God ; 
And the value which sorrow halh there, where else hu il such? 
Happy ihe eye that thus weeps, 
Noble th« heart that thus burns. 
Id the end all our weeping shall be tamed lo smiles, 
The man who considers the end is a blessed servant." KBBNL 


" Qui 'arcbe Ichauf hlrman ast pleh. 
Host aodar IcalilHaD Icliauf blsti ; 
Haet dor kueb ummldam beshtar 
Darfun imdar kablll af^n khatar' 
Pas obara dap dio. ey bad-guman. 
Damanat mlerlrad an Ichaaf siyan 1 
Ya na dldl kahll 1q bazarha 
Dar chl sudand amblya wa aiUlya ?"] 

" \'ou say ' Allhough ihe fcai of loss is liefore iiif. 
Yet I feel grcaler fear in rcinBinin^ idle. 
I have s better hope through exerting myself 
My (eai is increased by lematning idle.' 
Why then, O lain [hear Led nne io ihe mailer of leligiun, 
Are you paralysed hy the fear of loss? 
See you not how Ihe liaders in this market of ours 
Make large proRis, both aposiles and sainiE?" Whim 


" QuBh dar. ey ahwal tcha ra ba husb 
Daru'e dlda bikaab az rah-l-giiah 
Bas kalam pak dar dilba'e kur, 
Mlnayad. ml rawad ta ; 
Wan afBun dlv dai' dllbao kojh. 
Mirawad cbun kafaeli kajh dar pae kajb." 


" O man .if doiihle vision, hearken » 

Seek a cure for ynut defeciivc sight by listening 

Many are the holy words that find no entrance 

Into blind hearts but they enter hearts full of light. 

Bui the deceits of Satan enter crooked hearts 

Even as crooked &hoes fit crooked feel." Whin'FIUI.D. 

The lesson she unuld teach is clear, 
' Repeal but half of uhal you hear.' " 

(Asiatic Joitrnal). 

" OuBb kUD az mao In nukta'e kbuah 
Ki maiiad aat dar gusbam az mikta daaas, 
S.I bar k^i kaebad tlKh-i-na-mlbrbanl 
Shawad kushta'e tiKh-i-na-mthrbanan." I a 


" LeaiD this gonl saying which I heard from those wliu know wise saws ; 
' Who draws Ihe unrighteous a\vord, wilt Iw slain l)y ihe iwoid of ihe 
unrighteous.'' (Kehatsek). 

" Gush tawacad ki bama umr wal 
Naehnawad awaz-1-dar wa cbac? wa nal : 
Dida shlklbad za tamasba'e bag'li, 
Bl fful WB naaiin bosar ayad dimagh : 
Gar na buwad ballali agandah par 
Kbwab tawan kard b^ar zlr-l-sar ; 
Wa In ahlkam bl-bunar picb plch, 
Sabr na darad Id baoasad ba hlcb." Oui is-t*h. chap. 3. 

" The ear maj never through one's life 
Heat sound of laLiar, lute, or file. 
The eye abilain from dotal show 
The brain Ihc rose's scent not Itouw : 
Though pillowed not on down, the head 
May on a stone find sleep insleaf), 
But Ibis vile belly base and ilull 
Will never test until its full." (Eastwick). 

" They say 'What is love?' Say " renunciation of will' 
Whoso has not esciped from will, no will has he." 


" Qulta kl klat bar dar. ffuftam kamin gbulamat ; 
Qufta cbe kar dar!, ffuftam mlha aaJsmat ; 
OuTta kl chand rani, ffuttam kl ta blkhvanl : 
QuftaklobBiidJuabl, gunamkl taqlyamat." 

" He said 'Who is at Ihe door?" Said t 'Thy humble set\'ant.' 

' What business have you ?' Said I  Lord, lo greet thee." 

'How lone will you push?' Said I 'Till thou call,' 

' HoK lone will you glo*?' Saldl'TiUtt ' "' 

*' Ouftam ki dlla mubarakat bad 
Dar balqa'e aabiqaa raaldao. 
Z'aa sue nazar nazara kardan 
Dar kucha'e slnaha duwldan." Ukvas.i.Shi 

" *Oh heart.' said 1, ' may it Mess thee 
To have entered the circle of lovcts. 
To look beyond the range of Ihe eye 
To penetiale the windings of the bosom." 




" Oult an naalh nllcbwah 
Bl(fUBh-t-dll an altamgartiJi ahab, 
Kl az zulmat-l-Eulm nndlBha kun, 
Pai azmun 'adi ra piaba kun, 
Agar adalat az zulm nlayad farlb, 
Diear barah dar rah-1-zulm nib." Jxmi, Biharistax, cbnp. 3. 

•• Well did Ihat kinrl adviser say 
To the hearl of a tyrannic king : 
' He on thy gunrd of the darkness of tyranny, 
Practise justice for an experiment, 
If justice does nut pay Ijctler than tyranny 
Thou niayest again oppiession try." (Rehatsek). 

" Guftan az zambur bl baall buwad 
Ba yake dar umr-l-khud na kburda nlab ; 
Ta tura bale nabashad hamchu man 
Hal-l-ma baabad tura at&ana plab ; 
SuE-l-man ba dlKare nlabat ma kun, 
D namak bar daat bar dast wa man ba 'ueu rish." 

" Of the hornet's wound 
Whal reck they who did never feel 
Its Sling. Till fortune shall bring round 
Thy woes to thee, they will but seem 
The weak illusions of a dream. 
Do not my sufferings confound 
With those of others, Cnnst thon deem 
One hulding salt can tell the pain of hitn 
Who has <alt rubbed upon his wounded limb?" 

" Quft 'Atral maoand In auliya, 
Darffbaiitie fard az kar wa klya; 
Az barae imUhan kbwar wa yatlm. 
Iiekin andar aar manam ba u nadim ; 
PlBbat darjtimla 'aamatha'e man. 
Ouya haatand khud ajza'e man." 

" He saith ' These saints are My children 
Though remote and alone and away from their Lord. 
For their trial they are orphans nnd wretched 
Vet in love I am ever holding comtnunion with them. 
Thou ait backed by alt My protection, 
My diildren are as it were parts of Me." (\Vhi\ 


" Oun ba Daud palghambar khuda'e, 
Eamat kbudra btsrii ey Qlk rae 
Oar 'A J am chun badehahan awarand, 
Nam iBhan juz ba nlkl kam barand ; 
Oorcbl bud atlsh-paroatl din isban 
Bud 'adi wa rastl Ishan 
Qarnaha za lahanjahan m'tunur bud 
Zulraat-i-EuIm az ralys dur bud. 
BandasraD farigh za gham Tarsuda^ 
Dashtand az adi iahaii sudasl." Javi (Salaman j 

" Cod said In liie Priip}iel Davki 
' David, spenk, iind to the challenge 
Answer uf ihe Tailh within thee. 
Even Dnbelieving princes 
Ill-iepoited if unwotlhy 
Yet, if they be just and righteous. 
Were Iheir wori^hip uf the lire. 
Even ihese unto Lhetiuelves 
Reap glory and redress the world." 

(E. Vn 

" Outt dar ffitsb-l-fful wa khandanaah kard, 
Guft ba Bang wa "aqlq-i-lcanlsh kard. 
Qun bajlsm ayate tajan shud u 
Oufc ba khurehld ta rukbshan shud u. 
Baz dar guabaeh damad nakta makbauf 
Dar rukb khurahld uftad sad kHauf." 

 He speaks lo the ruse's ear and causes il to bloom, 
(He speaks lo Ihe stone and it becomes a jewel of the n 
l(e speakl a speli to body and il becomes soul, 
He ipeaks lo the sun and it becomes a fount of light 
Again in JU ear He whispers a word of power 
And its face it darkened as by  hundred eclipses." 


"Gtilt "ey yaranhaQQaro llham dad 
Bar zatflra qawl rai uftad 
Auchl haqq amukht mar zambur ra 
An na baebad aber ra wa (fur ra 
Khanaha aazad pur az balwa tar 
Haqq bar u an ilmra bikuahad dar, 
Ancbi baqq amukht klrm pllara 
Hlcb put dftnad aa gun hUft ra.' " 


■' He said 'O fiiends, (ioci has given mc inspirttion 
Ortentimes strong counsel i» suggested lo ihc weak. 
Tbe wil taught by God to the l<ee 
Is withheld from the lion and the wild ass. 
It fills its cells with liquid sweets, 
For God opens the door of this knowledge to it. 
The .skill taught by God 10 the si1k»otm 
Is a Icarninc beyond the reach of the elephar " 


" Outt-l-allm ba ffush-1-Jan blshnau 
War namanad ba ffunaoaeb kardar, 
BatUast an Icl mudd'ai gruyad 
EhuTtEU-alchuftalcaikunad bedor? 
Mard bayad Icl fflrad andar ffuBb 
War iiawl8bt;aet pand bar dlwar." i 

" Heed thou well the wbe man's warning 
Though his acts his words belie ; 
h' utile is the ohjec tor's scorning 
' Sleepers opaiiol slumbet's eye.' 
Heed then well the words of warniofi 
Though on a wall thou Ihem descry. ' 

" Oun, Lalle ra khalifa Ic'an tu'l 
K'az tu M^Dun sbud parlshaii wa gbawl ? 
Az dlffar khuban tu af^un cestl 
Guft kbantuali chiin tu Majnun nesti. 
Dtda'e Majnun agar budl cu-ra. 
Bar dii 'alam be kbatar budl tu-ra." 


■' The khalifa said to Uila 'An thou really she 

Foi whom Majnun lost his head and went distracted? 

Thou art not fairer than many other bir ones.' 

She replied.  He silent ; thou ait not Majnun ! 

Iflhouhailst Majnun's eyes, 

The two world's would be within thy view." WlllHFlEl 

" Outt palfrbambar 'All ra ' k'al All 
Slier haqql paMawanl pur dill, 
LeK bar sherl makun ham Itlmld 
Andar aur aaya-e-Dakhl ummld 
Aodar aur eaya-e-an aqlle 
Kaa natanad burd az rah naqlle 
Zlll-l-u audar zamln chuQ kuh-t-Qaf, 
Buh-t-u Simiu^b bas ala tawaf 
Qar baguyaii) ta qlyamat n'at-i-u 
Hlch aura muqatt'a wa Khayat maju 
Dor basbar rupt:isb Kardaat afCab, 
Pahro kun wa Allah allm bl' aawab." " Jai,*hu 


" The Prophel ssi<i lo AU ' O All 
Thou art the Liim ot Gmi, a heio mosl Vftlisnt ; 
Vet canlide not in ihy lion-like valour 
But seek refueG uniler the palm-trees of the truth 
Come under the shadow ot the Man of Rrason, 
Thou cmat aal find it in the rood ot the tradilioii 
His shadow on earth is m that of NFounl Qaf, 
His spirit is as a Simurgh soaring nn high. 
Were I to tell his praises tilt the last day 
My words would not be too many nor admit of ci 
Thai sun is hidden in the form of a man 
Uundcrsiand me. Allah knows thi- irulh,'" 

Man na Kanjom, In yagin dan, ey 'aziz ; 
Dar dil-l-mumln blsanjam, ey 'ajab, 
Gtarmarajul. dar an dUha taJab." 


" Tile Prophet said thai Gud ha« declHrei!, 
' I am nut cooiained in auehl atiove or below, 
I am not contained in carin or sky or even 
In highest heaven, know this for a surely, beloved, 
Yet niti I conlained in ihe believer's heart, 
If ye seek Me, search in such hearts.'" Whinf 

" Oul Dl'tuatVat bidaya flrlatada az bllilabt, 
Mardum Icarimtar abavad andar nalm-l-gul, 
Sy erul-ruruah I fful cbl flrusbl barayl aim 
Was Kul ozlztar cbl aitanl bl-aim-i-sul." 

" A heavensent jjifl and blessinc is the rose 
Its grace inspireth asp in li 01 
Oh flower girl, why the row 
Or what more precious with 

" Qui rait ZB bagb kbar wb kh&a ra cl: 
Sbab neat bashabr, dar aaaa ra cbi 1 
Sbuban qatBand. huBii wa kbubi tol 
Tote cbu parld, qala ra cbl Icunam ? ' 


for silver sell? 

its price can hoy ? 

E, G. Brownh. 


" The rose has left the garden, of what use arc the ihoms ? 
The thaw is not in the town, of what use is his retinue? 
lielles are the cage, beauty and attraction the parrot, 
When the parrot has fled, of what use is the cage ? " 



s anil dog! that you may eipciicnce ihe 


iiiny a 

" Hatuktat lloilcB mlna 'ImabalU 'larfa' 
Waraqau dhacu taazzuzln wa tamannu'l 
MahJuttatuD 'an kuIU muqlati 'atifln 
Wb, bla 'Uatl safarat wa lam tatabarq'a. 
Waaalat 'ala kurbln llalka wa rubbama 
Kojihat flraqaka wa hladhatu tatajjui." 

■' II (ihe soul) deTCcnrleJ ujion ihee from Ihe lofly st 
and uncaptuced, curtained fiom the eyes of every cii 
which is manifesL and never wore a veil. It came to th 
it may perhaps be unwilling, although it complain of 
leave thee," 

unwillingly and 

Ls sulTerings^ to 

Db Si.anb. 

" Hafldh 'Ola tajiwa 'Uahi wa liliaiifllkt 
Utanjua mlmma yuCtaqa min Igabihl 
Wa la t^bu 'an tadbkarl dhumblk. w'abklhi 
Bldamln yudhabl 'Iwabla hala raasablhl" 

' Keep to the fear -I llod and Ih 

from His punishment whic 

Neglect not, call to mind thy «i 

like ihr rain-Rood at hi po 

Ilim thai thou may' 

that shall be 


" Haldmera kard. ahagirde auwal 
E'eymunbadislclat f&TzandbalaJ?' 
Quft 'k'an Ic'u 'oqlbat ffardad shablh 
Ba pldar. ear ba ktlrad ast. wa g-ar aaflh ; 
Cband ruze grar na manad ba pldar, 
Aqlbat Ichudra rasanad ba pldar.'" J^m, Sala 

" A disciple Hiked a. master 
' By what loltcn shoald a felher 
Vouch far his reputed son ? ' 
Said the Master * By the stripling 

Like to the reputed father, 
Glowing, whether wise ot foolish.' '' 

" HalEim e^ft Id Caqdlr aablq aat, waJe 
Bahlcb hai tu tadblr-i-khud faru moszar ; 
Kl gRT muwaflq bukm-i-qazaet tadblrat 
Ba Itara-t-dll ahawi. as kar-i-khwl9h barkliurdar." 

" ' True ' said the wise man * Tale prcceeds. but still 
NeElecl in no case thine own plans (or should 
Thy counsels coiticide with the high will 

Of destiny then thine own actions would secure thee fruit to thy heart's 
wish.'" (EAsnvicK). 

" Hal omjabbl *ukuiii bi'l 'akhearina 'a'ntalan 'ftll <v1hln ' ^ dhalla 
aalutuin fllbalyatl' dduniya wa hiun yaheabuna "annahuro STibaln- 
una sun 'an, aula'lka kaTam bl'ayatl rabblhlm wa llqa'lhl." 

"Shall we tell you whi, they are 
Whose aim in the present life hath 
what Ihey do is light i They are tho! 
Lord or that they shall ever 'meet llin 

hat have lost Ihcit labour mosl ? 
nn mistaken, and that deetn that 
who believe not in the signs of the 
' (Rouwbll). 

" Hama yar-l-tu az bahr tarasbasd 
pEte luqma bawadai^l-tu baahand : 
Chu molat kabad az mlhr-1-tu kaband 
Zlyanat bahri eud-i-khwlah khwahand ; 
Az In muahtl raflqan riyal 
BuTldan bib tar ast az aehnai." 


" Thy friends me all nn parings set 
Each luves thee far wh.K he can g,el ; 
As ihy wclvh fail 

To pQr(, nor call Ihem friends, were wise." 

" Ham cbvman dor flkr-l-an balGam kl goTt 
PUbBDl bar lab-l-daryft'e Nil : 
Zlr-l-payat g«,r badanl bal-i-mur, 
Hamchu bal-l-tuBt zlr-l-pa'e pU." 

" JuBl Ihus that couplet I recall, which said 
On the Nile's bank he of the elephant : 
' Wnuldst thou know what the ant feels nesth thy tread 
Think if on thee tny lieast its loot should plant ! " 

" Haacbu ssiuge k'u sbawad kul I'aJ nab, 
Pur sbawsid u az Blfat-i-e,ftH,b ; 
Waaf an bbus^ ca raaoad andaj- u 
Pur BbBwad az waaf-l-kbur u puabt ru." Jalaluudin 

" As a stone which it chnnged into a pure ruby 
Is filled with the bright light of the sun, 
In that stone lis own properties abide not 
It ia filled with the sun's properties altogether." 

■' Hanaram-I-Babuh ey aanaro-i-torrufch paj 
Bar Baz taranae wa plah awar mal, 
K'attcBOd bakbak sad bazaran Jam wa Ral 
In amadim-l-Tlr mah wa raftan Dal." Ohab 

'■ Angel of joyful fool ! the dawn Is nigh 
Pimr wine and lift thy tuneful voice on high, 
Siog how Jamsheds and Khosraus bit the dust 
Whelmed by the rolling months from Tir to D»i." 

" Ha<iq flrlBtad amblyara babrl In 
Tajuda gardad za Isban kult wa din : 
Mumln wa kaflr. MuBsaiman wa Jahud 
PlBb az lehaajiimla yakean namud." Jalalli 

" God sent the prophels for this purpose 
Namely to sever infidelity from faith, 
Intidel and faithful, Mussalman and Jew, 
liefore the prophets came, seemed all as one." Wh 


" Earomesh buwad almat-i-badBbah 
Kl hanKam-i-ftirsat aa. dftrad larar ; 
MaJal-1-BiilEhaD ta nablnl za peab 

Ba behuda ffufCaa mabar qodr-l-khwlBh." Guli^taa, chap. 1. 

" Let him not hope kLng<>' favours who omits 
To watch the momenl which his prayet befits. 
Till thou oloervesl the just lime ror speech 
Do not by useless words thy cause impeach." 

" Haram dar pishat na haraml dar pas ; agar raftl burdl. agar 
khultl, murdl," GI:LISTA^, ^hip. 3. 

" The sanctuary is before thee, and the robber behind : if thou goest on 
Ihou wilt obtain thy object; if ihoii sleepest, thou will die." 


" Har onld tukhm*i-bodl kiaht wa chashni'l-Qllei daaht 
Diinagh behuda pukht wa kMyaJ-l-batll baat : 
Za gush pumt>a blruti ar wa dad-i-kbalq bldlta, 
Wa gax tu mina dlhl dad, ruz-i-iladl haat." Ciii,m 

>' Who sows 111 actions and ofblcising dreatns 
Kculcri vflin phantasies and idly schemes : 
UnJ-lop thy ears, thy people's wants relieve 
ir lint, a day shall come when all their rights luccivc' 

" When fflle's hand the mighty Hatne hiks lit, 
All thought, all counsel is consumed in it," 


" Har bala'a Ic'az asman ay ad 
QarchI bodisare qaza baehad 
Bazamin naraalda tnl-guyad 
BIhaiia'e Aowarl kuja baahad." (Anwau). 




" No sooner does any calamily cuming from ihe sky reach the ground, fl 

than it askt. althQugh ii be destined for someone else, ' Where 

of Anwun?'" 


•■ Har chand Id raoff wa bu-e-zebaat mara 

Chun lala rukb wa chu sar wa balaat coara 

NaQquh-l-man az bahr-l-chl araat mara." 0>hk 


" What though 'tis fair 10 view, this form of man 

I know not why the heavenly Aiti^n 

Hath set these lulip cheeks and cj-press forms 
To deck the mournful walls of earth's divan." 



" Har char uneur and dar in dish ham bajusb 

Na khak bar qarar wa na nar wa nam wa hawa ; 

Gab khak dar llbaa-1-glya rafta az ha was : 

Aa rah-i-lttihiul shuda ab atlshi 

Atlah Bhuda za'lBhq hawa ham dar In faza," 


" All the four elements ate seething in tliis cauldron (the 


None is at rest, neither eaiih nor fire nor water noi air 

Now earth takes the form of grass on account of desire 

Now water becomes air for the sake of this allinity. 

By way of unity water becomes fire 

Fire also becomes air in this expanse by reason of love. 

(Nicholson). ^M 

•• Hot chl girad *mate mat ahawad. 


Kufr (Tlrad Icamll, mtllat Bhawad." Jalalu 


" Whatever a sick man eats is a source of sickness ; 


Hut if a saint imbibe inliddity, it becomes faith." 

Whinfield. ^I 

•■ Har chl za ffhaib aat bo'atb aat." Phss.a 

>. pKovua. ^M 

'■ What Ihe Unseen sends us cannot have defect." 


(Eastwick). ^^^^^M 

•■ Har dam az 'umr mirawad nafal 


Ey kl panjah raft wa dar kbabl. 

Ma«rar In panj ruz daryabl." Gulima 

(P'cf-c^ ^^^H 

" One breath of life each moment (lies 


A >m«ll remainder meets my eyes. 

Sleeper ! whose fifty years are gone 

Be these five days at least thine own." (K 



** Hot dll kl dor u nur-i-muhabbat basariebt 
Oar Bakln-l-muBjid aat wa grar za abl-l-kanlaht 
Dar daftaT>l-!sbq bar lei rs nam nawleht 
Azad az duzakh ast wa ftirlBb za bihisbt." Omah 

" llearis wilh ihe light of love illumined well 
Whether in moscjue oi synagogue ihey dwell, 
Have their names written in the book of love 
Unvcxed by hopes of heaven or fears of hell." 

" Har du ffun zambur khurdand aa mahal 
Ijelt Bbud z'la alah z'an dlgar 'aeal 
Bar du srun abu fflya kburdand wa ab 
Z'ln yalce aarffla ahud, wa z'an muahk nab, 
Bar du oal Icburdaad az ek abkbur 
In yake kball wa an pur az shakar." Jalai.ui 

" Both sorts of lift {i.i. bee and wasp) di 
but from this comes the stini; and fi 

Both sort of deer feed un Ihe 
produced, by ihit pure n 

Both reeda (the common reed and the sugar-cane) 
source ; [his one is hollow, while that one is full 

nourishment from one place 
uiiu iiuiii thai other the honey. 
gras.s and waler ; by this only duag is 

" He whose soul by love is quickened never can lo death be hurled, 
Written i;> my hfe immurlal in Ihe records of the world," 


" Har kl alb-l-dlffaran piab-l-tu aurad wa ehumard. 
Bl-guman alb-l-tu plab-1'dlgaran kbwabad burd." 

" Har kl alu-l-zulm plah tdhad 
Baud ba dast wa pa'e khwisb nlhad ; 
Oband ruze asar aar afTazad 
Dabraah akhlr za pa dar andazad." Ahwai-i-su^hli. 

" They who have chosen an unjust career 
Do gyves on their own bands and feel impose 
What though they should some days their heads uprear 
Yet fortune in the end all such o'erlhtowl." Eastwick. 

■• Har Id amad Imarat-l-nau aakht 
BaA wa manzll badlKarl pardakbt 
Wa an dlKar pukbt hamcbunln bawase 
Wkin linaraCbasar naburd kaae." (ivLin-iMi (Priface). 


" Each corner a new house erects 
Dcpails, — ihe house its lord rcjceti. 
The next one forms the same conceit 
This mansion none shall ere complete." (Eastwick). 

" Hot Id asudasl wa rsbat Juat 
Dll khud ra za, bakbt abad. an, Icard ; 
Wa ankl tareld az Jafa'e khamar 
Qadab bada'e murad nakhurd." AnwaD'I'Suh*ii-i. 

" Those easy souls who venture nought 
Ne'er their hearts gUdden with success 
Who fear the revel's after- thought 
With vinous aches and ihiobhings fiitught 
Ne'er drain the howl of happiness." Easiavick. 

" HftT Id ba, pulad bazu panja kard 
Sald-l-Bimlc-l-khudra ranja kard ; 
Bash ta daataeh babandad ruEnar 
Faa bakam-l-duatoD maffhzasb birar." Culistan, chip. i. 

" He that has C'Appicil with a hand of steel 
Will in his aitvei arm the nnguish feel ; 
Wait thou till fortune shall his hand restrain 
Then at thy will, thuu mayest thy foeman btain." 

' ' Har Id dar asl bad nlbad uftad 
Hich nekl az u madar iimmed, 
Z'anld hargizbajlbad natawan aakbt 
As kalashslyab tjaz aufld." Anhvlh.i.Suhbil. 

" Eipect no trice nf goodness in the man 
Who from the ouLcet is by nature bad, 
Fur by no eifbrts of thy mailing can 
A while hawk from a dingy crow be had." 

" Har kl faryad-raB-l-ruz-l-niueibst khwahad, 
Qu dar ayyam-1-salamat btjawanmardi kuab; 
Bandae khalqa ba Kush ar naaawazi birawad 
Lut^ kuo. liitf kl big'anah sliawad khalqa ba giish." 

" He who in adversity woul 
Lei him be generous whil 
Though wearing now thy 
The stranger as thy slave, to him be kind 
And by ihy courtesy enslave his mind,"' 

, will lose Ihy si 
ig.* Wouldsttl 
.him be k 

1 the badge oF scrvilude in Ihe Easl, 


' Har kl llm shud ba aakba wa kann : 
Band naehayad Id ntbad bar daram 
Nam-1-nelcul cbu blrus Bhud blkul 
Dar nalawanl Id bl bandl blnit" Cvlisi 

" Whom maikind wiih the name of 'generous' Rtaei 
Must on his dirhcms no lesltictions place ; 
When our good fame pervades ibe public street, 
We must DO suitor with denial meet," E. 

" Hot ta Iman tura Icandan wa palwafltan guft 
Bayad an qaul paaandlda az u bipasandi ; 
Haall EQ'ana an irnnrinn wa palwaetan cblst 7 
Yane az kbalq kanl dll, bakhuda palwuDdl." 


'■ Whoever told thee thai failh is ' to dig up and unite,' 
Thou must appriivc of his laudable dennilion. 
What is the meaning of to apiont and lo join ? 

'■ Har kl inairul-i-lcbud kbiirad bl kbawld, 
Waqt-t-ldraianaab kbneha bayad chid 
PoQd-i-Saadl ba guBh-i-dll blshnau 

Bab cbunlb ast. mord bash, wa t>irau." Cum^tan. PrI 

" Who cat iheir com while jet 'tis gieen, 
Al the tiue harvest can but glean. 
To Saadi's counsel let thy soul give heed, 
This is the way, be manful and proceed." (Eastwic 

" Har klrajama parea blnl 
Parsa dan wa nlk mard angar ; 
iWar nadanl kl dar nlhaDaflh chiet 
MiJhcafllbradarun-l-kli»iiacbl kar? 

" When thou dost one in saintly vi 
Doubt not his goodness or hii aanctiiy. 
Whai though thon knowesl not his inmost mind 
Km within doors need the policeman pry." (EasTWICX). 

" Har klrajah wa daulaCaat wa badan 
Ebatlr kboetB dar nakh^rabad yan : 
Sbabaroab dlb kl blch daulat wajab 
Baaara'e dlgar nakbwabad yaft." Gulistah, chkp. 1. 


" Tell those In whom lanlt, wealth »rc given 
Who fare not for the sons n! pain, 

That in Lhp blight aboJesof heaven 

They neither wealth luir rank will gain." E. 

" Whoever dares unsheathe the tyrant's sword 

Klood will for that from heaven on him be poured." 

East WICK. 
" Har muheJ az dasIr-1-u mumkiii shawod 
Bar taarun az blm-i-u eokln sbawod. 
Akma wa abras cbi besbad murda niz, 
Zlnda Kaitlad za albiin-l-an azlz, 

Kni sih lasbkar ra rawana mUcimad." J*laluodin Ruki. 

■' Imposslbities arc possible to Him, 
The stubbornest is dodle when His will curbs whim. 
The blind from birth, the leper, e'en the dead arise 
Whole', sound, whene'er the Omnipotent ' Corn* forth I ' bnl cries. 
His smallest daily toil, a work-like pleaiure alill, 
Is to send forth three nimies, liound to work His wilt." 


ffrom left and riEht 
to Mght-seeing? 


" Bar naqshra kl didi Jlnsosb za lamakanaaC, 
Oar naqah raft ffbam aeet, aBlash cbu Jawidanost, 
Har BuraM kl did), bar nuqta kl abimldl. 
Bftd-dil maflhu fcl raft zlra na an cbunanaat." 
" Every form you see has its archetype In the placeless world. 
If the form perished, no mallet, since its original is everlasting, 
Every fair shape you have seen, every deep saying you have heard. 
Be not cast down that ii perished, for thai is not so." 



 Every maniiii iilUrcd by l!ie mouth and leelh is a jewel, 
Happy is he who hos made of his hrenl a casket iif jewels." 

" Har zarra Icl dar ru-e-zamlni buzaet 
Kbur shezarlchl zuhmjablnl buzaet 
Oai'd az rukh-i-aoznin bazoram flshan 
E'ao ham rukh wa zulf-l-naznlni busoet." Ohau Kk^v 

" Each gtiin of dust thai on the ground is shed 
Wps once s Venus brow or sunny head, 
lilow the du5t gently from ihj- cheek fair maid 

" Basil -l-kargah kaun wa makac. in bama nlst 
Bada pleh ar. kl oebab-i-Jahan. In hama nlat, 
Az dll wajBD sbart-i-euhbat-l-janan g-harzaet 
Hama anaat ; wajrama dll wajan In hama neat." Hafi 

" Tlie ptofits nf earth's labuiitinu place as nothing are, 
" 'ing wine I the things of lime and space as nothing at 

" Hasll na aha wad rlza-I-Sultan 
Ta khatlr-l-bandogan najul. 
Kbwabl kl khuda bar tu l)aksbail 
Ba Kbalq-!-khuda kun nlkul." Cui.istak, chip. i. 

" The SuUan's praise Ihou can'sl not gain 
Till thou can'sc win his people's hcait, 
Wouldst thou God'e paidoning grace obtain 
Then to his creatures good imparl." (EAsiwtcu). 

" Sctuual desire is s bridle and roen are is camels 
Do not suppose there is any hridle except that for the senseless camel." 


" Hozar Icun sa dud-l-d&runha'e-rlBh, 
Kl rlah-l-danin 'aqlbat aar Icunad ; 
Babam bar makuB ta ta'waDt, dltl, 
ElaheJabaaetwbiutibaTEaiiad." Gl 

" BewBce of the sigh of ihe wounded hean. 
Fur the secret sore you'll too late discern ; 
Grief, if thou caiut to no bosom impart, 
For Ihe sigh of a grief will a world o'erlurn." 

" No lover ever seeks union with his beloved, 
Without his beloved seeking him in turn." 
" Hich banK-l-kaf zadan ayad badar 
Az yake daat Cu bl daet dl^ar ; 
Tlshna ml aalld kl ku ab Kawar 
Ab ham nalld kl ku an ab kbwor, 
Jazb ablst an atah darjan-l-ms 




"The noise of clapping of hands is never heard 
From one of thy hands unaided by the other hand 
The man alhirst cries, ' Where is delicious water?' 
Water too cries ' Where is the water-drinker P ' 
This thirst in my soul is the attraction of the water 
I am the water's and Ihe water is mine." (Whinfibld). 

" None cast nones at ireea save fruii be there.' 


' ' Hich kBS rab sue bola aa jraft, 

UortBibai Ju lei bareJ ba mah 

Kae Da Ichurad aharbat-l-baran ba chah." Anhar-i-Suheili. 

" None ever found ihe way on high to rise, 
Till he obtained the «lep of high emprise 
Seek rank, [hat to the moon thou mayest nionnt 
None diink clnud>walei from a well's low fount." 

" Hlcb kas "ukda'l ai kar-l-Jlhan baz na Icord 
Har kl amad Kirlbl chand baiin tar fUzud." (Anon). 

" No one yet hath unravelled a knol from the skein of the Universe, 

" Hlch name bl haqlqat didai? 

Ya za Oaf wa Lam ' kuI ' chldid 7 

iBm khwandl ran, muaamma ra bl Ju, 

Mah ba bala, dan na andar abju ; 

Oar za nam wa barf kbwabl bUKzarl 

Pak kuQ kbudra za kbud ban yaksarl." Jaiai.ui 

" Know you a. nnme without a thing answering to it ? 
Have yon ever plucked » rose (Gul) from Gaf and Lar 
Vou nsme His name : go seek the reality named hy it 
Look fat Ihe moon in heaven, not in the water. 
If you desire to rise above mere name^ and letters 
Make yourself free from self at one stroke." (Will 

" Hlch nl 'mat bihtar az farzand nlat 
Juz ba Jan-l-fkrzand ra palwand nlat ; 
Haall az farzand grardad kam-l-mard 

.a zinda ruahan badu'st, 
Kbak-1-tU Chun murda gTilatiBn badu'st 
Dast-1-tu glrad agar ultl za pae 
PayatMiibasbudaerarmanadbaJae." Jami, Salauan ' 

" It any bleming better than a son f 
Man's prime desire ; liy which his name and he 
Shall live beyond himself ; by whom his eyes 
Shine, living and hii dust with roses blows, 
A fool for ihee lo stand on ; he shnll be 
A hand to slop (hy falling." K. F 

" Blfz-l-shatt bayad cbUDan k'az oataD-l-u 'abur 
Dar zamlr-i-banda'e wa axad natawaaad gttiaaht ; 
Dar barim burmat Izzasb kl aar-l-daulat aat 
Murgb natawanad parld, wa bad luitawanad guzasbt." 


" The Shah is lo !>- 50 guarded, iha) [u oversiep his threshold 
Must noi enicr the head of a slave or a frecdman ; 
To the sanctuary of his honour which is (he seal of dominion 
No bird can fly, no wind can pcnelrnle." (Rbuatsek). 

" Hljab-l-chlhrs'ejan ml sbawad erhubar-l'tanam 
KhuabB dame Id az In chlhra parda bar flkanam 
Cbunlii qskftte na sazal chu man khushUhanlBt 
Rawom baffuUstan-l-Rldhwan Id murgh-l-an chamasam." 

Hnni Ode, 3B5. 

" The dust of my corporeal frams has my spirit's features veiled. 
That veil removed which hides that face, what delight shall then be 

hailed 1 
A songster of my own sweet strain ill befits this cage's tie 
Fain to Riivan's pattcrre I'd soar, for yon meadoVs bird am I." 


" Hlmmat darwlsh chu bomrali aba wad 
Khwajah za asrar-1-dll agah aha wad : 
Har ki za ma'na khabre yaftast 
Az djl satilb-i-nazare yaftast." Amvi 

" With whom the blessings of ihc pious go, 
He learns the secrets ol the heart lo know ; 
Whoe'er have fathomed wisdom's mysteries 
Have learned ihem through Ihe leaching of the wise 

'■ Hln bldlh, ey zagli, Jan wo baz bash. 
Plah t;abdU khuda Jan-bBz baab ; 
Taza me fflr, wa kulian ra me alpar, 
Kl har Imaolat fazunaat ax alh bar." jALtti 



" Ah I O crow, give up this life and live anew 1 
In view of God's changes cast away your lile I 
Choose the new, give up the old, 
For each single present year is better than three past." 


" Hln malcun khud-ra khasl rahban maahu 
Z'an kl lant staabwat ra giiau ; 
Bl hawa, nabi az hawa inumkin na bud 
Ham Khaza ba murdagan natawan namud." jAi.*Liiui>i« Rumi, 


" Ah t make nol thyself a eunuch, become nol a monk. 
Because chastity is moiigBged to lusi. 
Without lust, denial of lust is impossible, 
No man can display braveiy againtt the dead." Whim 

" nin Bubh domiil vra daman-i-Bhab ehud chak 
Bctrlchiz wa aabuli kim chlra'I Khamnak. 
Ml-nusb. dUa, ki Bubb blsyar damad 
U rue ba ma karda wa ma rue bokbak." OsiAk Kn 

" See I the dawn breaks and rends night's cauopy ; 
Arise 1 and drain a morning draught with me I 
Away with gloom ! fall many a dawn will break 
Looking for us, and we not here to see." Wiijm 

" Hire Bfit kl jumla ra ba < 
Wa aodar talab-1-maI baram ai 
Hire aet kljumla kbaJg ra za aaaisb 
BaE arad wo dar ranj-l-mudam andazad." Anw abi-Siih 

" 'Tis greed which ddth enmesh all living i greed 
That makes us follow most unrighteous gain ; 
Greed robs gll creatures of the rest Ihey need 
And sleeps their being in perpetual pain." Ha^twii 
" Hiishyar-i-huzur wa maat-i-Khurur 
Bahr-l-caubid wa Kbarga'e grunahem, 
GaDj dar astln wa Uaa Clhi 

Jam-1-Kltlnuma wa khak-l-rahlm," H.\r'i;, Ode, 

" Meek in the Presence, with conceit we're dtunk. 
Seas of the unity, in sin we're sunk ; 
With treasure in oar sleeves, with empty purse, 
We, though road-dust, reflect the universe." (Bicknei 

" Bubbu 'salamatl yatbnl 'azma eablblhl 
'Anl 'Ima'all wa yuRhri Imara bl'lkaaall ; 
Fa'lnjBnabCa llaibs. fa'ttakhldil nafotiaii 
Fi'lardhl au aullaman tl 'IJawwl fotazlH 
Wa d'a gblmara 'I'ula lilmuqgadlmln 'ala 
BukuBlUa wa'qtani mlnhunna bllbalall." Tt.,ii 

'" Ah Selim ! shall the spells of ease 
Thy friendship chuin, thine Ardour freeze 
Will thou, exhausted thus decline 
Each gen'rous thought, each bold design? 
Then far from men some cell prepare 
Or build a mansion in the air— 
But yield to those ambition's tide 
Who fearless on its waves can ride, 
Enough for thee, if thou receive 
The scattered spray the billows leave." J. D. C'ari.v 


" HuJJataah In aat wa ffuyad bar dome 
Oar budi cbize dlgnj-, man dldame, 
Oar nablnad kudake abwal aql 
Aqlle baralE kunad az aql nagl 
'War nablnad aqlle ohwal-l-lebti 
Kam na ffardod mah niku tai leliq." Jalaluddin Rum. 

" His argument is Ihis ; lie sa.yi ugain and again 

' If there weie aught beyond this lile, we should see it.' 

Hut if the chilli sees not the state of reason, 

Does ihe man of reason therefore forsake teason ? 

And if the man of reason sees no! Ihe stale of love 

U the blessed mooD of love thereby eclipsed ? " WhinfIBLd. 

" HuJiun-i-oafB wa bawa k'az alpah-I-shaltaiiaiid 
Chu zur bar dlt mard-1-khuda-paraet aurad, 
BlJuzJUDUd bjkayat rahnumayan-ra 
Chi tab an gab bar an rahzonan eblkast arad." 

*' When passion and lust which arc combalanls for Satan 
Assail the heait of a God-fearing man, 
Only the armies of maxims of directors 
By their power defeat those highway robbers." (Kehatsrk), 

"Hukania?i:iftaand'a'laiiuit abma<ilx>cu>J cblz B8t, awwal talab- 
l-manfa'at^-l-khwlsb dar maKear&t-i-digaran kardan, duyam sawab- 
1-akblrat bl riyazat wa Ibadat cbashm daebtan. slyum ba dunisbt 
fful wa tund khiil ba zanan Ishqbazl namudan. cbaram ba tan aaani 
wa rahat daqqalq-l-'ulura donletan, panjam bl wafadarl wa ralyat 
baqqug yaii Cawaqqi duati az mardiun namudan." 

" Sages have said ; ' five things aj:e niarlis of folly : lirst, to seek one's 
own advantage by injurine others ; secondly, to look for the rewards of the 
future life without morti^ne the flesh and piety ; thirdly, to make love to 
women with rough language and ill temper ; fourthly, to expect to learn 
the niceties of science in slothful indulgence and ease ; fifthly, to expect 
friendship from men without lieing faithful and observing the duties of a 
friend," Eastwick. 

" Hukm-l-Sultan ba sban-1-atlsb wa ab 
Dar dame 'aJame kbarab kunacL, 
Pas cbunln bukmra rawa na bud, 
Kl Bhah az rue Iztlrab kunad." AnwAit.i-Si;»Bii.r. 

" Like a fierce fire or a racing ocean 
Commands of monarchs may destroy a world ; 
It fits not then in times of wild emotion 
The thunders of tbeir will be round them hurled." 


15 I h on condescend t< 

n ahaj^tl&rad 

" Hunar chaahma'e zaylnda ost wa, aaulat-1-paylnda, wa agar 
hunarmaod az daulat bluftad arbam nabaahad, kl hunar dar naCB-l- 
kbud daulataat." Culistan, chsp, j. 

" Knowledge is en 
wealth, ant) il an acco: 
for hia knowledge is * 

, nnd a source or enduring 
be wealEhy il mailers nor, 
i itself." (EastwjcK). 

" These limes refuse lo purchase riicril, Iherefore breaks my heail, 
KoT t>ear then so unvalued where shall I go seek a marl?" 


He suffeiv violence and eiercis 
 Hu8Ql-in aazm az bayan muataB-hnlat, 
Ba funiB'li-'-l^ur Itaaejuyad dalll ? 
AMn bar Ictlkt naqqaBhl Id dad 
Blkii m'ana rachunln huBniJaiulI. 
Kas niyarad giitt ratnzi z'in oamat 
Kas nadanad auft durrl zla qabtl." 

Extol thai acliit by whose pencil's aid 
The virgin Thought so richly is arrayed ; 

Ho pearls of poeay like mine aie strung." 


" I weighed Ihy beauly apiinsl thai of the moon in ihe balance of my 
judgment : 
The xa\e containing the moon flew up to heaven, and Ihou were left on 
iheesrth." (E. G. Browne). 

" Huanu dhanika blTajryami m'ajazatun 
Fadbiinna sborron wa kun mlnbH 'ala wajall 
Ohadha 'Iwsfa'u wa Tadba 'Ighadru w'anfajarat 
Masafatu 'IktaulB bahia 'Iqaull waTamall." Tl'chhai. 

" Too lone my foolish heart had deemed 
Mankind as virtuous as they seemed ; 
The spell is broke, their faults are bare, 
And now I see them as they arc, 
Incredulous, 1 listen now 
To every tongue and every vow, 
Kor still there yawns a gulf between 
Those honied words and what ihey mean." 

" Huwa 'lladlil Ja'ola 'Bbshamsa dbly'an wa'lqamara nuran wa 
qoddarabu manazlla lltalamu 'adada' BalQlna wa' IhlsBba. ma 
khalaqa 'llahu dhallka Uta bl'lhaqQl yufaaallu 'laj-atl llqauinln 
yft'ldjnun." Kubas, .tap. lo, 

" It is He who hath appointed the sun for brightness and the moon for 
a light, and hath ordained her stations thai ye may learn Ihe nuinlHT of 
years and the reckoning of time. God hath not created all this but for the 
tTuIti. He makclh His signs clear to those nbo understand." 


" He it is who hath sent His nposlte with guidance and the religion of 
truth, thai, though they detest it who join other gods with God, He may 
make it victorious over every other religion." (RODWELL). 

"Huwa'Uodhlmadda'l'ardba waja'alaflha rawaala wa 'onharan 
wa mln kulll 'thtbamarat ja'ala Hba zaujalni 'thanainl yug-hahl 
'llBtla 'DDabara Inna fl dhallka I'ayatin llqaumin yatafakkanui." 

" He it is who hath outstretched the earth and placed on it the firm 
mountains and rivers ; and of every fruit He hath pUced on it two kinds: 
IlecauKlh the night lo enshroud the day. Verily in this arc signs lor 
those who rcflecl, (Rodwell). 


" If joy by ihy desire, O Ilafit, 
From Him far disiant nevei dwell : 
' As soon B! IhtJU hast found Ihy loved one, 
Bid to the world a last farewell." (BtCKNELC). 

"Idfb Vlllatl hia 'ahsanu faldha 'llodhl balnaka wa balnabu 
'adawatun Ica'annabu wahiyyun bamlm." K'.'kas, chap. ^t. 

" Turn anay evil Ijy what is belter, and lf> ; he between whom and 
thyself wa^ enmity shall be as though he weie a warm friend." 


" 'Idh 'aWiadha rabbuka mln bani Adama n 
rtyyatahiun wa 'aehhadahum ala 'anfiialhln: 

qalU bala." Ki.>k:iH, chap. ;. 

" When thy Lord brought forth their descendants from the reins of the 
sons of Adam, and look them lo witness against themselves. ' Am I not ' 
said He 'yout Lord.' They said 'Yes.'" [koDWKLLl. 

" When the soul shall co 
cry ' Who is the magician I 

other, to chy Lord on that c 

ne up to [he breastbone, and there shall be a 
) restore him?' and the man feclelh that the 
:, and when one le); shall be enlaced with the 
ly shall he be driven on." (Rodwell). 

" Idha ftalcara Ijabudlyyu nadhara fl hlaablhl 'I'atlq." 

■' When the Jew grows poor, he looks Into his old accuunl 

" - Idba Jai naaru 'IlabI wa 'IfaChu. wa ra 
fl dlnl 'llahl 'arwajan. faalbblh blhamdl 
'Innabu kaos tawaba." 

" When the help of God and the vielury a 
entering the telit;ion of Gud Uy troops ; then ut 
and implore His pardon : veiily tie hiveth to ti 

:r the praiVe of thy Lord, 




■' 'Idba 'shBharoBu Ituwrnirat, waldba 'nnujumu "afcodarat. 
waldha 'IJlbalu BUyylrat. watdha 'I'lebaru nittUat, waidJuii 
Iw^itauBhu huBhlrat, waldha 'Iblharu eujjlrat, waldha 'nnufuBU 
zuwwijat, wa Idha I'mauudatu su'llat blayya dhambin qutilat, 
waldha 'aauhufti nuahlrat waldha 'seama'u kuahitot waldha 
'IJahlmu Bulrat. waldha 'IJannatu 'uzlifat. 'allmat nafbuti ma 
'ahdharat." Kviean, chip. Bi. 

" When the sun shall be folded up, and when the stirs shall shoot 
downwards, ond when the niounwins shall be set in moiion, and when Ihe 
camels len months gone with foal shall be abandoned, and when the wild 
beasts shall be gathered ti^ether, and when the seas shall be swollen, and 
when souls shall be paireil with their bodies, and when ibe damsel that 
had been buried alive shall be asked for what crime she was put I0 death, 
and when the leaves of the Book shall be unrollal, and when the heaven 
shall be stripped away, and when hell shall be made to blaze, and when 
Famdise shall be binughl near, every soul shall know what it halh 
produced." (KoriwBi.i). 

" 'Idha zulzUatl Tardhu zilzolaha wa'alLhraJati Tardhu 'asgalaha 
wa Qala I'lnsanu ma laha yaiunaldhlu tubsddltbu 'akhbaraba 
bl'anna rabboka 'auha laba." Konak, chip. 99. 

" When the earth wilh her quaking shall quake and the earth shall cast 
forth her burdens, and man shall say 'what ailelh her?' On that day 
shall she tell out her tidings because thy Lord shall have inspired her." 

"Ilamu'acnama 'Ihayatu 'ddunpa lalbun wa lahwnn wazlnatuD 
wa tafCLkbamn balnakum wa takathanin fllamwall wa'lauladl 
kamathall Khalsln a^aba 'IkuS&ra nabatuhu thiunma yahhlju 
fatarahu muafaran thumma yakunu hutaman." Kuhak, chap, jj, 

" Know ye Ibal this world's lilu i-; only a sport and piLsiime and show, 
and a cause of vainglory among you. And the multiplying of riches and 
children is like the planti which spring up after tain, whose growth 
rejoiceth the husbandman ; then they wither away and thou seest them all 
yellow ; then they become stubble." (koowei.i.). 

" Tfaql I'aaala wa la tasal." Ma'jahat or Hahiki, in)- 

" Lick up the honey and ask no que 

" Qm bi ataai cbu m 

like wax wilhoul honey." 


" Imrus dar as Icueb ki blna basbl 
Halr&n-l-Jamal-l-an dllara bashl, 
Sharmat bada chu kudakan dar shab-l-ld 
Ta chand dar lnUzar-l-rarda basbl? " AKHLAif-i-jALAu. 

" TO'day Bspire to this llmt thou may'sl obtain sight 
Thai thou may'st b« enmplurcd with the charms oF the beloved object. 
Shame on Ihce I How long like children on the eve of a restivaJ 
Witt thou stitl fondly anticipate the motrow?'' (Asiatic Jouknal), 

" lodai bububi "niiaahlratl 'ala 'Iblma 
Tamtlu (TtiiiBuau 'Ibani, la'lhajaru 'asaladu." 

" When the scstlccing winds blow over the meadows 
The branches of the bentree bend, not the haid lock." 

" Indahu mafatihu 'lubaibl la yalamuha ilia buwa wa y'alomu 
ma fl'Ibarrl wa 'Ibabii wa ma teaqutu min waragatln ilia yalamulia 
wa la habbatiu fl dbulmati 'rardhi wb la ratbln wa la yabtslii Ilia 11 
Utsbln mubln." Kohah, chap. t. 

" With Him are the keys of the secret things ; none knoweth them but 
He : and He knoweth whatever is on the land and In the sea, and no leaf 
falleih but He knoweth it ; neither is there a grain in the darknesses of the 
eaith nor a thing green or sere but it is noted in the perspicuous Book." 


" In daira'ejahan chu ongaBhtariat 
Bl htch Bbalce naqah-l-naeliiaah ma em." Oman Khawah. 

" This 

iblcs a 

" In ihama hlch ast cbun ml bugzarad 
Balcbt wa takht wa amr wa oatil wa glr n 
Nam-l-nlk-rafta«ran za'l malniQ 
Ta iKunaiiad nam olkat t>ar qarar." 

" These aie no more than trifl 
Fortune and ihtone, comma 
Destroy not thou the good n 
Thai thy fairte, too, may las 
" In hulcm wa ghurur wa kbaahm ti 
Hast as tu busurcrtar khudawand, 
Ey khwaja'o Arslan wa Agbueh 
Farman-dlh-1-kbud ma kim Au-amuHb." Gulisiah, chip. 7, 

" Siion must thou anger, rule, and pride resign 
There is a Lord whose sway surpasses thine 
Thou'rt master of Arslan * nnd Aghush * yet 
Beware, lest thine own master Ihou forget." EASTWtCK. 

* Names of tUvcs, 

GuLUTAH, chap. I. 
s swiftly sped, 
id and conquest — all. 
ime ol the dead 
and never (all." (EastWICK). 


"In huwa lUa wahlun yuhaallamahuBhadldulquwadhumlrraitln 
Ta'atswa wa huwa bUu'fuld 'I'ala, thumma dana fatadalla. [akaaa 
qaba QauBalnl au 'adoa, fft'auha 11a 'abdlhl ma 'auha." 

" Vetily ihe Koran is no olher than a revelation revealed lo him ; one 
leiiible in powec liught it him, endued with undeis Landing. With even 
balance sloixl he, and he was in the highest point of the horiion ; then 
came he nearer and approached closely, and was at the distiuice of two 
bows 01 even closer, and he revealed to his servant what he revealed." 

{Rod WELL). 
" In Jahan ba mlsat mur dar ast 

Gararasan glrd-l-u bazar bazar 

In mar anra bamlzanand cuulchatlab 

An mar Inra hamizanand minqar. 

Akhiru 'rBnir bar pajand hama 

Wa za bama baz manad la murdar." AnwaB'I'Suhiill 

" The world is lo a carrion-carcase like 

Round which a myriad vultures without pause 
A cunlest wage. These with their talons strike 
Those who in turn wound ihem with beflk and claws 
At length they spread their wings and soaring quit 
Their evil prey, nor can they taste or come near it." 

" Injalutn feuhaet v/a f n-l-ma nida 
Sne^a ayad nldaha ra Bada ; 
Oarcblldlwar a%aQad saya'e daraz 

Baz gariiad sue u an saya baz." AKwuK-i-SuKiiLt. 

" The world a hill h and our acts a shout 
And back the hill to us the echo spurns 
Though long Ihe shadow that a wall throws out, 
Thai shadow dwindling to the wall returns." Eastwick. 

Injam'o-l-alcablrkl manasab darand 

Az erbusea wa Kham zajan-l-kbud blzarand 

Wa ankaa kl aslr-1-hlrs chun Ishan nest 

Wa In tarfo Id admleh ml naebumarand." Ouak KirAWAK. 

■' Strange ! the gtcal lord, the wealthy diiien 
Find their own lives a burden sore, but when 
They meet with poorer men, not slaves lo sense. 
They scarcely deign to reckon ibem as men." 

" In kana llrrahmanl waladun, fa'ana 'awwalu 'I'abidin." 


" In aluml>er see I lliis my God, or nilh coy wskinR eyes 
Myself in plenly such as this aflei such agonies? '' 

" Truly (here is i lime fui resling and a lime for travelling, and a lime 
for the iraveller to linger. God has claimed for himself justice and 
faithfulnus and nssigned the blame lo man." I). S. Marciououth. 

" tnna 'aozatcahu fl laJlatt 'iQadii. wa ma 'adraka ma leilatu 
Igadii, lallatu 'Iqadrl kbolrun mlo 'alfl shahrln, tanazzalu Imala- 
Ikatu wa'rrubu flha btldhnln rabblhtm mln Iculli 'amiin, aalainiin 
hla batta matiai 'Ifajri." k.hian, chop. n. 


" Veri 

e hav 
sand ni 


nlhs. Then 

r Loril for i 

than a. ll 

" iDna 'aradbna 'I'l 
FBi'Bbalna 'an yabm 
lloiEHuiu Innabu kana dhalumaDjahulon. 

" Vciily w. 

afMidofii. 1 

the night of power, and what 
The night of power is better 
the angels and the Spirit by 
ill is pi.'iice until the breakinK 

waTardhi walJIboU 
inha wa bamalaba 

iposcd to the heavens and lo ll 
e the Faith, but ihey refused the I 
lan undertook to beat ll fur he is u 

earth and to lb 
irden and they wcr 
iusl, senseless." 


" Of all the verses which thou hail made, the bireal io praise is iha 
whercoF, when they hear men my 'Yea, that a the trulh."' 

(C. J. LYA1.L). 

•' In Ihe dcf: of the lOcks below Sal' is lying 
One slain whose blood drips not without vengeance 
He left the burden to me and deporlcil 
And 1 lake up the load lightly and bear it." C. J. Lvali- 


" ImiB 'rthfiVin-TiTm. la yu|[hiil mlna 'Iha^iql ehalan." Kox' 
" Truly itieie conceit can profit nothiny againsi the Irull 

" Verily we have crraled you of a mule and of a female, and wc have 
divided yon inlo peoples and tribes, thai ye might take knowledge one of 
another. Truly ihe must woithy of honour in the sight of God is be who 
fcarelh Ilim most." KOftWstL. 

" Inna llaha la ^ghayylru m 
anfualhjm wa Idlia 'aradha '11 
lahu wa la lahum mln dunlhl □ 

I i^ilh not change Mis t;iri>: to a people till they change 
iiselvcs : and when God willeih evil to el i>eople. there U 
away nor have Ihey any proieclor hesidc Him." 


" Inna 'Ilaba yahulu balna Imar'a 
" Godeomelh in belncen a 

B qaiblbl." 

all nighl lonj;,'' C. J. LVALL. 


a naQula lahukun 

" A m&n with two diihems is rich in the eyes of him who has only one 
and a snub-nosed man aquiline as comparea with him who has do nos 
«t all," D. S. Maruolloutm. 

" Inntuna yatafitdhu 'ttuqa 'I'ltbrar, 
Wa 11a llahl yaataqlrru 'Iqarani 
Vfa. lla 'llabi turja'una wa Inda 'Uahi n 


" V(«, the richteous shall keep ihe way of the righteous 
And to God turn (he slept o( all that abidcth, 
And 1o God ye iclurti, ye too : with Him only 
Rest the issues o! things and all that they gather." 


" Inna quaara maskani 'Ihayy bufratun 
Sayanzlluha muBtaDzaJan 'an qltMt)ibl ; 
Fawahan ll-abdlc ea'bu ea-u f ■illhl, 
Wa 'abda ttalafl qabia Igblaql bablhl." Maqamat ot Uaxhi itt). 

" The end of the dwelling of the living is a pit, lo which he shall descend 
brought down from his towers, 
Then wdl-donc t Lhc servBni whom the evil of his deed grieves and who 
sliou's amendment before the shutting of his gate." (CHKSttkv). 

" If a man be old and a foot hii Tolly is past all cute. 
But a ynung man may yet grow wise and cut olT his fooliihiKM." 
C. J. LvAU. 


ra fl Irqi 'ththara thafln 11a 'aa yuatathara blnabshlht 
1 'ddinarl yadharu slrruha min haifirij^^ la m1 ^ oialE^ 
hltl naqBhltal." M^^MHAT of Hariii (31%. 

'he pure gold in ihc vein of the earth is hidden antil it is brought out 
by the rtigging, 

not from the leauiy of the engia 

" True I m«.y be from nciehbours' ey« coneeakil 
God knows my acu botH secret uid revealed." 

" Id qaflla'e iimr 'ajab ml ffuzarad, 
Dai'jrab dame ki az tarab ml-KUzorad 
Saql gham-l-rarda'e taarlfan cbe Ichuri T 
Plsti ar plyala ra ki Bhab mi-?uzarad." Ohar Kiiav 

" Patdon 
wounds, uli 

if thou n 
en power 

t slrone, for n 


man, who needlessly 

"In tana 


yanflurkum wa yuthabbit 'aqdamakmn," 

KOIIAV. dlBD. .?. 

■•If ye 

help God 

God will help 

■on, and will s 

I your feet firm." 
( Rot) well). 

" Id yamaaBka 'llahu bldburrln fala kaablfa labu, ilia huvra wain 
yurldka blkhaliin tela radda uradhlihl yusibu blbi man yaahau mti> 

his bounty ; He will c< 

I of trouble r-n thee, there is t 
infer good upon theo there ii 
fer it on such of Ills servants 

ne 10 remove il but 
ione to keep l>ack 
; He chooseih.'' 

" 'Iqra 'b'lHmi rabblka 'Itadbl kbalaqa, khalaQa 'llnsEuia mln 'alao, 
Igra wa rabbuka fakramu, 'lladhl allama bllqalaml. allatna 'II11- 
Banamal&mya'lama." Kokas, chip. »& 


" Read ! in the name of thy Lord who crealed ;— created man from 
ctots oF blood. Read ! for Lhy Lord is the mosi beneticeni, who !iB,tb 
Uughl Ihe use of the pen ; hath liught man ihal which he knew not."' 

" This people's reckoning draweih nigh, yet, sunk ii 

Madad ftz way Icbwah k'u icliuali naalr aat." 

" lea's Maryam bo/olak raft wa m 
Man bazamln mandam wa ahud Janlb-l-baJa dll-1-maji." 

Dl W AN-I -S H IMIS- I-T ABai/, 

" Jesoi, K>n of Mary, went to heaven and his ass remained below, 
I remain on the earth but my spirit hat flown to the sky." 


" Isbq burd bahs-ra, eyjon. wa baa, 
Ku za KuftugTi Bbawad faryad-raa ; 
Hairat) ayad za lahq an nutq-ra 
Zabra na buwad Id Icunad u majra 
Lab ba bandad aakbt u az khair vn^ sbajT 
Ta mubada az dihan uftad ffauhar." 


" Love of God cuts short reasonings, O beloved. 
For it is a present refuge fiom perplexities. 
Through love bewilderment befilla the power of speech 
It no loDf^r dares to utter what passes ; 
Therefore it closes lips from saying ^ood or bad 
So that its treasure may not escape il." (Whinfield). 


" The Inve which follows nature and sensual appetite 
Is B quality of Che natnre of tiniiiials and beosls of piey." 

" iBhq wft Jan har du nllianand wa satSr 
Oar 'anisasb Ichwanda am 'albl maglr. 
Az malul yar khamiiBh Itardaml 
Oar bam u muhlat badadl yak dame. 
Lek ml aruyad ' btaru bio alb olst. 
Juz taqaza'-e-qoza-e-ghalb nlet. 
Alb bashad k'u na bloadjuz ki alb 
Aibkai blnad ru an pak ghalb.'" Jauluddin Rukl 

" Love and mistress are both veiled and hidden 
Impute it not as a fault if 1 call Him ' Bride.' 
I would have kept silence from teat of my Beloved 
If lie had granled me but a moment's resple. 
Bui He said, ' Speak on, 'lis no fault, 
''Hs ntught but the necessary result of the hidden decree 
'Ti> a fault only to him who only sees faolts 
How can the Pure Hidden Spirit notice fnults." 


" Isbq Id majazl bud, abaab na bud 
Chua atl8h-l-mln rnurda tabash na bud 
Aablq tiayad kl mab wa sal wa ebab wa ruz 
Aranma qarar wa kburad wa khaliaeh n 


" Love only surface-deep is counterfeit. 
And like a half-spent l>laEe. lacks life and heat ; 
True love is his who for lung months and years 
Rests not, nor sleeps, nor craves for drink not meat." 


"Isna' bl ma 'anta lahu "abluhu wa la tafal blna r 

"latajlbu llrabblkum ruin 
lahu mln llahl ma lakum a 
min uakir." Koran, chup. ti. 

" Hearken to yoat Lord ere the day cnme, which there wilt be tii 
averting on the part of God. No place oi refuge for you on that day I nc 
disavowal of your works." (Rodwbll). 


" Itlnm set bar ahkamjabandar hakim 

Adat mard-l-basad paebl Id kbakaab bidlban 
' Hej- cbl blnad blkaT-l-gbalr flgban bar dorad. 
El 'chlra dad ba-wal anera na bamaQ?'" Jajhi. IttHAitisTAN, i^hap. 3. 
'• The hahU of nn envious man.— be his mouth filled *iih dusl I 
I5 to find lanlt with ibc decisions oF the wise tulet of the world ; 
Whatever he gees in anolhei man's grasp he bemoans, saying, 
'Why was il given to him without cause and nol to me? ' 

" Ittlsale bi-taqalyuT bl qlyos 
Hast baina 'nasa wa Babb 'annaa." jALM-uDarx Rtixi. 

" Union exists beyond all thought and speech 
llelween great AUnh and the soul of each." 
" 'lyan ca ehud ki chira amadam, kuja budam. 
Darlgib wa dard kl gibaSl za kar-1-lcbwiahtaciam ; 
CblB^na tawaf kunam darTaza'e 'alam-l-quds 
Cbu dar saracba'e tarklb takhtaband am ; 
Mara kl manzar-f-burast maakan wa mawa 
Chira blkul kharabatlan buwad wacanam." Hafii, Ob«, jSj. 

" Wherefori 

where [ « 


Alas of what c 

Aiound ihe Holy World's 1 _ 

As long as by this body pcnl," in this miicd abode I stay ? 

Shall I whose dwelling and abode Is the hiiti's lolty dome, 

Continue to aclinowleage here in the [evellers' lane my home." 

" Izld babiblsbt w'ada ba mol kard 
Pasdardu.iahanbarammairakalkara." Ownn Khawah. 

" Allah halh promised wine in rarndise. 
Why Then is wine on cailh declared a 

" Iild fOramuBbat na kard dar an bal 
Kl butU nuttft'e madAm wa madhuab : 
Buanat dad wa aql wa tab'a wa Idrak 
Jamal wa nutq wa rae wa Qkrat wa hush ; 
Dib angiisht marattab kard bar daat 
Do bazuat morakkab sakbt bar duBh ; 
Kunim plndarl, ai na-cbiz blmmac. 

le faramusb." 

(Wh infield), 


" Thou wast by God then nol forgotten, when 
Thou wast a seed, ihy nature in suspense ; 
He gave Ihee soul and reason, wisdom, ken, 
Beauty and speech, reflection, judgment, sense ; 
He on thy arm amiyed thy hngers ten, 
And thy arms (asiencd to thy shoulders. Whence 
CansI Ihou then think, O thou most weak of men 1 
He'lt be unmindful of ihy suhustencc" (Eastwick). 


Who tear iheir 

And they hav 


heaits fiQui worldly things the inle ti 
peace who from its viuuds and si 

ow uithdraw'theii 

 Ja-a nhaqqti 

wa zahaqa 'Ibatllu. Inna IbatUa ki 

ma zahuqa." 

KnsAK, ch.p. IJ. 

•'Truth hBs 

ome nnil fnl^chood has vanished, 

verily falsehood 'a 

fleeting. " 

" Ja'alna llalla wa'nnahara ayat^nl. wa mabvna ayata llaJll wa 
ja'alna ayat.a ■tmaliarl mubsirataa Utabtaghu fttdhlan mlQ rabbl- 
kum wa lltalamu 'adada 'aalnina wa 'Ihiaaba wa ktilla shal'an 
faaaalnaliu tafsUa." ^:L3BA^, chap. 17. 

" We have mode the night and the day lac two signs ; the sign of the 
night do we obscure, but the sign of the day cause we to shine forth TiEibly, 
that ye may seek plenty from your Lord, and that ye may know the 
number of the years and the reckoning of time ; and we have explained 
everything with denr explanation. " (Rddwbll). 

For if He shuts, none can .>pen." 
" Jaban. ey blradar, namanad bakas 
Dll andarJaban-i-afHn baud wabas 
Makun taklya bar mullt-l-dunya wa puaht 
Kl blsyar kas cbun-1-tu parwarad wa kuaht. 
Chu ahangr-i-raftan kucad jan-l-pak 
Cbl bartakfat murdan, chl bar ru-e-kbak." Gil 

■' The world, my Ijrolher, will abide with none. 
By the world's maker ici ihy heart be won. 
Rely not nor repose on this world's gain 
For many a son like thee she his reared and slaii 
What matters, when the spirit seeks to fly 
If on a throne or on bare earth we die." ( 

" The world which is 

 Jabaii mteal-l-tan-l-blaajaat bi k 
Ba picb Kli^-1-cbuiiBii sar mlaat-l-dast dare, 
Aeot slyah na'l. aina ma dlh za, daet 
Kl rub aliia'etuat.Jl8aizaDKtire." Diwak-i-Sii: 

" The world wjchoul thai king is like a headlets body ; 
Fold yaat$el{ lurbaa-wise, lound such a held. 
Unless yoa are black, do nol let Ihe mirroi go from jou 
The soul is youi mirror, while ihe body is lusl." N 

" Jabon ra cm baJchsbleb pur awaza dar 
Bama watjt sbu dar Icaram muBtoqbn 
Kl bast AiVlnauda'eJan Icarlm." Pa\i>\;v 

" Fill Ihe world with the fame of your lieneficeDCe 

;e the Ciealor uf ihe ! 

is beneficent." 

" Johan ra btb az 'adl milnar nist 
B'aiya( darlgb az roiyat madar 

MuTBd-l-dll dad kbwaban barar." Pa^dna 

" The world has no nrchilect superior 10 justice 
Wiihholit not favour from the peasant 
Gratify the henrts of the suppliants far justice." 

" Jaban-ra nlat baatt Juz majazt 
Sarasar bal-l-u labv aat wa bazl." 
" The world has nu existence U 

" The lamp of an incendiaiy 

" Jam 'aat kJ aql-l-a(Hn ml-zanadaeb 
Sad busa za mlbr bar Jabbi n 
Id kuzagar-l-dabr cbunlnjam-l-latlf 
Ul-aazad wa baz bar zamln lul-zanadaab." 0>la 

" There is a chalice made with art profound, 
And with its Maker's approli»tion crowned, 
\'et the world'i Putter takes His masterpiece 
And dashes it to pieces on the ground." W 

" Jabil ar ba tu mimayad bam dill 
Aqlbat zakbmat zanad azjablll." Jalali 

" Although a fool may show you sympathy 
Al the end he will wound you with his folly." 

JOiN Ru«l. 


** Jam'a ast khalrhs hama dar khaaa wa nist 
An khana-ra kalld baflrhair az forutanL" Jami, Bkharistan (chap. x)l 

" All benefits are in one house, and there is 
No other key to it except humility." (Rehatsbk). 

** Jama'e k'abara ki mi-pushand 
U na az kirm-i-pila name shud ; 
Ba 'azize nlshast ruze chand, 
La Jarm hamchu u grlrami shud." Gulistan, chap. 7. 

*' The pall suspended o'er the K'aba's shrine, 
Not from the yellow worm * derives its fame, 
But it has dwelt some days near the divine, 
And therefore do men venerate its name." (Eastwick). 

** Jamal-i-bakht zi rue zafar niqab andakht 
Kamal-i-'adl bafiaryad-i-dadkhwali rasid 
Bipihr daiur-i-khush aknun zanad ki mah amad 
Jahan bakam-i-dll aknun rasad, ki shah rasid." Hapiz. 

** The veil from victory's face the beauty of fortune hath cast. 
To the complaint of the complainers the perfection of justice hath 

Now the sky displayeth a sweet revolution for the moon hath come. 
Now to the heart's desire the world arriveth, for the king hath arrived." 

" Jami az alalsh-i-tan pak shu 
Dar qadam-i-pak rawan khak shu." Thb Dabistan. 

'* Be thou as a goblet free from the contamination of body 
Be thou earth in the footsteps of the pure." (Shea). 

" Jamila ast *arus-i-Jahan wale hushdar 
Ki in mukhaddara dar 'aqd kas na ayad." Anwar-i-Suhbiu. 

** A fair bride is the world ; but yet, be wise. 
For none may wed this coy and curtained prize." 

** Janaha'e khalq pish az dast wa pa 
Mi paridand az wafa andar safa." Jalaluddin Rumu 

" The souls of our first parents, even before their hands, 
Flew away from fidelity after vain pleasure." Whinfield. 

" Janam bi flda-e«anki u ahl bud 
Bar dar qadamash agrar niham sahal bud, 
Khwahi ki badani bayaqin duzakhra 
Duzakh bajahan suhbat-i-na-ahl bud." Omar Khavtam. 

* The silk-worm. 


" For him ihat's goo<l my very life I'd sell, 
Vca, though he nod me dawn, I'd count it well. 
Men say ' Inform us what nnd where is hell ?' 
Bad company will make this earth a hell." Wti 

" JanoD za dar-l-tu dur ni 
Qani b1 blhjsht wa h 
Sar bar dar-l-tu bibubia-l-'li 
Zln dar chl Icimam sabur, natawanam bud. " 

jm thy door 

d the houris ; 

It for hope of gain 

[Asiatic Journal). 

" Janaza 'am chu bablnl ma^u ' flraq I flraq t 
Mara wlaal wa mulaqat an zaman baabod, 
Uara bagur slpari ma^u ' wld'a I wld'a I ' 
Klffurparda'ejam lyaM-JlnaD basbad." 

my hearse, cry nut, ' j>artcd ! patted ! ' 
ing ikie mine in that hour. 
a the grave, say not ' farewell ! fiiewell ! 
a cmlain hiding the communion of Patadiie." 


" Jabcb)stJan)ti-i-nutra-f'Bulb<l-<]aea 
01C1 lilun aet wa tan maahlma aat ura 
Talkhl ajal dard-1-zlh-l-madar dajir 
!a mur dan chfet? zadan-l-malalc-l-baqa." ni^cuiu.i. 

" What is the soul ? The seminal principle from the loins of destiny, 
This world is ihe womb : the hoily its cnvelopinc membrane 
The bilierness of dissolution Dame Fortune's panfss of child-birth. 
What is death ? to be born again an angel of eternity," (Shha). 


" The soul resembles day snd Ihc body night and we in the middle 
Aie like the dawn between out own day and nighl." 

" Jan dar hlmayat-l-yak dam ast wa dunya wujudo miyaa-1-du 

single breath and the world of 


" If a jewel fail inin ihc 
though dust should i!icen<i ti 

:inains as precious as before ; and 
s former wocihlessncss will not be 
( East WICK). 

" Jawab ul atuna<i sakut." 

; joy and pain." 


!r to a fool is silence." 

•■ Jawan mard wa Uiuab Ithue wa bakhahlnda baeb, 
Chu haqq t>ar tu pEubad. tu bar khalQ paah, 
Ntayad kas andarjaban k'u bamand 
Maear an fa* u nam-t-nlltu baroand." liuvr^s or 

" Be generous and pleasant -tempered and forgiving, 

Even u God scatters Tavours over thee, do ihou scatter n 
No one came intn the world who remained 
Save ihal one, whose good name remained." 

ivcr the people, 


" O youth I enter this very day into the p«lh of obedienc 
toi to-morrow the vigour of youlh comes not from the , 

a bala Icoshia 

" Jazbat Bbauqlka aljomac bl salBslII Igham wa IbaJa 
Hnmn asblqan ehlkasta dll id dlbandjan blrab-I-wala, 
Agar an sanam za sar sltam pa'e tcuBtatan-l-inaD bl Kunali 
Laqad iBtlqama bl ealflbl rolaqacl radbattu bl ma radtas." 

" The thrxlli of yearning love cunstrain in the lionds of pain and otimit)', 
These broken heailed lovers of Ihine lo yield their lives in iheit leal for 

Though with sword in hand my darling stand with inlenl to slay Ihough 

I sinleu be, 
If It pleases hitn, [his tyrant's whim, I nm well content with his 

tyranny." (E. G. Hkowse). 

" One pull from God is 


" They who eicel in leal, in loit precede, 

Mubt of all others [airly lake the lead." EastwicK. 

" Jlbftd-i-rlzq war kunl wa gar na kual 
Blreeanad khuda'e azz wajalli 
Wa Bhawl dar dlhan-l-ablr wa palang 
Makhurandat magar ba ruz-1-aJal." 

" Would'cl thou by toil oi not Ihy wants supply 
The GlorloDi and High tiod will give thee Tood. 
Nor, mortnl, ean'&l thou unprcdeslineU die 
Did'sl thou in maw of ravenau<i tigers lie 
Or savage lions ihirstlng for thy blood." (EasTwick). 

■' Jlhod ml-tun ta tawanl. ey glya 
Dar tariq amblya wa aullya 
Ba qaza panja zadan na budjibad 
Z'Bcki In ra bam qaza bar ma nlhad : 
KaOr am man gar zlyan karda aet kas 
Dar rah Iman wa ta'at yak nate." Jalai.ui>dim Ri/mi. 


" ExeiL ihyseir, O man ; put shtiulder to the wheel 
The ptopheu B.nd the siintB 1o iniilate in zeal. 

'Twas Providence enjoined il ; made it our defence 
Bluphemer may 1 be, if ever single man 
BeslDwed !□ vain one elTort lo fulfil God's plan." 

na flhim man yamlhu idba el^ba lahu 
a yujlzu Idlia 'unabtda laJiu 'I'arajizu wa la man 
yughlthu idha 'atrabahu Thadithu," Maija^i^t cf Hamri (chnp. 43). 

" Ab for Ihe people of this age, there is none amonj; them who beilows 
a gift when an encomium bus been fashioned foe him, none who gives a 
tewtrd when a pacta has been recited to hitn, none who shows himself 
Iwunliful, when a talc has divettcd him." Steingass. 

" Jiam bahti rub baabad g^ur tans 
Our gar dar srur bashad but blui, but ciet 
Qur Kar dor ffur bashad zluda az zlndan rlhad." The Dadistah. 

tombed the living spirit is freed from its prison." 

" Jlsm-l-khaq az Ishg bar aflok sbud 
Kub dar raqas amad wa chala^ ehud, 
IshqJan-i-Tiiraniad. aehlqa. 
Tur niBBt wa Icbarra Utisa sai'qa. 
Ba lab damaaz khud gar Juftame 
Ham chu nal man ffuftonlha guftame," 


" Love cxalls oui earthly bodies 10 heaven, 
And makes the very hills lo dance with joy ! 

Lover, 'twas love that gave life to Mount Sinii 
When it quaked and Moses fell down in a swoon. 
Did my Beloved only touch me with his lips 

1 i™, fiWe the llnic would hurst out in meludy." 

" Jiam-l-majuz wa mulz aet. ey plsar. 
Oar lu mardi a in du chiz andar guKar, 
War tu andar buRzarl Ikrani-i-Haqq 
BuKi^sJ^u^ mar tura az nib taboq." 


" rie^ihures of the Hcth are as nulB and raisins, son. 
If you are a man dispense with these iwn things ; 
And if you dis|>cn»e with them the goodness of God 
Will SCI you above the nine heavens." 

■" Jlsm-1-pEtkan hamcbu Jac uftad saf 
Ouftehan wa f 'Uahan wa zlkreban 
Jumlajanmutlaqayaiinai nlshan." J*i.»i.u'iiriis Ktwj. 

" The bodies ot ihe riuhttoiis me as pure souls 
Theii words iheir uclions, Iheic praises 
Are all as a pure soul wilhoul spot or lilcmiih." 

" Jlsm jlamana tawanad didanat 
Dar ktityal arad gbara we. kJiandldanat 
Dll kl u baata S'ham wa khaadldaoaat 
Tu ma gu kl lalg an dldan aat 
An kd u t>aata Kbam wa khanda bud 
D ba-dlQ du 'arlyat zlnda bud 
Basb-l-aabz-l-lBbq k'u bl muntabast 
Juz gham wa ehadl dar u baa mewabaet." Jai.aul'duix Rumi, 

" Cancyenci* beliold Thee as truly Thou nit? 
Can heart Thy love picture and siniles e'en in part ? 
The heart that's A slave tn a love or > smite 
Can never be worthy 10 sec Ihee awhile. 
Engraiwed he that's now h ilh pleasure and pain 
Can he by ihew accidcnis live o'er again ? 
Gicen pastures of love in ihcir infinitude 
M.ire [luiij vielil than core and iliati liealitude." 

" Jud bl majama'at katbika mln nasbabln 
Hatta yura mujcadl Jadwaka ma bhuta 
Wa kbuz naalbaka minbu qabla ra'iaCln 
Mlna 'zzamBol turyaka 'I'uda makbuta 
Fa 'ddbaru 'ankadii mln 'an taet^rali'ra 
Halim takarrahts tllka 'thala 'am shlta." 

MAuAVvr <ir Hakiiii, chap, ffl, 

" lie boiiniiful wiih what tliine hands have been |>«lhi:tine ihal he who 
l>^i for ihy lx>on may be dumbroundervd. 
And ukc ihy thntc ere a tlroke of fortune canics over ihce [hat shnws 

thee ihy Irce of life rlcprivtd ofil- f.>liiice, 
Kur lime is'lou Itckle as in one slntc <•.• eniTure whether ihiiu delight in 
llial iUle, iir whelher il lie lialerul." .Sli:i N11AS8. 

'■ Jud wa Ift tamnun tainna Ifaidata llaika -aldatun." 

" Jiunblsh bar zarra bl 1 
Har chi buwad mall-l- 
Jan wa dll azjazba'e t 
Ham slfatl dllbur wn J 



" The motion of every atom is towards its origin 
A man comes to be the thing on which he is bent ; 
By the attraction of yearning and fondness the soul and the heart 
Assume the qualities of the Beloved and the soul of souls." 


" JumbiBh-i-khalq az qaza wa w*ada ast 
Tlzi dandan za suz m'ada ast 
Aql awwal ra mudabbir aql duyam." 

Jalaix'ddin Rumi. 

** Men are moved by God^s decree and Bxed ordinance, 
As sharp-set teeth are caused by heat of belly, 
'Tis Primal Soul that dominates the Second Soul.'' 


'* JumbiBh-i-ma har dame khud ashahad'ast 
K'u gawah zuljalal sarmad ast 
Gtardish sang'-i-asya dar iztlrab 
Ashahad amad bar wujud Jul ab 
By birun az wahm wa qaJ wa qil-i-xnan 
Elliak bar ftu:*q-i-man wa tamsil-i-man." 

Jalaluduin Ruml 

" Our every motion every moment testifies 

For it proves the presence of the everlasting God, 

So the revolution of the millstone so violent 

Testifies to the existence of a stream of water. 

O Thou who art al)ove our conception and descriptions. 

Dust be upon our heads and upon our similitudes of Thee." 


" Jumla alajn mlshawad har dam fana 
Baz paida ml-numayad dar beuja, 
Har naf^ nau mishawad dunya wa ma 
Bi-khabar az nau shudan andar baqa. 
Umr hamchun Jul nau nau mi-rasad 
Mustamarl ml-numayad dar Jasad, 
An za tizi mustamar shakl amadast, 
Chun sharax kash tiz Jiimbanl ba dast." 

Jalaluddin Rumi. 


Every moment the world and we are renewed 
Yet we are ignorant of this renewing for ever and aye. 
Life like a stream of water is renewed and renewed 
Though it wears the appearance of continuity in form, 
That seeming continuity arises from its swift renewal 
As when a single spark of fire is whirled round swiftly." 


'• Jumla 'alam z'an grhaiyur amad ki haqq 
Burd dar grhairat bar in 'alam sabaq 
U chii jan ast wa jahan chun kalbud 
Kalbudazjan pazirad nik wa bad." Jalahuimn Rlmi 


" The whale woild is jealous for ihis cause 
Thai God surpftiseth the world in jealousy. 
God is OS & soul and the world u as > body 
And bodies derive their good and evil from souU." 


" Jumla dunya za kuhan ta ba nau 
Chun guzaranda aijt n!arzad bajau ; 
Mamlultote blhtar az in eae Icun 
Shusbtar az In hujra d&rl baz ICUn." Akwab-i^Suhiiu 

nsient k ihU 


in of barley * 


om, then, lb 

n Ihi 

ope the doot 


" Jiunla haftad wa du mlllat dar tu ast 
Wah Id ruze an bar arod az tu dast, 
Har kl u-ra barg an Iman buad 
Hamchu bars ax bbu an tarzan buad." 

" Jumla nafsaba'e tu ey tiad sail J 
Kll zujan ant wa tarazu'o ran J 
Manila cu dar arzu'e sang -wa duir 
Ell tUu ^asbta wa palmana pur." 

" All thy breaths. O thou weigher of wind, are 1 
weighing sorrow, 
\\ hilc ihou art remaining in eagtr leatch ofslone 
Thy niea.sHre of ivtolth is Iwcomc cuiply and ihc i 

" Jumla ra ctaun boat bar duzakh erusar 
Jae shadl nisi ba chandln kbatar 
Allahe dar plab dari, ey faqlr 
Hlchkbauf^t nietuz oar sagir? 
tJQba dar rabaet wa tjarat baa giran, 
Nagsarad barat ba a'al dlKaraii." 

: nieasunng loss at 

ad pearl, 
poflhy life fall." 


" Since all mortals have lo pass by hell, Ihou should'st not abandon 
tliyself (o jay in face of so gieat danger. Fiqir, Ihou hast a lire before 
thee. Art Ihnu not afraid oflbe consuming flame. Thou hast a mountain 
to traverse in the wny and thy load is heavy ; the eflbrts of others will not 
help Ihec 10 cnrry it." 

" Jumla lindan chunk! dar zlndan rawand 
Uut;taql wa zahld wa haqq khwan ehawand 
Ohunld qudrat roR. kasid shud axaal 
HIn Id ta. Barma^a naatanad ^al. 
Qudratat Barmaya Bud aat, hln, 
Woqt q-udratra nlffahdar wa bibia." Jalalitudih Ruui. 

" II all dissolute men were shut up in prison 

They would nil be temperate and devout and pious. 

When power of choice is alisenl, actions are worthless 

But beware lest death snatch away your capital, 

Vour power of choice is a capita! yieldirre profit 

Kcmember well the day of final account. Whinfiei.D. 

" JuBbakbllwat-gali-1-Haq<iaraianlBt." jiM.ALuuom Rumi. 

" Except in the house of communion with God there is no peace." 

Onlj ill ]mn uf heart seek the Beloved." 

" Juz ba zldd zlddro ham! natawan ahloakht 
Chun ha, binad zakhm blahtnasad nawaldit ; 
Lajurm dunya muQaddam amada aat 
Ta bl danl gadr Iqlim alast 

Dar shakr kliaoa'e abad ehaldr shawl." 


" Oppiiaitcs can only lie know by oppositcs, 
Only through a wound is a caress understood ; 
Certainly this world first comas into view, 
That we may understand the value of that eternal world ; 
When you are released from this, yuu go lo that : 
In thai eternal home of dirlight, )oli are (jriteful." 

" Juzha blsyar wa dor wal maghz nai 
ZauQ bayad ta dthad ta'at bar 
MaRhz bayad ta dlhad dana shajr 
Dtuia'e bl maghz kai g'ardad nihal 
SuracblJannabaBhadJuzkhlyal,"* I 


" Nuts in plenty bul no kernel in any of iheiti, 
Iteliih U needed for devolions to lieir fiu[t, 
Kernels are needed llial seeds may yield Irees, 
How can seeds without Iternels become trees ? 
Form without life is only n dream." WhinkieI-D. 

■' JuB haqq, hftqame Itl hukmra ebayad nlot 
HaaCl kj za hulcm-i-u bli-on ayad, nlat 
Rot chlz Id boat onchunan ml-tiay&d, 

AnchiB kl anchUDBi) na ml bayad, nlBt." Ohar Khavvim. 

" What Lord is fit to rule tmt ' Truth ? ' Not one. 
What cieaiurn disobey His lale ? Note one 
All things that are, are such as He decrees 
And nauyht is there Inside lienealh the aun." 

" The pigeon who his mate 
!visit, follows fate's decree 
net in blind security." (Eastwick). 

" Kada 'Ifakru aD yakuna Icufran." 

" Poverty borders on the denial of God." 
Saving 01 

F Ml 

" Kada 'lliallmu 'an yakiuiu nablan." Savini> or Uuhauhad. 

" The meek man is all but a prophet." (Eastwick). 

" Sate bl taffhalyurt zzamaol nailrao." Gulistah. 

" Change of time is a sufficient admonisher." (Platts). 

% 'Ilaha huwa '1 Maslfau 'bnu Mairaina 
lahl abai'an In 'arada 'an yuMlka '1 
imahu wa man fl'l'anUiIJaml'an." 

" Infidels assuredly are they who say ' Verily God is the Messiah, Ibn 
Miiyatn (son of Mary]!' Say 'Who then could have any power over 
God if He chose to destroy (he Messiah, Ibn Maryam, and his mother, 
and all who arc on the earth together?'" (Koiiwrll). 

" Safbra lladhlna qalu 1: 
qui ftajuan yEunllku mlns 
Maslha 'boa Moryoma wa 



Boz dar duEakh nida lehaa 'rabbaca I ' 
Hast zlndao sum'a duEd la'lm 
K'andar an zaldr shawod haqq ra muqlm 
Chun Ibadat buwad niaqBud az baahar 
8hud Ibadatgab gardonkaeh aaqar." 


'■ Infidels when enjoying proipcrily do wrong 
When ihey are in hell, ihey cry ' O nur Lord '. ' 
The prison is the hermicage of the wicked thief 
For when he is (here, he ii ever crying lo God. 
Whereos the objecl nf man's being is to worship God, 
Hell is utdalned as a place of worship for the proad." 

' Kah na bud u kl bibadl parid, 

Ab oa bud 11 Id blaanaa fuBurd. 

Shana na bud u kl bl mul sblkaet, 

Dana na bud u Id zaminaHh tUehurd, 

OtuiJ'l'Zarl bud darin iclialcdan 

K'u du Jahanra bi Jaul mlBhumurd, 

Qallb-l-khakl sue Ichakl figand. 

Jan wB khlrad sue aamawal burd ; 

Baf bar amlkhta ba durd mal, 

Ba Bar-l-lchom raft wa Juda ffoebt durd, 

Jan-l-duyamra k:t na danand kbalq 

W'atlah gnayam kl bljanan aupurd." Diwak-i-Shahs-i-Tabhe. 

*' He was nol chaff which flew on the wind, 
He was not water which froze in winter, 
He was not a comh which was broken with a hair. 
He wan not a seed with the earth crushed, 
He wu a treasure of gold in this dust-pit. 
For he valued the two worlds at a barley corn. 
The earthly frnmc he Aung lo the earth. 
Soul and intellect he bore lo heaven, 
The pure elixir mingled with the wine-dregs. 
Came to ihe jar's surface, and the lees settled apKrt. 
The second soul, which the vulgar know not, 
I urolesl by God that he surrendered lo the Beloved." 


" Kalfk 'Ihuda baghalr b'alria wa 'lambadhu m'a Ikqadl 'ttawatir." 

e wilhuul a camel, 
it first be slrung ? " 

(D. S- Margoliouth). 
" Kal altara hajatastl, ey zaUI, 
SI buod ba nur kburshald u dalll ? 
HIch mab wa atchtorl tuOat na bud 
Kl bud bar aftab-l-baqq shabud." Jalaluuoin Rvmi. 


" Whal need were there nf slary, O humble one 
Tn one who was guided by the light of Ihe sui 
Neither moon nor planels would be needed, 
By ore who saw directly ihc sun of the iruih.' 

" KaJ rawan-ra dlhand khlrmanha 
BarK Icahl ba-rastan na dlhaad 
Magasan ra dlband Bhakar wa kand 
Ba humayaii Juz uatulchwan oadihand." At 

" The devious meet with ample meaaur 
Straight -goers gel but blades of gtus 
Flics feast on sweets and candied 
And ijlotious Humus (ilthy bones 

s hand, 

•' KaUlml -nnaBa 'ala qadrl -uqulltDm," 

" Speak to people according to the mea 

" Salukh andazra padsfib saner ast," 

■' Those who throw clods arc ans 

ir understandings." 


" Ktklukta ar che uftada basbEKl blrah 
Na bin) kl dar wai ktwad leas nigab 
Wa gar Ichurda'e zar za, dandan-l-kaz 
Bl uftad. bl ahom'aash bijuyand baz." Bi>>;tan r<F S'.i 

" A dod though it be fallen on ihe ro^id. 
Thou secst not llial ;inyune looks at it. 
Hut if a frogment of jjolii from the teeth of the scisiots 
Fnlls,— ihc)' will search again and again for it with a cai 


" Kamlle gar khak glrad zar shawad 
Naqls ar zar bui'd khaklBtar shawad. 
Chun Ea qabul-l-tiaqq bud an mard rast 
Daat-1-u dar karha daat-l-khudast. 
Daat-l-naqiB dast Sbaitan aat v/a, dlv 
Z'anki andar dam takllfaat wa rlv." 

" If a saint hanilles earth, it Incomes gold 
If B linner handles gold, ii turnt to dust, 
WhciMs the uini is wcll-ples'^ing to Gc>il, 
In his nclions his hand is the hand of Cod. 
But the sinner's hand is the hand of Satan an 
Because he is ensclDred in family and fraud." 


11 ayac wa 'ata 

ilslan ■we, kbata 
Sahw we. nlalan tb, mubaddol Icuii ba Itm 
Man hamajalilam mara dlb sabr wa hllni. 
By lEi Ichak sliura tu nan kunl. 

Mekunljuzu zamln raasmao 
Me afzoJ dar zamin az akhtaran." 


" Thy business ii chiH>j;inj; lliings anij bestowing favours 
My Imsincss is miiWkes and (orgel fulness and erior. 
Change my mistaken ami rorgcllulness lii knowledge 
I am altogether vitc ; make me lempetale and meek. 
O ihou that cunveitest suit eailh into bread 
And bread again into the life of men. 
Thuu ' 



•n" (Wii 

" Kar kuD dar kargab baahad nlhan. 
Tu blru dar kargah blnaah ayan ; 
Kar cbun bar karkun parda Canid 
KhariJ-l-an kar natawanash did." Jalai i i.his Rujii. 

 The W„rl;fr i* hidden in the workshop, 

hlntei Ihe wurkshop and lichold him face to face ; 
Since B veil is dra»n over the Worker by his work, 
Apart from Mis work you cannot see Him." (NitHOI.sos), 
" Kaae ba Kardan-l-maqBud. dost kbalqa Icunad 
Kl plBb ttr bala ba slpar t^wanad buwad ; 
Ba arzu wa hawas bar nl-ayad In ma'na 
Ba Bb-i-dida wa khun-l-JlBor tawanad buwad." AKunii-i-Suiir.iLi. 

h^hidd-like, confront ihe datis of cuiiiing ill ; 
This will not from mere longing hopes arise 
Tis won by efforts stern and tearful eyes." EastwicK, 

" KB«e ki rue Cawaklcul na did, hlob na did 

Kaae kl az Qlna'at na yaft hlch na yalt." AN»AK.i.SuiiiirLu 

" Who trust in God has ne'er beheld, has ne'er iliscovered aught, 

Content mcnts iUiie wIki ne'ui hai found, his findings are but naught." 
East WICK. 
 Eaa na ayad ba khana-e-derwlsh 

Kl kblraj-l-zaialn wa bagh bl dlh. 

Ya baCashwlBb-l-aruBBa razl ahu 

TajlKarband plsh-t-zash blnlh." Gulistas, chap. i. 

" None in the pi>c<i man's hut demand 


" Kosnagvyad kl dush-I-man Cursb ast." Pekeh 

" KoB ra plBh-i-parda'e qazSi rah na shud, 
Waz elrr-I-qadr hlch koa OLgs-h no, shud. 
HaTtad w» du aal flkr kardam shab wa ruz 
Malum na grasbt wa qlaaa kutab na sliud." 

e Ihe veil of God's 

" Wiial ihough ihe phoftiis fiom llie world lake flight 
'Nealh ihe owl's shmliiw none will ere alighl." 

" Kae nablnad kl ttehnagEm-l-HlJaz 
Balalj.l-ab'1-aliiir gird ayand 
Har kuja cbaahme'e buwad ahlrin 
Mardum wa murarb wa mur gird ayand." Ci i ikh as, clmp. i. 

e Hijai pilg>im<i Tiiinl with 
margin of the btimy sea -. 


here men and birds and an 

s will be." 

" Kaukab-1-bakht chu tall 'Bhawad a: 
An chl maqsud bud zud rauyaasar Bardad, 
Madad tall' agar nlst. maranjan khudra 
Kl agar rid sue bahr nllil, bar gardad." A»u m-s- 

" When o'er hope's horizon rises fotlune's bti£hlly shining si 
How swiftly every K' is won ! 
Bill if fortune do 


 They said lo a scorpion 

He replied 'What rc^p 

show myself in win! 

" Shame on ihe diili tleparled dead 
Whose task Is lefl unlinished 
In vain for Ihem Ihe drum was Ijcal 
Which warns us of man's lasl telrea 

" Khol 'amran wa ma aJthtara." 


" Kbalaquakum mln tur&blu, tbummB mln nutfatln tbumma mln 
alaqatfn, thununa mln mudbgbatlD mukballlqatln Uoubayyliui 
lalcum wa nuqlrru fl'larbaml ma nasbau 11a 'aJaltB muBammo. 
tbumma nukbrljukum tlSan. tbumma lltablug-hu 'aabuddakum, 
wa mlnkum roan yuta waftbi wa mla yuraddu "lla 'ardball 'lumurl." 

" We have crealcd you of dust, ihen of Ihe moist germs of life, Ihen of 
clou of blood, then of pieces of flesh ibapen, Ihal ue might give you proofs 
of our power. And we cause one sex oc Ihe other at Our pleasure to abide 
in Ihe womb uniil Ihe nppoinled time ; then we bring you foiih infants ; 
Ihen permit you to reach yoar age of sUenEth and one of you dielh and 
anuthet of you livelh on lo a'ljecl age." (KnmvEl.l.). 

" Kbalaqa sab'a samawatln tibaqan. ma tara fl kbalql 'rrabmaal 
mln taAwutbi, tb'rjll Iboaara. bal tara mln futurln. tbizmma 'rjn 
'Iboaara kajratalnl yaoqallb llalka 'Ibaearu kbosl'an wa huwa 
haair." K..>,a>, chsp. t?- 

" lie created seven heavens one above another. No defect canst thou 
see Ml the creation of the God of n 

" Khalqcbu murffhablan zada £a darya'ejan 

Kal kuDad Injamaqom murffb k'az Id bahr kbastT 
Ballcl badarya durr em, Jumla dar u bazlr em 
Wama za darya'ejan mauJ-1-payapl cblraAt?" 


" Mankind like waterfowl are sprung from the sea, the sea of soul, 
Risen from that sea, why should the bird make here his home ? 
Nay, we are pearls in that sea, therein we all abide. 
Else why does wave follow wave from the sea of soul/* 



Khalq dlwancmd wa shahwat silsila 

Mik'aahad ishan sue dukan wa ghala 

Hast in zan jir az khauf wa wala 

Tu mabin in khalq ra bi silsila ; 

Mikashanadshan sue kisht wa shikar 

Mikashanadshan sue kanha wa bahar." Jalaluddin Rumi. 

** Men are as demons and lust of wealth iheir chain, 
Which drags them furth to toil in shop and Held ; 
This chain is made of their fears and nnxieties, 
Deem not that these men have m) chains upon them. 
It causes them to engage in labour and the chase, 
It forces them to toil in mines and on the sea." 

Whin FIELD. 

** Khana'e dlv ast dilha hama 
Kam pazir az dlv mardam damdama." Jalaluddin Ruml 

" All hearts are the abodes of devils 
Be not deceived by devil-men." 

** BIharabi za bi dad binad jahan 
Chu bustan khurram za bad-i-khazan." Pandnama of S'adu 


" The world suffers destruction from injustice 
As a delightful garden by the wind of autumn.' 


*' Khatcuna 'llahu 'ala qulubihim wa'ala samlhim wa'ala 'absari- 
him erhishawatun wa lahum 'culhabun 'adhlm." Koran, chap. 2. 

" Upon their hearts and their ears hath God set a seal, and over their 
eyes is a covering ; and for them a severe punishment." (Rodwell). 

" Khatim-i-tu in dll ast, wa hushdcu* 
Ta na grardad div ra khatim shikar." Jalaluddin Rumi. 

** Your heart is as Solomon's signet ; take care 
That is falls not a prey to demons." (Whinkield). 

'* Khilaf-i-ra'e-i-sultan ra'e Justan 
Ba khun-i-khwlsh bayad dast shustan 
Acrar shah ruzra guyad shabast in, 
Babasrad guft 'inak mah wa parwln.' " Gulistan, chap. i. 


" OpinWns iliffering from the king's to have 
Is your own handi in your own btood to lave ; 
Should he aHirm the day to be the night, 
Say you behold Ihe moon and pleindr light." 


" Ktall'atfl bu lakhlr omad 'aJbaah kutahlst." 

" Life is a I'cry splendid i<j\ie i ili faults is brevity." 

" Kbilqat tifl az chl andar nth mah ast 7 
Z'ankl tadrij az eunnatha'e shah aet 
Na cbu tu. ey 1<Jiani. k'aknun takbtl 
Tlfll, wa khud-ra tu Bhelkbe aakhtl." J*LALui>mN 1 

" Why does the formation ofiin infant take nine monthf, 
Because God's method is \o work by slow degrees. 
Not hunting on like you, O raw one, 
Who claim to be a Shaikh whilst yei only a child." 

(Whin HE 
" Khuda'erost iDUBallam buzurst wa 'It^aT 
Kljurtn blntul wa nan bar qarar ml darad." Cut.isn.rv. ch 

" Grandeu 

xiful kin 

universally ackn< 
lies Ihe means of 

pledged to belong 

1 there is noughl so nor 

umlD 'ajalln." 

' Man IS made up of piu 

" Khusha lafhrruJ-i-N 


** Khuahat az jaxn-i-waBl-1-dllbaran mai 
Wale hastasli khamar-i-hijar dar pai." Anwar*i.Suhbili. 

" From the goblet of union with loved ones how sweet is the wine that is 
But the headache of parting soon follows, soon mars the delight of the 
draught." (Eastwick). 


Blhvuahat zir-i-m\i£rliilan birah-i-badia khuft 

Shab-i-rahil wall tark-i-jan babaycMl firuft." Gui.istan, chap. a. 

" Sweet is slumber in the desert under the acacia tree 
On the night when friends are marching, but it bodeth death to thee." 

*' ElbvuBh buwcMl grar meOiakk-i-taJruba bar aycul 

Ta siyah rui sbawaxl bar ki deuru^haBb basbad." Anwar-i-Suhbili. 

** How good, if trial such a touchstone were 

That liars would a blackened visage wear." 

" BIbwaJa dcu* band-i-naqsb-i-aiwan ast 

Kbana az pal past wa wlran ast." Gulistan, chap. 6. 

** The master's bent on garnishing 

His house, which sapped, is falling in." (Eastwick). 

** Kist dar gush ki u me sbinawaxl awazam, 

Ya kudamast sukban mikunaxl andar dibanam, 

K'ist dar dida ki az dida birun minlgrarad, 

Ya cbi janast (nagni) ki manasb pairanbam? " 


** Who is he in my ear that hearkens to my voice, 
Or who is he that utters words in my mouth ? 
Who is he in mine eye that looks out of mine eye 
Or what is the soul — wilt thou not say — of which I am ihe garment ? " 


'* Kub'ra dida, na dida kan ba kub." Jalaluddin Rumi. 

** Vou have seen the mountain, not the mine wiihin the mountain.' 


" Kudaki ku biaql pir buwcul 
Nizd-i-€ibl-i-kbirad kabir buwad." Gulistan, chap. i. 

** The l)()y who is an old man in point of wisdom 

Is hcM great in the estimation of the wise." (Platts). 

'* Kudam dana faru raft dar zamin ki narust 

Cbira ba dana'e insanat in gruman basbad?" 


" What seed went down into the earlh but it grew, 
Why ihis doubt of ihine as re^auls the seed of man ?" 



suilicieiiL ibr duing harm, O thou who enitmeralest 
jnduct ; ihou knawesl nol my hearl." 

" KuUa iDBanln 'aJzamnahu talrahu fl 'unuQlhl vra, nuMu-iJu lobu 
yauma 'Iqlyamatl kiCaban yolqohu manehura. *Iqra kltabalca tcaftL 
blnafBlka 'lyauma alalka bOBlba." KniiA^i, diaii, 17. 

" F.VEiy nian'& fule have vie faslened about his neck, and on the day of 
lesuncclian will we biing forth lo liiin a Book which shall be prolfeied la 
him wide open t ' Read ihy book : tliele neetielh none but ihysolf to make 
out >□ account against thcc lliis day,"' (Kouwbll). 

" KuUu 'smrln dhi balln lam yubda blbisni'Illahl fahuwa abtanm." 

f Ml'H 

■y woik of import thai is n 


I Ihc I 

e of God i 

;, and meek glows every stiff-necked 

■' All on ihc enrlh pasielh away, Uul ihe fiVCc of thy Loid ahideth in il 
m;ijosly und glory." (ROUWRLL). 

" Kullu 'mrin blmakaaaba rahln." Khhi:-, Jiap. gi. 

" Kullu nateln dhalqatu Tmaut." 

 Every soul tlmll U 




"KtiUxin laisa ya*du himamahu wa ma I'znarin 'amma qadha 

llahu mazhalu." Ibrahim ibn Kunaif. 

'* None outruns by a span his doom, 
And refuge from God's decree nor was, nor will ever be." 

C. J. Lyall. 


Kullu shai'an haliqun Ilia wajhahu." Koran, chap. 28. 

** Everything shall perish except His face." (Rod well). 

'* Kullu sliai'an hatta akhlka mita'un 
Wa biqadiin tafarriqun wa Utcunanin." (Anon). 

** Everything down to thy brother is 'furniture;* and fate rules both 
separation and gathering." D. S. Margoliouth. 

" Kullu shaian yabdu saerliiran thunizna yakburu ilia 'Ixnusibata 
fa 'innahaha tabdu kabiratan thumma taagrliuru." 

Lataik ul Muluk. 

** Everything is small at its beginning and then increases, except trouble 
which is great at its beginning and then decreases." 

" Kullu sliai'an yarj'au 'ila 'asllhl." Arauic Pkovbrd. 

** Everything returns to its source." 

** Kunj-i-*uzlat ki tillsmat-i-ajalb darad 
Fath-i-an dar nazar-i-himmat-i-dcurwlslian-ast." H a mz. 

*' The talisman of magic might hid in some ruin's lonely site, 
Emerges from its ancient night at the mild glance of darveshes." 


"Kuntu kanzan makhflan fa'ahbabtu 'an 'ur'afe^ fakhalaqtu 

Ikhalqa lakai 'urafa." Sayim; ok Muhammad. 

*' I was a hidden treasure and I desired to be known, so I created the 
creation in order that I might he known." 

" Kuntu kanzan makhflan shanau 
Jauhar-i-khud gum ma kun izhar shau 
Jauhar sidqat khafl shud dar darugh, 
Hamchu ta'am raughan andar ta'am dugh. 
An darughat, in tan fani buwad 
Rastast an jan rabbani buwad 
Salha in dugh-i-tan paida wa fash 
Kaug-hanjan andar 11 fani wa lash." I ..a  i . , k. mi. 


id ' I WBS > hidden treunce and desired to be kno 

ie nut I he hidden tieasuie but diMlo&e it : 

iir true treasure is hidden under n false one, 

I BS batter is hidden within the substnnce of milk, 

E false one is this transitory body of yours, 

e true one your divine soul. 

ng time this milk is exposed to view 

" Etmuoat Id Imkan-i-^uftar hast 
Blffu ey blrader balutrwa Ichuahl: 
Kl tarda cbu palyik'l-BjoI tlar r&sad 

Ba hukiii-l-zarurat saljaa daj kaahl." Gili^tan (Pufacc). 

" Now that the power of ullerBnee is ihine, 

Speak, O my brother 1 kindly, happily. 

To-morrow's message bids thee life res^n, 

Then art thou silent of necessity." (EasTWICK). 

" Now it is proper lo become a porlnct with wisdom 
For tu-Diuiiow the path of returning remains not." 

" Eunao kuBh k'ab az kamar dar guaasht 
Na wa^ice kl eallabat az ear guzaebt 
Eunimat kl cbaahm aat, aahke bibar 

dar dlhaa aat, 

uzTBbyar." Bostam u 

f SVdi, eh»p, 9- 

Strive now whe 
Nut when Ihe t 
Now when Ihca 
Thy tongue ii i 

n the water possesses only Ihy ws 
rre^t pa»es uvet thy head. 

ihy moiTih, bring forth excuse fo 


 Kunun waqt-t-tukhcn aat aear parwarl 
Oar ummed darl kl klilrman bari ; 
Oarat chBsbni-l-a<il ast wa tadblr-l-gur 
Etinvin kun kt chaahmat aakhiirdaflt nur." 

" If ihou att soliciuut now is the seed-lime 

If thou hiist hope that thou mayest lake the harvest, 

Iflhou halt an eye to wisdom and delibcrallon as lo lh« gnve, 

Act niiw when the ant of the grave has not devoured thine eye." 


•' Btira jama pak aat wa alrat paltd 
Dor dusakhashra oabaTad kalld ; 
Dar Id aatan ujuz wa mlsklulyat 
Blh az ta'at wa khwishtan binlyat." (U'im '■< nr Sa'i 


" He wboK outwBcd vesture is pure but nhose morals are coi 
> one the gates of hell will need no key, 
At God'E ihreshliold, impotence and distress will more %v 
obedience and sell-approval." {ASIATIC 

" Eua-I-rlhlat bilciift dast-l-ajal 

By du chaatuniuii t widal-ear blkunld 
Ey kar-i-dast wa eald wa bozu 
Hama taudi' yakdlgar blkunld ; 
Bar man uftada dushmHiii trairi , 
Audrey duBCan gxizai- bllcimld; 
Buzgaram bashad ba nadanl, 
Uan na kardam, shuma bazar blkunld." Gulis 

" Death's hand has struck the signal drum, 
Eyes I now obey yoor parting knell, 
Hands, wrlsls and arms, all members come 
And bid a mutual long farewell 1 
Hope's foe, death, has me seized at last ; 
Once more, O friends before me move, 
In folly has my time been past. 
May my regrets yoar warnmg prove." {E 

" Euza'e chashm barlaaD pur na ahud 
Ta sadf qanl' na shud pur durr na ahud. 
Har kurajama xa Ishqi cbalc sbud 
IT za hire wa 'alb kulll pa)c abud." 


" The pitcher of Ihe desire of the covetous never (ills, 
The oysier-shell fills not with pearls, till it is content. 
Only he whose garment is rent by the violence of love 
Is wholly pure hom covelousncss and sin." (WHiNFtBLO). 

" La'amla'anoa Jahannama mln 'IJlnnatl wa 'nnaal 'ajmaln." 
" I will surely fill hell with Djinn and men together," (RodweLL) 

" La 'amruka ma tuKbnl 'tmoKhanl wa la Ighana, 
Idba aakana 'Imutbii ulthtbara wa thawa bib], 
FuJud fl maradhl 'Uahl b'llmall radhlyan. 
BUna taqtan) min 'ajrlhl wa tbawabtbl, 
Wamatbthll I'alnalka 'Iblmam wa waq'ahu, 
Wa raw'atan malqahu wa maf aina aablhl." Maqauat of Hahiiii. 

" By thy life ! mansians and wealth will not avail when the rich man 

dwells in the ground and abides in it ; 
So be liberal with Ihy wealth in things pleasing to God, content with 

what thou gainest of His hire and reward. 
And figure to thy mind Death and His stroke and the terror of His 

meeting, and the taste of his wotmwood cup." ChenerV. 


" God urHiit no iilrs^ing on our woiliJ now thai it 


" lAb Iwj- lab-l-kuza burde,m az gbaywa-l-az 
Ta zu talabam WB.BCa-e-umr-1-daraz 
Lab bar lab-l-man nlhad wa ml^uft baraz 
Uai kburldbadlnjahannamialbaz," Ohai 

" I put my lips to the cup fot I did yearn 
The means of gaining length of days to leun, 
It leaned its lip to mine and whispered low, 
' Drink tor once gone, you never will telum.'" 

laugh '. 
." (Clakkk). 

" t.a ilcraba Q'ddtna. qad cabayyana 'rrushdu mlna 'lubayyl ra 
man yakftir bl'tCashutt wa yumln blllabl faqadl 'stamaalca bll 
urwatl 'Iwutbqa la Inflsama laha wa 'llahu saml'uii 'alUu." 

KoRAh.chip. I. 

" Let there be no compulsion in religion. Now is the right way made 
distinct liom error ; whoever therefore denieth Tachool and believeth in 
God, hath taken hold on a strong handle thai hath no flaw therein : and 
God is He who heateih, knoweth. ' (KoiiWELL). 

" Lalsa 'Iblrra 'aa tuwollu wujuhakum qlbala 'Imasbrlql wa 
Imaehrlbl wa laklnna 'Iblrra man amana bl'Ilahl wa 'lyaumi 
'lakhlii wa 'Imala'lkatlbl wa 'llcltabl wa 'Inabblyyln wa'ata Imala 
ala hubblbl dbul'lqurba wa 'lyataml wa 'Imasakln wa 'baa 'Bsabll 
wa 'asalltn." Kobas, ciup, i. 

" There is no piety in turning your faces cowards the cast or the west, 
but he is pious who believeth in God and the last day, and the angels and 
the Scriptures and the prophets ; who for the tove of God disburscth his 
wealth to hi» kindred, and lo the orphans, and the needy and the wayfarer, 
and those who ask." KoctwsLL. 

" Lataa llllnBanl Ilia ma aa'a." Kqrau, dup. j). 

" Nothing shall be reckoned lo a man but thai for which he hath 
striven." RoiiWELL. 

D hawala 'zzamu 'btlzaza 


" There is nothing mine that I miss when it is gone, or fret about when 
the vicissitudes of time rob me thereof ; 
Save that I pass my night free from concern, and my mind has severed 
partnership with sorrow." (Steingass). 

' Lait sli'ari wa ain mini lait, in lauan wa laitan 'ana." Abu Zubaid. 

"Would I knew! yet what use is 'would that?' truly 'Ohs* and 
*woulds' are only trouble." D. S. Margoliouth. 

'* Laklnl lladhina 'ttaqti rabbahum lahuzn grhuraflin mln fauqiba 
ghurafun mabnlyyatun tajri xnin tahtiha 'nnaharu w*ada 'Uahl, la 
yukhlifu 'llahu 'Izni'axl." Koran, chap. 39. 

" But for those who fear their Lord are storied pavilions, beneath which 
shall the rivers flow : it is the promise of Goa. God will not fail a 
promise." Rodwell. 

** X^klnnahu ma taahinu Ihurra miiji*atiin 
F'almlsku yushaku wa'lkafuru maqtutu 
Wa talama 'usila 'lyaqutu jamra grhadan, 
Thumma 'ntafa 'IJamru, wa'lyaqutu yaqutu." 

Maqamat ok Hariri, chap. 47. 

" But no distress brings disgrace on the high-minded man ; camphor and 
musk though pounded, spread fragrance. 
The ruby is often tried in Ghada- fire's fiercest glow ; the fire abates, but 
the ruby still remains ruby." Steingass. 

•* Lakum dinukum wa 11 dlnl." K(»ran, chap. 109. 

To you your religion, to me my religion." 



L'al ra gar muhr na bud bak nest 

Isbq dar darya-e-gham ghtunnak nest." Jalalludin Rumi. 

** Though the ruby has no stamp, what matters it ? 
Love is fearless in the midst of the sea of fear. " 


" Lan tanalu 'birra hatta tunflqu mimma tuhibbuna wa ma tun- 
flqu min shai'an falnna llaha bihi *alim. Koran, chap. 3. 

** Ye shall by no means attain to goodness till ye expend that which ye 
love as alms ; and whatsoever ye so expend, then of a truth God knowe'th 

*' Lan yaflahu qaumun asnadu amrhum ila 'amratin." 

Saving OK!> 

** Never shall a nalio.n prosper that has i^iven a woman charj^c of its 
affairs." 1). S. Makgoliolttii. 

" Laa yanaia 'llaha luhiimuha we, la dlnufuba wa lakln y^tnaluhu 
'ttaqwa mlnkum Icadballka Bakhkh&raha latnini lltukabbiru 'llataa 

" By no means can their flcili " teach unm God, ni 
but piety on your pail leachelh tlim. Thus halli He 
jiiu, that ye might magnify God Tot His guidance." 

,« tiieir blood, 

lietrlLtl them to 


I 'alnaiukuin, salamun 'aiaitcmn la 

[Ro dwell). 

I hamalnahiun flibani wa 
K..»-^ (chap. .,V 

n of Adam and by land and by sea have 
{Rod well). 

fD ba-dl dlidhlkrt anna lardlia yarl- 
i that ' my servants the richteous shall 

" Laqad khalaqna llnaana fl kabad." 
" Vefily we have created man in trouble." 

, then lirnught him 


inka arhlta'lc 

" Of this day (the judgment) didst thou assuredly live in heedlessness ; 
Ihcrefoie hove ive stripped olT thy veil from ihec and ihy sight tbis day U 
sharp." (Rodwkll). 

'Larahbanlyataflllslaml." Savthh ot Muhauhad. 

" There is no monkwy in Islam." 


" lift ealata tamnia Ilia bilbudliurl." 

" Prayer 


of mind,"' 


" La cabkl ilfhn iia'a wa la dara wa dur ma'a 'ddahri kolfoma dara 
Wattakidbl 'nnasB kullahum sokanan wa maththaJi lardha 

W'asbir 'ala kbulql man tu 'aablruhu wa darlbi Tallablbu man 

" Weep noc fni a friend thai is distant, nut for an abode, bm Luin thyself 
about with foiiune as it turns about, 
Reckon thou all mankind thy dwelling-place, and fancy nil the eanh thy 

Foibeai with the ways of him with whom ihou dealest and hamoui' him 
far it is the wise thai huoiours." (STBlNiiAss). 

" La tatamll ala yaumlka bamma sanatilca." 

" Load nol upon thy day [he burden of thy year." PbOv, 

" Ls tahsabanna 'Uaha KhotllaQ amma y'ainalu 'dbdhallmun 
Innamo yu akhktruhiim Uyaumln taehkbasu flhi Ibsaru. muhtllna 
muqnli ru'UBlhliD la yartaddu ilaibim t«rf\ibum wa 'afldatufatim 
hawa'UD." KiiF<\s, chup. i*. 

" Think not ihai Go.1 is legardless of the deeds of the wicked, He only 
lespiteth them to the day on which all eyes fhall stare up with terror ; Ihey 
hasten forward in fear ; their heads upraised in supplication : (heir looks 
riveted ; and their hearts a blank." Rodwell. 

" Let not thy hand !« lied up 

o thy neck ; nor yet open i 

openness, lest ihou ,k thee down i 

rebuke, in beggary.'' (Koi 

" lA t'ajalan blqadhlyyatln mabtutftUn 
PI madhl man lam tabluhu au Iclisdehlbl ; 
Wa qlfl 'Iqodhlyyata flbl batta tajtall 
Waaraibl fl bala radhahu wa batsblhl," ^ 


" Huten not with a dediive jui^menl in the pnii 
hast nol iried nor in the rebuke of him, 
Bui stay Ihy juilgment on him lill thou hasl had a vie 
characlets in hii two conditions of conlent and anger.' 

□f him whom < 
of his 



" LatiOldaiuia 'aehodda 'niiaBl 'adawatan It 
huda wa lladhlna 'aabraku via lataladdana 'aQrabbahum mawad- 
datan lUladljlna omiLQu 'Uadhlaa qalu Idiui Naaara <1hitl1kn bl'anna 
qlflslsltia wa rutiat>anun wa 'annahum la yaBtakblruD." 

Koran, chap. j. 

" Of all men thou wItt ceitainly find the Jews and [hose who join cither 
gods with God lo be the most inlensc in hatred of ihosc who believe ; and 
(hou ahall ceilainly lind those to be nciiest in aFfeclion to them whii say 
' Wc are Chrislims.' This becnuse some of Ihem are priests and monks, 
and because Ihey are free from pride." (RodweLL). 

 i^ taJcunu kaUatl naqadtiBt ghazlaha mln ba'dJ quwwatln 
'ankathao tattakhldhuna 'aymanakum dalchalan balnakum." 

ru]y thou canst by no means cleavi 
he mountains in height." 

(Rod well). 

" Strain nol thine eyes after il 
of the uohelievers ; and alDicl nc 
wing to the faithful." 

; good things vie have bestowed on some 
thyself on their account ; and lower thy 


1 llmun lima 'asam'a wal baaara Wik 

" Follow not that of which thou hast no knowledge ; verily the hearing 
nnd the sight and the heart ; each for this shall be en:)uired nf." 



" Latastiu wanna lla watan flhi tudhamu wa tumtahan 
WartaaJ 'anl 'ddarl tu 11 'Iwlhada 'ala 'Ifuttui 
Wahrab 1]a UnntD yaql wa lau 'aiinabu hidbna badban 
'W'alam ba'acna 'Ihurra Q 'autantbi yalqa 'Ig-baban 
Ea'ddurrl Q 'I'aadafl jmatazra wa Tublchaau ft ththamoii." 

" To 11 native place cling not, where folks oppress and hold thee in scajjt 

Bui depart Ihc land that exalts the low above the high in dignily, 

Aod lake thy flight to a safe rdiest, allhough it were on ihe skills of 

Mount Kaf, 
For know full well ih&t a fiee-born man in his country meets but with 

As the penrl within its shell is slighted, and underrated its preciousness." 

Blame no 
It does bu 


oriunc when U seems unkind 
hack what it Rave before." 


Latulhaqna lla 'aoa'ti 
Shorr'u-ssa'tl ■an tuB 



Al Fvi-tu-l 

" Add not 

° '"*'"!! 


ler; the 

worst ill-doing is to do ill Iwice." 
D. S. Makcoliouth. 

" La turaJJ 

'Iwadda mimman yar 

a annaka mutUaJui 


a lla rualM." 

.-IB., chip. 4. 

.::iv ■'"'■'■' 




hoseestha, thcuar 

in want of hU 


•■ 1*1 tay'aaan 'inda 'nnuab miu faflatin tajlu 'Ikurab 
FaJalcum Bamiimin habba tbumniajara naaltnan fu'nqalab, 
Wa sahabl malcruhln tanasba fa'dbmaballa wa ma sakab, 
Wa dukhani IchaCbln kblfa mtnhu, tame, 'etabana lahu lahab 
F'asblr Idha ma naba ra'an, fa'zzaraan 'abu 'lajab, 
WataraJJa mln raiihl 'ttobl lata'ifaa ta tiihlasab." 


, Mao 

" Despair not in calamities of i 
For how many a simoom bio* 


How many a hateful cloud 
And Ihc smoke of Ihe wood, fear 

So he patient when fear assails, for 
And hope from the peace of God bli 

gladdening that shall wipe away thy 
i, then turns to a gentle breeze and it 
i, then 

iDuthqalatun lla 
kanti dba qurba." 

" And Ihe liurdencd soul shnll not liear ihe Imtdcn of nnothcr, and if 
Ihc hcavy-lndea soul ciy out for its burden lo be carried, yd shall not 
aunhl of il be cariied, even bj- the near of kin." ( K.oni.vt1.L), 

" I^ tazur man tublbbu 8 Iculll sbatuia gbair yaumlo wa la tejti- 
dahu 'alalhl 

a taszuru laujuou 

It him whom thou lovesi in each month only a d»y and e»ceed not 

" La tubtllu sadaqatikum bl'lmannl wa 'I'adha ka'lladbl yunflqu 
ma labu rl'ya 'ruiaBl wa la jrumln bl 'llahl wa 'iTaumi 'latcliM to 
mathalubu kamathall safwanin alalbl turabun fa'assbahu wabllun 
fBtarslcahu saldan." Kt,it\!.. chap. i. 

" Make not youi alms void by reptoache^ and injury, like him who 
spendeih his substance lo be seen of men, anil believeih not in God, and in 
the latter dny. The likeness of such an unc i^ lh>t of  rock with a thin upon it nn which a heavy rain faltelh but leaveth it hard.'' 


" La tUKhllaniia Idba ma sabatata tBIaoa 

" Go not in fat »hen thou : 

3l BTdlyukum Ua ttahalakatl." 

<w nut yourselves with yout own hands ir 

" Hadst Ihou spent all the riches of the earth, thou wonldest not have 
aniied their hearts ; but God halh united them : He verily is Mighlyi 
Wise." (BoiJWBI,L}. 


" If Fonune vere just in its deciee, ii would not empower [he worthless 
with aulhorily." (Chknbbv). 

" Lau 'em lAlla 'alalchalllyyata aallainat 'aJayya wa duni turbatun 
■WB, safalbu, 

lioaallamtu tasllma 'lbasbesbB.t1 au zaq& 11&!ha aadan mln Janlbl 
■IqabrI Balhu." Tauha ihn Ai, Hlvmyju. 

" Ah ! if bul Laila oi 

Toward her en owl. 

; would send me b greeli 
' ill bird that shiieki 

there should cry 
the gloom of graves." 
C. J. LvAi-i- 

" Lau 'aniiB lUladblna dbalamu ma fl 'I'&rdbl Jajnl'an wa mlthlahu 
ma'abu, la 'fcadu blhl mln su' I'azabl yauma tqlyamatl wa bada 
tabiim inlna 'llabi tna lam yakunu yahtaelbun." Kdhas, cbap. 39. 

" If the wicked possessed all ihil is in the earth and as much again 
therewith, assuredly Ihey would ransom ihemKlvcs with i1 from the pain 
□r the pQnIshment on the day of resurrection : and there shall appear to 
Ibem from God things they had never reckoned on." (RonwKLL). 

"Lau 'anna ni 

a. a 'lardhi n 

ba'dlhl BBb 

■Uabl, Ituia 'llaba 

izizun baklm 

" If all Ihe trees that aj-c upon the earth were lo 
God should alter that swell the sea inlo seven seas 
would not be exhausted ; of a truth, ilod is Mighty, ' 

"Lau anzalna badba 'Iqurana ala JabaJln lara'aitahu kbasblan 
mutaaaddl'aD mln kbaablatl 'llabi wa tuka ramaalu Dadhrlbiiba 
IlnnaBl laallabum yatafakkunm." Kobas, Ehap. j» 

" Had we sent down this Koran on some mounlain, thou would'st 
;ecn it humbling itself and cleaving asunder for the feoi of 
e the parables we propose to men in order that they may 
[Ron well). 

t Arabs believed that Ihc ghosts of dead men became owls. 

certainly have 
God. Such ai 


u "Blomu 'Ishalbs I'aatakathartu mlna IkhaliiD wa n 

" Lau la yakuaa 'nnasu "ummataii 'vabldatan loja'alna llmBu 
yakfuru birrahmanl libuyutlblm augufan mln Qdhdhatln wa ma 
'arlja yadharun. wa Ubuyutlblm 'abwabao wa aururaii alalba yat- 

" If it were QOl that mankind would have income one sect of infidels, 
verily we had given In Ihose who believe not in the Merciful, roofs of silver 
to their houaes and stairs of utver by which they might ascend thereto, 
and doors of silver to their houses, ond couches of silver for them to lean 
on." {Sale). 

" La 'uqalmu biyauml iQlyamati. wa li 
matt, 'ayabsabu 'llnsanu 'an Ian najma 
ata 'an nusaw^Tta banabu." Kiwan. i:h.ip. 7;, 

" 1 swear l)y the Resurrection, and I swear by the self-aeeiising soul. 
Thinkelh mm that we cannot re-unite his bones? Aye, his very tinker 
bones are we able evenly tn replace." (RonwRLL). 

ivei God should chastise men according to their 
ave even a reptile on the back of the earth. 
le doth lie respite them." K 

L to the degree uF trulii until a thousand righleo 

a batta yalija 'IJamalu D samml Ikbajr- 

" La yaltamu majaraba lllsanu." 

" Wounds of the tongue ai 
" Ia ytunaasuhu Ilia Imutabbarun." 


" The evil and the gciod are nol to lie valued alike even Ihough the 
abundance of e"i please thee ; theiefote feat Grid, O ye of iiiulerslaniiing 1 
Haply il shall be well with you." (KoiiWKLi,)- 

" La ya'zubu 'aubu mlthqalu dharratin f1 'ssamawatl wa la & 
'lardhl wa Ib 'oBB'haru mlo dballka wa la akbaru lUa fl ktCabin 
mubln." iCoHAs, ciup. }«. 

"Not the weight oFa mote either in the heavens or in the eaith escapelh 
Him ; nor a there aught less than this, or aught greater which is not in 
ihe perspicuous Book. Rodwell. 

" La yiildaghu Imumlnu mln hujrln wahldln maraUilii." 

" La yuBlbuhum dhamaun wa la nasabun wa ta makhmasatun fl 
eablll 'llahl wa la yata'una mutian yasbldhu 'IkiiObra wa la jrana- 
luDa mln aduw^rlo nllan Ilia IcuUba lahum blhi amalun sallhun 
Inna llaha la yudhl'u 'ajra 'Imubsinln." Ki<ka\, cbip. g, 

" Neither thirst nor labour nor hunger can come upon ihtm when on 
the path of Gud, neither do they step a step which may anger the no- 
believers, neither do they receive from the enemy an injury but it U 
written down to them as a good work ; verily God will nol suffer the 
revmrd of the righteous to perish." (ROOWHLI.). 

" Llbas Id harffiB na Ibrsud aabr ast." 



" Lllculll 'nnasln mttkbaruii blfbnalhlm falium yajiqueuna wa 'Iqu- 

buru tazldu, 
Wa ma 'in yazalu raamu darln ukhlaqat wa baltun Umaltan bl 

HvunJIratu 'labya"ainmajlwaruhuin tkdanln wa'anuna 'tmultaqa 

taba'ldu." AuEALLAii i"v t.ia'lau*", 

" B«rure Ihe itoar of each and all a slumber- place is ready set : 

Men wane ami dwindle and Ihc graves in number grow from day lo day ; 
And ever mote and mote oulwoin the traces fade of heatth and home. 
And ever yonder for some dead is newly built a house of clay, 
Ytsi neighhouts ate Ihcy of the living ; near and close their fellowship 
But if thy soul would seek their converse, Ihou mast seek it fat away." 

" Llllahl kunuzun tahta 'I'arshl maftitlbulia tdelnatu 'Bhshu'ara." 

" Llllahl yasjudu ma fl 'ssamawati wb ma fl 'I'ardbl mtn daabbatln 
wa 'Imalalkatu wa hum la yastakblrun yakhafuna rabbaliuta mln 
i&uqlbtm wa yaTaluoa ma ytimlrun." Kokmi, vhap. i6. 

" All in the heavens and alt on the eaith, each thing that movelh and 
the vet)| angels pro»traic themselves in adoration before God and jre free 
frnm pride ; Ihcy fear their Lord who is above them, and do what they ate 
bidden." (Rouwei.i), 

il flhl malakuQ muqarrabun wa 

h neitht-t minislcring angel not any 
1 m.." lliA,TW,CKl. 

" LleaQU 'Itata niariin wa nlafUn fuwaduhu 
Falam yabka llla auraiu 'llalmil wa 'ddami 
Wa Icft'ln tara mln aamltln laka mu^lbln 
ZIyadatubu au luuiBuhu fl ttakaJlam)," Muallaehh or JCiiiiaik. 

 The tongue is u man's one h.iif. the oLhcr the heart within, 
Buidci ihoe two nought it left but a semblance ofHesh and blood, 
How many a man seemed e'""lly to thee while he held his peace, 
Wlieteiif ihou didst leam the more ot less when he turned lo speech. 

C J. rVAt-L. 

" Utafat kun anja kl binl sltlz 
Na barrad qaK-l-narmra tlgh-l-tlz 
Baahirln labanl wa lutf wakhUBhl 
Tawanl kl pile ba mul kashl." c.ti-iiTix, dhap. > 


" When thou seen broils arbc, use courtesy, 
A sharp sword cuts not silk, Ihough soft it be. 
With honeyed woids, good humour on ihy side. 
Thou wilh a hair sn elephant may'st guide." (EasTWIck), 

" They said to ihe sage Luqman, ' From whom didst Ihou leatn 
wisdom?' He replied, ' Fiom the blind who advance not iheir feel, till 
they have tried the ground.'" (Eastwick). 

" Lutte na miuid. Jc'an Banam-l-khuBhlaiia na, Icard, 

Khubs Idb did dor du Jahan, U Jafa na Icard ? 
Chun ruh dar nazara fana sasht, in bl^uft. 
'Nazara-l-Janial-l-khudaJuz khuda nakard' 
In chaalUD wa an chlragb du nurand bar yake, 
Chun In babam raeld, kaaeshanjuda nakard." 


" No favour was left which that winsome beauty did not bestow, 
What fault of ours if he failed in bounty towards you? 
Thou art reviling because that charmer wrought tyiatiny. 
Whoever saw in the two worlds a fair one thai played not the tyrant ? 
When the spirit became lost in con temptation, il said this 
' None but God has contemplated the beauty of God ; ' 
This eye and that lamp are two lights, each individual, 
When they came togeiher, no-one distinguished Ihem," 

" Ma 'arafnata baqqa m'arlfatllea." CuLi^Tt~ iPn:Ua). 

" We have not known Thee iis Thou oughlesL lo be known." 

" Ma'aab cbunan kun, ki gar bllas'hzad pal 
FirlBbta'at badu daat-I-du'a nigab darad." H*f iz Ong, 146. 

■' So live, that if thy foot slip e'er, 
Angels may guard tliee by the hands of prayer." 

" Ma 'aeblq wa aebufta wa maaUm tmruz 
Dar ku-l'ibacrban bada parastlm Imruz 
Ae baati-l-kbw!sbtan bikulU rosta 
Falwasta bimlliral>-i-'alastliii Imrue." Omar Khivvam 

" To-day to love and rapture we have soared. 
To-day in Magian precincts wine adored. 
And rapL beyond ourselves we do abide. 
Within that tavern, ' Am I not your Lord ? ' " 



" I (l[d Dot retire from the world till I had both worked and pl&yed, and 
finding myself unfll for eilher, I had \a be sallsfied with ennui. 

D. S. Makgolioutu. 
" Ma Byral bozrattm wa ehira fchwah 
Goft ' aUdialqu ayyalan nilHh ; ' 
Ad Id u az aaman baran dtbad 

Bam tawanad k'u za rabmat nan dlbad." Jalaluddim RkiMi. 

" We are ihe family of the Lord and His sucking ba.bes, 
The Prophei said ' The people arc God's family,' 
He who sends forth the rain from heaven, 
Can He not also provide our daily breads' (Wuinfield). 

the wind." 


" Forbid it one in woiiiAn's nature should for gentle feelings look, 
Ne'er amid Ihe brackish desert roses home ungenial look." 

East WICK. 
" Ma ba f&lalc buda Im. yar-l-malak buda Im 
Baz bamanja ranlm. khwsja. kl an sbahr-l-lfla'st 
Al(un-l-kbak az Icujo. g«ubar-l-pak az Iciija 
Oarchl farud amadlm baidawlm, Incbija'at?" 

" We have been in heaven, we have been friends of the angels 
Thither, sire, let u& return for that is our cuunliy, 
How different a source have the world of dusi and the pure substance. 
Though we came down, let us haste 1>ack — what place is this?" 

" O speak not thou of faithfulneti where feul the frank and free. 
For not an atom of good faith its fragrance sheds on thee." 

East WICK. 
" Ua birun-ra nan(rarlln vr& <lalr» 
Ma claruD ra blagarlm wa halra ; 
Nazlr qalblm agar ktaasbl buad 
Qarchi gatt lufz na khazl buad ; 
Z'anld dll Jaubar bud. gufCan 'ars^ 
Pub tufall amad 'arz, Jauhar sbarz : 
Chand az In alfaE wa tzmar wa majaz 
Suz khwaham. aaz ba an auz baz." J*hllddin Ru«i, 


" I regard not the outside and the words, 
I regard the inside and the state of heart ; 
I look at the heart if it be humble, 
Though the words may he the reverse of humble ; 
Because the heart is substance and words accidents. 
Accidents are only a means, substance is the final cause. 
How long wilt thou dwell on words and superficialities, 
A burning heart is what I want ; consort with burning." 


" Ma dar khwar dllera aerarchi khwar buwaa 
Kl baa azlz dilast wa aziz dar an dari, 
Dile kharab chu manzargah ilahi buwad 
Zahl, 8*aadat-i-jani ki kard xn'aniari.'* Diwan-i-Shams-i-Tabriz. 

* *• Then think not lowly of thy heart, though lowly. 

For holy is it and there dwells the holy, 
God's presence-chamber is the human breast. 
Ah ! happy spirit with such Inmate blest." (Falconer). 

'* Ma dha akhculhaka ya xnaerbruru fl Ikhatari 
Hatta halakta falaita 'nnamlu lain tatir." Gulistan, chap. 3. 

•* What was it that plunged ihee, deluded one into danger. 
So that thou perished ? Would that the ant had not got wings and 
attempted to fly?" (Platts). 

" Mague anchi teuiat na dari shanud 
Kl jau kishta grandam na khwahi dirud.'* Bostan ok S'adi. 

** Utter not what thou hast not the power to hear, 
For, having sown barley, thou wilt not reap wheat." 

** Magru * shay ad in mar kushtan bichub ' 
Chu sar zir-i-sang-i-tu darad, bikub ; 
Bad andishra Jae wa fursat madlh 
Adu dar chah wa div dar shisha bih." Bostan ok S'adi, chap. 2, 

** Say not * it is proper to kill this snake with a stick,* 
Strike, when he has his head beneath thy stone, 
Give neither place nor opportunity to the malignant one ; 
The enemy in the pit and the demon in the glass bottle is best." 

" Magyar ki zih kunad kaman ra 
Dushman,— chu ba tir mitawan dukht." Gulistan, chap. 8. 

*' Ere yet his Ikdw 
Be strung, thy arrow should transfix the foe." 


** Mahakk danad ki zar chist." (Jli.istav, chap. 7. 

*' The touchstone discerns the gold.*' 

*' Ma bAma aj sa Adam b' 
Dar btbisbt an lahana blsbnuda Im : 
Oarchl bar ma rikbt ab wa ^1 abate, 
Yad man ayad az aaha andake, 
Lek cbun amlkbt ba kbak karb, 
Kal dlbad tn zlr iva In ham an tarab." 

Jalaluuuin Rum I, 

■' A* we arc nil memlitrs of Adam 

We hnve hdnrd l)i»e melodies in l>andi«: ; 
TiiDugh earih and walcr have cuBt iheir veil Upon us 
We telain fuini remimscenees of ihose earlhly songs ; 
Bill wldlc «e are lliui thmudeil by gtoss earthly veils 
lluw can llie tone* of ihc dancing spheres rencji ns?" 
" Mah flshanad iiur wa aag 'au ! an r kunad 
Har kase bar kbalqat-l-kbud ml tanad 
Har Knee ra kbldmace dada qaza." Jnnixuin. 


loon slinis lidr lighi sml ilie diigs howl ; 

^mc acl5 aceiirdmg lo hi* nature, 

Fh hl^ oDice is allotted liy the divine decree." 

" Mahram basci, kl ba tu ffityam yak dam. 
E'az aw^vol kar khud chl bud aat Adam 

Mlbaat-sada'e aaiiahta andor gil-1-sham 
Yakcbandjabanblkhurad wabardasbt gadam," 

U'hal iiiankind leiilly me : — moulded of clay, 

Atlliciion'i i^lny, niid kneaded in distress. 

Tlicy la'lc the woild awhile, then pass away." 



-tan dar sabza wa ab rawan 



-Jan dar blkmat wa dar ulum, 


-tan dor baffb wa ragta wa dar karuoi ; 


'Jan andar t&raqql wa abarT. 


-tan dar kasb aabab wa -alaf." Jal*luui>,n Rumi, 

■• The Imdy love* green pastures and running water, 

[■'iir lliis. i-aiise thai in origin is troni (hem. 

The love ..( the foul is for *i<dom and knoivlMlge. 

The toi'e of Ihe «iul i^ fur things exaltird un high, 




" Huriy and rashne 

See from God's hand ci 
And six days' labour claimed by earth and Kkies, 
Else wilh two lellers Me possessed Ihe micht 
worlds upslaH ' 

Sudden <( 
La ! in lhi> 

e, for « 

ipslart to tight, 

'anl 'lyamlnl 
riyhl and left, 

"Ma kbalaqna 'asamaJ wa lardba wa 
dballlca dbanau 'lladhlaa kafOru fa wallun lllladhlDa kaftiru mlna 

" We hive not created the heaven and the earlh and what 
ihem (ai nought. Thai is the thaueht ol unbetic 

Rod WELL. 

" Mb Icb&Iaqna 'aaama'l wa 'I'anllia wa ma bainabuma la1t>lD lau 
'aradna an nattakhldha lahwan la'ttakhadhnahu mln ladunna [a 
Icunna IblllD." Kokak, chip, n. 

" We created not the heaven and the earth and what [s between them for 

if to <3o so bad been ui 


" Ma Ichalaqtu 'IJinn wa '11ns. In btkhwan. 
Juz ibadaCr iilat maqeudazjahaii : 
O&rchl maQBUd az kitsb an faun buwad 
Oar tu ash bollsb kunl bam mlshawad ; 
Lekin az tooqsud In ballab na bud 
Ilm bud wa danlsb wa trehad wa sud." 

" Read ihe lest ' I have not crcalerf .linns and men 1 
The only utjjecl of the world i« to w(K5hi|i God. 
Though the ubjecl ofu book is In kacb an an, 
n ynu make a pillow of jt, il serves thai purpose Ic 
Yet its main olijecl is not to serve as a pillow 
Bal tu import knowledge and useful ii ' ~''~ 


They a 

o Eladne 

llings for in seeking oughl be sure, 
who can sadness fitsl endure." 

" Ma rabatg^nim wa taiak I'abat baz 
Az ru>e-haq)qatl na az ru-e-majaz 
Bazlcha hamlcualm bar nafa-e-wujud 
Kaaim ba sanduq-l-'Bdain yak yak baa." 0>i*k Kx.wymi. 

•' We ate but chessmen destined it is olain. 
The cieal chess- pi i 

Then iniheboiol 

" Mai Ic'aE wai bukhll babra na yatt 
DasE-1-taraJ dad bar bad aah. 
Ya ba warle raald wa Id e»^e 
Jus banafrln na ml IcunBd yadasli," an 

" The wealth the miser naught enjnyed » cast 
By the rude hand of spoilers to ihe wind ; 
Or has tn some ungraleful heir now passed 
Who hui with loathing calls his name lo mind 

lyer Heave 
iboul Ihe board of liFe, 
death shuts up again." 

. aallh ffuttash raeul." 

" Kfi). Ihe Fnilli thi.u I 
The Prophet say,, i. , 

n God, and He knc 

a rabbihiiu yuhaharun," 
■' No kind of Least Is Ihcr. 

r (.j»1 thai fllelh v, 

" No moving cieatutc is Ihete which He hoWelh nol by its forelock." 


" Ma mln gh&rlbla wa'ln abda tajaltudubu 
Ilia aayadhkaru Inda llllate 'Iwatana." 

xiin bui as<iurcitly he is hegoUeti to ihe fuilh □ 

™kc a Jew of him. ,it n ChtUuan or n Magmn.' 


" Who gaelh more widely astray than he whu Fullouelh his own caprice 
wLlhout guidance fium God? Verily lioJ (juidelh no! the wicked." 


" Who BClelh wucie Ihjii he whi U itarni^r] by Ihe si|;ii& oF his Lord, 
then lurncth away fimii them? We will purely lake vengeance on the 
guilty ones." (RouWBLl.). 

" H&n 'oUamanl harran bqad aayyaronl 'abdan." PnovRim. 

" Whoso halli [aughl nii: a lelltr hath made mi- his slave.'' 
" Uanam Isa'e khushlchoDda ki 'alum sbud baman zinda 
Wale nlabac ze. haqq daram man az Mlryoma na ml-daram," 

" I am sweel -smiling Jesus liy whom the world is reviveil, 
Bui my lineage is from God : I knnw nought of Mary." 

" Man an muram IcI dar payam blmaland, 
Na zamburam Id az nlaham blDoland ; 
Ku]a ahtikr-i-ln nl'mat guzaram 
Ki zur-l-mardum azari na daram." Uulhtsn, chip, ^ 

•' I am Ihe itnt which under foot men tread 
Anil not the hornet whose Aerce sling ihcy ilrcad ; 
How for thi> boon shall I my thanks express, 
That I to injure rnxn am powerless." Eastwick. 


" Man an nut budam Id 'aema nabud 
Nlshao az wujud-l-niuaamiiia nabud 
Nlsbtui gaabt mazbar alrr-l-Kulf-l-yar 
Bajme mazbar-1-Haqq Taala nabud 
Musanuna wa 'aama za ma sbud padld 
D&r an dam kl anja man wa ma nabud 
Man an dam blkardam kbudara aujud 
Kl dKT baCn-I-Mlrlam Mselba nabud." Diwan-i^Shahs-i-Tabui. 

" I Has, ere a name had liecn named upon earlh, 
Ere one [race yeL enisled at auuht ihaL has birlh : 
When ihe liicka of Ehe Loved One slreamed forlh (ot a sign. 
And Being was none save the Presence Divine ! 
Named and name were alike cmanalions ham Me, 
Ere au{;hl Ihat was ' I ' yet existed, or ' We ' ; 
Ere the veil of the flesh for Messiah was wrought, 
To the Godhead I bowed in prosliation o( ihoURhl." 

" Man az Quran mag'hz ra bardalchtam 
Uetukbwanra plsh-1-aaKan andakblam." jALntinmx Ritui. 

"1 e 

acted Ihe 

1 of the Kor 

and threiv ihe bone I 

Thou strikes! the <|uill, and I viUal. 

" Uan dha 'lladhl ma aa'a katt, 
Waman labu 'Ihuaaa fakatt? 
Kom fl 'latin salyl-atln 
Wan-atana fiba'l gbalat." 

I all, and who is there who has 
il deed error has plunged us !" 


" Mao {fbiilam-l-an kl u dar bar rabat 
ECbwlabra waall na danad bar eamat. 
Bas rabate kl babayad tark kard. 
Ta ba maakan dar raald ek ruz mard." 

" Man baBll-l-iunr-i-kbud natlaramjuzg-bam 
Dar 'Isbq za nlk wa bad nadaramjuz gham 
Yak bamdani'l'iiamflaz nadaram naf^ 
Yak m'uniB-1-namzad nadaram.tuzgbam," 


" Ki.upht from my life passed here nvc gticl have I, 
Nought from luve'a hope v,nd fcai mve grief hnve I, 
I have no inlimale. no hosom friend. 
So one who holds me desr, save gcief. have I." 


pAHDNAUa UP S'juil, 

" Fi\ luit itie heart upi'n this mnnsiun of plearant btee;KS, 

I'ui iT<i sky ruins iloun i.iilnmit)'." ClaDWIN. 

" Ma nib g^eh ba qaul abt-l-Kbarz 
K'az Ishan rasad m&t wa din ra ahlkaat 
Gharzju ag^r ax tu shud sar-buJand 
8hawad pa« qadr wa Jab-l-tu past 
Agar ba baaudan abudl bamrllcab 
Inan-l-buzursi btdadl zadaet." A^uAH'i-Suimni. 

" I.L'I m,f Ihc ^t Id .^lfi.1i men \x lent, 

Kar they will injure both tile tiuth and state 

As Efcophanis ihiough ihcc grow emineni. 

So will thy greatness and thy power abate ; 

If 10 the enviiHis thou dobt yield consent. 

Ofthy free-will ihouceasest lobe grenl." KiSTWicK. 

" Mani 'btada fa 'Innama yabtadl U: 
ama yadbiUu alalba wa la taziru wazlratuD wlzra 'ukbra wa ma 
Iciuina muadhtbina hatta nab'atha rasula." Koran, chap, 17. 

" For hii own good only shall the guided yield to guidance, and to his 
own lots only shall the errmc err, and the heavy Inden shall not be laden 
with another's load. And we punished nut till we had <iisl sent an 
apostle." ( Rduwkll}, 

a lilful aspect wearelh, 

list sucet the fruit it bciuelh." 


" Man kafftra fa'alaLtU Icufruhu wa ta&xt atnlla sallban fb U 'oDftiai- 
blm yamhadun." Kukas, chmp. ^o. 

" He who disliclievei, on him shall be hU unbelief, and ihey who have 
wrought rigbteoluness, verily they shall spread for themselves couches of 
repose." (Rod well). 


■' Who holds the ilnles he loves hia hands Iwiween 
Conlented pells ihe cluElets not I ween." EastwI'JK. 

" Mam kana yarju Ilqai llabl falooa 'dJaJa 'llaJU la atln wa huwa 
'saanilli 'roJlm. wa man Jaboda fa iDnatna jrujahldu llnatBlIiJ. lana, 

tlaha lag-baolun 'anl I'alamln." Kr<K\\, chip. to. 

'■ To h 

The Ilea 

I «ho hopelh I. 

■I (iod. Ihe set I 
He! and «h.),., 

le of GihI will surely 
lakelh efforis niakelfi 
niigh lo .Ii,|icn5e«iih 

" If any desirelh grealncss, greitness ii wholly wilh (iml. The guod 
word riseih up tu Him, and ihc righleoos deed dolh He exall." 

(R01.WKL. ). 
" UsD kl eulham daima ba In pldar. 

Injahan Chun jauQataaCam darnazar; 

Hot zaman nau surate wa nau Jamal, 

Ta xe. nau dldan faru mtrad mala! ; 

Man hame blnamjahan ra aznatm 

Abhazachaahmajuehon muqlm." J.\i .M.iotuN Rlmi. 

" I uni tvcr in concoid wiih ihis filhei of ours, 

Each'moment a treidi form,"a new I 
5u that weariness vaniihcs at Ihese i 
I lee ihe world filled wilh blensings, 
Fresh wnlers ever welling up from n 

" Uan Qala 'ana' waq'afl I'ana." 

" Whoever says ' I ' falls into 
" Man talaba, wajada." 

■' Who seeks, linds," 
" Man BaanaTB ftiqad ietahadafft." 



makes himself a 

" Man watubiman watujam'asbawlm azsor-l-zauq 
Kbiisb wa farlffb za khurafavl-patiahan vaim wa tu 
Tutlan-l-falakI lumlajlsar ktawar sbawaod 
Dar niaqame kl blkbandim bar an ahac mac wa tu." 


" Thou nnd I individuals no more shall be mingled in ec^lHsy, 
Jiiyful and tecure From foolish bablile, ihuu and I. 
All the bright plumed liiids of heaven nill dcroiit iheir hearl« with etivy 
In the place where we shall Uugh in such a fashion thou anil I." 


" Man 7ahdl 'llahu Ta. huwa Imuhtadl wa man yudhlll fa 'ftulftlea 

(x1 i^idelh is the guided, and ihry uhoin He misleadelh 

" Whoever uniicih guda with God i.i like that which ralleih from o 
liigh, and the liitils tnalch it away, 01 the wind blowelh it away to 
diitant place." (RomvKLL). 

" Whn«, seiif.h his face i.twnrd God wiih wir.iirr. 
of thai tvhich is goud, hath indeed laid hnld of the sui 
unto God is the issue uF all things." 

" Man }njta hikmata Tatiad uta khalran kathlra." 

" lie who has received wisdom, 

" Man yutll IMha wa raauliAu, raqad fbza Ihuzan adhlma." 

Itr and is n doer 
I handle ; Verily 



 Uaqam-t-aman wa mai btg-Beh wa raflq-l-ahaflq 
Oarat mudom muj'asBar shawad zlhl taufiq 
Jahan wa kar-i-Jaban Jumla hlch dar hicb oat 
Hazar beu' man la nuqta karda am tabQlq." H n 

" A peaceful spol, unmingletl wine, snd a conRenial mate. 
If ihese should be Ihy lul beloH". be lliankful for Ihy fale, 
The world ind whut Ihe world perfornns ate bul as noughl 
This veiit)* a ihousund linie^ has lo myself bren tiLughl. ' 

* MaqBudaz Jumla afrinaah maylm 
Darchasbm-l-khiradjauhai' bldash mayl 
Id dalra'ejaban chu anKuahtare ast 
Bl hich Bhakkl naqsh-l-DagliiBsli mayln," 

i, ihc whole ci 

nerctif iht signet is liuma 
I 'Idb ramalta wa laldnna 'II 
" Thou 'lid'sl nol cast wlitn Ihou di.i's 

" Heath iif ihe Ikh!)- is a licncfiiclion to ihe spiritual, 
Whal damage hns pure gold to dread from the shears." 

" Marg a^^ar mard aet, g\i ' nizd-l-maD a 
Ta dar offhushosh blfflram tans tang 
Man az u umrt altanamjawldan 
U za man d&lQesItanad rang rang-,'" Jal^i.uduin Ruhi. 

" If death be a human being siy lo him ' Draw near 
That I may closely fold him in a fond embrace, 
From him I extort l)y force eternal life, 
Whilst he bul snatches frum me the dervish's party -coloured drei 



" The likeness fur [hose oa whom the buiilen of the law was laid, and 
who arteiuards would not bear il, is that uf an asi beneath a load uf 
books." (kouwKix). 

" MathaJu 'lladliina TunSquna 'omwaJabum Q sablll 'Ilahl kamat- 
h&li babbatin 'anbat eab'a Banablla & kulli sunbulatin ml'atu bab- 
batln wa 'llabu yudhattU llman yasbau wa 'llahu waelun 'allm." 

" The simililude of iliose who spend iheir sulBtance in the service of 
God is as the similitude of a grain of corn which producelh seven ears, in 
every rnr  hundred grains ; for God givelh the increase to whom He 
pleaseih ; God is bountifal and wise." (MulK). 

" Matbalu 'lladblna ttalcbadbu mln diml 'llabl aullya' kamathoU 
'lankabutl ttalcbadbat baltao walnna 'aubana 'IbuyutI 'Ibaltu 
'lanlcabutl lau kanu ya*IamuD." Kiif<,,\, itiop. ig, 

" The likeness fur those who take tu themselves guaidiniis besides God 
is the likeness of ihe s|iidei who buitdeih her an house ; but veiily frailc^I 
of all houses is the house of the spider. Hid they but know this 1 " 


" Matbatubum kamathall 'lladhl 'atauqada DBran, miamma 'od- 
ba'at ma baulabu, dbababa 'llabu blnuriblm wa taralcabum fl 
dbulumatin la yubelrun. aummun, bulcmim. "umun, fftbum la 
yarjl'un." K,,i.»^, ch^.H. .. 

 They (the itiftdels) are like one who kindleth a fire, and when il hath 
thrown its light on all atoiind him, God taketh away Iheir ligbt, and 
Icavelh ihem in darkness ihcy cannot sec. Deaf, dumb, blind ; therefore 
ihcy lelracc not their steps from error." (RonwELl.). 


" Matlub Chun ba dast buwad maghnatam ahumar 
Wa an ra za kaf madlh ki pashlmanl award 
Bi83rar kas ki yanj-i-zar asan dihad babad 
Wa ankl za ranj bi dirame ghusaaha khxirad 
Wa za dast rafta baz na asrad ba hich bal 
Chandanki u flghan kunad wa jamaha darad." Anwar-i-Suhbili. 

** Prize hi^h a wished for object when 'lis won, 
Nor let It slip lest thou should'st feel regret, 
Full many a spendthrift when his (;oId is done 
Must under want's stern trials cashless fret, 
For by-gone treasures back shall ne'er return. 
Though clothes be rent and hearts with anguish burn." 


'* Ma tuqaddlmu U'anfusikum min khairin tajlduhu Inda Olahl.'' 

KOKAN, chap. 74. 

•* Whatever good works ye send on for your own behoof ye shall find 
with God." (RODWELL). 

*' MauJ-l-*ata shud i>adld, srhurrish-l-darya rasid, 
Subh-l-ea*adat damid, subh na, nur-i-khudast." 


" The billow of largesse hath appeared, the thunder of the sea hath arrived. 
The morn of blessedness hath dawned. Morn ? No, *tis the light of 
God." (Nicholson). 

" Mautu 'IfUqara rahatxin." Arabic Provrrb. 

** The death of the poor is repose.'* 

*' Ma uthiru 'an yamtadda bl zamani 
Hatta 'an 'ara daiilata 'laugrhadi wa 'ssiftdi 
Taqaddamani 'unasxin kana shutuhum 
Wara khatwlya idh 'amshi 'ala mahall, 
Hadha jazau 'mar in 'aqranuhu daraju 
Mln qabllhi fatamanna fusahata lajali." Ai. Tugh rai. 


Why have my days l>een stretched by fate 
To see the vile and vicious great ? 
While I, who led the race so long, 
Am last and meanest of the throng ? 
Ah, why has death so long delayed 
To wrap me in his friendly shade, 
Left me to wander thus alone, 
When all my heart held dear is gone?" 

J. D. Carlylk. 


" Maya'e miirdum cbaabmoni za gnnah ehuata m 
Qarchl dar grlrlya du sad bar bar atlah kardam, 
Tb rlhad z'atlah fbrda'e qlyamat imruz 
Bliiazr dar rukh-l-zlafat-l-tu *azabaBh kardam." 


the pupils of my eyes, 

" TJiB leaven of sin could nol lie ivashe 
Althoiigli 1 He|.l twice a lumdiecJ tin 
Bui lo lif MTeU from ihc fite of ihc resurieclion, I iu-day, 
Punished ihem by cunUniiilalinE ihy hideous face." (Rehatsuk), 

GanJ yaqln tark diraro kardaa ast 

QanJ ranranra Id tu purat nlBhan 

Nlst b%)u2 ankl ba bakhshl rawan." ANWAii-i.tiuHiii.i 


lies in the 

forsaking pelf, 

Would-il Iho 

1 the Irnce 


■TU only in a 

n tvec-hovi 


" Ma Takunu mln najwa thalathatla Ilia buwa rabl'uhum wa la 
khamsBtln lUn buwa aadlaubum wa la 'adna mln dballka wa la 

'alctbara lUahuwa nta'abum 'aloama kanu." KnkA^, thap. js. 

" Ma yaatawa 'Ibabranl. hadba 'adbbun furatuii se'lffbun ebara- 
bubu wa hadba mllhun ujajua wa mln kulUa ta'kuluna labman 
tariyyan wa tafitakbrljuna hlllyatian talblsunaba, wa tara 'Ifulka 
Stil mawakhara tltabtoffbu mln radblthl, wa la'iillakum taabku- 

'• The l»o icas aie nol alike ; the one is lieih, meti, pleasani (oi irink, 
and ihc oihct Mil, hitler ; yet from both )'« cut freili lish, and lake U-titi 
for youfKlves OTiuimciilK lt> wwr ; and thou letst the shipi cicavinf; ihe 
waters ihni yc may gu in ijucii of Hit bounlie^! and haply ye will be 
Ihankful." Kohan, cJmp. 35. 

" Ma ya'zubu 'an rabblka mln mithqalln dbarratln fl 'lardhl wa la 
fl 'saamal wa la 'OBKhara mln dhollka wa la 'akbara Ilia B kltabln 
nmbin." Ko'ia>. tbaji. 10. 


" Not Ihe weight of a 
nor U there aughi ihnt 
spicuoiis Book. 

Rtom on earth or in heaven escapelh ihy Lord j 
1e!^ (ban this or grmler, bat it is in Ihe per- 


o the vale of guile and fraud Ihy footsteps bend, 
lilt fall Into the snare of sorrow in the end." 


" Mazan laf bl klbrl k'an az iilBban p&'e mur 
Dar ehab tarik bar sang-l.alyah plnhantar ust 
Wa za damn kardan birun asan ma glr anra k' 
Kubra kaadan blauzan az «a " 

J,^«l (Bl... 


" Hoasl not of having no pride because it is more invisible 

Than the mark of an ant's foot on a hinck rock in a dark night. 
Think it nut easy lo extirpate from Lhy heart, 

For it is more ea.'jy to rout up a mountain from the earth with a needia" 

" Mlbman^I-tii am dar aaff arbab Iradat 
Bl nlahaala. ba bar chiz ki ayad za tu rad ; 
Blitlbada bakbwan-l-karamat dida'e iinunld 
In 'am tura montazaram, na mutaqazl." 

n Thy pleasure, 


•■ 1 jni Thy gucil in tht ranks of those who wail up 
Content *iih everylhing that proceeds from Thee . 
Fixing on the (able of Thy bounty the eyes of hope, 
I ivail Fur Thy blessings, and asli not imperiously for them." 

Asiatic Jouunai- 
" Ml-pursldi Id chist In nafb-l-majaz 
Qar bar ffuyam hatilqatosh, hast daraz. 
Hal^lat padtd amoda az daryaye 
Wa angah ahuda baq'ar-l-an darya baz." Oimh Khkvvam. 

" Vou ask wliat is this life, so frail, so vain, 
'lis lunt; lo tell, yet I will make it plain, 
'Tis but a breath blown from the vaity deeps, 
And then blown back Co those same deepi ngain." 



" Ulbr palun darmlyan dll niehan 
Dll ma dlh ilia ba mihr dll icbuehan ; 
Kue naummedl maru ummldhast 
Bue tarlkl mam. kburshid haat," Jalalludih Ruhi. 

" Then luve the saints ; iheir love plant deeply in Ihy heart, 
The pure of mind kIdhc deserve a pure love's part, 
Court not despair ; hope ever springs in human breast, 
Seek not the dnrk ; the sun of lighl shines full confesl." 


" Mihlari dar qabul-l-flrmanaat 
Tark-l-flrmaD dalll-i-haramanaat ; 
Bar kl Blma-l-raeton darad 
Sar-i-kbldiQat bar astan darad." Guli^an, cbup. t. 

" Greatness consists in bowing to God's will. 
Rebellion proves thee Inllled, outcast Mill ; 
Who bean imprcsseti the tokens of the ju«, 
Will place his htait submissive in the dust." 

" The sect of lot crs is distinct from all otheri. 
Lovers have a religion and a faith of their own." 


" Hla ayatlbi 'llaltu we. 'cnaharu wa 'ahshamau wb 'Iqamaru la 
taajudu lllsbehamal wa ta lUqamarl wa 'sjudu I'lllabl 'lladbl khala- 
qahunna, in kuntum lyyabu ta 'buduD." Kohak, thip, 11, 

" Among flis signs arc the night and the day nnd the sun and the moon. 
Bend not in adoralioti to the sun or the muon, but Iwnd in adoration before 
God who created them both if yc uould seivc Him." Kodwbll. 

*'iotie the prophet and '»y " He ii all 
lie belicveih m God >nd l«1ievelh the 

what tliy father knew, if thou would'sl hold 
ace. In ten dnys ihuu will s|H;niI his gold." 



" Mirlhand arwah har shab za in qails 
Faricrhan bi hakim wa mahkum kas, 
Shab za zindan bikhabar zlndanian 
Shab za daulat bikhabar sultanlan, 
Na GTham wa andisha-e-sud wa ziyan 
Na khiyal in fulan wa an ftilan, 
Hal arif in bud bi-khwab ham 
Ouft izid ham raqud za in maram, 
Khufba az ahwal dxinya ruz wa shab 
Chun qalam dar panja-e-taqlib Rabb." Jalaluodin Ruml 


Every night spirits are released from this cage (the body) 
And set free, neither lording it nor lorded over, 
At night prisoners are unaware of their prison, 
At night kings are unaware of their majesty, 
Then there is no thought or care for loss or gain, 
. No regard to such an one or such an one, 

The state of the * knower ' is such as this even when awake 
God says ' Thou would'st deem him awake though asleep,' 
Sleeping to the affairs of the world day and night 
Like a pen in the directing hand of the writer. (Whinfibld). 

** Miskin dil-i-dardmand-i-diwana'e man 
Hushsrar na shud za ishq-i-Janana'e man 
Buze ki sharab-i-ashiqe midanad 
Dar khvm-i-Jigar zadand paimana'e man." Omar Khawam. 

** My heart weighed down by folly, grief and tine. 
Is e*er inebriate with love divine ; 
When as the Loved One portioned out His wine. 
With my heart's bloo I He filled this cup of mine.** 


" Miskin-i-haris dar hama 'alam hami dawad 
IJ dar qafa'e rlzq wa ajal dar qafa'e u." Gilistan, chap. 8. 

** Poor greedy wretch ! where'er he drags himself 
Death him pursues, while he's pursuing pelf." 


" Miskin khar agarchi bi tamizsLSt, 
Chun bar hami barad, ' ; 
Oawan wa khajran-l-barbardtir 
Blh az admian-i-mardum-azar." Gui.isi an, chap. i. 

** True, ihe poor ass is dull ; but then 
For carry inj; loads, 'tis dear to men. 
The carrier ox, llie palieiU ass 
Man's tyrant, cruel man surpass.'' KasTWICK. 


" Mls-l-haetiyaC cbu Uuea oa za kdmiyasb zar shud ? 
Chi gbam aat, aerar chu Qarun, bajuwal ebt na dart 7 
Ba dlnm-l-tu'at Mlsre ki tu'l Bhakar altanast 
Cbl frhamaat, agaj'za blrun madad-t-abakaj- na darl7" 

"Has not ihe coppei of yoot eiislence been clianged, like Moses to gold 
by his alchemy, 
W'hal matlei though you have no gold in a sack liUe Qarun ? 
Wiihin you is an Kgypt unci you are its garden of sugai>ciines, 
W'hal mailer though you fiave no supply of sugar from without ? " 

" Mly ana's taraftiia az slfbt chaitdanl 
Totbwatast ki az aftab t^ boBuhs 
Paa Ikhtiyar wasat ra'at dajjaml aratlr 
Bad'an dalil fsi Icbatru 'I'amur ausataba," a»;waH'I>Si;hbiu. 

" Extremes of quality as sejiatalc are 
As the bright sun and ihe obscurest star ; 
Where/ure lo cho-ise the midmost thing is best, 
Since all ' the Golden Mean ' as true attest." 

" Ulyana'e tu wa an Id zabon zadl zakhmash 
Bashair Btibbat-I-aang- wa aabu na ktawabad abud, 
Jarahate kl za tlgb-l-zaban rasad ba dlle 

Ba hJcb marham rahat nilcu nakbwabad etaud." akwak-i-Suhkili- 
" Both thou and they who from thy sarcasms smart, 
Will be such comrailcs as Ihe stone and cup.* 
The wound the tongue inflicts upon the heart 
Ko loothing ointment ever can close up." Eastwick. 

Hafii Oi», le 

n Ihe Kaala and the wine-house no difference I see, 
er the ipol my eye surveys, ihcte eijualiy is He," 


" The lover shineth among his fellows as in heaven 
The brilliant moon among the host of stars.** (NICHOLSON). 

" Miyan-i-u ki khuda afirida ast az hlch 
Daqiqa ast ki hich afirida nakshadat, 
Oada'e kui tu az hasht khuld miista^hnist 
Asir-i-bcuid-i-tu az har du 'alam azadast." Hapiz. 


The connection with Him which God out of nought hath created. 

Is a subtlety which no created being hath solved ; 

Independent of the eight abodes of Paradise is the beggar of thy street. 

Free of both worlds is thy bound captive." Clarkb. 

'* Mur grard award ba tablstan 
Ta fiEuragrlxat buwad zamlstanash." Gulistan, chap. 7. 

** The ant in summer corn upheaps, 
'Tis thus in winter with abundance fed." (Eastnvick). 


Mur ki ba kag'haz did u qalam 

Ouft ba mur digar in raz ham 

Ki ajaib naqshaha an kalak kard 

Hamchu rihan wa chu susan zar wa ward ; 

Ouft an mur asb'a ast an pishawar 

Wa in qcklam dar Tal far*a ast wa asr ; 

Ouft an mur seyam az bazu ast 

K'asb'a laghar za zurash naqsh bast ; 

Hamchunin miraft bala ta yake 

Mihtar mur an fatan bud andake 

Ouft k'az surat na binld in hunar 

Juz ba aql wa Jan najumbad naqshaha." Jalai.uudin Rumi. 

** An ant who saw a pen writing on paper 
Delivered himself lo another ant in this way : 
* That pen is making very wonderful figures 
Like hyacinths and lillies and roses/ 
The other said * The finger is the real worker. 
The pen is only the instrument of its working ; * 
A third ant said, ' No ! the action proceeds H:om the arm, 
The weak finger writes with the arm's might ; * 
So it went on upwards, till at last 
A prince of the ants who had some wit 
Said, * Ve regard only ihe outward form of this marvel. 
It is only from reason and mind that these figures proceed.** 

(Whin FIELD). 

** Mur shahwat shud za culat hamchu mar 
Mar-i-shahwat ra dar ibtida ; 
Wama inak gasht marat azhdaha 
Lek har kas mur binad mar-i-khwish 
Tu za sahib-i-dll kun istifsar-l-khwish." udin Rumi. 

" The snt of lusl btcimes by h«bit like a snalic, 
SUy fiist or all the iniike of your lust, 
Else this snake oryourE will become > dragon ; 
Bat every one regards hii own snake as an ant. 
Go inquire of your true state from a man of heart," 
" Uu'BlIlm nlytuuukht fohm wa rae 
Sorlsht.l-iii eitatj dar nujudat khuda'e ; 
Oorat man 'a karde dil-1-l)aqq nlwosh 
Baqqat 'aln-l-batll namude ba guah." a«T*N op s'ahi. 

" Tne inslructor inughl ihce not underslnnding and judgment, 
God created these tiualities in thy eiistence ; 
If He had refused ihee a heart tiuih'hearit^. 
Truth would have appeared lo ihy eye the essence of falsehood." 

" Mubtlla'e ba Khaiu wa mlhnat wa andub-l-aroq 
Ey dll In nala wa afKban-i-tu bl chlze neat ; 
Du3h bad az aar-i-lcuyash ba giiliBtan blg\izaeht 
Byfful, in chalc-1-glrlban-i-tu bl chlze nest." Hsriz. 

" With the grief, ihe pain, the lotrow of separation, thou atl distressed , 
O heart 1 this thy wailing and lamentii^ without something is not, 
Ijui night from the head of his slieel the wind patted to the rose-garden, 
U loee '. this rent «f ihy collar wiihunt something is not." (Clakkk}. 

,n gar khuah Bhawand be zar-1-Qalb 
L«|[ an ruawa aha wad dar dar-l-zorb 
Ta zar andudlyat az rab a'afisabd 
Ta khujal Icazh tura chah □'aTgaDd." Jauluddin Rvmi. 

■' A (mupci may .imused be wild counterfeited coin, 
Ilut lake ibis l» Ihe mint ; defaced 'twill be in Gne ; 
Then be not thou misleil ivith gilded cuuateTfeii, 
Delusion will lliee plunge hendlung into hell's pit."' 


" Mubal aat a^ar aor bar In dar ntbl 
Kl baz ayadat dost-l-bajat, tlbi : 
Ebudaya. muqaaaar bikar amadlin. 
Tlhidoet wa tiniiBldwar amadim." Bus7\). or S'aih. 

■' li is im(" ir thou proslrate lhy>*lf at God's threshold ihat the hand 
of Ihy need should return cmiiiy, 
O dnd ! we met cunie lo thee dcfic 
yet trustful we are come." 


" Muhammad Ic'azaJ ta abod bar chi hast 
Bb araiBh nam-l-u naqah bast 
ChlraKbe kl anwar binlash badu'st 
Farug-b hama afrlnlah badu'Bt." AriwAii-i-SrKBiij. 

" From pasi eit^riiily lo ihe uncnJine future 'lis 
Muhfimniacl's name ihat gilds whaiever is, 
So\c lamp ii he whence beHnii ofsplenduuc shine. 
In him creation's spleniloitrs a.11 combine." EastwiCK. 

•' Miihfcmmadup rasulu llahl w'aUBdhlns ma'abu 'BSbl<Iau 'alB. 
'Ucafl^n rubamau batnabum. tarahum nikk'aan sujjadan yabtos- 
huna fadhlan mlna'llabl wa Hdhwanan. simahum B wujuhlbtm 
min athati ssujudt. dhallka mathaluhum fl 'taurati wa mathalu- 
hum fl 'llnjill, kazarin 'akhraja ahatahu fazaraliu. Ta 'sta^'hlBdlia, 
Tastawa 'ala auqlhl, yu'jlbu 'zzurra'a, Uyaghldha bihlmu '1 InURira." 

" Muhaminad is ihc jVposlle of God ; and his cnmrades aie most 
vehement against unbehex'ers, hut full of tenderness omnng themselves. 
Thou mnyesi see them bowing down, piostraling Iliemselvcs, imploring 
&tvoars from God and his good pleasure in them. Their loluns are on 
their bees, the tnces of Iheir proslraliona. This is their [ricture in the 
Law and thnr picture in the Ei*angc1. They are as the seed which pnitelli 
forth its stalk ; and atrenglheneth it. and it groweth stout and riseth upon 
its stem lejoicing the .sowers, lo incense the unbelievers by their meana. 


" Muhl3(ya kunad ruza'e mar wa mur 

Wa^ar chand b) daat wa pae and wa zur 

Bl oiiirash wujud az 'adam naqsh bast. 

Kl danadjuz u kardan az Diet baat? 

Ma bar auj zatash para murKb-i-wahm 

Na dar zaiH-waafaah rasad dast-l-fabm." Bostak or S'adi. 

" He (jtepdres the daily food of Uie snake and Ihe ant, 
Although they are without hands and feel nnd slienglh. 
By His order He portrayed eiislence from non exislence 
Who except Him knowa how to make I he enisling from the non-exisiing? 
The bird of fancy flies not to the summit of His nature. 
The power nf the intellect arrives nol at.lhe skirl of His desciiplion." 

" Muhalnan murdand wa Ihsanaha bamand. 
By khunuk ao ra kl io markab baraiid ; 
Zftllman murdand wa tnanad an Eulmaha 
Waljanek-ukunadmakar wadagba." Jalai.vudib Rtui, 

" The generous die bul thtir kindnfss remains, 
U liappv he who drove Ihi* ch.ntJoL (of kindness), 
The unjust die nnd llieir injuslicc remains, 
Alas for the soul commiis deceit and fraud," 


" MUhtftJ-l-qlsBa nlst garat qaed-l-Jan-l-ma'at 
Chun rakht azan-l-t'UBt ba yagbma chl hujatast ? 
Jam-l-Jahannuma zamlr-l-inuiilr-l-dust 

n be Thine agajnsi our life, there is no need of preteace, 
When the chattels are Ihinc, of plondet is what need ? 
The cup woild-ilisplaying a the luminous mind of the friend of God, 
Then of the reveahng of my own necessity is what need t" Clakkb. 

" The Hhile hair comes, its message gives from fale and terror's king, 
And the crooked back and stoopinf; form death's saliitnlion bring. 

East WICK. 

" Mujrlm gar in daqlqa badanad kl dambadam 
Mara cht laziaG ast ba 'afu Enmabgar 
Bamwara Irtlltabjuralm kunad ba'amd 
Dalm ba nlzd-l-ma gunab arad ba Itlzar," AnwAR-r-SuHEiLi. 

" Did the offender know what bliss to me 
Arises from Ihe pardon of * sin. 
He'd ever err intentionally. 
And wilh excuses some neu- crime begin." EastwtcK. 

" Mi^rtm kuBhta'e afal-l-khwlab aat 
Ohu bue afti yabod. zluda gardad ; 
Agar eurat podratt palkar-1-afu 
Chu mlhr wa muehtarl tabdlb grardad." An»*e-i-Suhkii,i. 

" Their o«n bad actions do the guilty slay 
The scent of pardon lifis ihem from the grave ; 
Could He in ouiuard ihape aweel mercy see, 
Than Sun or Jupiter mure hrighl she'ii he." Eastwick. 

•■ Mulcballfat-1-muzl ba malaab ma kun 
Kl bllcbasb bar awrad bayad za bun : 
Malcun sabr bar 'amil-l-zulm dust 
Cbu az brblhl bayadasb kand pusC. 
Bar-l-gurg bam awwal burld 
Na obim guepandatt-l'mardam darid." Bottah or S'jtDb 


" Exercise not retribution against the despoiler by confiscation of 

But it is proper to destroy his root from the foundation. 
Exercise not patience with the agent of the friend of tyranny, 
Since on account of his fatness (from extortion) it is proper to flay 


It is also proper at first to cut off the wolfs head 
Not at the time when he tore in pieces the sheep." Ci^rkb. 

" Mukhalif-l-tu yake mur bud wa mare shud 
Bar awar az ear an mnr mar firashta damar 
Madlh zamanash az In bish wa ruzgrar ma bar 
Kl azhdaha shawad ar ruzgrar yabad mar." Anwar-i-Suhkh.!. 

** Thy foe was but an ant, a serpent now is he ! 
Then on this snake-turned ant take vengeance now. 
For soon this serpent will a mighty dragon be. 
If thou delay and him to live allow." Eastwick. 

*' Mukbalifu I'aiyyam zidd taba'aha 
Mutatlab fl 'Ima Jculbwata narin, 
Wa idha rajauta 'Imustahilan fa 'innama 
Tabna 'Iraja 'ala shaflr harin 
Fa 'raishu nauman wa 'Imuniyatu aiqculbuliu 
Wal maru bainahuma kbiyaiu sarin." 

Ali bin Muhammbu Al TaHAJ4V. 


Believe not Fate at thy command 

Will grant a meed she never gave ; 

As soon the airy tower shall stand 

That's built upon a passing wave. 

Life is a sleep of threescore years, 

Death bids us wake and hail the light. 

And man with all his hopes and fears 

Is but a phantom of the night." J. D. Carlyi.e. 

" Mukhannas bib az mard-i-shamshir zan 
Ki rlz-i-waerba sar batabad chu zan." Bostan op S'adi. 

** An impotent one is better than the swordsman, 

Who, m the battle-day turns away his head woman like." 

" Mulkatri-ashiqe wa kunj-i-tarab 

Har chi daram zi yunmi daulat-i-u'st." Hafiz. 

** The realm of being a lover and the corner of joy, 

All I have is from the favour of the fortune of His." 

" Mulk-i-*uqba khwah k*an khurram buwad 

Zsjra'e z'an mulk sad 'alam buwad, 

Jahd kun ta dar miyan in nishast 

Zarra'e z'an 'aiamat ayad ba" Anwak-i-Slhbili. 


" Seek then the world to come foe joys arc there ! 
Not with its smallest portion coald compare 
A htindied worlds ; then strive, where now thoa art 
To win of that mote happy world a. part." Easi w 

" Mulk-I-Barasar zj 

" Mulku 'Iqana'atl la Tukhsba ^aUU. wala 
Yuhtoju fltU -11a I'ansarl wa llcliawall 
Taidu 'Ibaqa bldarlc la thabata laha 
FabaJ eamlta bldhUlln gbalrl muntogallii 7 " 

No caies annoy, no sorrows shade, 
There placed secuic, in peace we rest, 
Not au^hi demand to make us blest. 
While pleasure a gay fanlnitic bower. 
The tpleridid pageant of an hour. 
Like yonder meteor in ihe skies 
Flits with a breath no more Lo rise." 


** Mumlnanra burd bashad 'aqlbaC 
Ba munaQq mat andar akhlrat ; 
Qarcbl bar du bar ear-i-yak bazi and 
Lek baham Maragbzl wa Razland ; 
Har yaia sue mai^am-l-kliud rawad 
Har yakl bar wafg-l-nam-l-lchud rawad." 

" Victory falls lo (he believers at last, 
The hypocrites have death in the neit world. 
Allhough both parties are engaged ir 
Yet, as regBrds one another, they ari 

inhabitants of Mciv and Rai ii.<.,. 


" MuDatrbKhas buwad 'alsb-l-an taaduruBt 
Kl baabad ba pahlawi bimar Bust 
Cbu bliiam Id darwlBb-I-miskiii oa khwurad 
BiKam ondaram lugma zabr ast wa dard," Boctan of S'adi. 

" The enjoyment of him that is soun I in health is troubled, by whose side 
is Glretchetl the enfeebled victim nf disease ; 
When I see that the poor iJacivcsh has not eaten, the morsel turns on 
my own palate to poison anil pain.'' (Falconek). 


"lama bird of the lieav«nly yaiden ; I belong nol to Ihe carlhly sphere. 
They have mnde for two oi Lhice days a cage of my body." 

" MuTKh-i-dilam taJr aat qudBi-i-'arsh ashiyan 
Az qalta-1-tan malul. serBhudaazJohan. 
Az eor-l-in kbakdan cbun biparad muTKb-l-jan 
Baz nlBblman Icuaad bar dar-l-an aatan ; 
Dar duJabanaBh makan oiBt bajuz rauq-!-cbarkh 
Jlsm-l-way az m'adan ast, jan-l-way az la makan." 

Hafij Ode. 465. 

" My soul is as a sacied liird, the highest heaven its nest, 
Fretting within the body's l>ais il iin'ls on earth no lest. 
When, speeding from (his dusty heap, this bird of mine shall soar, 
'Twin find u])on yon lofty gate the nest it had before, 
No fpot in the two worlds II owns— above the sphere its goal ; 
Its boily from the quarry is, from No-place is its SOUl." 

" Murgb-i-lilnimat chu bal blkushayad 
'Az wa IqbalaBli ashlyan bashad 
Piah-1 -chausan-1 -himroat-l-'ala 

Kamtarln etuo aaman basbad." Akiiliq-i-I 

" When the bird of ambition expands her wings, 

" Murffbra par mlbiird ta asblyan 
Par mardam hlmmatast ey marduman 
Ashiqe k'aluda sbud dar khair vta, aharr 
Kbalr wa sbarr maQgar, tu dar hlmmat nlgar. 
Baz agar baabad supld wa bl oazlr, 
Cbunkl Baiadasb musb basbad. sbud baqlr ; 
War buwad cbagbde wa mail-l-u ba sbah 
n sar baz an aat, toabgar dar kLdab." 


" A bird flies with iis wings lowatds its nesi, 
The wings of a man are his aipiralion and aim. 
If a lover be befoaled with good and evil 
Vet rcRacd cot these ; [eeuid rather his aspiration, 
Though a falcon be all white and unmatched in form, 
If he hunts mice, he is contemptible and worthless, 
And if a.a uwl lixes his affection on the king, 
He is a falcon in reality ; regard not his outward form." 
" Murtdao ba guwat ze, titlan kom and 

" The disciples a 
The sbeilihs ar 

e in strength 
like a strun 

less than children 


Za dast-l-tu blh, keu- 'aqubat baram." 


" Make not a person, like unio 
If 1 bear piiniihmenl, it is ha 

nyself, ruler over 
from thy hand." 


Muebahadata Tabrer ba 



" The vision of the piou 

s is lielween 


ce and obscurity 

" MuBbk alud 'ast am ma muebk cat 
But muabkaataah wale Juz pasblc nal 
Takl paebke muahk grardad. ey mtirid. 
Salba bayad dar an rauza charid." Jauludoik Rvul. 

" Uk Is only scented with musk, he is not himielf musk. 
He smells of musk, but is really naught but dung, 
for his dung to Itecomc musk, O disciple. 
He must craie year after year in the divine patlurc." 

" Muebkll-]-kbndab baplr-1-muKban burdamdusb 
E'u tia ta'ld-l-Dazar-i-balM-mu'amma ml-kard 
Dldainaah kburram wa kbandan qadab-e-bada ba daat 
Wa andar an aina Bad gtina tamaaba ml-kard 
Quftam 'In Jam-l-Jaban blnbatu kldadbaklm?' 
Out 'An ruz kl In frumbad-l-mlna mi-kard.' " H^rii. 

" l.asl eve unto the Magian Sbeikh to mlve my doubts I tiew-. 
To him who by bis piercing gaie lo secrets found the clue, 
I saw him smiling and content, the wine-cup in his hand, 
And in its world -revealing glass a hundred things he scanned, 
I said 'When gave the Lord All-Wise that wondrous cup to thee?' 
He said ' When the enamelled Dome was foimed by Hit decree.'" 



And give: 


" Miiabtawl Ichwalil ki az wai zar bari. 
Blh zataaqq leal bastaad. eyjan, mtishCariT 
Mlkhlrad az molat ambae najas, 
Mldlhad nur aamlr muktabas 
Mtsltauad in najosjlaoi fbna, 
MldihBd nrnllcl birun az ix'alim-i-ma, 
MlBltanad gatre chande az lehk, 

d qaiid rlahk." Jaljilui 

" Seelt ye a puichaser who will pay you ga]d, 
Whetc will ynu find one more liberal Ihan God ? 
He buys the worthless rubbish which is your wdllh. 
He pays you ihe light th« illumines your heari, 
He accepts iheac froien and lifeless bodies of yours 
Afwl ni..-* you a kingdom beyond what you dream of, 
a few drups of your leaia 
you Ihe divine fount sweet 

" Muslya [ adab danaii disarand 
Sukhtajan va rawaaan dlKarand 
Oar- kbata fr»yad. u-ra khate magu 
Oar aliawad pur khua, sbahidan ra maehu. 
Kbun Bhabtdanra az ab aulatar aat, 
In khatB az aad sa'wab aulatar aet," Jalal 

" O Moaes t the lovers of fair riles me one class, 

They whose hearts and souls bum with love ate anol 
If they speak amiss, call them not sinners. 
If a martyr be stained with bluoJ, wash it not away, 
Ulood is better than WHier lor martyrs. 
This fault is btlicr ihan a thousand curreei forms.'" 
" Muaahnaoan. mara waqte dlle bud 
Ki ba wal ^uftaml Kar musbkile bud. 
Dlle hamdard wa yare maehlahat bin 
KI isttzhar-l-har ahl-l-dile bud 
Zamari zai Bhudandar kueJanaD," 

■• O Muslims once a heart was mine 
Whereto I used tu speak if there was n difficulty ; 
A heart fellow- sufferer, help;r, counsel -percejver, 
That was the aid-->eeker of men of heart ; 
But in the Beloved's street the heart was lost to me 


" Did the Musulman understand what the Idol is. 
He would know that theie is religion even in idolatry." 

(E. G. Brownb). 


be mendeil." 

" Mutrib blsaz -ud kl kae b: 

n orator his defects, his di:icour-^i 

" Where is the good li 
1 am 11 bird nf I'aiiic 

rtith Thee? I 

" Mushda ey dll Id dlgax bad-l-eaba ban amad, 
Hudhud-1-lchLiBh khabar az taraf-l-Saba baz aroad, 
Bar kaah ey murKh-l-eabor nasma'e Daudl baz 
Ki Sulalman^l-fful az tantf-i-hawa bat amad." 

" O heul ! glad tidings I fur the tiiorning breeze hath cotnc 
From the quarters of Saba the lapvring or good news hall' 
O bird of (he morning prolong the melody uT David, 
For from the quartf--'^-' "^ ' 

CI of the ail the Solomon of the i 

lie b»ck." 

"MuBhdal muzbdaf oak hatDl-ayad bal 
Ta buwad tabao ehlirufa cbun Klrib ; 
Ta kuDand an mewaba palda ETliib ; 
Obun Bbig'UfBi riklit mewa sar kunad 
CbunkI tan blahkast Jan ear bar kuna< 


" Good news : Good new ! Lo 1 the opting is al hand, 
If the blojionis did not shine as bright helmets, 
How could Ihc (lults disfilay IhcJt globe* ? 
When the blossoms are shed, the fruili come to a head. 
When the body is deslroyed, ilie soul lifts up its hesd." 



" Na an Id bar dar-i-dawa olaliinitd ax khalqe 
Wa ffai' khllaf kunandaeh ba Jang bar kbizad. 
Agar za. kub thru gbaltad osla sange 
Na arlflast tcl az rab-l-saiiK barkhizad," G 

" Not at strife's door sils he ; when Ihwsited, ni 
Starts up to contest ; all unmoved his soul. 
He is no uinl who from the path would stir 
ThouEh a huge slone should from a 

His wodh should be deletmined by hU iHlletice." {i 

" Na t>ar auj zataah parad muivh-1-wahni 
Na dar xsil woafosh raaad daat-l-ftihm ; 
Dar In w&rta klehtl tarn sbud bazar 
Kl palda na shud taklita'e bar klnar." B»»Tn \ 

" The bird of fancy flies nol to the summil of Elis nature, 
The power o( the intellect arrives not at the skirt of his desciipliori, 
In this whirlpool a thousand ships of reason foundered 
ta such a way thai not a plank was found on the murge." (Cl.ARK^^ 

 Na tyej- iishtnre sawaram na chu aBtar Eir-l-baram 
Na khudawand-1-r'alyat na ghulam-l-Hhatuiyaram 
Qham matijud na pariah ani m'adum na daram 
Nafei mlsMinam aeuda wa unjarl Ijaaar aram." Gul.l^^^^. chip, ». 

" I ritte not on a camel, but am free liom load and trammel. 
To no subjects am I lord, and I fear no monarch's word ; 
I think not of the morrow, not recall the bygone sorrow 
Thus 1 breathe exempt from strife, and thus moves on my tranquil life." 

{East WICK). 



" Na bayad shud be. bast wa nlet khuebnud 

Dar in hastl Id yabad olsCl zud 

Chaahanad ab wa bar aUsb nlahacad 

BabakbBbad chlz wa angab wa sltanad 

Dlbad blsltanad wa are nadarad 

Ba Jue dad wa altad kare nadarad." Anuar-i-Sviieii-i. 

" In Ihis exislrnce so siion la expire, 
The being ot no: being shuuld nut make u.s gay, 
II gives us Wilier, puts us In the lite, 
Freely Imluttx a thing then snatches il iwsy, 
II gives, it matches luck nnd has no shame. 
Taking and giving, iti task is this the same." Eastwick. 

" Na blnad mudd'al juz khwlatat&nra 
Ki darad parda pindar dar pish ; 
Oarasb cbasbm-1-lcbiida blol ba bakhahsd, 
Na blnad blch kaa 'ajlztar az kbwiah." Ciilistak, chap. i. 

" Naught bul themselves can vain pretenders mark 
For conceit's cUHain inlcicepLs Iheit view ; 
Did God illume that which in them is Haik, 
Naught than themselves would wear a dirker hue." 


" Na blnandjuz nek khuyon bihjsht 
Ba duzakb bvird mord-ra khue zlsht." Bhutan of S'adi chap. < 



" Na burda ba subb dar tatab shame chand 
NanliadB za khwlabcan blrun game cband, 
Dar klawat-l-kbass amada 'ame chand 
Badnam kunlnda'e nlkuoame cbaod." 


*' These dullards never burn the midnight oil 
In deep research, nor do they ever toil 
To step beyond themselves but dress them fine. 
And others' reputation try to spoil." Whinfibld. 

" Na burda rax^ firax^j znuyaasar na shawad 
Mazd an gririft, Jan blradar, ki kar kard.** Anwar-i-Suhbiu. 

" Who bears not toil, will ne'er the treasure gain, 
His is the guerdon, brother, whose the pain." Eastwick. 

** Na chandan bikhur k'az dlhanat bar ayad 
Na chandan ki az z*uf Janat bar a,yad." Gulistan, chap. 3. 

'* Eat not so as to cause satiety. 
Nor yet so little as of want to die." Eastwick. 

'* Nadanad kase qadar-i-ruz-i-khiishi 
Maerar ruze ufliad bisakhti kashi." Bostan of S'adi, chap. 8. 


** A person knows not the value of a day of pleasure. 
Save on that day when he falls to hardship enduring.' 


" Na danisti ki bini band bar pae 
Chu dar grushat maznad pcknd mardum ? 
DigrcLT rah grar na dari taqat-i-nish 
Makun angrusht dar surakh-i-kazhdum." Gulistan, chap. 1. 

** Knewest thou not that thou would*st see the chains upon thy feet. 
When a deaf ear thou turnedst on the counsels of the wise ; 
If ihe torture of the sting thou canst not with courage meet. 
Place not thy finger in the hole where the sullen scorpion lies." 


** Na darad khiradmand az faqr 'ar 
Ki bashad nabira az flaqr iftlkhar." Pandnama of S^adi. 

** The wise man reckoneth not poverty any dishonour 
Since poverty was the Prophet's glory." Gi^Dwm. 

" Ncuiarim erhair az tu faryad ras 
Tu'i *aslyanra khata bakhsh wa bas 
Nigrahdar mara az rah-i-khata 
Khata dar gruzar wa sawabam numa." Pandnama of S'adu 

** We have none excepting Thee for our defender, 
Thou art the all-suftkient forgiver of transgressors. 
Preserve us from the road of sin, 
Pardon our misdeeds and instruct us in righteousness." 



Kl az dlhontiBh bodor Enl-kuDand dandcuilf 
Qlyoa lEun kl ctal halaah buwod dar an aa'at 
Ki as wiijud-l-aalzafib badar rawad Janl." Gu l 

" liasl [hou ne'er inacked his B^ony, 

Oul from whose jaw a loolh is wrenched ? 
Then Ihink whal must his feelings be 
Whose life, dear life, is lieing quenched." 

" Nadimtu oadamata 'Ikuaayy lama 
Obaddat mlniil muctalaqatan Nawani, 
Wa kaDQt Janaatl, fakharajtu mlnha, 
K'Adam bina 'alchrajahu 'adiraru : 
FakuoCu kafOqin 'alnalbl 'amdan. 
Fa 'asbaha ma yadtiau 'nnaharu." 

1 feci 

repcnlanci; like thai of Al Kosai, now lliat Nanar lias been put 
PariJiie anil I have left her, like Ailam when Ad Dirac 

She was my Fnratliie 

drove him forih, 
t have been as one who put oul hi'; eyes wilfu 

morning and the sun shines not lo him." 

" Nadim wa mutrib wa aakl bama uet 
Ehujal-l-ab wa gll dar rah babana 
Wujud-i-ma mu'amtnalat, Hafiz 
Ki tahqlqaah fusunaet wa fasana." 

" Companion, minstrel, Saki, — all is B 
Al the way's phanlom clay and watei 
Man it a riddle and but vain pretenci 
Is his, O Hafiz, who would solve its 
" Nabkh HUT amr aat aK yandan pak 
Kl bararld ay zara'lr sar za khak 
Baz ayadjan har yak dar banian 
Hamchu subb hush Jan andar badan 
Jan ten khudra shlnakht waqt ruz 
Dar kbaraba khud dar ayad Chun kanuz." 

H.1FIZ OUB, jBj. 


" The blast of the last Irump will be Goil's command 
To every atom lo lift its head from the earth, 
The souls also of each will return la Ihcii bodies, 
Even as senK returns (o bodies awaking from sleep, 
On that mom each soul will recognise ill own body 
And rclutn to its own ruin like hidden treasure." 

" Nafbat baaag-i-kbaDa haml macad raat 
Jul bans-i-mlyan tlhi az u bicb nakbwast. 
Buba siralaat wa kbwab khargiieh dlhad 
Aabub-l-palanif darad wa Kurg dagbast." 



" Not every one who with strong arm bears sway, 
Can boast ai his eilortians in (he cod ; 
To swallow Ihe rough bone thnu may'st some way 
Devise ; but once permit it to descend 
Down to the navel, 'Iwill thy belly rend." (EasTWiCK). 

" Nahnu banu 'Imauta, tame, baluna na'aJu ma la tiiadda mln shur- 
Tajklialu eydlna bl 'arwahiaa 'ala Katnanln liia mlQ kaablbl 
Fabazlhl 'I'arwahu mlajanrwlhl wa haza 'lajaadu mln tiirbibl 'aTkard 'tashlqu fl muntaha htienl lladhl yaebitit. lam yaebibl 
Lam nara qoma 'shsbamal & sharqlhl IteahalEkatl 'lanfusu fl Khar 

blbl." M^^»^^*«l. 

" We are Ibe sons of ihe dead, why then loathe the draught that must 

needs be drained, 
We stint Id liine our soals ihnugh they be His due, for these souls are 

air of His air, and ihese bodies are dusl of His dust. 
If the lovei bethought himself of w)iat would be the end of the beauty 

that entrances him, it would not entrance him. 
Yet when wc sec the burslint; forth a! ibc rising sun, our minds doubt 

not of his selling." (Steincass). 

" Nabmi ruhani faalalna badana 
Fa 'Idba Bbsaratani 'allsartahu 
Wa Idha abaarlwhu 'abaaitana." Mansl'k Hali,*;. 

" We are two souls dwelling in otic body. 
When Ihou seest me, llioti seest him. 
And when Ihou seest him, ihuu seesi us bulh." 

(Dk Sl-AStt). 
-■ Nakburad az -Ibadat an blkhlrad 
El ba haqQ nllcu bud. ba khalq bad, 
SukbaQ manad az 'aqilao yadear 
Ze. Ba'dl hamla yak BuKhan rad dar. 
OunahEar-l-andlabTiak az khuda 
Bib az parea'B Ibadat-auma." 

" That man void of understanding ale no fn 
Who, Irting good towards God, was evi 
The words of ihc wise endure (or a mem 

saying ofSa'di : 
' Belter is the sinner who feureth God, thiin the laini who practiscth 
outward obedience.'" (ASIATIC JOURNAL). 

 Nakiaoad Jaiar plBha sultaol 
Ki na ayad za ffure cbaupanl 
Padehahl kl t^j^h-l-zulm f^aad 
Pae dlwar-l-mulk-i-kbwlah blkajad." GvU5t.i>, iti.-ip. 1. 


*' Kingcraft yokes not with tyranny. 
The wolf cannot the shepherd be. 
Tyrants who on their people fall. 
Sap their own state's foundation wall." Eastwick. 

" Nalaiq maBjidam wa na kh\irad-i-kanl8ht 
Izad danad gU-i-mara az chi sariaht 
Chun kaflr-i-darwlshazn wa chun qahba'e zisht 
Na din wa na dunya wa na ummid-i-bihlBht." Omar Khayyabc 

" From mosque an outcast and to church a foe, 
Out of what clay did Allah form me so ? 
Like sceptic monk or ugly courtesan. 
No hopes have I above, no joys below." (Whinfield). 

" Namanad sitamerar-i-bad nizgar 
Bamanad ham Tanat-i-paedar." Gulistan, chap. i. 

** Not always will the wicked tyrant live 
The curse upon him will for aye survive." (Eastwick). 

" Na mard aet an ba nazdlk-i-khlradmand 
Kl ba pil-i-dlman paikar Juyad ; 
Bale mard an kas ast az rue tahqiq 
Kl Chun khashm ayadash, batll nafiruyad." Gulistan, chap. i. 

** They that with raging elephants make war, 

Are not so, deem the wise, the truly brave, 

But in real verity the valiant are 

Those who when angered are not passion's slave." 

" Naehat Jawanl za plran ma Jtil 

Kl ab-1-rawan ba^ na ayad dar Jul." Bostan of S'adi, chap. 9. 

** Seek not the joy of youth from old men, 
For the running stream returns not to the rivulet." 

" Nanfir-i-bcmer u khamr bar khud ml-nlhl 
Ta daml az khwlshtan tu va-rlhl." Jalai.uddin Rumu 

** Thou takest on thyself the shame of hemp and wine, 
In order that thou mayest for one moment escape from thyself." 

(E. G. Browne). 
Nasazae-ra chu blnl ba ikhtiyar 
Aqllan tasUm kardand Ikhtyar ; 
Chun na darl nakhun-1-darranda tlz 
Ba dadan an blh kl kam grlrl sltlz." Gulistan, chap. z. 

** Seest thou that fortune crowns the unworthy, — then 
Choose thou submission too with wiser men ; 
Hast thou not sharp and rending claws, then yield. 
For so 'lis best—to beasts the baille-field." (Eastwick). 



" Noehajrad banl Adam-l-khak zad 
Kl dor ear kuoad lcIbr-1-tundl wa bad 
TUTft ba chunln sarmi wa sar kashl 

iz Ichakl-aa atiebl." Gulist 

" It suits not Adam's children eaithly born, 
To indulge in pride, ferocity and scorn, 
When I Iwhild in Ihee such hcsl and ire, 
I cannot think ihee sprung from earth but fire." 

To love 

is but u 

" Nasir-t-Ichusraw bl-daehtl mi-KUzaeht 
Mast-l-la-ya'kll, ca Chun mey-khwaraean, 
Malirazl did u mazati ru-bi-ru 
Bane' bar zad ; giift, ' k'ey nazzaragan 1 
Nl'mat-l-dunya. va ul'mat-khur bin; 
Isah nl'mat 1 Inali nl'mat kbwaragaa." 

" Dead ij(unk(nol like a comman sot) on 
Nasir-i-khusraw went to take the air. 
Hard by a dung-heip he espied a grave 
And sltaJghlway cried ' O ye who stand and 
HehDlJ the world I Behold its ' 
lis duinties here — the fools wb 

" Na talkh net aabare kl bar yad-l-ust 
Kl talkbl sbalcar baebad az daat-i-duBt 
Aslreab na kbwahad tibal za band 
Shlkaraeb najuyad kbulas ae Icamand." 

(E. ( 


ience, which i- 
' billernc^-^ Iioi 

1 in remembrance of irim 
Ti a (riend'ti band ii lugar. 


s nol release from bond*. 


-. prey seeks no 

1 freedom from the snare.' 

" Nayasayod masbam ass tabla 'ud 
Bar atieh olh kl cbun 'ambar babuyad, 
Buzurgl bayadat. bakbsblnda^ kun. 
Kl dana, ta naysiebaiil, naruyaii." 


" The aloes-tray from which no fragrance came, 
If placed on fire, its imxlorous state 
Will change more sweet than ambergris. So fame 
Thou for thyself by generous deeds create ; 
The unsown seed will never germinate." (Eastwick). 

" Nawak xnard afkan sad tir zan 
An na Ininad k'ah yake pir zan." Anwar-i-Suhbiu 

" A hundred archers' slaughtering shafts do less 
Than one crone's sigh, one sigh of helplessness." 


" Nazara'e Jamal-i-khuda Juz khuda na kard." 


** None but God hath contemplated the beauty of God." 


** Nazr kardan badcu-wlshan buzurgrl ra bisrafoayad 
Suleiman ba hama haahmat nazarha bud ba murash." 


** To condescend to holy men adds greatness to the great. 
King Solomon would not overlook an insect's low estate." 



Nik ar kuni, ba Jae tu nlki kunand baz 
War bad kuni, ba Jae tu az bcultar kunand, 
Imruz hasti az bad wa az nik bi-khabar, 
Boze buwad ki az bad wa nikat khabar kunand." 


** If thou doest good, to thee, too, good they'll do. 
If ill, they will repay thee, and worse too. 
Art thou of good and ill now ignorant, 
There comes a day that they'll supply this want." 


*' Nik baehi wa badat gruyad khalq 
Blh ki b£ul bashi wa nikat binand.'* Gulistan 

** Be thou but good and ill report despise, 
'Tis better thus than thou should'st be 
Bad while thou seemest good in other's eyes." 

" Nik daryab wa bcul ma kun, zinhar, 
Ki b£ul wa nik baz khwahi did 
Mail niki aerar kuni hama Ja 
Khwish ra sarfaraz khwahi did 
War tarlq badi rawi, khud ra 
Paemal niyaz khwahi did." Anwar-i-Suhkili. 


" Seek lo do good, ihun evil and tnke heed, 
Fur as thou aoesl, so (oo shall thou speed. 
Ever in good dost thou incline 10 itead, 
Thou shall then aye behold uptaised ihy head ; 
Bui if in vice thou walkesl, thou shall sec 
Thyself down-ttampled by adversily." Eastwick. 

" Nik aahalast zliidabljaiikard 
SuBbtarSi baz Einda natawan kard ; 
8bart-i-aqlast eabr-i-tirandaz 
Ki cbua rait az kaman, na ayad baz." Guli^tan, chgp. S. 

" 'Tis very easy one alive lo slay. 

Nol so 10 give hack life ihoo ink'sl nway ; 

lieason tlcmiinds thai archccs patience show 

till !>hafls oDce shol letuin not to the liow." Eastwick. 

" NIat Icasbe az tawalclEul Icbubcar 
Cbist az tafwlz-i-khud mabbubtar? 
Gar tura eabr budi, rlaq amodl, 
KhwlBh ra chun asbiqan bar tu." AKWAi-i'Sviiiiii-r. 

" The bett of all pcofeuions Is to lean 

On [irovidence. Can aught be livelier leen 

Than faith. Were thou hut imiicnl, what lliy faic must be 

\\ ill come and cling all lovet-like lo Ihcc." EasTWICK. 

" NIat kbud az murgb parran in "ajab 
K'u na bload dam wa uttad dar 'atab. 
In ajab kl dam blood ba watad 
Oarblkhwobod waraakbwabadml tatad." Jalali'duin Rum. 

" The strange thing Is not Ihal witlged fowl 
Fall into the deadly snare wilhoul seeing it, 
But that they see ihe mare and the limed iwig 
And yet fall into it, whelher they will or no. 



" Nist Shu, nlBt az khudi zirak 
Badtar az hastiat jlnayat nist." Diwan-i^hams-i-Tabuz. 

" Become nought, nought from self-hood, because 
There is no crime worse than thy being." (Nicholson). 

" Nist wash bashad khiyal andar Jahcm 
Tu Jahajii bar khl3rall bin rawan ; 
Bar khiyali sulhshan wa jancrshan 
Bar khisrali namsban wa nangshan." Jalaluooin Rumi. 

" Mere fancy's pictures ever objects mar, 
Things non-existent often frenzy paints, 
We see mankind deluded over feints ; 
Their peace, their war not seldom for a sham, 
Their pride, their shame some sorry epigram." 

"' Ni arzad 'cu9l Jan-i-man« zakhm nlsb 
Qina'at nlkutar bidiisab-i-khwlsb." Bostan of S'aoi, chapw 6. 

" Oh, my soul ! honey is not worth the sting's wound. 
Contentment with one's own syrup of dates is best." 


"' Niaycul binazdik dana pascuid 
Shuban khufta wa gurg dar guspand." Bostan op Sa'di, cbapw z. 

'* In the opinion of the wise it is not approved. 
The shepherd asleep, and the wolf among the sheep." 


*** Niayad nikukarl az bcui ragran 
Muhal ast duzandagri az saeran 
Hama fledlsufan Yunan wa Rum 
Nadanand kard angabin az zaqum." Bostan of S'adi, cbap. 5. 

** A good deed comes not from those of bad stock, 
As needle-work Is impossible to dogs, 
All the philosophers of Greece and Rum 
Know not how to make honey from the thorny tree." 


** Nigrah dar fUrsat ki 'alam damist 
Dame pish-i-dana bib az alamist 
Biraftand war bar kas dirud an cbi kisbt 
Namand bajuz nam niku wa zisbt." Bostan of S'adi, chap. 9^ 

** Take care of opportunity ; for the world is but for a moment, 
In the opinion of the wise a moment of life is belter than a world ; 
They departed, and every one reaped what he sowed. 
There only remains good and bad name." (Clarke). 


" NibELi-1-duahmAD] t 

:5 hu mi lily.' 
IT tun. Id ranJ-1- 

" NIm Dane gar Icliurad mard-l-^huda 
BazaJ-l-darwlahan kunad nlm-l-digar 
Haft iqllm ar bLglrad padBhah 
Hamcbunaa dor band Iqllme dlgrar." 

■' The man ofGodwiih half his loaf conicn 
Ti> dervishes ihe remnanl will present, 
Kui though n king seveti regions should si 
He'll still nnclhcr conciuesl keep in view.' 

" No sign of man ot world .ippeatcd on ihe tablet of cxi.'itenee, 

When the suut bieathed foilh puisuanl to thy will in the school of love." 
" NlBban-i-Jawani sa plnm ma Jul 

Kj ab-i-rawEui bar nl-ayad ba Jul 

Babayad bawas kardan as sar badar 

Kj daur-l-baWBA bazl amad ba aar. 

Cbu bar aar olablnad za pirl ^bubar 

Dlgar 'alab-i-saQ tawoqqu' madar." Ankah.i-Suiieii.i. 

" Seek not the signs of youth in aged men, 
For to their source streams ne'er remrn agiin ; 
Age must all passion from its ihoughis remove, 
Sitice with old age expires Ihe rcij;Q fl love ; 
When age Ids fnll its snow-dust on ihc head, 
Kiiuw ihnt all hope of unmixed joy has fled." EASTWtCK. 


** Niikhust adzni sirate pish kun 
Pcu9 anfiT&h xnalak khue ftTidlwtia kun ; 
Tu bar karra'e tausini bar kamar, 
Nigar ta na pichad za hukxn-i-tu ear." Bostak op S'adi, dbmp. 6, 

" Practise first the human temperament. 
Think after that of the angelic temperament ; 
Thou art on the flanks of a refractory colt. 
Take care that it twist not its head from thy order." 


" Nunkiru in slia'na *ala 'nnasi qanlahum wa la yunkiruna Iqaula 

hina naqulu, 
Idha saysridun minna khala, qama sayyidiin qawulun Uzna aala^ 

'Ikiraimu fa*ulu, 
Wa ma ukhmidat narun lana duna tariqin wa ri^ft^m<i^wT|ft ^ *xinasi- 

lina nazilu." Abd-al-Malik. 

** We say nay whenso we will to the words of other men. 
But no man to us says nay when we give sentence. 
When their passes a lord of our line, in his stead there rises straight, 
A lord to say the say and do the deeds of the noble, 
Our beacon is never quenched to the wanderer of the night. 
Nor has ever a guest blamed us where men meet tc^ether." 

C. J. Lyall. 

*' Nuqsaha ainci-i-wasf kamal 

Wa in hiqarat aina *az wa jalal ; 

Za anki ziddra zidd kuncul paida yaqin, 

Za anki ba sirka padid ast angabin : 

Har ki nuqs-i-khwishra did wa shinakht 

Andeur istikmal-i-khud du aspa takht." Jalaludoin Rumi. 

" Defects arc the mirrors of the attributes of beauty 
The base is the mirror of the High and Glorious One, 
Because one contrary shows forth its contrary 
As honey's sweetness is shown by vin^ar's sourness. 
Who recognises and confesses his own defects 
Is hastening in the way that leads to perfection.'' 

** Nuqs-i-misaq wa 'ahud az ahmaqi ast 
Hifz-i-saugrand wa wafa kar-i-taqi ast." Anwar-i-Suheili. 

** Unfaithful dealing is an idiot's act, 
The pious keep their oaths and guard their pact." 

'* Nur-i-griti afiruz chashma'e hur 
Zisht bashad ba chashm-i-mushk-i-kur." Gulistan, chap. 4. 

** The feeble visioned mole f)erchance may scorn 
The sun's bright fount thai doth ihe world adorn.'' 



" Nur-i-Tu hem muttaaU bahunawBhamJudast." 


" Thy light is al once joined with all things nnd Apart from >11." 


" NuaaUi malamatl "rriJaU blrlyyatln wa naftl Bburura Ijramu 

b'llahwl w'ajnbi 
Idha ma tazakbat sa'aturi th 'Ja'al amiabB lokholrln teliina 

'ddabra 'asalu dhu shagbbl 
Fain yaku kbairun nu yakun b'adhu rahatln fa'tniiaka laqtn min 

Sbumum wamlQ karbl." Iv^ i»n Ai. Aiia-i r. 

" Let us wash frnm out hearts sour speech of wisdom wiih cups abrim. 
And cut short the ills a( life with Uui;htC[ and jest and joy I 
VcB, wben once a mamenl cornu i>! rest from ihe whirl, lie quick 
And grasp it ; for Time's tootli hiles, and quits not, atid mischief wnitc, 
And sure, if n bright hour lifts thy snul to a little pence. 
Enough in thy path there lies of shndow nnd gritfand pnin." 

C. ]. LVALI^ 

" Padshahl ilar chaman gal ra z'ackl ^ul 
Bawujud nazukl az khar blatar ml-kunttd." ANivts-i'Suiiaiix 

" Thus by II 

" Padshah pasban-1-darwlabast 
Garchl o'ltnat blfhrr-i-daulat^i-UBt 
Qusfand az baraechaupan nlst 
Balkl chaupan barae khldtnat-l-uat." ^.^■l.l^Tfl^, chap. i. 

" Kings are bul guatdiana «ho the poor should keep, 
Though this world's gonl^ wait on their iliadcm, 
Not for Ihe shepheid's welfare are llle sheeju 
The shepheid rather is Ihcin/ (EasTWICK). 
" Pae mlakln piyada chaod rawad 
K'az tabammul sutub ahud bukbtl 
Ta Bhawad jlBm-l-farblhl lag-bar 
Lag-harl murda baBhad az eakhtl," Culim-ak. ctiap, i. 

" What distance lan the tired footman co 
When Bactiia'i camel faints beneath the load? 
In the wne lime that fat men meagre grow, 
The lean will perish on aflliction's road." (Eastu'ICK). 



** Paikan az Jarahat be.dar ayad wa azar dar dil baznaaad." 

GULISTAM, cfaapL 3. 

** The shaft may have been extracted from the wound, bat the pang still 
remains in the heart.*' 


Paimana ast in jan, paimana In chl danad 
K'az pak niii>azirad dar khak mirasanad 
Dar ishq biqararash paimudcuicu9t karasli 
Az 'arsh mlsitanad bar tarsh. miflshanad." 



" This soul is a measure ; how should the measure know 
That it is receiving of spirit and conveying to dost ? 
Its task is to measure in restless love, 
Taking from heaven above, scattering o'er earth below. ' 

*' Paiwasta za bahr-i-shawat-i-naflBCuil 
In Jan-i-Bharift*a haml-ranjani, 
Agrah na'i kl afat-i-Jan tu and, 
Anha kl tu dar arzu-i-ishani." Omar Khayyam. 

** You who in carnal lusts your time employ, 
Wearing your precious spirit with annoy, 
Know that these things you set your heart upon, 


Sooner or later must the soul destroy." 

Pak az 'adam amadlm, napak sliudim, 
Asuda dar amadlm, wa ghamnak shudlm, 
Budlm az ab-1-dlda dar atish-l-dll 
Dadlm ba bad umr wa dar khak shudlm." 

Whin FIELD. 

Omar Khayyam. 

** Death finds us soiled though we were pure at birth, 
With grief we go, although we came with mirth, 
Watered with tears and burned with fires of woe. 
And, casting life to winds, we rest in earth." (Whinfield). 

*' Pandam agar bishnawl al padshah 
Dar hama daftar bih az in pand nist, 
Juz ba khlradmand mafarma 'amal 
Oarchl 'amal kar-1-khlradmand nlst." 

GuLisTAN, chap. 8. 


King ! let my words with thee find grace, 

My l)ook than this can nought more sage advise : 

The wise alone in office place, 

Though office truly liiile suits the wise." (Eastwick). 

" Para'e atish bud an pur gazand 
Kl ba dame shu'ala bararad buland 
Admi atish khurad az hadd fazun 
K'az dam-i-u dud niayad birun." Anwar-i-Suheili. 


' A piece of lire thai furious msn will be 
Wiioie brealh ihc flame of mge upliindles high, 
His liEry Wfath exceeds all jii&I degree, 
VJh^ ...'« ..I.... ^   > . - 

nioiseful sign." Eastwick. 

" Par-i-tauB dar auraq-l-mueahir dldam 
Ouftam 'In manzllair az qadr-1-tu me bliiain blah ' 
Ouft ' khamush ; kl bar teas Id Jamali darad 
Bar icuja pae oibad, daat nadaraiidasb bisb.' " 

" One day amid the Qnn 



" Partau-l-nlkaB nagirad bar kl bunyadash bodast 
Tarbiyat na-ablra chun fflrdgsc t>ar guiubadaat 
Naal-l-raaad-lnan munqat'a kardac aulstar eat 
Wa bikh-l-tabar-lshan bar aurdao aln-l-maBlntiat 
Kt atlBh DiBhandan wa okhgrar g^zaahtan 
Wa aral kuabtan wa tiacha nlgab dash tan kar kMradmandan 
nlat." Gijut.-r«N, chip. i. 

" The good in vain their rays will pour, 
Oa ihose whose hoitb ue IkuI >t coie. 
To initfuct the base will fail at last 
As walnuis on u dome you cut. 
It ii better to cut olT their race and trilw and more adviiable to e 
ibcm root and branch, since, to e>lini;uiih a lire and Lo leave the 
:knd lo kill a serpent and pieutve its ycjutig aie nul the acts of wise 


" Paj-tau z&tasb zada bar ma' wa tin 
Ta abuda dana pazlranda zamin : 
Khak amin wa bar chi dar wal kaabtl 
Bi khanatJlDB-l-aQ bardaatatl." }a 

" What rays of wisdom ]iiiured on water and on Ian 
liie earth could nr:iuri<>h iced, yield coin to out dc 
The eailh o faithful trustee gives back whal we si 
No fraud, eiubeulcmcnl in lis trust do we know.' 


'* Pas ey mard, puyanda bar rah-i-rast 
Tura nlst minnat kbudawand ra'st. 
Takabbur makun bai* rah-i-rasti 
Ki dastat firlriftand wa barkhasti." S'adi, Bostak, ch^p. a. 

** Then* O man, running on the straight path. 
Thanks are not for thee, they are for God, 
Display not pride on the path of truth ; 
For they (the angels) seized thy hand and thoa didst rise." 


" Pasandid ash bakhshaish wa lekln 

Manih bi risli-i-khalq azar marham ; 
Nculanist cuiki rahxnat kard bar mar 
Ki an zulmast bar farzand-i-Adam." Gulistan, chap. 8. 

** Pity is commendable — that we own. 
Yet on the tyrant's wound no ointment place, 
He that has mercy to a serpent shown. 
Has acted cruelly to Adam s race." (Eastwick). 

" Pas az burdcm wa erird kardan chu xnur 
Bikhur pish az an k'at khiirad kirm-i-grur." 

Bostak of S'aoi, chap. 3. 

*• After carrying and collecting like the ant, 

Enjoy, — before that the grave-worm devours thee." 

'* Pas kuja naJad, kuja zara^ laim 
Qar tu na pazlri Juz nik, ey karim, 
Bau, makun zishti, ki nikha'e ma 
Zisht ayad pish an ziba'e ma." Jalalluoin Rumi. 

" Where should the ignoble lament and pray, 

If Thou didst only accept the good, O merciful One? 
Go, do not commit sin, for even our good deeds 
Appear as sin in the sight of our Beloved." 

" Pas ba surat 'alam-i-asghar tu'i 
Pas ba ma'na 'alam-i-akbar tu'i 
Zahiran an shakh asl-i-mewa ast 
Batinan bahri samar shud shakh hast." Jalalludin Rumi. 

** In outward form thou art the microcosm 
But in reality the macrocosm. 
Seemingly the l>ough is the cause of the fruit, 
But really the bough exists because of the fruit." 

Whin FIELD. 
" Pasha chu pur shud, bazana^ pilra 
Ba hama tundi wa salabat ki ust 
Murcha^ranra chu buwad Ittifaq 
Shir-i-zhiyanra bidaranand pust." Clmstan, chap. 3. 


" Gnars will an elephant o'etcomc if they 
Unite against their fue, sa huge and grim ; 
And ants collected in one dense array, 
Thongli fierce the lino be, will vajiqiiish bim." 

(East wick], 
" Paa mahal wahl gardad B^iBh-l-Jan 
Wolil cbu buad. guftane az hlsB nltaaD. 
Ousb-I-Jan wa chaabm-l-jaajuz in blssoBt, 
Gusb-l-aq1 wa gueh-l-bfBB za in muflie est. 
iMtB Jabaram isbqra t>i sabr Icard. 
Har Id 'aahlq nlet habajabr Icard. 
tn in*alyat ba baqg aat wajabr nlat 
In tajalll-e-mahaat, in abr nist." Jalai.uddin Rl'hl 

" The mind's eat becomes the sensoiium of inspitation. 
Fur what ii this Divine voice but Ibe inward voice? 
The spirit's eye and ear possess this sense. 
The eye and ear of reason and sense lack it. 
The word ' compulsion ' makes me impatient for love's sake, 
'Tis he who luvcs not, who is fettered by compulsion, 
This is close communion with Cod, not compulsion. 
The shining o( the sun, and not a dark cloud." (WniNnELt>). 

•■ Paa ZB. jan )aa cbu haroll (fasht Jan 
Az chunlD Jan] aha wad hamll Jahan, 
Pasjahun zayad labana digare 
In boahar tira numayod mah'^hftrp." J-\lai,i.'odim Ruail 

" Assent became pregnant by the Soul of souls. 
So by the former sou! did the world become pregnant ; 
Then the world brought forth another world, 
And ol this last arc Liuught foith other worlds." 

" Payapa biyaffaban az aina fford 
Kl saiqal oa strad, cbu zanffar kburtuL" Boitan of S'aih. chap. 8. 

" Pish az man wa tu loll wa nabare budaet, 
Oardanda fklalc za bahr-1-lcari budasc, 
Zinhar Qadam ba khak ahtsta nlhl 
K'an mardumalc-i-cbosbm-l-nlKare budasc." Ohah Khawah. 

" Days changed 10 nights ere you were l>oin or I, 
And on its businesiS ever rolled the sky, 
Sec you tread gently on this du»t, perchance 
'Twos once the apple of a beauty's eye." (Whinpield). 



" Piah-1-tu az nur muwoflgtor and 
Wa za jtaaX, az aaya musaQcitar and 
Oana wa lek as JlgKT aJ^ntatBr 
Zlnda wale ass au khud murdatar." 

" Piah keerl za khiradmand haltlman mlrafc 
Sukhaii az B'abtaiin mauj dar !□ labja'e Kham 
An yake gvSt Id blmarl wa anduh daraz 
Wa on diffar BTift kl ladarl m 
Slyume guft kl qurb-i-ajal wa alwa ■amal 
Aqlbat raft bl tarjlh alyum hukm h nlrm ," 

" Inlelligenl philosophers queried ni 
Alioul ihe heaviest wnve in ihis abyss of grief, 
The litst said it must be tickncsi and long pain, 
Thf secnnd avened il is the union of old age and poverty ; 

calli wilhoul good deeds. 
And to him the palm of vicioty was sHarded." Rbhatskk. 

" Plah Yuauf naelah wa khubl ma kuo 
Juz nlyaz wa ab yaqubl a 
Ta dam-l-Isa tura ztnda k 

Hamchu khwlsbat kbub wa fBrkbanda kunad 
Dar boharan kal aha wad ai 
Kbak Bhu ta gul baruyad rangr rang." 

" In presence of Joseph * nn coque 
Jiul humble Ihyself; soft enltcalies infuse ; 

a bieatli then inay blow upon thee, 
hec to what he was, what ihou maycst be ■- 
n because it is spring, 
As earlh mikke thyself; flowers aiound thee may cling." 

" Pleb zlaban ma hama yaksan budlm 
Eas nadanlBtt Id ma nlk wa bad'lm 
Bud nagd wa Qalb dar 'alam n 
Cbunjohan Bhab bud wa ma cbu abirwan 
Ta bar amad artab amblya 
Guft ■Bygbaab, durabu.8afl blyat' 
Cbashm danad farq kardao rangra 
Chashm danad I'alra wa aangra." 

' The Eastern ideal of beauty, 


" Before they (the prophels) came, we were all alike, 
No one knew whether he was light or wrung. 
Genuine coin anil base coin were current nlike, 
The world was a night and we travellers in the d>rk. 
Till ihc sun of the prophets arose and cried 
' Begone, O slumber t welcome. O pure light | ' 
Now the eye sees how to distinguish colours, 
It sees the diflerence between ruliiei and pebbles." 


Pillar ra 'asal-l-bleyar ast 

Wa lekin plear Karml dar ast." Glli^tak. clup, 3. 

" Of honey hath the Siic a plenteous store, 

Hut the !,on'3 fevciish and must not bave more." 

Pldr chuD daur-l-umaraah mitnq&zi frosbt 

Mara in jrak waalyyat kard wa bUKzaaht. 

Ei ehahwat atlshoat az wal bl parhlz 

Blkhud bar atlah-l-duzaltli makun tlz 

Dar an atlsh na darl tatjat-l-eiiz 

Baaabrabl bar in atlsh zan itnruz." Culistan. chap. 9. 

" When my lire's age had reached its latest tlay, 
He gave tne thU advice and passed au»y : 
' Lust ii a fire ; from it thyself keep well ; 
Nor kindle 'gainst thyself the flames uf belt, 
Thou hast not patience to endure that flnme. 1 trow : 

Pit wa ffUTK wa haldar wa aahkar nlz 

Azbdatia'e zuft wa mur wa mar nlz 

BaJkl kbak wft ab wa bad wa ham sharar ; 

Maya z'u yaband ham dl, bam oahar; 

Har damaab laba Icunod In asman 

El raru nafTEaram. ey haqq, yak zamao. 

Aatan-I-man asmat wa httk tu aet 

Jumlamuttawlyayamiii an du dast." Jaualuuuin Rumi. 

" All elephants, wolves and lions of the forest, 
Alt dragons and snakes and even little anls, 
Vea, even air, water, earth and die. 
Draw their sustenance from IJim both winter and summer. 
Every moment the Heaven cries to Him, saying 
' O Lord, qui! not Thy hold of mc Tor a moment ] 
The pillar of my being is Thy aid and protection.' " 



" Pindar, ey dar khazan klshta Jau, 
Ki gandam sitanl ba waqt-i-dirau ? 
Mascd inchiinin gruft amuzerar 
Makiin bad kl bcui bin! az ruzerar ; 
Kase xiik binad bar bar du sarai 
Ki niki risanad ba khalq-i-khudaV Akwar-lSuhkiu. 

" Thou who didst barley in the autumn sow, 
Expect not wheat in harvest-time to mow ; 
This maxim by the sage was uttered, * Do 
No ill lest thou from time ill-treatment rue ; 
He in l)Oth worlds a good reward will find 
Who lives— a benefactor to mankind.' " Eastwick. 

'* Pindasht sitaxnsrar kl sltam bar xna kard 
Bar grardan-l-u bamand wa bar ma bifiruzasht." Gulistak, chap. x. 

'* Dream'st thou tyrant thou hast wreaked on me thy rage and scorn ? 
The burthen from my neck has passed, on thine must ever stay." 


'* Pirana saraxn ishq-i-jawani bar sar viftad 
Wa an raz ki dar dil binihuft^am badar uftod 
Az rah-i-nazar xnurgrb-i-dilajn erasht hawa^r. 
By dlda, nigah kun, ki badam-i-kib dar uftad." Hafiz. 

** Elderly of head, into my head youthful love hath fallen, 
And that mystery of love that in the heart I concealed out hath fallen. 
From vision's path the bird of my heart went soaring, 
O eye of my heart, behold into whose snare it halh lallen." 

" Pirana saram ishq-i-tu dar dam ka^hid 
Wama za kuja dast-i-maji wa jam nabid 
An tauba ki aql dad Janan bishikast 
Wa an jama ki sabr dukbt ayyaxn darid." Omak Khayyam. 


Ah ! thou ha^st snared this head though white as snow. 

Which oft has vowed the winecup to forego, 

And wrecked the mansion long resolve did build, 

And rent the vesture penitence did sew." Whinfield. 

** Pire za kbarabat birun ama.d wa mast 
Sujjada badush wa kasa'e bada badast, 
Ouftam * Sheikha, tura chi hal ama.d pish,' 
Qufta 'Mai khur, ki kar-i-alam bad ast.' " Omar Khawam. 


A sage I saw to tavern-house repair. 

Bearing a winecup and a mat for prayer ; 

I said, * O Shaikh ! what does this conduct mean? ' 

He said, * Go diink ! the world is nought but air.* " 



" Plr-l-gham lehqam or chi tiaam 

TIO rah-l-iahgam ar chi piram 

ObiiQ kord zamana'e Bltamsar 

Dur az tu ba bancl-l-g'haiii eslram 

An blh kl zi eabr rulcti nataoam 

BOBbad kl murad-1-dll blyabam." Hiirii. 

" I am old in ihe iuHeiings uf love, althoogh but «n infant ; an infant in 

[he path! uf love, ycl old in ycais; seeing that during your absence 

lyrannic foitune huld^; me in Ihe feiteia of sorrow. It is best not lo turn 

away my face from patience ; parhaps I may yel oLlam my heart's deare.'' 

" Plr-l-ma bar chi kunad aln-l-wllayat baehad 

Banda'e plr-l-mu?hanam kl zijahlam blrahaod 

Zahid wa "ujub wa namaz wa ma.a wa masti wa nlyaz 

Ta tura ktaud zl mlyaa ba kl Inayat basbod." Hafii. 

 Whalever our Pir (saini) doelh ihe essence of friendly assj^lance is, 
ToEeltier ate ihe ascelic and haughtiness and jirayer ; and 1 and inlosii- 

Let u^ see nilb nhom of iKesc [no Thy favour indeed is." Ci-ARKEI. 

" Plr sane mue aujab karda bud 

Guftamash. ' Al mamak'-l-dlrlna ruz 

Mue ba CalbiB Bujah korda gir, 

Rast na khwahad sbudan Id puBbt-l-kdz.'" Culi^t^n. chip. &, 

'■ An -iiied dame Imd dyed her locks of grey, 
- liranleil ' 1 said, ' Thy hair with silver blent 
May clieal us now : yet Utile mother '. say 
Cans! thuu make straight ihy back which lime harh liem ? " 

'■ PiBarera pldre waalyyaC kard 
K'al jawanmard, yad »lr In pand ; 
Har kl ba aU-l-kbud waTa aakiu^ad, 

Nashawad duet rue wa daulaCmaod." GvustAN, chap, 7. 

" This ciiunsel lo his son a falhcr gave, 

' Dear youlh 1 lo recollect these words be ihine, 

Who foi iheir kinsmen no affection have, 

On Ihem the slai of foilune ne'er will shine." EastwIck. 

" Ptsar k'u mlyon-l-kalondar nlahaat 
Pldar gii za kbalrasb fkru shawl dast ; 
Daiigbasb ma kbiu- bar halak wa talaf 

Kl plsb az pldar murda bib na khalaf." IIostan op S'adi. 

■' The Iwy who sal among Kalandars (monks), 

To his falher say ; ' Wash Ihy hands of his welfare !' 

SulTcr nol regret as lo his destruction and ruin, 

Foi the deeenerute son dead before bit falher ii best." 



" Plyai amad an bl hunar Jumlo puat 
Ki plndasht chuji pista magbze dar uat 
Az in nau ta'at ulayod tiakar 
Blru, uzr-l-taqalr-l-tft'ftt blar." Bchtah or Sa'dl 

" That worthless man is bul An omon, all coating, who thinks that lilie 
the pistachio nut he pusiics.'ies n kernel. 

Obedience of IhiE boit BVailcth nothing : go ruLher and enlrml Toi^ve- 
ness for thy defective obeJience." (Asiatic Jouknai,), 

■' PuBhlda zir-l-zabfto aat mard." Bostan or s-auj, chap. j. 

" A man is hiiWen under his own tongue." (Clarke). 

" PuBt che buwod? e^ftha'e rang, ran?. 
Chun zara bar ab kaab na buwod dlrang: 
In sukban Chun pust wama'naDiaghz dan 
In sukban chun nafB wa ma'na ham chujan 
PuBt boehod mag'bz badra alb push 
Uoghz Diku ra za ghalrat ghalb push." jALALLDDtM ttumu 

" When words deceitful are employed as wraps for guile. 
They're bubbles on the water, only last nwhile. 
Such words are merely shell ; the intent their keinel is, 
Or coloured portraiture of man ; no life is his, 
A shell m»y often cover ltern<fl of foul smell, 
A kernel sound can well sflord to loiie its shell." RRDHOirSE. 

" Pukbtim andishha salha k'az daur-l-slplhr 
Kar-l-ma akhtr chimin ya anchunaa kbWEbad abudan 
Ya bar In roanwal gan j wa aim wa zar khwBhlm yafC 
Ya dar an Iqllm-i-ma rawan khwahad Bhudan 
'Aqlbat malum Bhud k'inha khiyale tilsh nist 
Bftr chl khwahad Haklm'l-mutlaq baman khwahad shudan." 

" Lone years we schemed that in time's onward course, 
Or thus or thus should be the issue. Then 
Our rule in such a, region should have force. 
Or gold or silver tiensures meet our ken, 
At length we learned that this w at idle thought, 
God's will alone is to existence brought." Kastwick. 

and Thy love is [he magnet, 
ill inspiration, in myself I have seen none." 

" Pumba'e wlawas blrun Icun eb guab 
Ta ba ffushat ayad az Kardun Icharash 
Ta kunl fahm an mu 'ammahaab ra 
Ta kunl Idrak ramz faab ra,"'duik 

" Take ihe coilon nf evil Biiggfsiions from ihc mind's ear. 
Thai ihe beivenly voice from aliove may enter it, 
Thai you miiy underslaml Ihal riddle of IJis, 
Thai you may be cn^niiant uf that ojien secret." WMlKfl 

■' PurkhunzaaraqatJlB^renlst kl nist, 
Shlda-e-tu aahlbnazare nlsC Icl Diet 
Ba ankl cadarl ear-l-eauda-e-kas 
Sauda-e-tu dar hich aare nlst U iilst." Oman Kiia 

" No heart is there but bleeds when lorn from Thee, 
No sight so cle«r but craves Thy face to see. 
Arid though perchance Thou catcsl noi for ihem. 
No loul is Iheie but uines with care fui Thee.'' 

" Pur Icim zl badajam damadam bl irtish-l-htub 
Blehnau az u hlkayat-l-Jamshid wa Kalkubad 
Ho&z, gBrat zl pand-l-haklmaii malalatost 
Kutiah kiinam qlaaa, kj umarat daraz bad." Haiii. 

" Kill up Ihy boivl with wine, and then lo reason's ear kt come, 
The legend which its Hood suggests o! Kaikuind and Jam, 
If counsel, llnlii, from the wise to thee seem dry and dtcu. 
At ottcc I'll make my story short,— light long thy life he here I " 


" Purs!<laiB az Cablbe ahwal-l-dust, gufta, 
'Fl qurbiha azabuD, fl b'udlba 'saalama' 
Bad-l-saba zi mBjiam DHfrah niqab bardaslit 
Ka' ababaroBi fl 'dhdliuba taclu*u mliia 'Igbamama." 

ion removed h« veil, 
n from vapours pate." 


" PursI tam's^rSi ' K'at pldar klat?' 
B1 KUTOd ' Bhub 'dar iqdar llahl ' 
Woffar gul ki ' Karat chlBt 7 ' guyad 
' Bl mlhnaCha'e hlri 

k says ' D.iu[)I in Ihe divine powers," 
And if thou askesl ' What is ihy business ?' it replies 
'To grieve over the disappointmenls of life.'" (Kekatskk 

" Puzband wlswaaa isbq aat wa bos 
W^ama kal wlswosra bastaat kas? 
Ashlqe Bbu. shahid khubt blju 
Salad murKbabi liamelcun ju baju 
Kai bar! z'an ab abaCra ' 

n ki fahnuit khurd? 
Qbalr in ma'qulaha. ma'qulaha 
YabI andar lebq ba far wa baha 
Qbair IQ aql-l-tu Haqq ra aqlahaat 
Kl badan tadblr aabab sbumaat." 

" Love is a. perfect muiile uf evil suggestions j 
Without love who ever succeeded m slopping [hem? 
Be a Inver and seek thit fair beauty, 
Munt for thai waterfowl ir 

How caa you get water from that which cuts it uET, 
How gain underslanding from what destroys understanding. 
Apart frun:i principles of reason are other principles 
Of light and great price to be gained by love of God, 
Besides this reason of yours God has othei 
Which will procure for you heavenly nourishment." 


" Qabll-i-tunr dlnl qail ahawl 
Waal Jul bad az an wasll ehawl 
S'ai Bbukr-i-nl'aauit qudrat buwod 
Jabr tawangar aD nlamat buwad." 

" Accept III 
Seek unioi 
Kxetlion i ., .. 
Think ye that your fa 

"Qabra Ma'anln 'aota 'awwalu hufratin mina 'lardhl kbuttat U 

'saamabati madhja'a 
Wa ya qabra Ma'anln kaife waraltu Judahu wa qad kana mliibu 

'Ibarru wa 'Ibahru mutra'a 
Bala qad waslta 'IJuda. wa 'IJudu majTitun wa lau kana hayyan 

dblqca batta tasadda'a 
Fatan 'aleha fl m'aruflhl b'ada mautthi kama kana b'ada 'asalll 

iiia]rahu marta'a." Hisaik iuk Mutaih. 


" Wilhin ihal cell, whhin ihaL heip, 
F'Hendship and inilh and honoiit sieep. 
Beneficence ihul used lo ciasp 
The wnild within her ample grasp 
There lests eotomhed, of ibought bereft 
For were one cuniciuus utom left, 
'T would yearn new lileningx to disolay, 
Buril from ihe erave and seek the day. 
But ihoQgh in dust thy relics lie, 
Thy viilaex, Mano ne'er shall die, 
Thuugh Nile's full stream !« seen nn mure 
That spread his waves from shore to iiliote, 
Siill in (he verdure of the plain 
His vivifying smiles remain." J. D. Caki 

" Qad aflaha I'muminuna 'lladliliia hum B aalatll 
w'aJlajablna hum 'anl '1 llaebwi mu'ridhun wa 'Ila^lhlna bum 11 'zsatt 
ruiun wa 'Uadhloa bum llfurujlbim bafldbun." K<lkA^. l1i>ip. 3> 

" Now are the true Iwlievers happy ; who humble ihemwlvcs in their 
prayer, and who eschew all vain discourse, and who are doers of atms- 
dceds, and who keep themselves from any women except their wives." 

" Through all this busy world Thy love dolh creep, 
Yes, nothing is but this sweet pain dolh rend it. ' 


" Qaddim alkhuruj qabl alwuJuJ." (luLisrAK pn 

" Try ihe egress before you enter." Eastw( 

" Qadr-i-aSj-at ktose donad kl ba muelbat fflrlttaj- ayBd." 

" A person who is nveilakcn by calamity learns ti 
freedom from ill." 

" Qad rB.J'ana mln.llhadl ToaKhar Im 
Yanabl andarjthad-i-akbaj Im 
Quwa^ ai Haqq khaham wa tauflq-l-laf 
Ta bft auiaa bar kunam kuh-l-Qaf." 


** We've done with outer warfare, lesser as it is, 
And as the Prophet, wage the greater warfare, his ; 
We put our trust in God, from Him we ask for aid, 
With His assistance faith can move a mountain staid." 




Qadrl majmu*a flrul mvirgrh-i-saliar danad wa bas 

Kl nar bar leu waraqi khwanad ma'na danist 

Ey kl az dafbar-l-aql ayat-l-lshq amuzi, 

Tarsam in nuqta batahqiq nadani danist." Hafiz Odb, 66. 

** None but the bird interprets well the volume of the rose, 
Not every reader of a leaf its latent import knows. 
Oh thou who fain in reason's book the text of love would see. 
True knowledge of this subtlety is not I fear for thee." 


Qad yaslamu 'ImutmaAu min huftutin 

Wa yaqa*u flha 'Ibasiru 'nnaziru 

Wa yaslamu 'Ijahilu min laftotin 

Wa yalilaku fiha lalimu 'Imahiru 

Wa yaisaru 'Imnminu fl rizqihi 

Wa ynrzaqu 'Ikaflru w'aJfajiru." Alif Laila wa Laila. 

** The blind hath *scaped a gaping pit 

In which the broad-eyed seer hath stumbled, 

The dolt hath 'scaped a quirk of wit 

By which the skilful sage was humbled ; 

The faithful pine for daily bread, 

The heathen and the sot is fed." TORREXs. 

Qculru 'rrajuli 'ala qculri hinmiatihi." Arabic Proveru. 

** The dignity of a man depends on the height of his aspiration." 

" Qatya andisham wa dildar-i-man 
Ou3radam m'andish Juz dldar-i-man 
Khush nishin ey qafya andish-i-man 
Qafya daulat tu'i dar plsh-i-man 
Heurf chi bud ta tu andishi az an ? 
Harf Chi bud, khar diwar razcm 
Harf wa sut grufbra barham zanam 
Ta ki bi in hirsa ba tu dam zanam." Jalaluddin Ri-mi. 

** Of rhymes do I dream ? 'Tis my love orders me 
Of love still to dream ; swain devoted to be» 
* Thyself make thou happy. Rhymes leave now alone 
The rhyme I seek thou art. I love thee my own. 
What's rhyme that thou lurnest thy thoughts thitherward, 
Mere bramble on wall, hedging round our vineyard, 
I care not for words, for asseverations, 
My time if I pass in the^e sweet delusions." REDHOtJSE. 



"Qala Abuqratu rahlma-hu Uohu 1'ui 
tawUatuu w'tilwtuitudluilylquiiwattajrtbatu khatlrun w 

'■ QaJb mlgTiyad za naltSwat bar damam 
' Ey zar kbalia man oe tu kal kamam ; ' 
Zar hamagruFad ' Bale, ey ktiwaja taab, 
Lielc mlayad mabakk, amada bash I ' " 

Thf ha 
 U pur 
Till- go 
but Ihe 

ic coin «ay 
1 replies. 

1.. mt-iiilh (.ri<l 
■m 1 inferior to 
Even so, O com 
ii ai hand ; be 





J baltu ni 


Sav.s. ... M. 





icver is Ihe 

house of God." 


c who exposes himself lo Ihc conflicl «nH then e 

" Money abides nol in ihe palm of those who careless live, 
Nor patience in the lover's heait, noi water in the sieve." 

* Q'ar chi bl-snuizad har Ic'u aqilast 
Z'aiild dar khilwat aaibhae dllast 
Zulmat cbi bib Id zulmatbae kbolq 
MI-gurtzadeqllazB'bauB'lui'ekbalci." AswAR-i-Si-'Heiij. 

" Why do the wise to the lone cavern fly? 
'Tis thai, alone, they find tranquillity. 
Since darkne-^s belter is than man's dark deeds, 
The wise man from the buslling mart recedes." 

" Qarz ast rilha'e badat pleh ruzgrar 
Dar bar kudam daur kl kbwabad ada kunad." Uabistah. 

 Thy e 

a delit 

Liutcs the demand." 

'■ Qat'a Buhbat kardan an yaran aurl kbuBbtar aat 
S'az buzur oamuwaflQ bl-buzuri bib tar ast : 
Homdame k'az auhbataah khurraa) na uardad khatlrat 
Az chunlit bamdam ba Bad farsaiiK durl k. 

" Fri)m fellowship of seeming fiimrls 'twere l.ctlcr far t<i part, 
Absence is lieller than with ime thou lovest not to stay, 
A comrade whose society delighlelh not thy kearl, 
'Twere best from him a hundred leagues to be removed away." 

•■ QatUu fl sablll llahl w-alamu anna Tl 

ie of Goil and know thai God i: 

" Qatra ba^rlBt kl 'oz babrjudayim bama' 
Babr barqatra bakhandid ki "raaylin haroa,' 
Dar haqiqat digare nlat ktudayim hama 
Lek aa ttardiah-l-yak nuqtajudayim bama." 

" The drop wept fur hia severance from the s( 
I!jt Ihe sea emiled For  I am all ' said he ; 
Yea God is all in all, there's none heside 


" Qaume mutaraklcBirBiKl dar mazhab M 
Jam'ae mutataaiyyarand dar shalclc n. 
Nagah mBDEuU bar ayad za kamln 
K'ey blkbab&ran rab na an ast wa na 

" Some look for truth in creeds and fuims and rules, 

 Your toad lies neiihet here or there, O fools ! ' " 

"Qaume za g^zaf dar ^harur uftadEuid 
Wa aodtir tolab-l-hur wa qusur ultadand, 
Ma'lum Hhawad ch\i pardaba bardarand 
K'az Icue tu dur wa dur wa dur uftadand." Om<h Kmaw ah. 

" Some, filieti with overweening rnnlasy, 
llouris in Paradise expect lo see ; 
Hut, when the veil is liflcil, lliey will Bnd 
How fat they ate from Thee, how fat from Thee." 

" Qaea daste aat panj anguebt darad 

Chu kbwahad az kaae kame barorad, 

Du bar choshmaab nlbad. dig^ir du bar g^isb 

YalCB bar lab nibad. ((iiyad Id 'kbamuabi '" Kamm ai. Aiuak, 

" Fiiie i* a hanil ihai exercises iii five lin|;';'s on ils viclim. Two ar 
placed otl ihe eyes, 
for ever silent." 

" Qaza diKar na ebawad war bazar oala wa ah 
ElBflbulir jra baBbllcayat ayad az dltaane ; 
FlrlBbta kl wakll ast bar kbazalD-l-bad 
Cbl Khom kburad kl bimirod cblragb-l-bewa xt 

: an^el nl whole hidding winds arise 
■BS little for the widow's lamp, if still 

luuishcd dies." 


.v~' ■>' "<■ — ~ ■u^u.uud bar flahanad daat ra 
Mubtabslb Bar mal kburad. lua'zur darad a 



" E'en the Qazi * would applaud us, could he of oar party be. 
Thou Muhtahsib f quaff ihe wine cup and thou wilt the drunkard free. 

(East WICK). 



QifiA nabkl min zikra habibin wa manzlli 
Bl-eiqtl '1-llwa baina' ddakhuli wa hanmall 
Fatudhiha fal maqrati lam ya*fu rasmuha 
Lima nasajatha min Junubin wa shamali." 


** Stay ! let us weep at the remembrance of our beloved, at the sight of 
the station where her tent was raised by the edge of yon bending sands 
between Dahul and Haumel, 

Tudah and Mikra ; a station the marks of which are not wholly eflEaced, 
though the south wind and the north have woven the twisted sand." 

Sir W. Jones. 

** Qifl Iqadbiyyatin fihi batta taJtaU 
Waefasrlbi fl hala radbabu wa batsbibi 
TVa yabina kbuUabu barqibi min sidqibi 
Lii sbsbaimln wa wabluhu min taabsbibi 
Fabunaka in tara ma yasbinu fawaribi 
Elaraman wain tara ma yazinu fa' fsbibi." 

Maqamat of Hariri, chap. aa. 

" Stay thy judgment on him until thou hast had a view of his two char- 
acters in his two cimditions of content and anger ; 

And until his deceiving Hash be distinguished from his truthful one by 
those who watch it, and his flood from his light rain, 

And then if thou perceive what dishonours him, hide it generously, but 
if thou see what becomes him, publish it." Chenery. 


Qila fl ma ghabara mina 'zzamani, Inda 'llmtibani srukraxnu 
'rrajulu 'au yiibanu." Ma^jamat of Hariri, chap. a. 


** It was said aforetime that by trial is a man honoured or contemned. 


** Qiradare k'az kinar-i-mamlukat, 
Dur az sultan wa saya sultanat ; 
Pas dare^i qil'a ra az dushmanan, 
Qil'a nafarusbad bamal bigiran ; 
Obaib az shab dar kinar saghrabEt, 
Hamchu hazir u, nigabdareMi wafa. 
Nizd-i-Shab bibtar buwe^i az dlgaran, 
Ki bakhidmat bazirand wa Janflsban ; 
Ta'at wa iman kunun mahmud shud, 
B'eMi marg andar 'aycm maxdud shud." Jalaluddin Rumi. 

* Ju(lj;e. 

t Police Inspector. 


" The warden of a caille on ihe marches laid. 
Far from hi* soverdEn. fiislaiil from much-needed lid, 
Uefenda his pan wiih valour from beleaguering foe. 
Disdains to be bought r>ver, scorns (he lempler's moe, 
HUBlation's on a fronlicr, no eye sees him act 
To duty Irue, he honestly fuIHIs his pact. 
Then in his monarch's urcienee honouis due he gainB, 
Above Ihe brave men nghling in the royal ttdns, 
Man's fnilli and piety itn earth are priied of God, 
liut after death professed, I --'-'- ' •- = 

e have tlinn clod." 


" Qlna'at kirn, al aata. bar andake, 
Kl sultan wa darwlBli bitil eke 
Chara pish khuarau blkbwahlah rawl 
Chuyakeunlbadl tam'a.kbuBTBU'L" BotTAN pr S'xdi, 

•■ Oh houl ! ).c conlenl with a Htlle, 

Tlial ih.'U may'it consider the saltan and dervish BS one ; 

Wliv g^iesi thou liefofc Ihe king with cnirealy, 

When l\.uu placest avarice aside, thou art a king." (Cl.* 

" Qlna'at tanrangaj' kunad mard ra 
Khudara na daolst wa ta'at oa kard, 
Kl bar balcht wa ruzl qlna'at na kard." .4^>v•H-l■S 

" Cnnienlmenl makes man Healthy. Tell il then 
T.i the uns.iiisticd and world- wandering men ; 
They ne'er knew Cod, nor paid Him worship due, 
Since with iheir lot they no conlenlment knew," 

" Qismat za raft za azal karda and 
Chand pat Hzq parasandagi ? 
Falda'e zlndaglat band agist 
Sar tnakafib ax qalda'e bandagl." Jmo, Bkhukivi'ah, ' 



'* Thy share has been allotted to thee from all eternity. 
How long wilt thou distress thyself for a livelibood? 
The object of thy existence is service. 
Turn not thy head away from the laws of service." 


" QlMMitu 1*iBhq\ la inflnama laha 
FuBlmat hahuna lisanu maqal." 

"He who has loved relates an endless tale. 
Here the most eUxjuent of tongue must fail. 

" Qiyamat kaae binl andar blhisht 
Ki m'ana talab ]card wa dawa bihlsht 
Ba mana tawan Icard dawa durust 
Dam-i-bi qadam takiyagrah aet sust. 






** At the Resurrection thou seest in Paradise that one 
Who sought truth and let go pretension ; 
hy truth one can make a proper claim. 
Breath without action is a slothful resting-place." 


" Qiyamat ki nikan ba 'ala rasand 
Za q'ar-i-thara bar thurayya rasand ; 
Dar an ruz k'az fll pursand wa qaul 
Ulu 1'azm ra tan bilarzad za haul. 
Ba Jae ki dahshat khurdand ambiya 
Tu 'uzr-i-iTunah ra chi darl biya? " 

BosTAN OP S'adi, chap. 9. 

•* f )n the Resurrection Day when the good attain to the highest dignity. 
They rise from the Iwtlom of ihe grave-ashes to the Pleiades, 
On that <lay when they ask of deeds and words. 
The Ixxlies of the lords of resolution (the prophets) will tremble from 

In the place where the prophets suffer fear, 
Come — what excuse for sin hast thou ?" Clarke. 


Qiyamat ruz-i-*arz-i-akbar aet 
Arz an khwahad ki ba zeb zafar aet ; 
Har ki chun Hindu bad wa sauda'st 
Ruz arzash naubat ruswai ast 
Bare yak grul chun na darad khar-i-u 
Shud baharan dushman-i-asrar-i-u." 

Jalaluuuin Rl'MI. 

** The day of judgment is the day of the great review, 
Whoso is fair and enlightened lonps for that review ; 
Whoso like a Hindoo is black with sin, 
The day of review will sound the knell of his disgrace. 
If his thorn puts not forth a single rose-bud 
The .spring in disclosing him is his foe." WniN FIELD. 


' QlFOB az halat-l-lni 
MaitEll andarjaur wa dar ihaan nia-kua 
Jam- wa Ihsan, ranj wa ahaill, badls oet 
Hadlean mirand wa baqg shan waria aet." 

" Argue not rram Ihe condiliun nf corner 
Slumble not al wverity and mercy ; 
For mercy and severily, joy and si 

'c itaniieni 

It things (lie : God is heir of nil." 
" Qu9 Dlb bar khalq wa pinhan kun kolid." Jalali 

" ?lace a pndlock on your throat and hide the key. 

"Say; What think ye? Whether Gnd destroy mc or not nmi those 
who follow me, ot whether He have mercy on us, yet who will protect the 
unbelievers from a woclul lormcnl ? " Rodwell. 

" Qui, eyyu shal'aii akbaru Bhahadatan qull 'llabu sliabidun balnl 
wa baliuikum wa uhfa ilayya badba 'Iquranu 11 undhlrulcura blhi 
wa man t>a1aghBi 'a'innakum lltasIiBduna 'anna itia'a 'Uahi alihataa 
ukbra qui la aahbadu qui 'Innama huwa 'lllahun wabldun, wa 
Innani barlyun mlnuna tUHhrlkun." Kn^lA^. chap, t, 

" Say : ' What thing is the strongest in bearing leslioiony ! ' Say ' God, 
He is wiinesi between me and you. and this Koran wai revealed unto 
me that I ihould admonish you thereby and iilfo those unln whom il 
shall reach. Do you really profess that there are other guds tUKClhei with 
God.' Say *I do not profess this.' Say 'Verily He is one God and I am 
guiltless of whnl ye aisocialc with Him.' '' (Sai.r). 

'■ Qui liiladbf basurufl 'ddbarl ayyarana 
Hal 'anada 'ddharu ilia man lahu khatoru 
Ama tara 'rrlba tn habbat 'awaeiruba 
Fataltha f asiru ilia ma buwa Bhahajaru 
Wa macara 'ibabra t'alu faugahujlyafun 
Wa tastaqlrru t>a gaaa Q'arlbl dduraru." 


** Go ask of him who jeers us when fortune does her worst. 
Whom dolh fortune most oppiose, but him she favours first ? 
See'st not the sweeping tempest sweep gustily along. 
Vet roughly blow about that bough that stately is and strong, 
See*st not the refluent ocean bear carrion on its tide. 
While pearls lieneath its wavy flow fixed in the deep abide ? ** 


** Qui liznan qad shakahu zumbuhu 
Halalcta ya mlsklnu au tantoqlBh 
F'akhllsi ttaubata tatmls biha 
Mlna Ikhataya 'asaudi ma qad nuqlBh 
Wa haka k'asa 'xmiishl fti'shrab wa jud 
Bi 'fodhlatl Ik'asi 'ala man *ati8h." Maqamat of Hariri, chap. 49. 

" Say to him whom the thorn of his sin stings, * Pluck out the thorn, poor 
brother, else thou art lost. 
Wipe out with sincere repentance any writ that black misdeeds have left 

on thy lxx)k of deed*, 
This cup of counsel drink of it, and bestow on one athirst that which 
remains in the cup." Stkingass. 

** Qui liman yahmilu hamman 
Inna hamma la yudumu 
Mlthlu ma tafha 'Imasarata 

f{^lrnA\\A t«.ftifl. MhiiTniiTnti." Alif Lai la wa Laila. 


Go say to him l>orne down by woe 
That not for aye will grief endure ; 
F*or like as joy its end must know, 
K'en so ihe end will sorrow cure." ToRRENS. 


Qui, man yarzuqukum mlna 'ssamal w'al 'ardhi 'amman 3ram- 
llku 'ssama' wa 'I'absara wa man ynkhrlju 'Ihayya mlna Imajrirlti 
wa snikhrlju 'Imayylta mlna 'Ihayyi wa man yndabbixn 'I'amra 
flBAayaquluna llahu faqul 'aftila tattaqun." K(ikan, chap. 10. 

** Say, * Who provideth you food from heaven and earth ? or who hath 
the absolute power over the hearing and the sight? and who bringeth forth 
the living from the dead, and bringeth forth the dead from the living, and 
who go verneth all things?* They will surely answer *God.' Say, * Will 
ye not therefore fear Him ? ' " (Sale). 

** Qulubu lahrarl qabur 'alasrari." Arabic Proverb. 

** The hearts of the noble are the graves of secrets." 


Qulu liman nawama 'layyamu lahu ramat, 
Kum aq'adat nalbatu 'ddhari kam qamat ; 
In kunta nlmta fa'ainu 'llahl ma namat 
Liman safa 'Iwaqtu wa 'ddunya liman damat." 

Alif Laila wa Laila. 


" Say ye to him thai Iks inert, ihe days of lime 
Shool forlh Iheir arrows on Ihee. Oh ! how niBny 
llalh Torlune set upright, hiw manj hsih she 
Cast down. Though ihou \x sleeping, liull and heedless, 
Surely the eye of God is ever wakeful. 
To whom haih lime brought peace of mind f who is Ihere 
Thenotld halh e'er slooJ fast with?" Torrb 

■' Quran ba sar-l-zaban oat wa z 

ar darmlyan-l-Jan." 

" The Quran is on the tip of his 
his hearl.** 

i.Tigue. and the gold is in ihe centre sf 


bajranatm mJna 'I'huda wa Tftir- 

■' The Koran a direction unto 
Ihe distinction between good and u 

mcn and declarationi of direction, and 
■il." (Salk). 

" qoran ki babln kolam khwanand ura 
Kl Bah na bar dctwam kbwanand ura 
Dar kbaCt pujala ayate rusban hast, 
K'andor bamajamudam khwaDaod u: 

But on it« pages seldom enre to pour. 
The lucid lines enarasen on the buwl. 
'/Airr is thi; test thev dwell on everinore." 


" Qurb-1-awazaab gawahl nil-dlhad 
K'lD dam oazdlk az yare Jlbad 
Lazzat-l-awaz khwlebawand nlz 
Shud ffawah bar aldg an yar azlz 
PlBb zlrak k'andarunasb nurha'st 
Ai" In awaz nana bud raat." Jai.aludui 

" The nearness of the voice proves to such an one 
That the voice proceeds from r friend who U near, 
The sweelnens of the kinsman's voice too, O beloved, 
Proves the vcracily of that kinsman. 
To the wise whtise hearts are enlighlencil 





wide aparl ?" Eastw. 



" Qurratu I'alnl man an mews'e dil yadseh bad 
Kl kbiid oBan bisbud wa kar-l-mara mushkil k&rd 
Sarb&n. bar-l-maji uftacS. khuda ra madadl 
Ki i*mTv>iri-j-irftr nmAm hamrab'i-ln mahmil kard 
Ah . wa faryad U az chastun-l-basud-t-mah-l-cbsrUi 
Dar lahd mah-i-kaman abru'e maa mansU kard. " Hath 

" My eyes' bright lighl, my heart's sweet fiuit wns he : be nnforgol 
Thai he who paued so lightly hence made burdensome my lot. 
Driver ! my cantel-pick hia 4lten ! Give help (ut God's dear sake, 
•■--'-■ ' -' -J- ■--  -■- '-:- •■■ -•■ otake. 

>n which envious glanced below, 
* eyeliiuws were a bow." 



The sepukhii: cciniains my moon whi 

"■ Qut imntii dar In zlndan kam ast, 
Wa an chl bast az qaad in aag dar 

Que Kauq ayad bar way yak bar^l 
ABtallz Allah mln Sbatcanlbi 
Qad balalma ab I mln taarblanlbl." 

" In this prison the friod of Irne failh is scarce. 
And by the tricks of this dog what there is, is lost. 
In &j»le of prayers and fists and endless pains 
Out food is altogelher devoured by him. 
Let us seek teluge with Allah from .Salan, 
Alas ! we are perishing from his insolence." (Whinheld). 
" Quwac-i-dana hama az khun-l-Jl^r^r ml-blnatn 

Ablfthanra bama Hbarbat zl ffulabaat wa shakar 

ABp-i-tazl abuda majtnib ba, Eir^i-palon 

Tauq-1-zanin bama dar Kardan-i-lcbar mi-binam 

Pand-1-Hafiz biahnau. kbwaja birau, nlki kun 

El man in pand bih az ganj-l-gaubar ml-biaom." KAPit. 

" Nought save his own heart's hlood ihe food ul the wi^e — I see 
Sherbets of sugar and rose the world lo Ihe fool supplies. 
Galled by Ihe pack-saddle's weight the jurat's oroud steed grows old, 
Vel always the His's neck encircled with gold 1 ste, 
Maslci, go forth and do good 1 The i:iunf;cl of Hnfii priic, 
For tiellcr than lifasurediKBtl ihis counsel so wise I sec," 


" Ba'alCU 'Imaaaya kbabta 'asbwa man tuslb 
Tumlthu wa maQ tukbtl yu'amtnar fayahraml 
Wa man haba 'aebaba 'Imanaya. yanalnahu 
Wain yarqa 'aebaba 'ssamal biBsulaml." Muallakak ut Zuhain. 

" I have ieen the Dooms Itample men as a blind lieail at random Ircads, 
Whom Ihey smote he died; whom Ihey missed, hi- lived lostrenglhlesseld, 
Who trembles before Ihe Dooms, yea him Ihey shall surely seize. 
Albeit he set in his dread a ladder lo climb ihe sky," C. J. LVAl.l. 


" Rabblna 'aftisfb 'alelna sabran wa thabblt 'aqi 

■' QUr I^id, pour 

pon 115 ate idfastness and set o 

ur feet Ann." 

Kaftam Bue khatira w 

a bagrletoiB ba zor 

Az hljar dustan kJ aa 

Isiian kuja shudand. 

hu BTiItam, kbatlra ham 

Dad ex sada Jawab kl 


Amlh KHL-^yi; 

" I wcnl lo Ihe cemetery and wept Uitterly for the absence of fciends, 
now the captives of nnn-existenci;. ' Where arc they ? ' said I, in sadnejis, 
"those dcRr friends of my henrt?' When a voice from the gravei softly 
repeated ' Whcte are ihey ? ' " (Ot;si:LEV). 

" Raftand wa xa mttaetm yaki na amad baz 
T» ba tu biguyad aukllao az parda-e-raz 
KaraC za niyaz mlkuahayad na namaz 
Bozlcba buad namaz bl aldq wa niyaz." Omak Kh 

" They pass away and none is icea leturning. 
To teach lh»t other world's recondile leuning, 
'Twill not be shown for dull inechnnic prayers, 
For prayer is nouuht williout true heaitfelt yearning.'' 

" Bahae mukbtallf aaan shud aat 
Har yalc) ra mlllate cbus Jan shud aet ; 
Oar muyassar kordan hB4]q rah budl 
Har Jataud wa Gabar az u agah budl." Jai.alldoix 

" Ah, how many diverse roads are pointed 
And erwh followed Ity some seel for dear 
It the right rood were easily obtainable 
Every Jew and Clueber would have hit an 

Ami, if thou standivsl, rais 

'■ Bahm bar Isa kun wa bar kbar ma : 
TabaTa bar aql-l-khod sarwar ma 1 
An khar-l-lsa mlzaj-l-dll Blrlft 
Dar maqam-i-aqllan monzll girlft 
Oar za laa graahta'l ranjur dll 
Ham az u sihhat raaad, ura ma hll.' 




Pity keep for Jesus, pity not the ass,* 

Lei not neshly impulse intellect surpass ; 

If an ass could somewhat catch of Jesus' mind. 

Ranked among the sages he his place would find. 

Though because of Jesus you may walk in woe. 

Still from Him comes healing ; never let Him go.' 

" Ba'lz kl tausin ra Ininad ram 
Kunad ahistagri ba kara kham 
Ba txindi tau8in az seur tund firardad 
Wa Grar kvmdi numal kvmd grardad." 



Each horse-tamer who would vanauish the unbroken fiery steed. 
Must the young colt first with kindness and with gentle measures lead. 
Fur)' will but siir the courser to more headlong heat ; and so 
From the rider's want of spirit steeds will dull and sluggish grow." 


** Bakhte kl dashtim bayaghma baburd Ishq 
Az 8ud wa az ziyan wa za bazar farigrliini." 



Love carried off as plunder the chattels which we possessed, 
We are independent of profit and loss and market/' 


*' Bang'-i-tazwlr pish-i-ma na buwad 
Shlr-i-svirkhain wa aftil siyaham." 

** The colour of deceit I wholly lack, 
I am a lion red or serpent black." 

" BanJ wa grheunra haqq pal an afHd 
Ta badln zidd khushdili ayad padid. 
Pas nihaniha bazidd paida shawad 
Chunkl haqqra nlst zidd pinhan buwad ; 
Nur-i-haqqra nlst ziddi dar wujud 
Ta ba zidd-i-ura tawan paida namud, 
Lajurm 'absaranala tudrikuhu,' 
Wa 'hu yudrik ' bin tu az Musa wa kuh." 

Hafiz Odb, 418. 

Jalaluddin Rum I. 

" God created pain and grief for this purpose, 
To wit, to manifest happiness by its opposites. 
Hidden things are manifested by their opposites, 
But as God has no opposite, He remains hidden, 
God's light has no opposite in the range of creation 
Whereby it may be manifested to view. 
Perforce * Our eyes see Him not, though He sees us,' 
Behold this in the case of Moses and Mount Sinai." 


i.e., the body. 



" Boq'a dukhtan bill wa ilzam-i-kunj-l-sabr 
S'az babr-l-Jajna raq'a ba khwajagan iiawlsbt 
Haqqan id ba 'uqubat-i-dusakb barabar aet 
Baftan bapae marde homsaya dar blblibt." Guli^tah, cbap. 3. 

" Bellci CO suFTer and sew palch overfpatch 
TliB.n bqigitig Iclters to ihe (ich 10 wrile, 
Truly il dolh hell's tormenls (aiily match 
To mount by othefs In celestial lifilil-" (EastivIck). 

Grieve not if aughi Wiide be gone And past." (Palmbm). 
" Bawan gar TaruKbe paztralt az u 
Za kbud raft wa bl hush manam guft az u 
Za mlhr u nawazlsb kunad banda ra 
Kl bardasbtan ahayad afganda ra 
Oadara tawangar Icunad tolhr-l-u 
Jaban partau'e az Icbiir chlhra'e u 
Har u rajuz u kas nlyarad Bitud 
Kl u dar □! ayad ba p;in vra shanud." Jam-i.Kii Kii 

" Iftheipiril receives illumination [roni Him 
ll becomes beside itself and its speech is > I «m without intellcc 
Through love lie coolers bountiei on His servants 
As it is proper lo retsc up the fallen. 
His love tenders the mendicant a man of power, 
The world is but  ray einanatiii|< frum the sun of His face, 
None but He can duly praise Himself 
As He cannot become the object of speech or hearing." (S)i 


** Bau, kl tul Bhlfta'e ruzerar 
Yak na kuni baz nuxnai hazar." Nezami. 

'* Go, for thou art beguiled by fortune ; thou performest not one deed, 
nevertheless thou displayest a thousand." Asiatic Miscblxjiny. 


Bawan-i-khufta aerar danadi kl dar kbwabast 

Az an Chi did! na khush shudi wa na ranjur." 


" If the sleeping spirit knew itself to be asleep, 
Whatever it might see, it would feel neither joy nor sorrow." 


" BaVat chu bikh ast wa sultan darakht 
Darakht ey plsar bashad az blkh sakht.** Bostan of S'adl 

** The people are the root and the king is the tree that grows from it ; 
and the tree, O my son, derives its strength from the root." 

Sir W. Jones. 

** Baz ba dll grufbam wa blsyar khun kbtirdam az u 
Eiashkl danlstame awwal kl hcundam yaftcm nlet." 


•* I told the secret which my heart had nursed, 
Full sore it made me weep ; 
Would that my simple heart had known at first 
None can a secret keep.*' Eastwick. 


Baz Juz ba razdan ambaz nlst 

Baz andar iru8h-l>munklr raz nlst." Jalaluddin Ruml 


Mysteries are not communicable save to those who know, 
Mystery in the ear of infidels is no mystery." Whinfield. 

" Baz-1-khud ba yar-l>khud ta an kl bltawanl ma grul 
Yar ra yare buwad, az yar-1-yar andlsha kun." Azizl 

** As long as thou canst, communicate not thy secret to thy friend. 

For that friend has another ; beware therefore of thy friend's friend." 

" Baz khudra chun tu khud mahram na'l 

Dlgare khud mahram-1-an chun buwad ? " Asw ar-lSuheilu 

** To thine own secret thou art unfaithful, then 
Canst thou expect more faith in other men ?" Eastwick. 

** Baz makusha ba har kas kl dar In markaz>l-khak 
Salr kardlm base, mahram Israr na bud." Anwar-nSuhsiu. 

*' Not to each one thy secrets tell, for earth's wide space upon, 

Much we have wandered, yet have found in whom to trust, not one." 



" Bldba 'dhdhallU bl ktaof dhl 'lalebl roaakanaUiii 
Wa Tlzzu IndB raeiml 'lalauql 'dtodhululi 
Fa'dra blba fl niihiui 'Ibldljafllatan 
MuarlilhatlD matbanl Uujml bl 'IJudubl." Al Tuchh 

" CoQlempl and want the wrelch await 
Who slumliers in an abject state, 
Midst lushing crowds, by tuil and pain 
The meed of honour we must gain, 
At honour'! call the camel hastes 
Through trackless wilds and dicary wastes, 
mi in the glorious race she dad 
The fleetest coursers hk behind." J- D. Caklvlc. 

" Rlha kiui Bltam ra yal£ bar^ 
Kl kam 'umr amod eltamffarasl 
Shablneboh chua rae ra bad kuoad. 
YaqlQ d&a kl bad dar haqQ-1-lcbud kunad." Anw ar-i^uhkiu. 

" Give up thy course of tyranny and wrong 
At once, — for ne'er was life of tyrant long j 
Know, when a king perverts his judgmenl, he 
Does Ihal which for himself loo scalhc will be." 


" Blnde didam nlshasta bar kbuahk xaxaia 
Ha kufr wa na tslam wa ca dunya wa na tUii, 
Na haqq oa haqlqat na Bhati'at na yaqln 
Aadardujahanldrabuwodzabra'eln?" Oiux Khawam- 

" An outlaw in the desert did I see. 
He had no wealth, no (ailh, no heresy 
No Cod, no truth, no bw, no certitude. 
In the twu worlds where's mao so bold as he?" 


" Bisb Janaha Iburrl In boesahu 
Zamanuhu la kana roan lain yarlsh 
Wa'njldl 'Imulura dbulroan fain 
•AJftietft-anliiJadlhl, fa'staJlBh." Ma.mhat ov Habiiii. 

" Feather the free whose plumage fair time hath stripped. 
May be not live, who, while he can, feathers not. 

Help one oppressed by tyranny: if too weak to helf thyself, then 
summon up hosts [or him." Steincass, 

" BUbta ra ba suzan arosd Irtlbat 
Nlst darkhur bajamaj summu 'Ucbayyat 
Kal sbawad barlk haBta'eJamal 
Jue bimiqraz rlyazat wa "amal." - jALAiumiiN Ruuu 


" The ihread and the needle are related to une another ; bnt a camel is 
not Ailed to pas£ ihiouj^h the eye of a neeille ; how should the body of a. 
camel bccnme slender eicepl by abstinence and exeiiion?" 

" Rlyasat ba, dast-i-kassine khata'Bt 
Kt az daat-l-lBhan daatha bar khuda'et 
Nelcu-kar hor^z na blaod badl 
Cbu bad paxwari, Idiaaaiiii-i-JaD Ichud'!," avhari-Suhiiill 

I should enthral 

ft their hands in p[a,yer ; 

roan befall 

es ensnare." EASTWlCK. 

" Bizq ayad pleb bar k'u rizq Juet 
Banj kuablstaa za bl-aabri t>uBt ; 
Jumla-ra Razzaq ruxt ml-dlhad 
Qlsmat har yak ba pishash ml-nlhad." 

Uur own impatience is our Iroul.le 5 spring, 
(ind's blessings freely to all creatures flow. 
His hands to all the destined bounty bring." EAS'nVlCK. 

" BJza bar chaJid bi guinan blreaad 
Shaiir-l-aqlaBt Jiiatan aa darha ; 
Oarcbl kaa bi ajal nakliwahad murd 
Tu ma ru dar dlhan-1-azhdaha." Cui.istan, clup. 3. 

" Though without doubt fate will i>ur want supply, 
Reason requires il be sought from home ; 
'Tis true that none will un predestined die. 
Vet in a dragon's maw one should not come." (EasTWICk). 

' Our daily food is destined, and the time too they allot, 
Aught more or aught l>efoie this, by our struggles we win not." 


TAS, chip. 4. 

" Oft liave my friends reproached me for my love. 
The day will come they'll see her and approve." 

" Bubba yaumln bakaitu mlnhu falamma 
Slrtu fl ffbairibt bakaitu alaihl." Majani u. auab. 


I)u[ nol earth's richest gifts ihe greedy eye,'' 

" Rue agar chand plrl chlhrSi wa zlba bashad 
Na tawan did dar alna ki Duranl nlst 
Abid wa sahld wa Sufl hama attkl rahand 
Mard agar hast ba Juz 'alim-i-rabbani nlet." ahu- 

" ICdnrkness should Ihe sullied mirror mask, 
Vainly in it the fairest face may glance ; 
Kecluse, mnnk, Sufi children are astray, 
The man is he who wallis in God's own way.' 

" Rue bar kbak-i-'ujz me gruyam 
Har sabrKah kl yad mlayad 
Ey Icl harfflz faramueht nakunam 
Hlchat az banda yad mlayad?" Guli; 

" llumlily in dust I bow each day 
My face : witli wakening memory, 
O Thou iihom I fnrgcl not, ■^ay : 
Dosi Thou bethink Thee c'et of n 

a veise of the Koian, 

ive grace and beauty." 


" Rue maqaud k 

'■ The form 


" Buhra kl ishq-i-haqlqi shl'ar nlst 
Nabuda bih kl budan-i-u flrhair-'ar niet." Diwan-i-Shams-i-Tabrit. 

" 'Twere better that the spirit which wears not true love as a garment 
Had not been ; its being is but shame." (Nicholson). 

** Rubra suhbat-l-najlns azablst 'allm." Hafiz. 

" The society of the uncongenial is excruciating torment to the soul.'* 

" Buh sakht latlf ast wa Ishq sakht flrhaisnir 
Chi Jae surat aflrar khud namad shawad sad tu." 


** Spirit is very subtle and love is very jealous, 
What room for form, if the felt is hundredfold ? " 


*' Rukh-1-tu dar dllam amad, murad khwabam yaft 
Chlra kl hal>l-nlku dar qafi&'e flal nlkust." Hafiz. 

" Thy face came into my heart ; my desire I shall gain 
For after the happy omen is the happy state." Clarke. 

** Rushna'e taJ'at-1-tu mah na darad 
Pl8h-l-tu grul raunaq-l-GTlyah na darad 
Ousba'e abru'e tust manzll-l-Janain 
Elhushtar az In gusha padshab nadarad." Hafiz. 

" The moon hath not the luminosity of thy face, 
In comparison with thee the rose hath not the glory of grass. 
The corner of thy eyebrow is my soul's dwelling, 
A happier corner than this the king hath not." 

*' Busta zadafiran-l-danlshmajid 
Bawazlrl badshah raftand, 
Plsaran-1-wazlr naqls-1-aql 
Bagrada'l barusta raftand." Gulistan, chap. 7. 

" The king his vazirship bestows 
On peasants' sons, wise, though of lowly birth ; 
The vazir's dullard children in their stead 
Through town and hamlet humbly beg their bread." 


" Rutab nawarad cbub-1-khar zahra bar 
Cbl tukhm afgranl bar haman cbasbm dar." Bostan of S'adi. 

** The wood of the colocynth brings not the green date. 
Whatsoever seed thou didst cast, expect that very fruit." 



" Bu wa ear dar jamahft plcblda Id 
h& Jurm ba dida wa nadida Id. 
Adml dldoBt wa baql puet aat 
Dlda anaet onfcl did dust aat." Jalaluduik Rt 

*' VVilh muffled heads you cannut see, 
You've wrapped your cloaks in (olds ahoui your heids and eyes, 
Vour sense of si§ht cannol sec whal bcfure yoii lies. 
The world's eye man is ; all the resl's mete skin and shell, 
A real eye's he who atrives his fiiend to see right well." 


" Bu'waydakalB tu'qlbjamllaka b'U'adba 
Fa tadbi wa Bhamlu 'Imoll munead'i 
Wa la tatagbadhdbib mlo tozilyudi sa'lUn 
Fa ma huwa fl aaugh! 'Ulaanl blmubtadl." 

1, Etnily, 1 
»nd lam< 

injury for else both Ihy wealth 
i. for he is by no means 

" Ruza yoksu ehud, wa Id amad wa dllha barkhast 
Bada nuBbl ki dor u rul wa rlya) nabuwad 
Blhlftr az zuhdfaruBhl ki dar u rul rly'ast 
Ma aa rlndan-l-rlj'a'lm wa hariran-l-nlbq 
An kl u 'allm-l-Btmtat bar In hal Kawa'Bl 
Fara-l-Izid bl^uzareiu wa bah 
Wan chl ffuyard rawa niet ni 

" [The fast hiLi gone, and [he lent come, and hearts have rl 
Bctler the dtunkard void of fraud and wiles 
Than virtue's braggart who by fraud beguiles, 
I am no hypocrite, no loper sly, 
Attest it He who secrets doth espy. 
Let us obey God's laws and injure nunc 
Nor teach as good uhit we are Inught to shun." BlCK 

" Ruz dar kasb-i-bunor kuah, ki maJ khurdaa-l-ruz 
Dil chu alna dar zhaogr-l-zalain andazad. 
An zaman waqt-l-mal Hubb-fftrug-h aet, ki shab 
Olrd-1-khargah-i-tifuq parda'e sbam andazad." 



By day seek virtue ; wine if quaffed by day 
The heart's pure mirror shaU with dust o'erlay ; 
Indulge in cups of wine aurora-bright 
When the sky's tent is curtained by the night." 


** Biize agrar flrhame rasadat. tanfirdll ma bash 
Bail, Bhukr kun, mabcui ki az bcui batar shawad. 
By dil sabtir bash, wa makhtir flrham, ki 'aqibat 
In sham subh firardad, wa in shab sahar shawad, 
Haflz, Chun nafla'e sar-i-ziilfosh ba dast-i-tu'st 
Dam dar kash ; ar na bad-i-saba ra khabar shawad." Hafiz. 


If one day a great grief should reach thee, be not strait of heart. 
Go : offer thanks. God forbid that worse than bad should be, 
O heart ! be patient : suffer not grief. For in the end 
This evening the morn becomelh, and the night the dawn, 
Hafiz, when the musk of His tress-tip is in thine hand, 
Indraw thy breath. If not, to the morning breeze news would be.'* 


" Ruze ba chunan guzasht wa ruze ba chunin 
Aknun ki nigah kuni, na an ast wa na in." Anwar-i-Suhbili. 

** One day in this, the next in that goes by. 
Thou look'st, and now nor this not that canst spy." 


'* Bnze budam mushtaqwar 
Ta babinam dar bashar anwar-i-yar 
Ta babinam qulzume dar qatra'e 
Aftabe daij andar zarra'e." Jalaluddin Ruml 

** One day I was filled with longing 
To behold in human form the splendours of the Friend, 
To witness the ocean gathered up into a drop, 
The sun compressed into a single atom." WiiiNFiELD. 

*' Ruze ki az madar tu zadi iiriyan, 
Elhalqan hama khandan« tu budi gririyan, 
Dar ruz wafatat ki Jan bis];>ari 
Khalqan hama gririyan, tu bashi khandan." 

** On parent knees, a naked new-born child 

Weeping thou satsl, when all around thee smiled ; 

So live, that sinking in thy last long sleep, 

Calm thou mayst smile, when all around thee weep.'* 

Sir VV. Jones. 
*' Ruze ki charkh az gril-i-ma kuzaha kunad 
Zinhar, kasa'e sar-i-ma pur sharab kun." Hafiz. 



" Ruze klJaza-e-harslAit khwahad bud 
Qadr-1-tu ba 4adr-l-m'arlte,t khwahad bud. 
Dar hoaem Blfat IcuBh kl dar ruz-1-Jaza 
Hashr-i-tu basurat-l-slfat khwahad bud." Oii^x 

" On ihe dreail day uf linnl serulmy 

As in Ihy wisdom so Ihy meed shall be, 
Strive to ge\ vitlues here, for Ihou will lise 
Blearing tlie imprint of thy quality." (Wni 

" Btize Id Bbawftd 'Idhti 'asama'u "nliarst,' 
Wa andam kl shawod ' Idha 'nnujuml 'okadarat' 
Man daman -1-tu big^ram andar araat 
Ouyam aanama ' blayya zanbin Qutllat.' " ouar 

" On that dread day when wralli shall rend llle sky, 
And darkness dim the tirigh) slatt' galaxy, 
I'll xhe the Luved One by the skin and cry, 
' Why hast thou doomed these gnillless ones lo die?'" 


" RuZKar ast kl az g-balyat bl dad dar u 
Nlat miunkln kl kase ra aar wa eaman baahad 
Chashm-l-nlkl za kl darlca ba ahde kl dar u 
Gar kase bad oa kimad. B-hayaM-lbsan bashad." Amvax.i-Suhkili, 

" Such is the age thai from excess of wrong 
The life or goods of none secure can be, 
To whom can we attribute kindne!^s 'mid a throng 
Who think they do a favour not lo injure ihec." EA.STW1CK. 

" Buz-1-marg chu tabut-!-man rawan baeh 
Quman Eoabar kl mara dll dar In Jahan bi 
Bara'a man ma girl wa ma^u ' Darigih I Darlgh I ' 
Badam-l-dlv dar uftl, darlgh an baehad." Diwin-i-Sh 

" When my l«er moveth on the day of death, 
Think not my heart is In this world, 
Do not weep for me, and cry,  Woe ! Woe I ' 
Thou wilt fall in the devil's snare ; that is woe.' 


■' Ruz-l-wasl-l-duBtdaron yad bad. 
Yad bad rd ruzgaran yad bad, 
Oarchl ya.ran farlKband az yad-1-man 
Az man iHhaora bazorau yad bad 
Raz-l-HaHz b'ad az In nagutta majiad 
By darlBh an razdaran yad bad." 

" That dny of friendship when we met tecall, 
Kecall [hose days of fund rEgtd, recall I 
My friends lE miLy be bave forgatLea lung 
But I a Ihoasun^l limes Ihal IhroO); recall. 

" Buz mahehar bar nlban palda abawad 
Ham za ktaud bar mujrime ruawa abawad 
Dast wa pa bldlbad gawabl ba bayan 
Bar fasad-I-u ba pisb must 'aan 
Dast ffuyad man cbunln duzdlda am 
Lab baeruyad man chunin buaida am 
Pa ffuyad man sbudastam tamana 
FarJ gruyad man bUcardaatam eina ; 
Cbaebm ccnyad Kbamza kardastam baram 
OuBb sTuyad cblda am su 'alkalam 
Pas darugh amad za ear ta pa wa kbwlsb 
Cbun gawobt mldlbad 'dza za plab." 

in day all secrets will be disclosed. 
Yea, every guilty one will be convicled by himself, 
Hand and fool will bear icstimony openly 
Ikfate the Almighty concerning their owner's siiui 
Hand will say, ' I stole such and such things,' 
Lip will say, ' I asked for such and such things,' 
Foot will say, ' I went after my own desires,' 
Arm will say, ' I embraced the harlot,' 
Eye will say, ' I looked after forbidden things,' 
Eai will say, ' 1 listened lu evil talk.' 
Thus the man will be shown to be a liar from head to foot 
Since his own members will prove him to be a liat." 

I Whin FIELD). 

" Ruz wa sbab afaanajui ya tu cbuat, 
Juzujuzu tu fttaana-Kul fust 
JuzujuzwattaboraatoBt az 'adam. 
Cband abadi dlda and wa cband g-htun, 
Z'askl bl lazzat na rolad bleb Juzu 
Bolkl tagbar gardad az bar picb jtuu." Jalai.lddin- Rumi. 


" Dny and niEhl yoii are eagerly asking Tor news. 
Whilst every metnlier of your body is lelting you news, 
Since each membei of your body issued from Nol-being, 
How much pleasure has it seen and how much pain? 
l-'or no mcmlier grows and flourishes without pte»5ure, 
And each meml)er is ivenkened hy every pain." (WMtNFlELl 
" SaadtB, mard-l-nik nam na mlrad barglz 
Murda an oat kl natnaeb ba, nlkul na barand." AvwAi-i-Suxa 

whosL- good Hi 

■r he dead, 

SsAli'u 11a moKhflratln min rabbllcum wa Jannatln ardbiiba 
wa'l'ardhu 'ulddat lllmuttoqln 'llodhlna yunflquna fl 
'dhdharral via 'Ikadhlmina 'Igbaldba wa 'I'aflna 'anl 
ihu yuhibbu '1] 

velh n 


" Sabllu 'ImauU gbayatu ku 
Wa man la yutabat yaa'ai 

'aqltal." katahi. 

" The pathway ul death is »el for all men In (ravel, 
The Crier of death proclaims ihroughuut the earlh his empire. 
Who dies not when young and sound, dies old and weary, 
crgih (if dayi from all love and kindness." 


Cul off I 

" Sad dalll aurad muqallld dar bayan 
Az qlyasi ^ujrad ura Da z'aij'aa : 
Masblc aludaat ama masbk nal 
Bue maahtcaatoBh wall Jul pashk nai." 

smells of m 

lo'dam wa danaet al kbuda 
Ma chu murtrban harts wa blnawa : 
Damba dam ma twsta-e-dam nau Im 

Har ekl kar baz wa Simurgrhe shawlm. 
Ml Hhaii) bar daml mara wa baz. 
6ul daml roe rawltn. ey aaifaraz." 


" O God there are hundreds of mates and bails 
And we are even as i;reedy and foolish birds ; 
Every moment our feet are caught in a fresh snare, 
V'ca, each one ofu^ though he W a falcon or Siniurgli, 
*"'  1 release us every momenl and alraighlway 

We again fly into the : 
" Sad hazaran nlza'e Flraun ra 
Dar Bhikaat an Muea ba yak osa 
Sad bazaran tlbb Jalenua bud 
Plah Isa wa dam ash afSiis bud 
Sad barazaran daftar ash'ar bud 
PlBh barf ummi ash'ar bud." 

■, O Almighty oi 


" The million speais of Pharaoh vaunting in his might. 
By Moses' wand were broken in the appointed night r 
And many suns of skill, for healing science fameil 
By lesu's curing halt, lame, blind, deaf, mad, were shamed ; 
How many poets, orators, great men of note. 
By word of the Ilbterate One * were shown lo dote." 

(REDHOysB). 1 
" Safahna "an batil Dhulin wa qulna 'Iqaumu 'Ikbwonu 
"Asa 'I'ayyaniu 'an yarjina qauman ka'Uadhi kanu 
Palamma sarraha 'Bhahami fa'amsa wa huwft "urlyanu 
Wa lam yabka alwa 'I'udwao! dlunahum kama danu." 

" Foi^veness had he Cor f^lind's sons. 
We said ' The men our brothers are : 
The days may bring that yet again 
They be the folk that once ihey were.' 
But when the III iitood clear and plain 
And naked wrung was bare lo-day, 
Ai)d naught was left but bitter bale, 
We paid them in the coin ihey gave." (C. J. LvALL). 

-' Safar id baehad bar an kad khuda 
Kl ba nawa'e zlsht^Bsb buwad dar sara'e 
Dar kburratnl bar aara'e biband 
Kl base zan az wat bar ayad buland." Bostan op S'aui. 

" Travel is a festival lo thai house-master 
In whose house is u wife of bad disposition i 
Shut the door of joylulness on that house 
From which the wife's clamour issues largely." (ClABKS). 


inn alliiincd." 


" Sakhora 'Ibahra lit 'akulu minhu iHtiman tarlyyon v/a toatakh- 
rlju mlahu hllyatan talboBLuiaba wa tara 'inilka mawatchlm Shi 
lltabt^-hu rain (^hllhl." K.-kan, chap. 16. 

" He hnlh 6iibject»i Ihe sea Lo you Ihat je may eat of its fresh lish, anil 
take forth from il (iinainenl? In wear, and Ihoii secst Ibe ships ploughing 
ill liilloss^, and that yc may go in (juest uf His buunlies." (KoinVtiLL). 

■' Sakhawat Icunad nUtbakbt Uchtlyar 
Kl inard az salcbawat aba wad bakbclyar 
Sakhawat mle-l-albra Idmlyaat 
Sakhawat hama dardra dawast." PA^□^AUA or S'ai^i. 

'■ The ffntunate mfllielh choice of libcralily 
Because a man h lendeied happy theiehy, 
I.ilieraliiv is the elixir for transmuting [he copper of defect, 

y is the remedy for all ills." (GLAtiWlS). 


" Sakht khak aJuda miayad sukhan, 
Ab tlra Bhud. aar-i-cbah band Itun, 
Ta khuda aab baz eaf wa kbush ktinad. 
Ankl tlra kard, bam eafoeh kuaad, 
Sabr arad arzu, ns shltab, 
Sabr kun, wa Allah allm ba'sawab." Jalallddik Rvmi. 

" The Word is become foul with rninglerl earlh, 
The water is l>ccome muddy ; close the muuth of the well. 
Till God makes it tgtin pure and sweet, 
VcB, till )le purities what He has miule foul; 
Paliencc will iiccomplish Ihy dciire, not haste, 
Be patient, God knmvs what is best." (Wminfield). 


Happy his faie who such a spouse possesses." 

" Saiha bar tu bugrzaj-ad Id guEar 
Na kuni sue tarbat-t-pldarat 
Tu bajae pidar cbe kardl khalr 
Tabomaii cboshm dari azpisorat?" Ci;v 

Mi net ihou did'il vi.'ii 

at lhvf.»ther'sgiave. 

What filial acliom ht 

isl ihou dont, 

That frum Ihy son ih 

..uihoiiUisl like worship c 


" Salha palraui-mazhab i^ndac kardam 
Ta baftitwa Ichlrad hire bazlDdan kardam ; 
NaqBh-i-inasturl wamasti na badaat-l-man wi 
An chl BuItan-i-ftBl fpiTt ■hlkun,' an kardam." 



ly a ye 

Till Kei 



1. u> m 



id lite 

" Solba raftam salkr az 'iabq mab 
Bi khabar az rah wa hoiran dar Allah 
Pa barahna merawl bar khor wa sang 
Ouft maD balranam wa b'ilchwlah wa ni 
Az rab wa manzll, za kutab wa daraz 
Dll cbi daoad k'uat c 


" I journeyed years and months for love of that moon. 
Heedless of the way, absorbed in God, 
With Inre feet I trod upon ihorns and flints. 
Seeing I was bewildered, and beside myself and senseless ; 
What knows the heart of rond and stages, 
What of distant and near, while it is dtunk with love." 


" Samlh 'akhaka Idba kbalat mlnhu 'llsabat bi'lghalat, 
Wa tajafti 'an t'aniflbi In zagba yaiiman au qosal, 
Wa'bradh sanlyaka 'Indabu abakara 'sBaniyata 'am sbamal 

" Pardon ihy brother when he mirs'S' his right aiming with error. 
And shrink from rehnkin^ him if he swervf or decline, 
Keep lo thy kind dealing inwards bim » 
ness or slight ii.'' 

" Sabs' dar dast wa mar sar bar sang 
Na kunad mard-l-htiehyar dlraiiK 
Tarabbum bar palang-t-tlz dandan 
Sitam karl buwad bar gnsfandaii." 


" Wh<;n a sione [s in the hand : on a stone ihe serpeni'a pale, 
He is not a. n»n ofscnse who to strike should besiuie. 
To sharp- loolhed ligeis kind lu be. 
To harmless Hocks is tyranny," Kasiv 

" Sanl "bl Chun chu 'alsjn a(Hd 
Aql awwal to, muqaddtui] aftid : 
DIh bud allnk aqul, ey Icburdo. dan, 
Wa (m dlham baabckd muaselr darjahaa; 
Ear kunjuwud aat dar (rltl Camam 
Aq] Taalash i 

- The loomfaraUlc Creslir when ihis work 
) k<ti'l create, created first nt all 
The First Intelligenee. Firs! iiF a chnin 
OE Ten Inielligences, of which ihe Use 
Sole igent is in this our universe 
Aciive inielligencc so called. 1 he one 
Dislfil.iiti.rofcviUndof j;.nKl. 


" Sar IcI aqli az -wal blpard dum ehawad." |AUAl.uu[»^ Hi 

" The h<.'ad vihoic iL-ason has tied is a tnil." 


" Sar ca sar ofOq bahawan eudan. 
Nih ta<|-l-falak bakbun-1-dil andudnn. 
Bod sal dlKar aair-l'Zlndan budan, 
Bih z'an kl dame bamdam-i-nadan budaa." H* 

" The whole earth in it mortar to pound line, 

To smear thy heart's hlood on heaven's arches nine, 

T-) be immured a hundred years is less 

Than with a fool one moment to combine." filCK-SKi 


" Satafturaqu ummati 'ala thalathni wa sabilna millatan kullu- 
hum fl 'nnaii iUa miUatun wahidatun." Saying of Muhammad. 

"My people will be divided into three and seventy sects, and all of 
them shall be in the Fire save one sect." 


Satudhri 'ddazna la 'ddazn'a, Idha *ayanta la Jam'a 
Yaqi fl 'arsati ljam*a, wa la khala wa la *aznm, 
Ka 'annl bika tankhattu ila 'llahdi wa tanfirbatii, 
Waqad 'aslamaka 'rrahtu 11a 'adhyaqa min saxmn, 
Hunaka IJismu mamdudun liyast'akilahu 'dudu. 
Ha an yankbara 'l*udu, wa yumai 'I'adbmu qad ramm." 

Hariri, Macjamat, II. 

** Thou shalt weep blood not tears, when thou perceivest that no com- 
pany can protect thee in the Court of Assembling ; no kinsman of father 
or mother. 

It is as though I could see thee when thou goest doM n to the vault and 
divest deep ; when thy kinsmen have commilted thee to a place narrower 
than a needle's eye, 

There is the body stretched out that the worms may devour it until the 
coffin-wood is bored through and the bones moulder." (Chenf.ry). 

*' Saya parwarda ra chi taqat-i-an 
Ki rawad ba mubarizcm baqital 
Sust bazu bajabi mlafgrand 
Panja ba mard-i-ahcuil cbangal." Gulistan, chap. 8. 

** Me who was nursed in soft repose 
Cannot with warriors to the battle go ; 
Vain with his weakly arm to close 
And struggle with an iron-wristed foe." Eastwick. 

" Sasryad ki bar nagrzarad slz kxinjishke 
Dani chi kunad cbu kabak wa tihu binad." Anwak-iSl-heh.i. 

" The fowler that not sparrows e'en will spare, 
Think what he does when game and quails are there." 


*' Ser amadam ey khuda az pasta-e-khwlsh, 
Az tangr dill wa az tihi dasta-e-kwlsh 
Az nist chu hast mekuni birun ar 
Z'ln nistiam ba hurmat-i-hasta-e-khwish.*' Omar Khawam. 

*' Lord, I am tired of this low state of mine, 
This wretched lot, this beggary of mine ; 
Thou makest all from naught, bring me from naujijhl, 
Into that sacred being which is thine." (Whim- i eld). 


" Bbab giirlzad chunlcl nur aroad za dur 
Pas chl danad zidmBit iihab haJ-l-Dur 
Pasha bl^rurlznd za t>ad-l-badba 
Pas chl dauad pasha zauq badha ; 
Chun qadlm apad hadaa ffordad 'abas 
Fas kuja danad qadlml ra hadaa," Jalai.iuuii 

" When ihe day duwnti from heaven, nighl Rees away 
Whal Ihcn can in dnikness know of (he naiurc of light ? 
The gnat scuds away lieforc Ihe bias! of ihe wind*. 
What ihi'n knowK the gnst of ihe savoui oS ihe winds? 
When the Eleinal nppeiits, iho iran-tiloTy is annulled, 
Whal then knows the transilury of the Eleroal f " 


-" Shab-l-taiilc-l-dustaa-l-khuda 
Mtbitabad chu mi-l^rakbahlnda 
'Wa In SB'dat ba ztir-l-bazu nist 
Ta tia baichehad khuda'e bakhshinda." liui iunt, 

" The dftfli night of the friends of heaven 
Shines with ihc biiliiant light of day ; 
Nut to man's might rs lliis rich blessing given, 
II comBB (tom Cud, no uiher way." (HAS.H 

he whirlpool dreadful, llie shadow of Ihe nigh 
■compa'.iion in ihe lighl-burdeoed of the shore?' 

" Shaha Tatakat bt ktiusrut t'aln kard 
Wa za bahr-)-tu asp padshabl zln kard, 
Ta dar harakat, samand zarrtn sum tu 
Bar gU Dlhand pa-e-zamln slmin Icoi-d." 

porliune.t sovereignly lo ihce, 

irgrr MIS his golden hnofs, 

some gulden liipcslry." (Wilis 

" For belter in a king one hour in deeds of justice passed. 
Than piety and wortci aniicre that live-unre years should last." 


" Sluikar bar tute flkun, murdar pish gurgftn." Kasim Ai. Akwah. 
" Throw sugar to the paiiol, but place carrion before the wolf." 


** Shakh ki bi mewa buwad nakhush aet 
Matbakhan ra xnadad-i-atish ast." Anwar-i-Suhrh.i. 

** The barren branches do but shock the eye, 
And can but fuel to the cook supply." Eastwick. 

*' Shakh-i-niki sa'adat arad bar 
Oul na chinad kase ki karad khar 
Chun yaqln shud Jaza'e nafti' wa zarar 
Nikui kun ki nikui bihtar." Anwak-i-Slheili. 

** Joy's fruit upon the branch of kindness grows. 
Who sows the bramble will not pluck the rose ; 
Since loss or gain are to our acts assigned, 
Do good, for 'lis far l)etter good to find." Eastwick. 

** Shakhsam ba chashm-i-'aliman khub manzarast 
Wa ta, khubs-i-batinam sar-i-khajlat nihada pish 
Tausra ba naqsh wa nigrarl ki hast, khalq 
Tahsin kunand, wa u khajal az pae zisht-i-khwish." 

Gli.istan, chap. 2. 

** My person in men's eyes is fair to view 

But for my inward faults shame bows my head ; 

The peacock lauded for his brilliant hue 

Is by his ugly feet discomfited." (Eastwick). 

" Shakhse hama shab ba sar-i-bimar grrist 
Chun ruz shud u bamurd wa bimar bazist." Gt list an. 

** A person wept the live-long night beside a sick man's bed ; 
When it dawned the sick was well, and the mourner, he was dead." 


'* Sham'a parwana ra basukht w£de 
Zud buriyan shawad ba raueran-i-khwish." Anwar-i-Suhf m i. 

'* The taper did the moth consume, 'tis true. 
Burned in its wax, it soon will perish too." Eastwick. 

** Shams dar kharij afirarchi hast fard 
Mi-tawan ham misl-i-u ta.swlr kard 
Shams-i-Jan k'u kharij amad az asir 
Na bud adh dar zihn wa dar kharij nazir." Jalalidihn Rl mi. 

** Though the material sun is unique and single, 
We can conceive similar suns like to it, 
liut the Sun of ihe soul beyond this firmament. 
No like thereof is seen in concrete or abstract.*' 



" Ebamehlr-l-nlk za ahanl badcbun kuiiad kaae ? 
Na kas ba tarblyat naabawail, ey hakim, kaa 
Baran kj dor latarat-i-tab'aaah khllaTnlst 
Dar bogh lala roiyad we, dor bum kbaa." Gul»ta>, th 

" Who can from (auliy iron good swotds frame? 
Teitching, O sage, lends nut ihe worthless worth, 
The rain whoie bounleons nature'* slill the wme 
Gives flowers in gardcoE, ihorns in salt land Mrth. 

" Sharab-l-lutf-I-ktaudawandra klrane njst 
Wa ear klranaah numayad qusur-t-Jam bu'wad." 

■' The wine of Goii's grace halh no brim, 

" Sharani't makan bi 'l-makln." Arabic Pkdmii 

'■ The (lignUy of the dwelling is in the dweller." 

E. G. Lkowm 
" Sbarru I'wara man yaumuhu 'okbsaru mln 'amslhl." 

M*gA>iAr (IK Hakiri, (hop. 
" The woisl of men h he whose lo-day falls short of his yeslerday." 
" 8harbat-I-ansabin ma Jul az dahr 
K! bar amlkhta ast ehahd t>a zohr, 
Tu taeauwwtr kuni kl an 'eeal aat, 
Waan 'asal nlat, 'aeal Jallst." Avhab-i-Simii 

" Think nol swecl sherbet from ihe world to diiok. 
Honey with poisun is commingled there. 
Thai which Itiou fondly dost sweel honey Ihink 
Is but the deadly potion of despnir." Eastwici 

" Btaarmat nlayad az In tabahl kardan 
Zla tark-i-awamlr wa nawahl kardan, 

Qlram kl Baraaar Injahan mulk-1-tu sbud 

Juz an kl rlba kunl, ohl khwsh! kardan?" Omah KitAn ■^ 

" Sbarra 'ddawabbt lad 'Uahl 'Bsumu 'Ibukmu 
ya'qUun." K 

" The vilest beasts in God's 
Hand nol." 


" 8h*ar wa hlrs danl chist 
An yake tifl wa an dlffar daya.*' Anwaki. 

** Dost thou know what poetry and covetousness arc? 
The former is the child and the latter the nurse." 

(E. G. Brown R). 
" Sheikhe bazan-i-ftkhlsha grufta * Masti ; 
Har lahza badam-i-digare pa baeti,' 
Oufta * Sheikha har anchi gul, hastam, 
Amma tu chunanki me numai hasti ? ' " Omar Kh awam. 

** A Shaikh beheld a harlot and quoth he, 
• You seem a slave to drink and lechery ; ' 
And she made answer, * What I seem, I am, 
But, Master, are^w/ all you seem to be ?'" Whixfield. 

'* Sher ra sedsala dar g-ardan wa ruba hama sbab 
Farierh ul bal bar atlal wa daman migardad." Anwar-i-Si:hk(i.i. 

** The chain is on the lion's neck while the jackal all night long, 
With thoughtless freedom ranges the ruined wastes among.'' 

East WICK. 

" ShifiTuDa gah shiguftast, gah khushida, 
Darakht waSc^t barahna wa weu^t pushida." (^ui.istan, chap. 2. 

** The bud now blossoms ; withered now is found ; 
The tree now naked, now with leaves is crowned." 


*' Shikam band dast ast wa zcmjlr-i-pae 
Shikam banda kamtar parasl^cul khuda'e." Gt mstan, chap. 8. 

** The belly binds the hands, the feet unnerves, 
He heeds not heaven who his belly serves." (East wick). 

** ShiksAta qadah gar bi bandand chust 
Ni aurd khwahad baha'e dunist." Bos tan ok S'adi, chap. 9. 

** If they cleverly piece together the broken goblet, 
It will not fetch the price of the perfect one." Clarke. 


Shukr qad€u:*ash qudratat afoun kunad, 

Jabr ni'amat az guft birun kunad ; 

Jabr-i-tu khuftan buad dar rah, makhusp, 

Ta bini an dar wa dargah, makhusp." Jalaluduin Rlmi. 

*' Giving thanks for blessing increases blessings 

But fatalism snatches those blessings from your hands. 

Your fatalism is to sleep on the road ; sleep not 

Till ye behold the gate of the king's palace." Whinkielu. 


" Sbuma, dllba nlgah darid. man baii. Musatmanao. 
ChunBii amlkhtam ba u. kl dll ba man nlamlzad. 
Nukhust az Isbq-l-u zaclam. ba okhir dll badu dadam, 
Ctau mewa zayad az shakbl, badan sbakh andar awlzad." 


" I^oV 10 youi hcnrls 1 I whatever lielide, O Moslems, 
Am so mingled wiih Him, ihai no heaii is mingled wiih in«, 
1 was born of His love al the first, I gave Him my love at the last, 
When [he frgil springs from Ibe Imngh, on that bough it hangs." 

" Bhuntdam kl dor ruiBar-lnjadim 
Sbude Hang dar daat-i-Bbdal Bim ; 
Na plndari In qaul m'aqul nlst 
Cbu razl ebudl, aim wa eaugat rak net." Uos-rAN i,r s'aui, chap. 6. 

 I heiui It 

" Sbunldam kl mardan-1-rah-l-kbuda 
DU-l-duahmanan ham nakardaod tan? ; 
Tura kal muyaaaar sbawad Id maqam 
Kl ba duBtanat khllafeat wajan^?" 

The men of IJotl's 

true f;iilh I've heard, 

Ciioo not the hci 

Its e'en of Ihdi foes. 

When will this sli 

ion be conferred, 

Un thee who dosl ihy (liends oppose?" (EaSTWilk). 

" Sbur bakhtan ba arzu kbwabaod ' 
UuqbUanra zawol-l-ntmat wajab 
Oar na blnad ba ruz sbapparab cbaabm 

Chaabma-e-aftab ra chl arunah?" uiluta!-, tlup. >, 

 The n(clc!iB.I lony tii witness the dccny 
Oi forlune's lnvour> to the happier ft'W, 
But ihuuyli ihc lal be iiti>inleH by day, 
Can we lur lliit ii Inull iir failing view 
In the sun's Count of light?" (Easi»ick). 

" The camel will not gn thrm.(jh the eye of » needle, 
Bid thine enviei wiih his ciu'lc unibitioiis melt in Ihi 

*' Sifle Qa kbwabad digarera bakaro 
Kbas oagzarad majrasra t>ajam 
Bl-bunaran sad hll arand plBh 
Ta na rawad kar-l-buuannaDd plsb." 


" The ipean man grudges others their success. 
And so the miser would the fly expel 
From the same cup. Endless the tricks, finesse. 
That knaves who neither act nor prosper well 
Will try, lest fortune should true merit bless." 

Easily I CK. 

'* Sikandar-ra na mi-bakhsband abe 
Bazur wa zar muyassar nist in kar 
Khirad barchand naqdl-kalnat ast 
Cbi sanjad pisb isbq kimiafirar?" HAnz Ope. 382. 

** In vain Sikandar for the water sighs. 

Nor gold nor strength gains access to the prize ; 

Though reason's com may in the ^^orld assist. 

What is it, weighed by Love the Alchemist?" Bicknelu 

** Sim-i-bakbil waqte az kbak bar ayad ki way ba kbak deur asrad." 

(fLU"%i AN, chap. 7. 

" The silver of the miser is disinterred when he is interre.1." 


" Sitntirgrb war cbun natawan kard qasd-i-Qaf 
Cbun 8'awa kburd bash wa faru gir baJ wa par." m ltan Ti \u m>r. 

** If thou canst not soar like the Simurgh to the heights of the Caucasus, 
He thou small like the sparrow, and fold up thy wmgs and fealher<»." 


'* Sim wa zar bar ma la shai a^t wa bi miqdar 
Dilast matlab-i-ma ga,r mara talabgrari, 
Za 'arsh wa kursi wa lauh wa qalam faziin bashad 
Dile kharab ki anra kcUii bishumari." Diw AN-i-M(AM>-iTAr.Ktz. 

" Nor gold nor silver seek I but above 
All gifts, the heart, and buy it with my love, 
Vea I one sad contrite heart which men despise, 
More than my throne and fixed decree I prize." 


" Sirrat hama Dana'e falak midanad 
K'u mui ba mui warak baraq midanad 
Oiram ki ba ziraq khalqra bi faribi 
Ba u Chi kuni ki yak ba yak midanad." Awvak-i-Sl'iieh.i. 


Heaven's Sovereign Lord knows all thy mystery, 
Me can thy every hair and vein descry, 
Oranted thy wiles may blind thy fellow-man. 
Can they cheat Him who does all nature scan ?'* 



" Slrr az hama nakaaan nlhan bay ad das be, 
Raz az bama ablahan nlhan bayad dasbt. 
Bingar kl bajae marduman chl Icuid 
Cbaebm az boma mardumaD niban bayod daaht." 

" To knives tliy secret we must nol confide, 
To comprehend it in tu fools denied ; 
See ihen to whit hard case Thuu doomest 
(3ur hopes from one nnd all prt!t,r«: «-« hi 

" Slrre k'aab az dusbmaii nlbuftaa iBzlm ost 
Bib kl az at^ba'l an ba duati Icam dam zanl ; 
Dlda axa blayar k'az salr aipar kaj nlbad 
Dustau dUBbman sbawand wa dustlba duBbmanl," 

Th..u will do welt noi to rc> 
I have seen many who in ca 
Became toes from fiiendi, a 

• Slru a Tardbl to. 'ndhuru kaf fa kana -a^ilbatu Tmujrimin. 


'■ Go ye thtoufh ihe land and ! 
•' Bltana-kaab gar abe bar arad za dil 

Zanad auz-i-u sbu'ala dar ab wa gil 

Makun bar z'alfan blcbara zur 

Biandlah akblr zataoffl Kur." Pand-nai 

" If [he appccssed lendeth out frum hii heart nnc ^igh, 
The he«t llietcof will set in flame* Iralh sea and land ; 
Oppress not the weak who ate incapahle of making resi! 
Think of the end snd of the punishment in the grave." 

" lie lakeih the loncuc from such as share the inyiier)', 
So thai they iriiiy not lepi-al the king's secret." 

(E. G. Brownr). 
*' 81tun-i-khirad burdbaii buwad 
Subuk-sar hameaba ba kbwoii buwad." AkwaN'I.Suiiiiu. 

 In p. 


** Subhan Oladhi 'asra biabdihl lailan mina Imaejidl Iharaml ila. 
Ixna^idi la'qsa 'lladhi barakna haulahu liniiriyahu min aisratina 
innahu huwa ssaxni^u 'Ibasir." 

** I declare the glory of Him who transported His servant hy night from 
the sacred temple to the temple that is more remote, whose precinct we 
have blessed that we might show him of our signs ! He verily is the 
Hearer, the Beholder." KuRAN, chap. xvii. 

'* Subhast, saqia, qadahe pur sharab kun, 
Daur-i-falak dirangr na darad, shitab kun, 
Z'an peshtai* ki *£dam-i-fani shawad kharab. 
Ma ra zi jam-i-bcula'e erulprun kharab kun 
Buze ki charkh az cril-i-nia kuzaha kunad, 
Zinhar, kasa'e sar-i-ma pur sharab kun.'' Hafiz Ode, 459. 

** 'Tis morn, O Saki, fill the wine-cup high, 
Be quick ; the heavens delay not as they fly. 
Ere yet this fading world to ruin goes 
My senses ruin with thy wine of rose. 
When Fate at last makes flagons of my clay 
With wine, forget not, fill my skull that day." 


*' Sud wa ziyan wa maya chu khwahad shudan zi dcust 
Ou bahar in mu'amala grhamgrin mabash wa shad 
Badat badast bashad, agar dil nihi bahich, 
Dar m'araza ki takht-i-Suleiman rawad babad 
Bi khar grul na bashad, wa bi nish nush ham 
Tadbir chist? wa,z'a-i-Jahan inchunin futcuL" Hakiz Ode, 264. 

•* As loss and gain and capital shall soon no more be thine. 
Whatever to thy lot may fall, rejoice not nor repine. 
When the heart's hope on Nothing rests, the hand grasps wind alone, 
In this abode where wind has swept from Solomon his throne. 
Upon the rose the thorn is found, a sting in honey lurks. 
What counsel can avail us aught ? This law in all things works." 


" Sue tigrh ishqash ey nangr-i-zaman 
Sad hazaran Jan nigrar dastak zelnan, 
Jui didi. kuza andar jui riz 
Abra az Jue kai baahad gruriz ? 
Ab kuza chun dar ab Ju shawad 
Mahw firardad dar waiwajuu shawad." Jalallddin Kuml 

*' O base one, behold a hundred thousand souls 
Dancing towards the deadly sword of his love, 
liehold vsater in a pitcher ; pour it out ; 
Will that water ruu away from the stream? 
When that water joins the water of the stream 
It is lost therein and becomes itself the stream." 



Sufi Ibn-ul-waqt bashad dar mJ 
Iiek Bafl Tarigh oat ax 'waqt wa 
HaJoha mauqur flkr wa rae-l-it 
Zinda az DaTab Moelb oaae u ; 
Ashiq ball na oshlq bar maai 
Bar ummid hai bar man ma tn 

" The 

Ih e\alii:il nliovc icasiin and ilKle, 
lures depend on (eelinM and will 
one is [egcneraled by ine lirealh of Jesi 
cr nf your nwn mplure*, not of ine, 
leoiily in hope of enperiendng tapiiirt 

Is Muck iiiihoiii .ind aiighl williiii li tiuL.'' I'., 

" Subbat-l-an Itaa kl ba aldq wa saTa'at 
Daman-l-u glr W ahl wafa'sc 
Mall kase Icun Id wafayat kunad 
Jan Blpar-1-tlr-l-balayaC kunad ; 
BabH chuoan duac kljanl buwad 
DuBtl Jbq za giranl buwad." A\n a 

" Whose converse is sincere and free from wile, 
Giasp ihoii his ikitl for he will railhfid be ; 
And seek ihe man whose icls are void of guile. 
Who agninsl fortune's arrow would shield fhee 
Wiih hfe. Friends who >l core devoied are, 


^I'lr is dealer far," 

" Subbat-l-sbahra zn rue qlytie 
Bamctau darya'e bl-fflrana Bbloas 
Ba chunlii babr pur sa khauf wa kbatar 
Hai' kl nazdlkcar patisbantar." 

" Would'st ihnu judiji: riglil of princes 

" Suhbat-i-yaran Khanlmat dan kl Da<id-l-zlnda«l 
Kbass az babrl ulnar aubbtst-l-yaran kbuaboBt 
KhuBb buwod babrl tamasba'Q gulBhan umr aslz 
Wa an tamasha ham ba didar hawadaran khuahaat." 


•' Prize high the converse of ihy friends, for know, the coin of life-time here 
Was {riven but to scatter at the feet of those that we hold dear. 
Oh life is precious, but to view the Howers that in the world appear, 
This spectacle is joyous but when friends and those we love are near.** 


'* Sukhan an^rah kunad hakim a«rhaz 

Ya sar-i-anfirusht sue luqma daraz 

Ki za na gruftanash khalal zajrad 

Ya za nakhurdanash bajan ayad 

La Jurm hikmatash buad gruftar 

Khurdanash tandunisti arad bar." Gulistan, chap. > 

** The wise will then begin their speech, 
Then towards food their fingers reach, 
When silence would with ills be rife 
When fasting would endanger life ; 
Such speech were, certes, wisdo:n loo, 
And from such food will healih accrue." (Eastwick). 

"' Sukhan dan-i-parwarda pir-i-kuhan 
Bi cmdishad anerah baeruyad sukhcm 
Mazan bi-taaxnmul ba gruftar dam 
Niku fiTui grar der gui, chi grham?" Gulistan, Preface. 

** The well-taught orators, the men of age 

Fir.>t ponder well, and then their thoughts declare. 

Waste not thy breath in thoughtless speech ; if sage 

Thy counsel, slowness will it nought impair.** (Easiwick). 

"* Sukhan div bandist dar chah-i-dil 
Ba bala'e kam wa zabanash ma hll." Bostan ok S'adi, chap. 7. 

** Speech is a demon confined in the heart's well, 
I^t ii not go to the height of palate and tongue.*' 

"* Sukhan durr ast wa taalluq ba gush-l-Shah darad." 


** Speech is a pearl befits the ear of kings." Eastwick. 
*' 8ukhcm-i-8hah shahhar sukhcm ast.*' .\khi.a<j-i-Mlhsim. 

The word of a king is the King of words.*' Keene. 


*" Sukhan ta na grui, bcu* u dast hast, 
Chu irufta shawad, yabad u bar tu dcust." Boman of S'ai.i, chap. 7. 

** So long as thou utteresl not speech, to thee there is power over it, 
When it Ijecomes uttered, it obtains mastery over thee." (Ciarke). 

"* Sukhan ta na grufti tawanash gruft 
Wale grufta ra baz natawan nlhuft," Anwau-i-Sl huili. 


arolad nabat." 


roi vcgctauoii gri>»s 

"Sulliia(la<laat umr Injahan." ]n 

" The life of lliis wtjriil Is a tiiiCK between iipposi 

" Sunnate banlhad za aabab wa tarq 
TollbBn ra zir in nlle tutuq 
By firlrirtar-1-aabab blrua mabar 
Lek azal an Miieabbib zaa mabar 
Ba eababha az Musabblb ghaflll 
Sue lb rupuBhaha z'an mall'l." A 

" Tu study ways und meiLiu is Goil's decree, 
To all bencaih ihc sky's blue canopy, 
lly causei chained, seek nol from cause to fly, 
\ et doubt not the lirst Cause is Deity, 
Alt thuu ihrough causes lo llicir Cause supine, 
Can'st lliou (torn Him to thosi: veiled ones inclii 

" Siinnat ma kun wa farlzbara bu^ar 
W^a an luqina Id dari za Icaasb baz madar 
Qbalbat malciiD wa maJiU Icasra azar 


u beav. 

" Surat ax blauratl amad birun. 
Bazabud ' k'anna alalhl raJHiin:' 
Pas tura bar labza mars raj'atlal 
MuBtafa fbrmud dunya aa'atlHt : 
Flkr-!-ma tirast az Hu dar bawa, 
Dar bawa kal payad, ayad ta kbud 


" Form is bom uf ihat which is without form. 
Wherefore to ihee every moment conies death and 'leturn,' 
Mnstala* with 'The world endurtlh only a moment,' 
So thought is an arrow Bhcl by Gi>d into the air. 
How can i( slay In the air? It returns to Gut." WhinhbI-H 

" The chosen u 

i.e., Mulinnmind. 


** Suratfirar-i-naqQasham, har lahza bute sazam 
Wa angah hama buthara dar pish-i-tu blfirdasaxn 
Sad naqsh bcu* anglzam, ba rub dar amtzam 
Cbun naqsh-i-tura binazn dar atiabasb o^Tirfn^^Tw 
Tu saqi kbammari 3ra dusbxnan-i-husb3rari 
Ta anki kuni wiran har kbana ki bar aazam 
Jan rikhta shud ba tu, aznikbta shud ba tu, 
Chun bui tu darad, jan janra hala binawazam." 


** I am a painter, a maker of picturefi ; every moment I shape a l>eauteous 
And then in thy presence I melt them all away. 
I call up a hundred phantoms and endue them with a spirit 
When I behold thy phantom, I cast them in the fire. 
Art thou the vintner s cup-bearer or the enemy of him who is sober, 
Or is it thou who mak'sl a ruin of ever)' house I buiM ? 
In thee the soul is dissolved, with thee it is mingled, 
So I will cherish the soul, because it has a jierfume of thee." 


** Ta 'a2za fa'inna 'ssabra bilhurrl aj malu wa laisa *ala raibi 'zza- 
mani mu'awallu." Ii^kahim ihn Kunaif. 

** I5e patient ; for free-born men to bear is the fairest thing. 

And refi'ge against time's wrong and help from his hurt is none." 

C. J. Lyall. 

"*' Ta ba dukan wa khana dar glrawi 
Hargiz ey kham, admi na shawl, 
Birau, andar-i-jahan taffaraj kun. 
Pish az an ruz k'az Jahan birawl." Gi list an, chap. > 

** Whilst thou art wedded to thy shop and home, 
O simpleton ! a man thou ne'er will be ; 
Go bliihely forth and in the wide world roam. 
Ere thou roam'st from it to eternity." (KasTWIck). 

'* Ta bitawani ranja magardan kasra> 
Bar atish-i-khashm-i-khwlsh manshan ka^ra, 
Gku: rahat-i-Jawldan tarn 'a medari 
MeranJ hamesha wa maranjan kasra." Omak Khawam. 

*• Whate'er thou dot:st, never grieve thy brother, 
Nor kindle fumes of wrath his peace to smother, 
Dost thou desire to taste eternal bliss, 
\*ex thine own heart, but never v«*x another." 


** Tabban litalibi dunya, thanna alaiha 'nsibabihi 
Wa lau dara, lakafahu mimma yarumu sababihi." 

Ma(.)A.mat UK;, cli.ip. i 


" Woe w him »'ha ;eeks the wocld am! iiirnt lo it hii' cireering. 

Oh, if he wete ivise, but a drop of whal he seeks would conlcnl him !" 



■' To Rain Ihy fiiends' aHeclion, sell Ihe eardcn of ihy sire ; 

To unin ihrm food, proteclion, with ihy uoods en feed the Rtc, 

Show kindness even to ihy foes, ihe dog'^ mouth with a morsel clw«." 


 Tttfawut Icunad harfflz ab-1-lllaI. 

Garash kuza zarrln buwad ya elfal ? 

Khirad bayad andar sar-i-mard wa masrbz 

Na bayad mara ebon tu daatar Dashaz," Bostan op S*."i, cl>ap. ,. 

" Is drinkini; water ever ditTe.ent 

If ita veisel lie golden or earthen ? 

Wisdom and l»iun within man's hend are necessary. 

For me, like Ihee, a beautiful turban is unneccssarv." 


" Ta gbam na kburad wa dard nayaflKad qadr mard 

Ta I'al khun na kard Jlgar qlmale na yatt : 

Az nama'e sa'adat khud mard rah-rau 

BldaBh-l-nUhnatlraqmdamftcenayaft." a>w\i.-i-Sviiu.i.i. 

'■ None will be honoured llll (hey suHer erieTand toil and pnin, 

The ruby must effuse its heart's blood, ere it valne nin, 

Nc'ei did the traveller trace out in the Ktoll ofhappineu. 

Clear from blot of toll and troul)te, the handwriting of succeu." 


-' Tabammut chu zahrst numaTad nahhuet 

WaJlBhahdKardadohudBTtBb'aniBt." Ii..sti,r: ■■r S-«m, chs)). 4. 

" Kniiurance appears, at first. 10 th;e like poison, 

Hut when it ytoivh in ilic Jispositiun it l«comes honey." 


" He that is tatonal, is patient too. 

liut senseless he whom anger masters. " Lamhh;K. 

" Ta huabyaram tarab za man plnhan ast 

Chun moBt shudam dar kbtradam mlqaan ast. 

Hal IbC mlyan-i-maatl wa bUBhyarl 

Man banda-e-an kl zlnda(rani*an ast." Om. KirAVVAii. 


" Sobriety do(h rob me of delight. 
And drunkenness dolh drown my senae oatrighl ; 
There is a middle state, it a my life. 
Not altogether drunk, noi sobn quite." (WHmriRl.n). 

" Tajlr tarsoDda tab's shlshajiui 
Dar t:alAb na Bud darad na elyan ; 
Bal zlyan darad Id maliruiiiaat wa khwar. 
Nut u yadod kl baahad abu'alakhivar." Jalaliudin Rmi. 

" The lamp of the heart that is a timid trailer 
Acquires neither loss nur gxm by its ventures, 
Nay it acquires loss, for it is precluded from gain, 
'Tis the lamp that lakes fire thai .icqoires light.'' 

Ta kbak mara twiQalib amlldita and 
Baa flUia kl az Ichalc bar anglkhta and 
Man blhtar az In na ml tawanam budan 
K'az butA mara chunin birun rlkhta and." Omak Kii.m vau. 

" When the gieal Founder moulded me of old. 
He mixed much baser metal with my gold ; 
Keiter or fairer I can never be, 
Than what I was when fresh from Allah's mould." 

" Re mild for things though liatd and troublous too, 

Thou may'st l>y kindness and by iiiildness do." Eastwick. 
" Ta mard aukhan nagutta bashad 
Alb wa hunarash nibufta bashad 
Ear bisba suman ma bar kl khallet 
Sbajrad kl palang- kburta baehad." Gvmman, chnp. i. 

His weaWn'ess. merits nooe de'^Jry ; 
Think nui e.ich waste unlenanleri, 
A sleeping tiger there may lie." (E.vsTWiCk). 

" Tanabl 'asabr mudb nallat blmawa las dt alrban 
Wa tiara 'laqlu Idfa grbannat bll maghna 'Iwtirqi grbiirban," Kaku. 

" All patience has (led for ihe wolf abides where the lion before was found, 
Kea.son, driven auay has fled, ravens' mites for pigeons sound." 


tnlile be furnished 


" Tangl mal I'al tchwabam wa dl^iranl 
Sadd-i-ramaqi bayad wa niaf-l-nanl. 
Wa atiffah man wa tu niabaeta dar wlranl 
iOiusbtar bud az mamlukat-1-Sultanl." Omak 

" Give me >, skin of wine, a ciust of bread, 
A pklance bate, a Intik ol vc 
Will. .!.._ r - 

Lek kasra did J at 

" Body is nc 

" Tare-i-ajBl wa wahm-l-rana maatl tu'nt 
Wama za Tana Bhakb-l-baqa khwabad ruet. 
Ta az dam-1-Ieawl shudam zlnda bajan 
Marg-l-abad aa wujud-i-man dast baatixiBt." 


" Death's Lermn apting (rdm baaelesi phina^y, 
Death yields Ihe tree ol immoilalily i 
Since Jesus breathed new life inlu my suul, 
Elernul death has washed its hands of me. ' 


" Tartaqa 'anfualna b'lllttaqa 
Mutubafan mlna 'ala daru 'Ibaqa, 

Xhumma yatlna makaratu 'Imoqal I 

Dh'afdbakB rahmai^ mln dhu 'IJalal 
Thumma yaljalna al 'lunthallba 
Kal yanolu 'labad mlma Dollha 
Hakadba taarraj wa tanazzul dalma 
Dhablazalatalalblqalma." Jaulvudih Rvuu 



'' Our breathings are lifted up in fear of God, 
Offerings from us to the throne of Eternity, 
Then come down to us rewards for our praises 
The double thereof yea mercies from the king of glory. 
Therefore are we constrained to utter these praises 
That slaves may attain the height of God's gifts, 
And so this rising and descent go on evermore. 
And cease not for ever and aye." (Whinfield). 

** Ta tawan bar masnad-i-izzat niha^lan pa'e khwlsh 
Az chl bayad kard dar khak-i-ma2dllat Ja'e khwish." 


** On honour's cushion till our foot we place. 
Why in the dust sit down of foul di^race." Eastwick. 

" Ta tiryak az Iraq awarda shawad mar-gruzida murda buwad." 

GuLisTAN, chap. X. 

" Before the antidote is brought from Trak, the person who is bitten by 
the snake may be dead." (Eastwick). 

** Ta tawani dirun-i-kas mcUEharash 
K'andarin rah kharha bashad ; 
Kar-i-dcuTWlsh miistmand bar ar 
Ki tura niz karha bashad." 

GuLiSTAN, chap. z. 

" Strive not to pain a single heart 
Nor by that thorny pathway move ; 
But with the needy aye take part ; 
To thee too this will succour prove." 


** Tawaf-i-k*aba'e dil kun agrar dile darl 
Dilast k'aba'e m'ana, chu gril chi pindari? 
Tawaf-i-k'aba'e surat haqqat bcuian farmud 
Ki ta ba wasta'e an dile bidast ari 
Hazar bar piyada tawaf-i-K'aba kuni 
Qabul-i-haqq na shawcui grar dile biazari." Diwan-i-ShamslTabriz. 

** Beats there a heart within that breast of thine. 

Then compass rev'renily its sacred shrine : 

For the true spiritual K'aba is the heart 

And no proud pile of perishable art, 

When Clod ordained the pilgrim rite, that sign 

Was meant to lead thy heart to things divine, 

A thousand limes Ae treads that round in vain. 

Who e'en one human heart would idly pain." 

** Tawanam an ki niazaram andarun-i-kasi 

Hasudra chi kunaxn ku zi khud baranj darast 

Blmir ta birahi, ey hasud, kin ranjist 

Ki az masha.qati-an juz ba margr natawan rast." 

GuLisTAN, cliap. I, 


"This can I do — inflict dislress on none, 
Envy's iis oun dislress— what can I there ? 
I'erish envious one ! for thus alone 
Can'si tliDvi ejcope from thy self-nurtured care." 

(East WICK). 
" Tawan ba marham tadblr nlk wa rae sawab 
Jorabat'l-dit aod para ra dawa kardan." Anwab-i^Suiibiu. 

■1 and of 
it^d iht'i 

" Tawangora dU-i-darwlsh-l-kbud badaet awar, 
Ki mftkhzati-l-zar wa ganj-i-diram aa kbwahad maud 
Bar In rlwaq-l-zabarjad navlahta and ba zar 
Kljuz nikul abl-l-karm nakhwabad mand." Hafu Odi, i;6. 

" Uo Ihou, thyself. O rich man console the poor who weep, 
Tliy alnre of E^ld, thy silver heap shall not remain ; 
'Tis writ in gnlden lelleis upon the sapphire sphere, 

" Tawangai-aDra waqf aat wa nazr wa mlbmanl 
Zakat wa Itaq wa bodl wa qurbaril 
Tu kal badaulat-t'lebas raal ki natawatd 
Jul: In du rak'at waan bam baaad parlshanl." Gllivtak, chap. 7. 

■' Oft'crings to God, bcqucsis lo furnish ease 
Til ihe worn travellei, cnfranchisemenl 
Of slaves, alms, gifls and sacrifices, — Ihese 

Like meiiufor thyself who can's) bul piay 
With tnlce a hundred wanderings, twice a day?" 

"Tawacicaii bahtinaroBt nabamal, buzurKl ba aqlastna basal." 

" Tawan eblnakbt ba yak ruz dar sbamall-1-mard 
KI ta kujasb rasld ast pa«gBb 'ulum 
Wall ZB baticaeb oiman ma baeb wa gbarra maebu 
KI kbube-l-oarsnaKardadbasalabam'alum.'' Ul-il^tav. chap, i, 

" Fri>m a man's qiialtiiifs a day's enougli 
To make us of his learnm);'^ limit* sure, 
I'lume nr.t thyself as lhouj;1i the hidden stuff 
Thou of his heart hast reached ; nor be sseutc. 
For not e'en loi^ revolving years can tell 
The foul ihines whirh in man unnolicrd dwell." 

East WICK. 


\n OF S'adi, cbap. 4. 

" Oh frlemi ! exercise humilily to a slern enemy, 
For gentleness makes blunt the cutting sword." 


Humilily ii tile embroidery of chiefs." Glad 
" Ta zajahl wa khwonbakl we, razul, 
U ba piali-l-ma wa ma az wai malul 
Tlahtia rSi dard-l-aej- oratl bang r'aad, 
Ohu na danad k'u IcuBbayad abr a'ad. 
Blkbabar az zauq-l-ab-l-osman, 
Cbaahma-i-u manadast darjue rawan; 
Markab-i-blmmat su aflak rand 
Az musabblb lajurm mEibJub racd." Jai.alviiuik 

" Through ignorance, slolh and folly, 
Though He stands by us, we are shut off from Him, 
The noise of thunder makes the head of the thirsty ache, 
When he knows not that it unlocks the blessed showers. 
His eyes nre.fiied on the runninR stream 
Unwitting of the sweetness of the rain from heaven ; 
He urges tUe .-^teed of his desire towards the faused. 
And iicrfjice remains shut off from the rmner." (WhiNFI 

" Ta zan na burl kl man biktaud matijudam 
Ya in rab-i-kbun ktiwara bakhud paimudom 
In bodl na bud-i-man za bud-l-u buwad 
Man fchud fclh budatu, kuja biadam, kaJ budam ? " 

Think not I 

am exisi 

ent i>f myself. 

Or walk thi. 

, blood-s 


This lieing i 

,., it is of Him,  

Pray whal a 

nd when 

J and whence is this 


Tbamaratu 'IJubnl la ribhun wa la khusrun." 
" The fiuit of timidity Js neither gain 01 


" Thumma qasat quiubukum mln ba'dl dballka fahla k'altiljarati 
au aehaddu qaswatan wa'lima mlaa'l bljai'atl lama yataftkj)aru 
mill bu 'lanbaru wa ImiB minba ^aabBbaqqaqu fa yakbraju mln- 
bulma'u wa Icna mlnha yabbitu min khashlyatt 'Uabl," 

" Then afler Ihitl jroui hrarts beoiine hnrd, and they were Hke rocks ot 
harder &til1 : for verily there ure rocki from which rivers have Rushed, and 
llicte aie others Verily (mm which when cic/i, water haih issueii, and there 
are others verily which have sunk down through fear of God." 


" Tifl to (r''' wa to poya na buwad 
MarlcabasbJiizerardan-I-tiaba natmwad, 
ChLin fazull gasht wa dast wa pa namud 
Dar fanauftad, dar kur wa kabud." Jalaluduin- Rnm. 

" So long as a habu cannot grasp or run, 
II takes its fnlhei's hack fni ilii catimge, 
But when it becomes independent aiuJ use^ its hnnds 
It falls into grievous troubles ani! disgrace," WnlNatBLD. 

" Tlffb dar dastasb nib az ujuzasb bikun 
Tb kl erbazl sardad u ya. rabt&a, 
Z'ankl 'karamna'shud Adamz'lkhtlyar 
Nlm zambiu' 'ast Bbud, aim mar." JaLALuuDii' Ru 

" Place a nword in hit hantl and remove his impotence 
To see if he turns out a warrior or a rohber : 
Because freewill is that with which ' We hnnout Adam,' 
Half the swvrm become bees, and half wasps." 

" Tigb-l'bllm az tlgb abBn tlztar 
Bal zaead lEishkar zafar anKlnar." Anuab.i.Si'iiei 

'• Mildness than steel a greater sharpness boasts, 
^'ca, 'lis more conquering than a hundred hosts." 

EasI Wlci 

' Since swords were formed a deadly traJc to ply, 
'Twas right (heoi in the shape of tongues to mike." 

East WICK. 


" Tlhi pae rafban bih az kafash tangr 
Bala'e safar bih ki dar khana Jangr ; 
Bazindan-i-qazi gririftar bih 
Kl dcu* khana didctn bar abru gririh." Bostan op S'adi, chap, j, 

** To go barefoot is better than the tight shoe, 
The toil of travel l)etter than contention in the house ; 
To be a captive in the Qazi's dungeon is better 
Than in the house to see contraction on the eyebrow of the wife." 

'* Tire ki ajcd kashad siparha hich ast 

Wa in muhtashime 'wa aim -wa zarha hich ast, 

Chandanki barue karha nigraram 

Nikast ki nikast digrarha hich ast." (Omar Khayyam). 

** Against death's arrows what are bucklers worth? 
What all the pomps and riches of the earth ? 
When I survey the world I see no good 
But goodness, all beside is nothing worth." (Whinfield). 

" Tirkash umarash tihi shud, umar raft 
Az dawidan dar shikar-i-saya tuft 
Saya'e yazdan chi bashad daya'e ash 
Wa rihaneui az khiyal wa saya'e ash 
Saya'e yazdan buwad banda'e khuda 
Murda'e in 'alam -wa zinda'e khuda." Jalai.ludin Rumi. 

** Our life's our quiver. When our years are vainly spent 
In chasing phantoms, grief one day will have its vent. 
Let God's protection mercifully on us rest, 
All fancies and all phantoms stand at once confessed, 
God's servants arc His shadows here below on earth 
To this world dead, but living in a second birth." Redhouse. 

'* Tishnagranra numayad andar khwab 
Hama alam ba chashm chashma'e ab." Gulistan, chap. 7. 

** To those athirst the whole world seems 
A spring of water in their dreams." (Eastwick), 

*' Tu an erah shawl pish-i-mardam 'aziz 
Ki mar khwlshtan ra na griri bachiz 
Buzurgre kl khud ra za khurdan shumard, 
Beuiunya wa 'uqba buzurgrl biburd." Dostan of S'aui, chap. 4. 

** Thou bccomest precious before men at that time 
When thou reckonest thyself for nothing, 
The great one who reckoned himself among the small folk. 
Carried away greatness in this and in the future world.'' 



" Tu'ael *iuiB8lha 'Ibarra wa tatasu wa tazwarru 
Wa tanqadu llman ghan-a. wa man maiia wa man naiuma 
Wa taaa' fl bawa 'utiafbl, wa tahtalu ala 'Ifalal 
Wa taosa dhulmata 'rramal na la tadhkuru ma tbamma." 

" ThoD rcsislest him who counse1]eth righteousness ; ihou art bard id 
UnderslandiDg ; ihou swervest aside 1 but Ihou rollowest Ihe guiding of 
him who deceivelh, who liclh, who defamelh. Thou walkesl in the desire 
of ihy soul ; thou schemest after mutiu}' hut thou foigetlesl the dirkneu of 
the grave, and tememberest not what is ihete." (CheneRV). 

" Tu oz an ruze ki dar bast amadl 
Atlebl ya kbak ya bade budl : 
Gar bad an halat tura budl baqa 
Kal raajdl mar turo In irtiqa? " jALAt-unniN 

" 0[) the day ihst you entered upon exi^lence 
You were fir>t lire, or earlh, or air, 
iryou had coDIinaed in that your original iliLle, 
How could you have arrived at ibii dignity of humstuly." 

" Tu ba k'aba Kar iiaraftl. blkasbandat ea'adat. 
Maffuriz. ey fuzuU Id za boqq mafarr na dari." 

" If you have nol gone lu Ihe Knnba, fortune will draw you thilhct, 
Do nui ildc. O latibler. fut you have no refuge from Goil," 

" Tu bara« waal kardan amadl 
Na barae foal kardan ainadi ; 
Ta tawanl, pa ma olh andar flraii 
AbKbadha Tasbya 'Indahu 'ttalaq." J>ii.Ai.uui>m Kuhi. 

Nut I0 drive them fat away from Me, 

So far as pos«lile, cneage not in di&ievering ; 

'The thing most repugnant to Me a divorce'.'" 



** Tu bar an gruzida'e khuda wa paierbambar 
Guzidi fulan wa ftilan wa ftQaura." Nasir-i-Khusraw. 

" God and His Prophet thus decreed ; but, no ! 
You much prefer the views of So-and-so." 

E. G. Browne. 
** Tu baz-i-8aid-iH9hahi b'listukliwan m'angrar 
Huzna'e himmat-i-khudra buland rah parwaz." Akhlaq-i-M uhsini. 

** Thou, the falcon of the royal wrist, look not upon bones, 
Give a lofty flight to the phoenix of thy ambition." (Keens). 

** Tu budi awwaJ, wa akhir tu bashi 
Tu blh kun akhiram az awwallnam ; 
Chu tu pinhan shawl az ahl-i-kufaram, 
Chu tu palda shawl az ahl-l-dinam." Diwan-i-Shams-i-Tabriz. 

** Thou wert first and last thou shalt be, 
Make my last better than my first, 
When Thou art hidden, I am of the infidels, 
When Thou art manifest, I am of the faithful." 

** Tu dor *£uiila'e tartlb-i-rish wa dastari 
Chiguna rataJ-l-griran khwarra ba dast arl." 


** You are in the bonds of (absorbed in) the arrangement of beard and 
How will you gain him who quafTs the mighty flagon (of love) ?" 


" Tu, ey bulbul, kl ba grul dar wlsali 
Ghanlmat dan ki bas farkhanda fall." Anwar-i-Suhrili. 

** O nightingale ! that with the rose dost sit, 
Thy stale is blissful, therefore value it." Eastvvick. 

" Tu eril budi wa dil shudi, jahil budi, aqil shudl 
An k'u kashidat in chunin, an su kashanat an chunan 
Andcu* kasha kashhae'u nushast nakhushhae'u 
Ab ast atishhae'u, bar wal makun rura griran." 


** Thou wert dust and art spirit, thou wert ignorant and art wise. 
He who has led thee thus far, will lend ihcc Anther also, 
How pleasant are the pains He makes ihce siifler while lie gently draws 

thee to Himself, 
His flames are as water, do not frown upon Him." (Nicholson). 


" Sui Ihy viliole desire on Ihal whereof Ihou hasi no hope, 

ope ^'j^^^^^^^^^^ 
'■ Tu ham bar dare baatl ummidwar 
Paa uniinld bar dar niflhinan barar ; 
NaUiOTolil kl bashad dilat dardmaad, 

DIl-1-dardmandan bar awar 2a band." Bn^TAN np s'api. irlmp 

" Thou even arl hopeful al Ihe (ioor of Cod, 

Tlien acoom|jlish the hope of Ihosc sitlinE at Ihy i!oot, 
Thou dost nol wish ihal (hy lieatt may he sotrrm-ful, 
Bting forth from (cUeis ihe'hearl of Ihe sorrowing ones."' 

" Tu hamchu wadl kbuehk) wa ma cbu baranl 
Tu hamchu abohr-l-kharabl wa ma cbu mlmarl, 
BaKhalr-l-khldmat-l-ma W masbarlq-1-BhadlBt 
Na did khalq wa na blcad za sbadl aaarL" Diwa^.i.Shahs-i-Taii] 

" Vou ate as a dry vallty an.l I as Ihe rain, 
Vou Btc US a ruincil tily and I as ihc archilecl, 
Kirepl my service which is joy's sunrise 
Man has never fell and never will feel an impression of joy," 

" Do thou also froi 
So thai no-one fr 

" Tu Ic'az Ichwab-l-nausbln babanff-i-rahll 
Nalcblzl. dlKar kal raei dar aabll? 
6abaq biirda rab-rau. kl barkbast zud, 
Pas az naql bedar budan. cbl sud?" Uo^txn or S'tui, chnp, g. 

" When fioii) sweel sleep al ihc sound of ' Alrahil' (march !) thou 
RUest not, when will ihou again reach the track of Ihe caravan ? 
That wayfarer excelled, who rose quickly. 

To be aw»ke after Iranslalion to Ihe neil world what profit is it?'' 
" Tu k'as Bara'e tabl'at naml-ravl blnin, 
Kuja bakul-faaqltiat guzar tawaul kard? 
Oadal dar m&l-lcliana tarfa Iksiraet, 
Gar in "amal blkunl, khak zar tawaul fcard." H*nj Onn. tij. 

■' Thou who ne'er hasI issued from the shiine of Sense, 
How to Tralh'n high pnlhway cui'st Ihou juurnej hence? 
Begging at the wine houHi is the chemic stone, 
Dust to gold iraniniutc ibou by this act alone." BictCNBLt. 


** Tukhm-l-daghl mlkashtl, afBusha ml-daehtl 
Haqq-ra 'adam plndaebti aknunblbiney qaltabani" 


" Thou diiisl sow the seed of deceit, thou didst indulge in derision, 
Tbou ilidst regard God as nothing : see now, O miscreant 1 " 

" Tukhm-l-takabbur rn'ofshan siiiara 
Jaa madUi dar dU-l-khud klnara." A-swAB-i-SuHHiLt. 

" Tu mur^h-l-'aliun-l-qudsi, Bodim-i-maJllB-i-uiisl 
Darigb bosbod agar tu darin maqam bamani 
Eamirasad sa aamawat bar sabab nidajrat 
El rah bur] baplabana, chu Eard-1-rah blnsbaul, 
Barah-1-k'aba'e waslaab bibln bar bar bun-l-kharl 
Hasar kushta'e abaugand dadajaa bajawanl 
Hazar khaata dar in rah foru shudand wa nlyamad. 
Za bul waal naalme, za kul duat nlabanl." Diwan-i-Shausi-Tabiiii. 

" O honoured guest in love's high feasl, O liiiil of the angel sphere, 
'Tis cause to weep if thou wilt keep thy habitation heie. 
A voice at morn to ihec is borne — God whispers to the soul, 
' If on the way the dust thou'llt lay, thou soon wilt gain the eonl. 
That load be thine lowanl the shrine ; and lo 1 in bush and briai 
The many slain by love and pain in flower of young desire. 
Who on the track fell wounded hack and saw not ere the end 
A ray of bliss, a touch, a kiss, a token of the Friend." 

" Tu ua karda bar khalQ bakbebalahe 
Kuja srabl az kbwlsh asalsbe. 
Cbu dllba za btmat blnalond bame 
Kl bar Jan-1-rlshat ulbad. n: 

Thou, *ho (iidsl ne'e 

olhi-rs pardon grant. 

When will thou solac 

e for 

thine onnseir find? 

And say, when all in 

Who will spread oini 


t on thy wounded mind t" 


" Tu nlku rawleb baab ta bad algal 
Ba bad guftan-l-tu tiajrabad majal 
Ohu ahang^l-barbaCr buwad muataqlm 
Kol Bz daat-l-mutrib khurad gruahmal." 


" Tu oik wa bad ham az kbud bipiira, 
Cblra dl^ai-Q bayadat mubtaslb? 
Wa man yattaq! Ilaha, yuj'll labu 
i^a yarzuQhu mln balthu la yabtaaib." 

" Learn good and evil from thyself nlone, 
A WBi^man wheierore in sonie other own? 
' God help; the creatuie that Him glorilies. 
And, whence he hopes not all his wants supplies."' 
"Turajanatnamaaat. liardarkhaM 
Ba jan bar malcunjuz ba ntlcl ra<|am 
Banama dlrunjumla nikl nanie 
EJ dar daat-i'tuat ey biradar qalam." Kasir. 

" Thy SQiil is a book, thy deeils are like the wriling : write no 

1 iiong of our regret? 
!jy thee flows the rivulet." 
East WICK. 

o fear of anyone : 

washerman dashes Hgainsl the 


:l of G.1.1 from the hidden 

.1 Of God, 


*' Tu rihaiju za na jinsan ba jadd 
Suhbat-i-najins gur ast wa lahad." Jalali.udin Rlmi. 


Seek earnestly for deliverance from the uncongenial, 
The society of the uncongenial is like the grave." 

" Tute kalagrhash bud ham nafas 
Ohaniznat shuxncu'ad khulas az qaflas." Bostan op S*adl 

" A parrot for whom a crow was companion 
Considers freedom from the cage, gain." (Clarkb). 

** Tutian wa bulbulanra az pasand 
Az khvLsh awazi qafs dar mlkxinand 
Zagrhra wa cha^grhdra andar qafs 
Elai kunad, in khud nayamcui dar qlsas." Jalaluddin Ruml 

** It is on account of their sweet voices 
That choice parrots and nightingales are prisoned in cages ; 
Ugly owls and crows are never prisoned in cages, 
Such a thing was never heard of in history." (Whinfield). 

" Tu tu ham me kuni az qurb Haqq 
Ki tabqfirar dur na bud az tabq 
An na me binl ki qurb auliya 
Sad karamat dcurad wa kar wa kiya? 
Ahan az Daud mum me shawad 
Mum dar dastat chu ahan meshawad." Jalaluddin Rumi. 

** Thou fanciest thyself near to God, 
Saying ' The maker of the dish is not far from the dish,* 
Knowest thou not that the nearness of saints to God 
Involves the power to do mighty works and signs? 
Iron was as wax in the hands of David, 
Wax in thy hands is as iron." (Whinfield). 

*' Tu u mulk u Ja Slkandari, man u rasm u rah qalandari 
Afirar an khush ast, tu dar khuri, wa gar in bcui ast mara sazcL" 


" Sikandar's pomp and display be thine, the Kalandar's habit and way be 
That, if it please thee, I resign, while this, though bad, is enough for 
me." E. G. Browne. 

" Tu yar-i-khilwat-i-nazi, muqim-i-parda'e razl, 
Qarargrah chi sazi dar in nishiman-i-fani? 
Ba hcd-i-khud nazare kun, birun birau, safare kun, 
Za habs-i-*alam-i-surat bamargrhzar-i-ma'ni." 




" Thou arl a darling bosom fiicnrl, ihiiu ari always beliind ihc secret veil. 
Why dosl thou make ihy dwelling- place in this pemhable aliodt', 
Regard thine uwn stale, go forlh an<l journey 
Fiutn the prison nr 1)ie Formal world lo the meadow of Ideas." 

" Tu ear tta'i. ey ffhaOl-i-Badaii, ki tura 
Dar kbaJc olhand, wa baz blrun awarond." Omab Kxawah. 

„ fioi.1 : 


n the earth 

'■ Uallllii 'nnafbai bl 'I'amali 'argubuha 
Ma 'adhy&Qa I'aiBba lau la fbehatu 'I'amali ; 
Lam 'artadhl 'I'atsba wa'lalyyamu muqblletun 
a'ardba watjad waJlat 'alaTaJall?" 

■' flul niiil-.v 

my 5. 

Falloms aabtadda & 

Hi.pc c' 

Her hand remoi'ed each gathering 111, 

And opeH life's closing prospects btill. 

Yet i[Hte of all her friendly arc 

The spacious scene ne'er gained my heart j 

I loved ii not allhoiigh the day 

Mel my approach ami cheered my way, 

I loathe it now the hours retreat 

And By me with reverted feet." J. D. Carli 

irlmaTata India yaumiu. 

■iduhii, ramanl." 
archery ci 

iirune. he shot me." (Plaits). 
a dost fflrifta dar talab-1- 

" Thirsty for my blood 
My desire I will lake from Ilim, 

" U bininnudast man In banda^ 
Nist mara az khud In TuyaQdagl, 
Jan barae amr-l-u darlm ma 
Qor bar rege guyad u, karim ma." 

ub : ta ciiuii sliawad kam 

and for Hts lip — 1. So thai when it 

revenge lie will Iftke flora me." 


" God has enjoined ihis servitade upon us, 
We say nol Ihis metelj' oa our own aulhority j 
We enjoy life on condition of doing His will ; 
If He bids us, we sow oar seed upon the sand." 

" V chu FarauD wa tanaah Musti'e u 
U ba blrun ml-ftawftd ki 'It'll aduT' 
NCLfB w-t^'ip-^ ' kh&na'e tan wagnin 

Bar dlffar Icsa daat ml-ktaayiul ba tin." Jalalijddix Ruui. 

" He is like Pharaoh and his body liltc Moses, 
He runs abroad crjing ' Where is my foe ? ' 
White Inst is in his house, which is his body. 
He biles his finger in spite against sltangers." 

" Udlmu "i'*j'» 'IJul hatta umltabu 
Wa 'adlirabu 'ami 'dhdliikra aafbaii Te. 'adhhalu 
Wa 'ost&ffu turba 'lordlil kalla yara lahu 
Alayya tnlna 'ttawall amraun mutat^wwllu." Asm Shanfara. 

'■ I make perpeLual the term of delay for the satisfaction of the calls of 
hunger, until 1 kill it. 1 tlien turn away from noticing it, and I foiget it. 

" And I lick up the dry dust of the earth, lest some pretender lo 
generosity should imagine in himself a superiority over me by offering 
fooil." Rbdhouse. 

'• Ddkhul fl Ibadi multaqi 
Jazmatan mJn ruyatl ya muttaql." jAiAtutiriiN Rumi, 

" Enter the hearts of my servants 
To gain the paradise of beholding me, O fearer of God." 

And trace effects to their causes." 
" Ufib 11 ddunya Idlia Icanat kacUia 
Ana fiba fl bala'in wb adba 
In BBfa 'oleliu amtin S aubhlha 
Jarr'athu mumsiyan kaea 'rradda 
Wa laqad kuntu Idha ma qlla man 
An 'omu 'I'alaml 'aleban qUa dba." Alip 

" Foul fall thee, world it should be so ! 
Nought else but toil and wail and woe 
Is doled to me. 
" In morning tide though life be laight, 
Vcl man must drain the cup ere night 

" nruq il akal sbattiq rang--l-giallatati glrad.' 

" n Jahon kamll ast wa mufrad ast 
Nuskba'e kuU wu.lud ura ba daet 
Pae baml-e^yaDd bar iioqab va, aigar 
* Muzbda I muzbda [ nak bami-ayod babar I ' 

" He is Ihe perfect world, yet He is rfiiEle, 
He holds in hand ihe writing of Ihe wh'ile of e» 
Wherefore all futnit anil colours of beaaly cry oul, 
' Good news ! jjood news ! lo ! (he spring is m h;ind ! ' " 
" □ kl ghafll bud az klebt babar 
U cbl danad qlmat-i-ln rusKar 
Dar panah lutM-baqq baj-ad giirlkhC 
K'u hazaran lutf bar arwab rUcbt 
Ta plnahe yabl ankl cbun panab 
Ab wa atlBb mar tu ra gardad sipab." Jhhuidoih 

" Whoever may put off lo sow seed in spring 
Ignores the true value of time's swifleal wing, 
Let each one lake refuge in mercy of God 
Who crace mnnifnld an our souls bus beslowed, 
Then shall ihou liml shehei, when shelter thou ncedm. 
Fire's, wMer's pioleclion ihuu'll have as Ihou heeilest." 


" Uicbtar watanau ma ardhalca m'inna Ihurra yadbl' fi baladlbl 
iiva la y'urafu qadrubu." Siimti^iii. 

a dlgar blkbanaad wa subbadra cblse □ 

" Life i» like snow in July's siin 
I.itlle remains i nnd is Iheic cmc 
To IXKUt himself and vaunt ihereon?" Eastwick. 


" Umoraha shud ta dar In kakh-l-kuhan 
Tar-1-iiazm baeta bar 'ud-1-Bulehan, 
Har zamaii oz nau nawa'e ml-zanam 
Dam zB, dlrl majara ml-zanam 
Ban utnr, wa In nawa alcblr na etaud 
Kast Jan wa in majara alctalr na sliud 
puaht-l-man chu cbong kham ^asbt hanuz 
Harababe darsar *udBm ta baruz." Jami (.Salauan and Adcal). 

" And yet hnw long. Jam!, in this old hou^e 
Stringing thy pearls upi>n a harp a( song ? 
Year after year strikinc up some new song 
The breath of some old stocy. Life is gone 
And yet the song is, not the la>[ ; luy soul 
Is spent,— and still a story to lie told ! 
And I whose back is crooked as ihe harp 
I still keep tuning through [he nighl till day." 


" Cmar bigijzasht ba bihaalll wa bu Ihawasl 
By plBarJam-l-mayam dlh kl baplri blrasl 
DuBh dar khBlI-i-e-hulaman-l-darash ml-raftam 
Gtifb ' k'ey bekos blcbara, tu barl chi kael 7 
Ta Chu mljmar nalfel daman-l-]anan girira 
DU nlhadlm bar atieh zl pae khush nafsl.' " IIafii. 

" In fruitlessncs? anil lusifulness passed my life, 

O son ! gwi: nie the cup of ivine so thnt to old age thou mayest reach, 

Last night in the cmwd of slaves of His diior I went, 

lie spake, saying,  O friendless, remediless one, the load of what person 

art thou. 
So thit like the censer a moment we may lake the skiit of the Beloved, 
We placed our heart on the fiie for the sake of a pleasant bceath." 

" Tass not ihy life a eelihite, the while 

Thou mi[;hiest, liiid-likc, those glad gardens skim, 
Where (ilcasures teiyn and joys the goblet liiim." 


" Utnatbtlilla BbalcbBahum B wastl qaJbl 
Qbaramun wb IshtlyaquD wa tftltcaru 
Ey& man dhlkruhum adha dlcharl 
Kamahubba labutn baull aht'aru 
Ahlbbtuna ila kacu (iba 'ttaouvdl 
Wa kam hadba "ttaba "udu wa 'nnafaru." 

T Laiu, wa L*1LA. 

" Their form lies pictured in my liosom's core 
With lave desire and dreamy passiaa fraught. 
Close as a rest their memory still I woie 
While love enwrapped tne in a rube uf thought. 
Long as they linger hence, so lastingly 
Endures our lovt, past motlal constancy." ToKKM 

" Ummld-l-aflyat an grab buwad muaflq-l-aql 
Kl nabs ra ttatablat Bbtiiaa btnumal 
BlpiiTB bar cbl na danl Id zill-l-pursidan 
Dalll-l-rah-l'tu bBfihad ba-aKZ-l-danal," Gui.istan, cK 

" Hope thou with reason for goud hesllh when ihoa 
Dost to the skilful leech thy pulse present, 
Ask what thou knowe^it not, — uith the stigma now 
(Itshnmc there be) of asking be cnniiiii, 
An.l thus in learning grow prp-cmincnl." EasTW. 

Aughl ? Nay. Life i 



We hope for nothing hi 



** Umrl bi fful wa bada biraftim biffasht 
Yak kar-i-man az daur-i-jalicui rast nagasht 
Az xnai chu nashud hich miirade hasil 
Az bar chi firuzashtim Gruzaahtim guzasht.'* 

Omar Khayyam. 

'* Long time in wine and rose I took delight 
But found my business never went aright ; 
Since wine could not accomplish my desire, 
I have abandoned and forsworn it quite." 


" Umratan bekl wa znurad, ey saqian-i-bazm-i-Jam 
Oarchl jam-i-ma na shud pur mai badauran-i-shuma.'* 


•* O cup-bearers of the banquet of Jam — long be your life; that is our 
Although our cup be not full of wine at the circulation of the cup of 


Umr-i-glranmaya dar in sarf shud 

Ta chl khiiram saif wa chi pusham sita, 

Ey Bhlkam khira binani bisaz 

Ta nakiinl pusht bakhidmat du ta." 


GuLisTAN, chap. I. 

** Life, precious life has been in pondering spent 
On summer clothing and on winter food, 
O glutton belly ! let one loaf content 
Thee, rather than the back in slavish mood 
Be to the ground in other's service bent." Eastwick. 

** Umr-i-tu chihal grasht, ba juz chihal na shudi 
Dakhil ba dar madina'e dil na shudi 
Guyand ki 'arbain buwad sal kamal 
Shud unu-'i-tu 'arbain wa kamal na shudi." Nabil. 

** Thine age is forty, yet ihou art nought but a fool. 

Thou hast not entered in at the gate of the city of the heart, 

They say that forty is the year of perfection, 

Thine age is forty, yet hast thou not become perfect." 

E. G. Browne. 

" 'Umr-i-tu chi du sad wa chi sisad, chi hazar 
Z'in kukna sera birun birandat nachar 
Gar badshahi war grar grada'e bazar 
In har du ba yak nirk buwad akhir-i-kar." Omar Khayyam. 

** Thijugh you should live to four or forty score, 
(io hence you must as all have i^onc before ; 
Then, be you Uinj; or legi^ar of the slrtels 
They'll rale you all the same, no le^s, no more.'' 



" Umii za pa'e murad za'l daram. 
W'az daur-l-folak chlet Id nan daram, 
Ba bar kl blg'Uftam Id tura duat ahudam, 
Shud duahman-l-man, wah I kl cW tall daram?" Hapu. 

" Crossed in my hopes in life, gone far have I, 
From circling heaven but wues ihal mac have I ; 
He vrhom at any time I called my friend 
Has pioved a fue to me ; wlial star have I." Bicknell. 
"nmruT 'alajadathl 'Uadhl hallat bihl Umm-'al-Ala ranadifaa lau 

'Anal halaltl wa kuntl Jidda raruaatlQ baldan yamurru bibl 'abah- 

uja'u fo'yaf^'u? 
Falaqad tarakti soKhlratan tnEU-bumataii lam tadrlna Jass'aun 

alaikl, tbtahjaz'au. 
Wa'tdha sam'ltu 'anlnaha B lalllha taflQat 'alalkl sbu'unu 'alnl 

tadma"u." Mi'»»ruic At-MsmuM. 

il ihou come, — for very fearful wail ihou, — to dwell 
In a land where nol the most valiant gnet bat with quaking heart? 
And  litile one hast thoa left l>ehind— God's ruth on her I 
She knows nol what to bewail ihce means, yel weep* for thee. 
When her crying smiles in the night upon my sleepless ears, 
Straightway mine eyes brimful are lillnl from the uell of tears." . 
" Undbub zamonan salafa eawwodntta flhi 'esuhal^ 
Wa lam tazal muta&lfa ala 'Iqabihl 'ehshanl." 


p Hr.r 

" He" ail the time liiat passed away 
Whrn llmu hast blackened pages I'righl, 
And never ctafcd to sleep lliywif 
In deeds of shnme and helnuusness." Sl'tllNdASS, 

" Uadbur bl afnlka bal 'ardhun mu'attalatun 
MIna 'nnabatl tc'ardbln hoSiiha 'sbsbajEUMi 
Fa'addl 'amma yushim 'laebblyau blhl 
Fa 'eyyu fadhUn 11 udlitmalahu thamaru," 

MAv*iiAT or H^klBl.chnp. J7. 

" See fur ihyscir if 3 land thai is nol decked out with plants is tike  
land nil around hedged in wiili tries rich of growth. 

■' So wend aside from what fools nre in their sloth pointing lf>, for say, 
Hhal giiod can there he in wood thai never tienrs fruit. Steingass. 

" Ugaddlmu ustadbl "ala nal^l waUdl 
Wa'ln bBlanl min walldi 'If^dhlu wa' sb sbar^r 
FadliBka murabbl 'rruhl wa' r.-ubu.lauharu 
Wa hadha murabbl 'ijlami wa'ljiatuumliieadif." _ 


" I esleem my teacher highei than cny bther, 
Ftom my fillier came to me grace and honour. 
But my teacher nuilured my spirit and Ibe spirit it ft pod. 
While my father nurtured my body which is but a sbelL" 

" UqtM'e sin s'abtar dar t«ih nlet 
By IcbuniilE an Ic'aeh hasad bamr&h nlst 
InJoBd khana'e haaad amad t>adaii 
E'az haead &lud& ffardad khandan." Jalauudim Kuui. 

The flesh a 
These soil t 

i this lire's progress is SO Sleep, 
e thy load ; thou canst but creep 
is of covy and of strife 
for envy 5 bane of mortal life." 

" n-ra Ichwahi za zan -wa. hrzand blbur 
Mordana dar oz khwtsb wa palnand blbur, 
Har chiz kl haat band-i-rah ast tura 
Ba band cblguna rah rawt, band blbur." 

" If you seek Tlim, abandon child and wife. 

"'ITrldu bastatakaffln 'aatalnu blha 
'Ala qadhal huquqln lll'ula glball, 
Wa' ddataru yu'klsu 'amali we, yuqalninl 
Mlna lyhanimatl b'ada Ikaddl b'tlqaTali." 


" But weallh I own engrossed each thought, 
There was a moment when I sought 
The elitlering stores ambition claims 
To feed the wants his fancy frames ; 
But now 'tis past, — the changing day 
Has snntcheil my high-built hopes away, 
And bade this wish my labours close. 
Give me not riches but repoie." J. D. Carlylk. 

'■ nehahldu man 'abwa blgbalrl wasllatin 
Fayalboqviill sb'anun 'adhallu tarlqa 
Tuw^lju narau thumma yutfl biraetasbatiu 
Lldhallka taraitl mubraqan wa g-harlqa." Gulistam, chap. i. 

"Ibthold Him ' 
And so I fall ir 
He kindles a fii 

me burnt and drowned." 


' Usbtur amad In wu.lud khar khwar 
MusCatb zadl bar In uehtur aawar 
Uahlura tans ffule bar puaht-l-tuat 
E'az naalmash dar tu aad gulzar raat 
Uall-1-tu sue mughllanast wa reg 
Ta kl g:ul chlnl za Ichar murda res'." Jalaluduin Ruhi 

" Thorn-caling camel truly Is ihU world of ours, 

Ahineil * then came nnd muutiled ; him thnt camel bears. 
O camel, cpn Ihy back thou bear'sl a vase of rose, 
On thee from Ihence Imvc sprouted rose-buds as God knows, 
Thy tables lead Ihee to camel-lhorn and wastes of sand. 
To thee ihe thorn's a rose ; the wilderness, rich land. 


" IlBtad-I-inu'alllm chu buwad kam azar 
Kharaak bazand kudakan dar bazar." Gl-li'^an, cbap. 7. 

" Utlubni Inda 'Iqulubi Imunkasaratl w'alqubur 'ulmiindriBati." 
" Seek Me in the broken beajls and by the crumbling tombs." 
" Utiubu 'lllma wa lau kana bl 'Slnl." S*»isg uf Muramkad. 

'' Seek learning though it be as far as China." 
" Dzr-i-taqBlr-1-khidmat awardam 
Ki nadaram blta'at. Istizbar 
'Aslyan az Kunah tauba kunand 
'Arlfbn az ibadat.-l-lBtlKhfar." Cui.ktan. chip. i. 

" E«cuse for my faulty service do I brine. 
For I have not the strength to serve Thee ; 
Sinners of their sins repent. 
Those who hold communion with thee implore forgivenes.'i Tor worshi( 

ping/' (Plaits). 

" Ujx khwftbl kun wa 'afu talab chu uflad 
Rakhna dar qa-ida yort yarac qadlm : 
War nlayad band an rakhna liagnftar zabaa 
Dar Imarat fflrish kuah blkblabt xar WB Bim." 


" Excuse thyself and beg pardon from ihy friends, 
When a breach arises in the foundation of amity among friends; 
And if the breach cannot be repaired by word of speech, 
Endeavour to build it up by employing bricks of gold and silver." 


** Wa'auha rabbuJca Ua 'nnahli 'ani 'ttakhidhi mina OJibali buyu- 
tan wa xnlna 'shshajarin wa mimma ya'rishuna, thvunma kuli min 
kulli 'thamarati fa'sluki subula rabbikl dhululan yakhruju min 
butuniha sharabun mukht^allftin 'alwanuhu flbi shifa linnasi." 

Koran, chap. 16. 

" Thy Lord hath taught the bee * Provide thee houses in the mountains 
and in the trees and in the hives which men build thee ; feed moreover on 
every kind of fruit and walk the easy paths of thy Lord ; from its belly 
Cometh forth a fluid of varying hues which yieldeth medicine to man." 


" Wa *bud rabbaka hatta yatlyaka 'lyaqin." Koran, chap. 15. 

** Serve thy Lord till the certainty (death) overtake thee." 


" Wa 'dhkur rabbaka fl naf^ika tadheuru'an wa khifatan wa duna 
*ljahri min 'Iqauli bi'l grhuduwwi wa Tasali." Koran, chap. 7. 

** Think within thine own self on God with lowliness and with fear and 
without loud-spoken words at even nn<i morn." (Rodwell). 

" Wa grar bar Jafa pisha bashitaiti 
Eli az dast-1-qahrash aman yafti?" Bostan of S'aui. 

*• If He (God) had hastened against one tyranny— practising 

Who could have obtained safety from the hand of His violence ? " 

'* Wagrar na dida'e dil bar kushayad az hinmiat 

Nazr ba sue ma'ala na mltawan afkand." Anwar-i-Suheili. 

** If the soul's vision ope not by emprise 
The sight to lofty things can never rise." Eastwick. 

" Wagrar sail-i-margr amad wa bar du bnrd 
Cbi bar takht sultan, chi bar dasht erurd ?" 

Bostan of S'adi, chap. 6. 

" If the torrent of death comes and takes both, 
Whether the sultan on the throne ; or the wanderer in the desert, 
What difference ? " (Clarke). 

" Wagrar tu pae na darl, safar gruzin dar khwlsh 
Chu kan-i-l'al pazra shu az shu'a asr ; 
Za kbwishtan safare kun ba khwlsh, ey khwaja, 
Ki az chunin safare gasht khak m'adan-1-zar." 



" Though you have no feel, choose lo journey in yourself. 
Like the ruby-mine receive a print fiom the sunbeams, 
Make a journey out of self into lelf, O master, 
For by such a journey earth becomes a quarry ofpold." 

a Inaa 'ankara 'laawatl laaautu 'Ihamlr.' 

of asses." (RODWELL). 

-' Wr hia tajrt blhlm fl maujln kaljlball wa nada nuhun 'bnoba. 
WB, kana fl m'azlllQ. ya bunayya 'rkab ma'ana wa ia takun ina*ar 
Ikoflrln Qala s'aawl 11a Jaballn ya'almuni mlna 'Imai qala la 'afilma 
'lyauma min amrl 'Hahl lUa man rahlma, wa hala balnabuma 
Imauju fakanamlu Imugrhraqln," Kuuan, chap. ii. 

" And the ark moved on with them amid waves like mountains, and 
Noah called to his son, for he was apart, ' Embark with us, O my child, 
and be not with the unbelievers.' He laid, * I will betake me to a moun- 
Uin that shall secure me from the water.' He said, • None shall be secure 
this day from the decree of God save him on whom lie shall have mercy,' 
And a wave passed between them, and he was among the drowned." 


" Wa huwa Iqahlru Ibuqa Ibadlhl wa yursUu 'alalkum hoflulha- 

tan hatte Idha Ja'l ahadakumu 'Imautu tawaShtbu ruaultma wa 
hum la yufarntUD." Koran, i:hap. 6. 

" And He i* the supreme over His servants, and sendeth forth guardians 
who watch over you until, when death ovcrlakelh any one of you, our 
messengers receive him and they fail not." (Rodwell). 

" Wa Idha buahebira ahaduhum bl'Iimtba dbaUa wojbuhu mus- 
wadan wa buwa kadhlm, yatawaca mlna Igauml mln su ma buah- 
ablra bibl ayumalkuhu ala bunlu 'am yadiissuhu fl 'tturabl." 

" When ihe birth of a daughter is announced lo any one of them, dark 
shadows settle on hii ^ice, and he is sad ; he hidetb himself from the 
people because of Ihe bad news : Ehall he keep it with disgrace or bniy it 
in the dusi f" Rodwkll, 

" Waldba bUBbsblra 'ahaduhum bhna dharaba llrTabmanI math- 
alaii dballa wajbubu muat^adan wa buwa kadhim 'awaman yua- 
ashah'u fl 'Ihllyatl wa huwa fl 'Ikblsoml ghalru mubln." 



" But when thai " 15 announced lo any one of (hem which he impoti 
to the Cod of mercy, u His likeness, his face setileih into darknesE and he 
is silent— sad. 

I i" And make they a female to be the offspring of God, one who is 
broughl up among trinkets, and is contentious without reason?" 

[ Roil well). 

"Waldba ra'u tljarat^an au lahwan 'ofbdhdliu ilaJha wa t^rs- 
kulcA Qa'lman. qui ma Ind 'llahi khalruQ mln 'llahwl wa miaa, 
ttljarati wa 'llahu kbftlru 'irailqla." Kohan, chtg. 611. 

" But when they get a sight of merchandise or sport, they disperse afte 
it, 'and leave thee standing alone. Say 'God hath in reserve what is 
better than sport or merchandise. And God is the best of providers.'" 
(Ron well). 

" Waltlha Ba'laka 4ba[ll 'onnl. falnnl qortbun, ujlbu da'wata 
'ddal' Idha d'oaoi falyaetojlbu 11 waiyuminu bl la'allahum yarshu- 

" And when My servants ask thee concerning Me, then verily will I be 
nigh unto them and will answer the cry of him that crielh, when be ciielh 
onto Me, but let Ihem hearkea unto Me and beUeve in Me. Haply they 
will proceed aiight." (Rodwell), 

" Wa Jala'8-BUyulu 'an) 't-tululi lea' annaha 
Zubunin tujlddu mutima-ha aJclamii-ha 
Fa^walcaltu aa'aJu-lia ; fa-keyfa Bu'aliuia 

R limmn n Irhawanrin ma yahtnii lra.lnTnii-hik " Mo'allaka of Lebu). 

" And the torrents have laid bare its traces, as though 
'Twere a book of which a pen renews the characters. 
And I stood questioning them ; but how can we question 
Dumb rocks, whose speech is not dear ? " E. G. Bkownb. 


It Arabs called their goddesses "daughlds of God." 


" Wa la tarlcaii 11a 'ddoliri, wain iana. wain aarra, 
Fatulfa kamanl 'ghtarra bi'sfaan taaruthu 'aeaniTOB. 
Wa khaffldh mln taraq.Uca. fa tnna Imauta laqlka. 
Wa sarin & toraqlka, wa ma yankulu in hamma." 

lower thyself frum thy tudincs^ foe death is nieeiing thee and reaching ai 
thy collar ; and he is one who shrinketh not beck when he hath purposed." 

" Wa la tabll boBalatuhum win bum aalu. bllharbl blnan b'oda 
Humu man'au blnia 'Iwaqba bidbarbin yuwUIafu baina 'aahtatl 

" Their sternness abides unflagging though they be roasted 
Again and tkgain in war's must flaming furnace. 
They held with the sword al-Wakaba s guarded meadow 
The swotd from whose edge flew all death's shapes united." 

C, J. Lyall. 

" Wa la tudhi Yuroata 'esururl ta ma tadri alyaumaa talabu 'am 

Wa'lam ba'anna 'almanuna J'a'llatun wa qad 'adarat ala 'Iwara 

Wai]Bamat la tazalu qanlsatan tua qarra 'asra Imabla wa ma 

Fakalfa turja 'nnajata mln sharakln lam yanju mlnbu Klera wa 
la Dara." Maijamat op Hariri, thap. 38. 

" Miss thou no chance of eajoyment, foi Ihoa knowest not if thou live a 

day ot if an age, 
Know ihou that death is going round, and the moon-halves circle above 

all created beings, 
Swearing that they will not cease chasing them as long as mnrn and even 

e from a net from which neither 

" Were the world a bride the would have b«en divorced ; but rather she 
is a molher who has nursed and whom her children love in spite of unkind- 
ness and albeit she defrauds them of their rights." 

O. S. Margoliouth, 


" W'alfata liddhari wa 'dhdharu zu flmuni, 
Wa'l*u8ru k'alyusrl w'alfirbani k:'al*udmi w'alhayyu lUmanunL** 


** Man is set 
The prey of time and time is change ; 
Life strait or large, great store or nought, 
All's one to time, all men to death." C. J. Lyall. 


Wa UUahi 'Imashrlqu wa 'Imafirhribu fla'aynama tuwallu flEith- 
umma wajhu 'llahi, *inna 'llaha wasiun 'alim." Korak, chap. a. 

** The east and the west is God's ; therefore whichever way ye turn, 
there is the face of God. Truly God is immense, knowing." 

(Rod WELL). 

" Wa lillahi yasjudu man fl 'ssamawati wa Tardhi tauan wakar- 
han wa dhilaluhum bi 'Ighuduwrvi wa 'lasal." Koran, chap. 13. 

" And unto God doth all in the heavens and on the earth bow down in 
worship willingly or by constraint : their very shadows also morn and 
even." (RODWELL). 

*' Wa 'lladhina kafajru 'amaluhuin kasarabln biqi'atin yahsabuhu 
'dhdhamanu ma'an hatta idha Jeia'hu lam yajidhu shaian wa 
wajada 'llaha Indahu fawafiieihu hlsabahu w'allahu sari'u 'Ihisab." 

Koran, chap. 24. 

" But as to the infidels, their works are like the mirage in a level plain 
which the thirsty deemeth to be water, until when he cometh unto it, he 
findeth it nought, but findeth that God is with him ; and He fully payeth 
him his account, for swift to take account is God." (Rodwell). 


Waliahi, ma yagrbfulu 'ddayyanu, wa la tuhmalu ya insanu, bed 
sayuwadbau laka Mmlzanu, wa kama tudlnu tudan." 

Maqamat of Hariri, chap. 21. 

•* By Allah, the Judge shall not be unregarding : thou shalt not be left 
at large, O man : but the balance shall be set for thee, and as thou 
rewardest, thou shalt be rewarded." (Chenery). 

" Waltandhiir nai^un ma qaddamat 11 STbcuiln." Koran, chap. 59. 

** Let every soul look well to what it sendeth on for the morrow." 


" Waludh bl 'Imatabl 'amama 'ddhahabi fa man da^qa baba kaii- 
mln fat£jl." Maqa^'at of Hariri, 12. 

** Take refuge in repentance before thy departure ; for whoso knocks at 
the door of the merciful causes it to open." (Chrnery). 


" Wa, ma 'adraka ma yaumu 'ddln, thumiiia ma 'adraba ma 
yaumu 'ddln, yauma la t^mllku nalbun llaat^ln Bhai'aa wa 'lamru 
yauraa'ldhin llllahl." Ki IKA^, chap, 8i, 

" What shall (each ihee what ihe day of judgment is? Once mote : 
what shall tcich ihec nhai the day of judgment is ? Il is a day when one 
soul shall be powerless for anal)iei soul ; and all on thai day 'liall be in the 
hands of God." (Rodwell). 

-' Ws ma khalagtu IJIniia wa I'lnaa Ula 11 ya-budun." 

KOKAH, chip. J1. 

" Movcover I have not crcaled Djinn and men but thai llicy should 
worship me." (Roiiwell). 

lyyidun hatfa 'anflhi wa la tuUa mlnna 

baittiu Icana qatllu 
Taailu 'ala haddi 'dhubati nuTUauna wa lalsat 'ala ghalrl 'dbubati 
tcutlu." A!ii;-ul.Mal.k. 

" Their dies among us no lord a quiet death in hii bed, and never i» 
blood of us poured forth without vengeance : Our souls siream forth in n 
flood from ihc edge of ihe whelleJ swords ; no otherwise ihan so doth our 
spiril leave its mansion." (C. J. LvAl.l). 

II wajhahu liilahl muliBlmin wa 

" And monUind are no olher Ihan ihc 
ihereof being in them during the day in m 
flr.d to-morrow they ate vacant." 

" Woman 'aTadba "on dhlkn fa'lima 1 

" Wlmso lurneth away from My wan 

f dwellings Ihc occupants 
ley have alighted in Ihera, 

a'lehatan dtaatiko." 

E. G. Urowns. 

" Waoiafih lT^fL^lh oji ki 1>I n 
War Uiud dllianash za faga baz aat ; 
K'u farz-i-kbuda na ml ffuzorad 
A2 qarz-1-tu iiiz ffbam na dorad." Guustan, chip. B. 

" Lend not to him, who prayer ncgleels, ihough he 
Gapping with want and inanition be ; 
For he who lenders not to God His due, 

" Wa min ayatlbl 'aonaka tara 'rardba kbasbfalian fkldlia 
■anzabia alalha 'Itnat 'btazzat warabatr. Inca 'Iladhl 'abyaha lamuhl 
'bnauta." Kukak, i^tup- 4>- 

" And aniline ^'^ ^<S"^ >^ '^'^ '^^1 <''*"' '^°^' ^^' ^''''^ drooping ; bnt 
when we send down the rain upon il, it is stirred and swellelb ; verily He 
who giveih il Ufe, wi!l surely give life lo the dead." KonwELL. 

" Among flis signs ^Isu are ships out at sea like mountains ; If such be 
His will, He lulleLli the wind and they lie motionless on the back oF the 
waves." (RODWttLL). 

" Wa mill b'adu fa la budda, mliia 'I'ardbi Idha "utudda, 
Slratun Jlsrubu mudda ala 'imarl limaa 'amma ; 
Fakam tnin ccurahlddin dballo. wa min dhi Idhdliatin rib all ft , 
Wa kam min 'allmin zalla, wa qala ' 'Ikbatbu gad tammEu' 
Fabadlr eyyuba 'Ighumru lima yablu bthi Imurrti, 
Faqad kada yabi 'liunru wa ma 'agl'ata 'an dbamma," 

MAyAHAT i.P HAmm f>i), 

" Afterward there is nn escape from that review of louls ; since Sitat il 
prepared ; its bridge is stretched over the fire lo every one who comelh 
thither. And hoM- many a guide shall go astray I and how many a great 
one shall be vile, and how many a learned one shall slip and say, ' The 
business surpasseth I' Therefore hasten O simple one to that by which 
the bitter is made sweet ; for thy life is now near to decay, and ihoa hast 
not withdrawn thyself from blame." Chbnbrv, 

" Wa naza'na ma fl eudurlhlm min srhllUn, tajrl min tahtlbim 'Ian- 
ham, wa qalu Ihamdu liUabl 'Iladhl hadana llhadha. wa a>a kunna 
llnahtadlya, laula 'an hftflftnt^." Kokan, chap. 7. 

Ihdr bosoms, 
be lu God who hnlh 
God guided us." 

" Wandubl niaki 'Iqabiha wa Bahhi labl bldam 
WadbUKhlhl bltaubatln Qabla 'an yahlama 'al'adam 
Fa 'asa 'llahu 'aa yaqlki Bs'aira 'Uadbi 'htadam 
Yauma la 'athratun tuqal wa la yantb'u 'Bsadam." 

" WaqaSUna bl 'laa 'bnl Maryama wa'atenahu I'lnJUa waja'alna 
fl gulubl 'lladhlna ttab'uhu raTataa wa rahmatan, wa r. ' ' 
yatan 'btada'ulia." Kohaw, c 

 We caused J 
vangd, and we 
a coui passion, 

esus the son of Mary to follow them, nnd wc gave 

pul into the hearts of those who followed him 

but as to the monastic lite, they invented it Iheni 





>' The hand nheti digfil rem 
Will crasp ihc cdi;c of ihe 

sharp sei 

n despair 


oft in canitl-Iiitc's, «hal I pray dn women care 
liied pilgrim situggliiig thruu|^h the sund heaps drilled there?' 

" 'War aftab na rafti ba par wa pa bar shab 
Jaban chlguna munawwor ba sab sabar? 
War ab-1-talleh na ratti za babr aue ufuq 
Kuja hayat-1-grullBtan shudl ba sail wa mati 

" I( the sun did nu faic by foot and wing every nighl, 
How would Ihe world be illuminated at morning tide? 
And if the salt water did not go up from the tea to Ihe iky 
Whence would the garden be ifuickcned by river and tain?" 



" Wa'shshamal wa dhuhaha, wa,'liiaiiiari idlia talaba, wft'imaluvl 
Idlia Jallaha, iivallall Idlift yosbalialia wa' Hffflmifcf wa wna buitfia^ 
tral'ardhi wa ma taboha wa ndtbin wa ma sawwaba (blhamaha 
fujuraba wa taqwaha, qad 'aflaha man zakkataa, wa qad khaba 
man dassaba." Ki^riih, chap. 91. 

" By Ihe sun and his noon-day brighlness, by the moon when she 
folluweth him, by the day when it tevealeth his clory, by the night when 
it cnshioudclh him, by the heaven and Him who built it, by the earth ud 
Him who spread it forth, by the soul and Him who balanced it, and 
breathed into it its wickedness and its piety, — happy is he who bath kept 
it pute, and undone is he who hath corrupted it." (Kodwell). 

" Watarafaum yandhuruna allaika, wa bum la jnibalrun." 
" Thou seest them look lonaids ihee, yet do they not see." 

■' Wa 'tturi, wa kitabln a 
mur wa' eeaiifl 'Imarfli' wi 
lawaqi'.", ch»p. sa. 

'■ I!y Ibq mountain, ami by Ihe book written on an oalsptead scroll, and 
l)y Ihe frcquenicd fane, ami by hfaven's lofty roof, and by the swollen sea, 
vtrJIy a cbasliscment from Ihy Lord is must imminent." (KODWEI.L). 

" Wawaesalna 'llnsana blwalldalhl, hamalathu ummubu wabnan 
ala wahnin wa flBalubu fl 'amain) 'anl 'shkur 11 walwolldalka llalyya 


 We have cnmman.lcd iiin 
ilelh him «iib «u»km.>>s up 
inril.) 'lit ytiilerul 1., ili: 

n cmtormnR his parents. (Ilis mother 
.nil n,:akm.s,s; nor until two years is he 
anJ to thy part-nls. L'nlo Mc shall all 


Wa-wujubin j-anma'izin 

nazirah lla rftbblha nazlrah, wa-wuju- 
nnu an yufula W-ha fuqlrah." 


" On this da.y shall faces beam with light, aut>]ooking towards Iheir 
Lord I and faces on thai day shall be dismoj, as if they thought that some 
calnmily would therein befall ihem." (RODWELL). 

" Wa yasalunaka ani 'IJlball, Tagul yacslfuba rabbi oasba fayad- 
haruha qa'an eaiaa^n, la Cara flha twajan wa la 'am tap, yaumaid- 
hlD yattabl'una 'ddal la Iwaja lahu wa Itbasha'ati 'roswatu llr-rah- 
Taaal fala tasma'u ilia hamsan." Korax, i:hap. an. 

" And lliey ivill ask llie< 

Lo.d ^ 

: tliE mounlains ; Say then 'scallermg my 
and He will leave them a level plain i ihou 
n them no hollows or jutting hilU. On ihai day shall men fallow 
the SummoncT, — he marchelh straight on ; and Ion' shall be Iheir voices 
before the Merciful ; nor shalt thou bear aught but the liuhl fontfall." 


■' Wa yauma yuhaharu 'a'daau niahi lla 'nnai 
hatta Idtia ma Jauha ahabida alaiblm eam'uhm: 
wajaludubumblmalcanuya'maluii waqalull juludlhlm iima, 
hidtbum alaina, <]alu antatiana 'llahu 'lladtal 'actaqa Imlla shah 


" And one day the enemies of Gud shall lie gathered unto the lire u^ed 
on in bands ; until when the}' reach it, Ibeir ears and Iheir eyes and Iheir 
sliins shall bear witness againsl Ihem of their deeds : And Ihey shall say to 
their skins, ' Why have ye borne wilnesi againsl us?' They nnswer, ' (joil 
who givelh a voice lo all ihings givelh us a voice." (Koijivel.i.). 

" Wayusabblbu 'rr'adu blhamdlhl wa Imalalicatu mln khalfatlU 
wa jtiTBlIu 'ssawalqa ta yuslbu biha man yashau wa hum yt;jadl- 
luna "llabi." Kd.a\, tiuqj. jj. 

" And the Ihunder ullcieih Ills praise and the angels also for awe of 
Hini ; aiul lU- sendeili His IkiIis and smilelh with theni whom He will, 
while they are wrangling aboui l^od." (RomvELL). 


" Ta Aba HureJra I luml shlban, tazdad bubban." 

" Ya All az Junila-6-ta'at rah 
Bar ffuzin tu Baya's-khasa Allali ; 
Tu blrau dar Baya-e-aqll garix. 
Ta rlhi z'an duBhman plnban sltlz : 
Az hama ta'at Inat blbtor ast 
Sabaq yabl bar bar an sablq kl bast," Jai-aludd 

" O All '. out of all forms of leligioussem'ce 
Choose Ihoa ihe shadow of thai dear friend of God '. 
E>o thou seek refuge in Ihe shadow of the wise man 
That ihou mayesl cicapc ihy Geict secret foes, 
Of all forms of service this is fittest for Ihcc 
Thou shalt surpass all who were before thee." WtllN 

a aabiru wa rabitu wa ttaqu 

" Ya ayyiitaa lladblna amonu 'Jtanlbu Icatbiran toiixa 'dbdhaiml, 
'inna, ba'dha 'dhdbaniil Itbrnun wa la tajassasu wa la j'agbtab 
tm'dhukuin ba'dhan, ayuhlbbu 'ahadulEum 'an yfl■l^llH■ 1fthT1r^^^ ' ftlf^l ^h1 
maitan. rakarlbtumubu." KmAH (cbap. 19). 

" O lielitvers, avoid frequent suspicions, fur some suspicions are ft crime ; 
and pry not; neither let one of you liaduce another in his absence. 
Would any one of you like to em the flesh of his dead brother ? Sorely ye 
would loathe it." (Kodwej.l), 

■r be ordained for 

" Ya basi Adama qad 'aiuaJQa 'alaikum Ilbasan yuwari eawatikuni 
waiiBhan wa Ubasii 'ttai^wa dballka kbalnin dhalika, mlo ayatt 
'llahl ta'allabum yadhdbalckarun." Kciha.s, chnp. j. 

" O children of Adam 1 now hnvE we sent down to you raiment to hide 
your nakedness, and splendid garments ; but the raiment cf piety — this is 
belt. This is one of the signs of (tod : haply man will be monishcd." 
(Roil well). 


" O chU.lren of Israrl. remcn.l.ct My favou, wherewith I showed favour 
pon you ; and thai lo yuu ahove all ciealuies have I bcx-n ImDnleous." 

"Yablntl latBAihlblthublareuka.yamawBTEihumlDa'ahBhBqa.'* . 

" Gi.1 ! don'i < 

ult in ihy ttedcling iIicbb. Ah I ho» muoh ii 

iibte i! 

c pr:iyt:r and cnjipin ihe tighl and furhi^l ihi; wrung 

whatever shall lieliile ihee, fur this is a buundei 

{Rot, WELL). 

" O tny son '. ihou will be nsked in ihe day of re 

' What hast thou acquired ?' not Trun) whom hast ihou sprung?'" 


" Tad bad an kl chu chashmat ba'ltabom ml-kuaht 
Uu'^lz lBa,wl7ait dar lab-t-shakkor kha bud. 
Tad bad an kl sabube zada dar maJltB-l-uns 
Jua man vra yar nabudlni, wa Eliuila ba ma bud." HAtir. 

" Be memory of that lime when we with reproach thine eye slew 

When in thy lip suEni.devnuiing Die miiacle uf Jesus life-giving was; 
Be mcmiiry uf ihai time when iti Ihe Hssemhly of companionship we 

drained ihe morning cup ; 
We were nut, save I nnJ the friend and with us Gnd." (Clarke). 

It .ihaU unc day embrace the eoldt 
I shall un the strand be rolled." 


" Ya Ibadla lladhlna 'asrafu 'ala 'anlUalhlm la taqnatu mln 
rabmatl 'Uatal Inaa 'llaha yoghOru 'dbtUiUDUba jaml'an." 

KwcAH, chop. 19. 


ravagant aeitinit thrit own lonU I be 
eiily God forgives tint, a.11 of tbeoi." 
{Palm BR). 
" Yak chond bakudokl b'ustad Bbudlm, 
Yak cbsnd b'ustadl Ichud Bhsd ehudlm, 
Payan-l-aukluui eblnau U mars ohl raald 
Az lEbak tMir amadlm wa bar bad ibudlm." Omak Khawam. 

" I studifd wilh Ibe maslers long ago. 
And ihen myself taught pupils what I know ; 
Ilmt now the sum and upshot of it all, 
' We come fiom earth and to the winds we go.' " 

" Yak daeta gal dimae'll parwar 
Az khlrmaa sad e^yeii khusbtar." 

odour is worth matt 

" Yak dast bamuBahafam wa yak daat bajam, 
Oab Dlzd-l-balaJam, wa ffahe nlzd-i-haram, 
Mayem darln Eambad-i-flrLiza rukbam 
Na kaflr-l-mutloq, na muauliDan-l-tamam." Okai f 

*' One hand with Koran, one with wine-cop dight 
1 hnve incline to wrong, and half to rigbl ; 
This crystal azure dome beholds in me 
A Sony Moalem, yet not heathen quite.' (Whin 

Yake Allah me sTim ahabe. 

Takl Bhlrln srartlad az zikarasb labe ; 

OuCt Sbaltanaeb * kbamuab, ey salcbt ru. 

Chand gal akblr ay bieyBj--^u, 

Ml n'ayad yakjawab az plBh-i-taklit 

Chand " Alla h" ml zanl barue saklit.' 

n ehlkaata dll ehud wa blnlbad ear 

DM dar kbwab u Khlzr ra dar bazar. 

Ouft 'Hln az zlkrcbun wa manda'l 

Cbun pasblEoanl azaii k'aeh kbandal 

Quit " Labelkum " na mtayadjawab. 

Za aii'hamltarsaiD kl baahom radd bab.' 

Quft Khlzraebklkbuda jTurt 'labaman 

Kl birau ba u blgu " ey mumtahan 1 

Quit In ' Allan ' tu labelk-l-ma'Bt. 

In nlyaz wa enz dardat palylk-l-mast, 

Hiliha wa cbara wa juiba-1-tu 

Jazb-1-ma bud wa kusbad an pa-i-tn, 

TarB wa 'lehq-l-tu kamand lutf m'asC 

21r bar ' Ya Babb'-l-tu ' Label klbast.' " Jai.^i.udd 


" nim ueison one night w»s crying ' O Allah '.' 
Thai his mouih micht Ix sweetened thereby, 
And Satan said to him ' Be giiiel, O austere one I 
How long wilt ihou babble O man of many words? 
No answer comes lu thee from nigh the throne, 
How long wilt thou cry " Allah ! " with harsh face?' 
That person was sad al heart and hung his head 
And then beheld Khiir present before hiiu in a viaion 
Who said to him ' Ah I lh»u hast ceased to call upon God, 
Wherefore rcpenlfst thoo of calling upon Him?' 
The man said 'The answer " Here am 1 " came nol. 
Wherefore 1 fear that I am repulsed from the door.' 
Khiir replied to him ' God has given me this command 
Go tu hiro and say "O much tried one I 
That calling ' Alh»h ' of thine loar my  Here am I : ' 
And that pain and longing and ardour ul 
Thy struggles and •'•■■•'•■^ ''■- —'•,iti~--- 


ings for ai 
mctmns and oiiginalcd ihy prayer, 
in'l Ihy love are the covert of My mere; 
Lord ! ' of ihine contains many ' Here i 

" A wolfi whelp had b 
Grown strong, it lore 

" Take halga'e k'aba darod bldaa^ 
Yaike dar khsrabat. uftada ost ; 
Oar in bililiand Id nuKxaradash ? 
War onra blrand Id tnz aradoab ? ' 

" Thifl one has in his hand the door-ril 
That one is fallen intoxicated in the 
If God calls this one, — who may mil 


" Take Jujam, yoke danam. yake binam, yake kbwanam. 
Huwa 'lawwal, buwa 'lakblr, huwa 'Izablr, huwa 'Ibatln." 


*' One I seek, one I know, one I see, one I call. 

He ii the lint, He is ihe last, He ia the outward. He is the inward." 


'* Yake migiift ' khiish budl Jahan 
Qsr na budl bak xnarfir andar miyan ' ; 
An di^ar guft ' ar na budl marg: hlch, 
Kl na arzldl Jahan plch pich 
Kharmane budl bar dasht aft-ashta, 
Muhmal wa nakufba bu^rzashtcL"* Jalaluddik Rumi. 

** One said * The world would be a pleasant place, 
If dealh never set foot within it* ; 
Another answered * If there were no death. 
The complicated world would not be worth a jot. 
It would be a crop raised in the desert 
Left neglected and never threshed out.' " (Whin field). 

*' Yake pcisban wa yake padshah, 
Yake dadkbwah wa yake tajkhwab, 
Yake kamran w^ yake mustamand, 
Yake shadman wa yake dardmand, 
Yake tajdar wa yake bajdar 
Yake sarfaraz wa yake kbaksar, 
Yake namiirad wa yake kamkar, 
Yake bi nau wa yake maldar." Pan dn am a of S'adi. 

** One is a watchman, another a king, 
One imploring justice, another coveting a crown ; 
One gralitied and another wishing. 
One merry and another sad, 
One wearing a crown and another paying tribute, 
One elevated and another humble. 
One disappointed and another blessed. 
One poor and another rich." (Gladwin). 

" Yake piirsid az an gum karda fai*zand, 
Kl ' ey pak gauhar, plr-l-khlradmand, 
Za mlearash bul pairahan shunldi, 
Chara dar chah-i-kan'anash na dldl?' 
Baguft, 'ahwal-i-ma barq-1-Jahan ast, 
Dame palda, wa digar dam nihan ast.'" Gulistan, chap. 2. 

** To that bereaved father * one once said 

* Aged sire, on whose bright soul truth's light is shed 
From Egypt hist coat's scent thy nostrils knew 

In Canaan's pit why was he hid from view ? * 

* My state ' he said * is like heaven's flashing light. 
One moment shown, ihe next concealed in night.*" 


Jacob. t Joseph's. 





■' YaJte (jatra baran za abare chakld. 

Kbljal shud cbud panba'e darya badid. 

Kl -jae Id daryast, roan klataro 1 

Oar u bast haqqa !d man nistam.' 

Chu kbudra bacbaahm-l-hiqarat badld. 

Sadafdar klnaraah bl jan parwarid." 



" A rain-dtop drii]ipccl frnm n doud 

It became nshanieii when it l.cheld ihc 

.Saying ' VVheie the ocean is, what am 


If it be by God ! ihen I am not.' 

When il resHrded itself uilh >n cj-e of 

losom." (Cl 

A shell cherished it wilh feivour in its 


•' Yakera blzlndan darasb dUBtan 

Kuja manadash 'alah dar buatan." 



" How cnn he whiise fiiends aie in a dnrgeon, any lonpet find enjoy- H 
mcnt in hi»\<^r, ? '■ ( Kalconeh).  

 Yaltera kl pindar dar aar buwad 

Mapln dar harglz kl haqq blahanawad." 

licsTAN ,.r S'AO 

(h.l^ i. 

"' One in whiise hcml i.-, ™nci.-il 

Thmk nol thai lie i.ill ever lisle 

to irnih." (Cl 


 Yakera Klshtkbue dad dushnaro 

TahainQiul kard wag^ft 'ey mk farjaco. 

Badtar zanam kl khwahl guftan anl. 


^[, ,. 

 An illLted fdlo* once a man re 


Who palicnt l'.,re il, and replied 

•{Jiffld friend. 

W,.r»e am 1 llian by thee I could be Wyled 

And Iwilei kinm how oILen I offend,' (EAST 


 Yake tukbm bar khak oz an ml nlhad 

fl„W*r* ,„■ S'A. 


'- lie pUces Q seed in liii- dust for ihe reason 

Thai il may in ilic dny of dimes 

, give fruit." 



to. la rajazana -&11I adhuln mlnko. 

aiB dbllun an) ahakbalka 1 

L Ala. H 

" Be satisfied *ilh whal brings you to your 

shade enough for yjur whole body, there is s 

re lu he enough 

ur one of H 

yoar members." 

D. S. Marcoi 

 Yak giU bl-khar dar In bwh niat. 

Lala'e u bl esar-l-daeb nlet, 

Tlgb zanad bar tu wa g\ii kbur aat 

Zard kunad rulyat wa ful aar aat." 




" Ne'er in itwi ipttden bloooit a ihornleM rote. 
Nor apotlcM lalipi Iherc Iheir chumi Dnfbld ; 
And pet ihoo Kelt nnbeamt in iti blowi. 
It gild* thj vinage vtA ihoa csllst it gold." <Eas 

'a «f^ti<'i^»i-' nalnn bUiaat.'' Ohax Khawui. 

" Uae draught of wine outweighi the realm of Tni, 
Throne ol Kobad and crown of Kai Kaina, 
Sweeter are a'gha that lover* heave at mom 
Than all the groaningi lealot throati produce." 


" Not one grain of the ihcavea oriife it stored hy those who tiod 
This pathway of morlalily and »owcd iio seed for God." 


" Takjftn gbam-l-ayT*in hm <l(u1m ithuahlm, 

Ohua puktata itet ma na ml-raoad ax matbakb, 

A* kaa tam'a-1-Uiaa) i«qj<n.HTn khuBhlm." Omar Khawah. 

" These worldly cares I rate not at one grain, 
So 1 eat once a dty, I don't complain ; 
And since earih'* kitchen yields no solid food 
I pester no man with peiiiiunt vain." Whihfibld. 

" T«k Jnsb-l-tiaaq bib la aad kvwblob aot." DiwAx-i-SHAHB-i-TAHtc 

' YiUc i*-tt<aL g-bafll snabt^m xva sad a&la rabam dur ohud.** 

" Yak nan ba du nu Offar sbawad baall-l-mard, 
Wa'i kuza'e ahllcaata'e dam-l-abl sard ; 
Makbdum-I'kam &z khudi cblra bafad bud 
Ya kbldmat-l-chim Icbudi cblra bayad Icard ? " 

tv the vassal knee." 

Yalt rate faJok kar mars soz; 


Harglz sue man dame Jchusl 



Y&k riLZ dtuno za Bha<lmaii1 

K'anruz badaet-l-Bad Ehamam baz na dad. 

" Fut me heaven's sphere no music ever made, 
Nu[ yet wiih soolhing voice my fears allayed, 
He'er I gained a Ijrealhing <^pacc of ioy 
Inlo Woe\ grip I MB* it once lielrnyed." WhINI 

" Yak ruz za baud-i-'alam azad na yam. 
Yak dam zB^lan az wujud-l-khud Bhad na yam, 
Shaglrdl-i-ruzsar kardatn blsyar 
Dardaur-i-Jahan hanuzuHtadna yam." Oiiar Kii 

It yet of fortune gained no mnstecy." 

" Tak zaiuane Butabate ba auUya 
Bihtar az sad sala ta'at bl riya ; 
Got tu aang-l-kbara wa marmar abawl, 
Chua ba sahib dll raei, gauliar aliawl." 


■' Sociely wiih saints no doubi's of greiit avail 
To pieiy ii lends; ' God's fear shall never fail.' 
Thou wasi fl very rock, a worlhlcts pebble-stone. 
By sainls' communion fined, a pearl of price ihou'at ihnne." 


I 'Bhebababi v 

, lam afgld blhl li 

Idh 'aabahtu ' 

■a'lmaruta 11a 'adna tajarl w'anfudhu 


*' Alas my soul 1 for youth that's gone 
No light thing lusl I when he fled t 
What litne 1 trailed my skiru in pride. 
And shook my loclii >l the tavern's dooi 
Nay, envy ni 


" Ta lolta gabla miuilTatl 

Taumiui 'ofUzu blmunlyfitl, 

Nabrln talatama rulcbatl 

Fa'adh&llu 'amla'uii qlrbati." Gulistan, chip, 3. 

" O would thai hcfocF my tlealh, I might one day olitain my v/ish. J 

river dashing its waves against my knee ! Then would 1 noi cease lo fil 

my leather water-bag." (Platts). 


" Yd qlllBitu'zzad wa wahahata 'ttorlq I " All 

" Oh ! Ihe scantiness of the provision and the terrors of the road ! '' 

** YaQulUDA lima Jcuuala 'If&ta wa zlnat&bu '&<ttibuti rftslUiu, 
Wa main yazlnu alwa Imukthlrlna wa ma taudu sudadlbl 

Fa'amma Ifaqlru fakhalrun lahu mlnal'adabl 'Iqurau walk&- 

Wa 'ayyajamailn labu 'auTuaaia'adlbunyu'alUmuamiasilcbur" 

"They say that a man's chief adornnien' 
learning, deep- rooted sound, 
Alas, It adorns but the wealthy and hin 
rising aloft, 
IS for (he poor man, I reckon for hli 


and pride, and his beauty is 
I, whose summit of lordship is 
1 far belter than learning a loaf 

" Ya Rabb. ba dll-1-aslr-l-m 
Bar slna-e-ffham-pazlT'l-i 

Bar pa-»-lcharabat rau-l-i 

Bar tlaat piyala gir-i-inan rahmat kun." 

" I'ily O Lord, this prisoned heart I pray, 

1'aidon these hands thai ever grasp ihe cuf 
These feel that tu the tavern ever sliay." 


" Ya Babb. ea qabul-i-warazdam baz rlban. 
Maahghul khudat kua za khudara boz liban, 
Ta huBhyaram za nit wa bad mldaaam 
Maetam kun wa az nlk wa badam baz lihan." Omak Knavyai 

" From self-telUnce, Loril, ilelivet mc. 
Sever fruiii self anil occupy wilh Thee. 
When sober, I am bondman la llie wuilcl. 
Make me beside myself and act me free." 


" Tar Chun raft an bakhubi az haroa 'alam f^ziin, 
Dar faraqaeb az bama 'alam fazun Icbwaham grist. 
Rlzad aknun khun dll as guna zardam bakhak 
Chun rawom dar khak bam z'lo guna khun kbwabam ffrlst." 

As that friend of mine rlcpancil who is belter Lha 
I shall l«nnHn his Icbs m.iie Ihan Ihe whole w... 
My hear! now sheds [ears of blood frnm my pale 
Wlien 1 ikpail. under yiound, 1 Mill shall weep : 

Tar-1-ltuhan ba hlch m ma dih az dast 
Babr harifan nau kl nlk nabaahad." 

n thew 

cheek I 
11 Ihis >n 

ole world, 
ihe uround, 



nol an old and 
new allies. Fur 

Hell iried friend 
his may end in 



Yar-l-na paedar duBt ma dar. 
DuBtl ra na ehayad in Kbaddar 



5TAS (Pr=r«.). 

 Holii no 
Wilh on 

as friend ihis 
e so false no f.i 

nd^hip phghl.' 

t., the 



" They uill ask ihce of ihe spirit. Say ' Tlie spirit comes u ihc hi.lding 
of my Loid, and ye are given hui a Utile knowlclge thereof.'" 

" Yas 'alunaka 'anl 'ssa'atl 'ayyana mursaba quI Innama 'llmuha 
Inda rabbi la yujalliha Uwaqtlha 'lUa huwa iha<iulat fl' ssamawatl 
waTardbl la t'atlkum lUa baghtatan." Kn^ ii. ch.ip. j. 

" They will ask you aI>ovit ihe hour, for what lime it i* hsed. Say  The 
knoxli'dt-c thereof is only with my Lord ; shall innoif.:: ii al iis 
 il He 1 it is heavy in Ihc heivens anri the cur 

Yaa'olubu man fl' eaaiDiiwatl n 

I'ardhl, kuUa yaumln buwa S 


" Tatlme kl na karda Kuran durust 
Kutub khana'e chand mlUat blBhuat : 
Chu azamasb bar angrlkht ehaniBhir-I-blm 

Bamuajlza miijan-l-qonir zad du nim." Bn^iv or S'a]>i, 

" The orplian (Muhammail) who, the Kuian uncnmpleled. 
Washed ihe library of (effeced) so many relifiiont 
When anger drew forth his sword of terror 
Struck by a miracle the wnist of ihe moon in Iwo halves." 


" Yauma'ldhin yasduru 'nnaau 'aabtatan llyurau 'amalahum 
famaD ya'mal mltbqala dharratln kbalran yarahu, waman ya'mal 

mltbiiaJa dliarTa.tla aharran yaraliu," Kiika'j, ihap. 99. 

" On thai day shall men come forward in throngs to hehold ihcir works, 
and wh<i!J>ever ihill have wrought an atom's wei):ht of good shall liehold 
It, and whosoever shall have wrought an alom't weight of evil shall 
behold it." (RODWKLL). 

" Tauma Inda rabbika ka'alfi BonatlB mlnuiiB ta'udduii." 

" A day with thy Lord is as a ihousand 

" Yauma 'Ikbamiai laqad Taragtu a! 
Wa g'badsalunj 'ala laubln mlna Ibabl, 
Wa barra duni thlyaban kuntu lablsaba 
Wa 'IbaBiinl thiyaban ghalra 'athwabl. 
Wa h nmtn aiiitii 'ala 'aoaQl arba'atln 
na 'Imusalla wa ba'dhu nnaal salla bl. 
Wa sbayyaunl ila darin muqnaxaratln 
Yaftia'zzamBnu wolayuftahlahababi." At.ip L*il* wa Liin. 

" On the liflh day 1 patted from those I loved, 

And Ihcy washed me on a plank from out the door, 

They stripped me of the clothes I erst was dressed in. 

And clod me in raiment that was other than mine uun. 

And they liore nie away on four men's neck:>. 

To a place of prayer anil some of the people prayed for me. 

And ihey accompanied to a liiielling house arched in. 

Let alt mankind periiih yet will my door not open." Torrf.ns. 

"Yauma na^itilu lljahoiinaiiia hall 'mtal'ati wa tatiulu hal mln 

a hell 'Art thou fullf 

"Yauma tabayadhdhii wujubun wa taawaddu wujubun [b'amma 
lladblna 'ewaddat wujuhuhum 'aktartum b'ada. 'Imanlkum Ikd- 
buku Tadhaba blma kiintum takfurun." Kihan, cliap. 3. 


" On ihe day when lica slmll luin while anil fnccs iliall turn black ! 
And as tr> 1 hose whose fnccs shall haie luincd black. . . . ' \Vhat ! arier 
your belief have ye l>ecome inlidvls. Ta.'ite ihen ihe chHS life mem lor that 
ye have been untielievefa.'" (Rod well). 

" Yauma tajtdu toUlu nafbln ma 'tunllat mln kbolrla muhdharBQ 
wa ma 'H-mllat mln eu'aii tawaddu Ibu 'anna balnaha wa b 
'smadan ba'idan." kui.ak, cha 

"On Ihil li.iy .shall every soul find (ire^cnt In il, whaleter k 
wroughi lit gimcl ; and as lo whai il haih wroughl of evil it uill wisi 
wide Here ihe space between ilseif and it." (RoUWEl 

" The day when the heaven shall become as molten brass : and Ihe 
mounlalns shall liecnme like flocks of waul, and friend shall not question of 
friend, though Ihey look at cacb olbcr." (Rouwei.l). 

" Yauma tara 'Imumlnina wa 'Imumlnatl yos'a nuruhuro balua. 
'aydlhim wabi 'aymanlliim buafarakumu 'lyauma Jannatun tajri 
mln tahtiba 'ranhoru," KiiHriA, clijp. ;/. 

" One day thou ihalt see the believers, men and women, wiih ihcit light 
running before ihein, and on their right hand. The angeli shall say to 
ihein ' Good tidings fur you this day of gittiiens benealh whose shaden the 
rivers fl«w."' (Kodwell). 

"Yauma taraunaha tadlihalu kuUu munlhl'attn 'ajmna 'ardha'at 
wa tadha*u IcuUu dbatl hamlln bamlaba wa tara 'nnaaa sukara 'wa 
ma bum blaukai'a wa laklnna 'adbaba llahl ahadid." 

" On ihc day nhcn yc ^hatl I>ehotd il (ihi: last jud^nient), every suckling 
woman thall forsake her sucking babe; and every wumnn ihsl h(.ih a 
burden in her womb shall cast her burden ; and thou ihnlt we men 
drunken, yd are they not drunken : but ii is the mighty chuiiwmcni nf 
God." (Km.wisi.1.1. 

Yauma yajma'ukum llfauml 'IJam'a dbollka yaumu 'ttOKabunl 
wa man yumtn bi 'Uohl wa y'amal Ballhan yulcaflllr 'anliu Bayyatlhl 
wa yudkhllbu Jannatln t^Jri mlu tahtiba 'lanbaru khalidlna flba 
■abadan dhallka 'l&udbu Tadhlm. Ki.i..n, dup. 6,. 

"The day when lie shall gather you logelher fur [he day of Ihe 
assembly will be Ihe day of mutual deceit, and whinu beli^ielh in God and 
does what is right, his deeds of evil will He cancel and He will bring him 
inio ihe gardens beneath whose sha<les ibe rivers flow, lo aliide therein for 
cvcrmor.:. This wili \x Ihc great bliss," (koowKi.L). 

I qaddamat yadabu wa yoqulu 


e lliu deeds wliich his hands have 

" Yauma yoqulu 'ImuD&Bguna wa, 'Imuaaflgatu Ulladhina amanu 
"ndhuruna oaqtabls mln nurlkum ql)a 'i^Jl'u wara'akum Ib'ltamlau 
Duran fadhuribo bainabum bisurln lahii babiin batinahu flbl'lrah- 
matu wa dhahlruhu mln qibalihl 'I'adtaab." k»ka\, chap. ;;. 

" On that day Ihc hypocrites bolh men and women shall say to those 
who lielieve, 'Tarry fur us ihal we may kindle our light at yours.' It shall 
lie said ' Return ye back, and seek light for yourselves.' Bui belween them 
shall Iw set a wall with a gateway, within which shall be the Mercy, and 
in front, without i(, Ihe Tuimenl." (Rodwell). 

" Ya wa/a khud na nabud dar 'alam. 

Kas nloroukbt ilm-i-tir az man 
Ki mara 'aqlbat Dlshana na kard." 

bfii targe: in Ihe end." 

" Ya waiha man 'ondharahu ebalbuhu 
Wa huwa 'ala Khairy 'aeiba munkotnleh, 
YuBBbu 11a narl 'Ihawab'ado ma 
'Aabaha mjn dh'ufl 'Ighuwa j'art'alsb, 
'Wa yamtl llahwa wa yatadduhu 
'Auta ma yattarlBhu 'ImuftarlBh." Ma^^iiv 

r Haubi (chaii. «■ 

*' Woe ti> the man, who, warned liy his ho.triness, slill blindly ruihei 
along on youth's folly bent. 
And glances luck uii pleasure's lire when all his limbs already from 

weakness shake. 
Who rides the steed of wantonness which he deems a softer couch than 
chombeilains ever spread." 

" Ya waridan aura 'alehln kiUlubu kadarun. 
'AnfBqtB aafwaka fl 'ayyamlka 'lau'wwali ; 
Fltna 'qtaharaiika lujja 'IbaJui tarkatouhu, 
Wa' anta yekflka mlntiii masaatu *1 wash all." 


" But why eihaust life's vapid bowl 
And SUtk Ihc drtgs with surtow fimi, 
When long eie Ihis my jonlh has drained 
Whatever zeu the cup contained ? 
Why should we mount upon the wave 
And ocean's yawning honors brave 
When we may swallow from the Husk 
Whale'er the warns of mortals ask." J, II. Cah 
" Ta zar ba har du daat Ininad kbwaja dor kanar, 
Ya mauj ru*e atglkaiidBsb murda bar klnur. Culistan, 

hands the i 

lifelci^i form 

n Ihesm 

 Tu<UianQU bl 

il WB TunaflBu fl ththamlnl 

MaUamai Of 1 

'ho clings should be clung to ; only he v 

1 brace the gold, 
id be rolled." 


'■ Yu'Jlbukft 'ttakathuru blma ladelka wa !a tadhkum ran balna 
yadellia wa la tuball 'alaka 'ain alelka. 'atadhunnu 'an uatutruku 
'Sudan wa 'an la tubaslbu ghadan am tahsabu 'anna 'Imauta yaq- 
balu 'rrusha au yunialyylzu balna 'lasadl via. 'rrasha." 

■' It pleases Ihee in increase what belongs to thee but Ihou remembeteat 
not what is before thee ; thou carest not wheilier the account shall be in 
thy favour or agninst thee I DosL ihou think ihou i^halt he left at krj>e, or 
that Ihou shalt not be reckoned with to-mono* ? Or dost thou count tint 
Death will lake bribes ; that he will dUtinguish between the lion nnd the 
(awn?" CiiKNttitv. 

Q yntflu nura 'llohl bfafwahlhlm wa yaba llabu -Ilia 

" Turtdtma 'a 
M yutlmma ni 

u wa lau karlha Ikaflrun." 


desireih lo perfect bis light, : 

" YuBdi wa yulbimu fl Imadhallml watlgban 
Fl wlrdlha Cauran wa tauran muwallsha 
Main yutiala hlna yaltabfu 'Ihawa 
Flba 'a'aalaba dlaahu 'am 'autag'ba 
Ta waybahu lau kana yucilnu annahu 
Mahalatun iUatabulu lamataKha." Mao 

" He w 

or Habihi. ehep. ii. 
now lapping at their well, now 

iires he when he is fullowing hb desires in Ihem whether h 
airis hit religion or destroys it. 

'oe to him. if he knew well that ihere is no Hale but c 
urelf be would tiot transgress." Chbi 



" Tu3i)f-i-?um ^oshta baz ayad bakan'oan Bham makhur, 
Qiilbft'a Ihzan ahawad ruzo gullatan. g-taam mabhur. 
Ey dil-l-Khamdlda, halat bib aha wad. dll bad makim, 
W^a, in Har-1-eburlda baz ayad ba aaman, gbam makbur, 
Oar bahs.r-l-'umr baz ba takht-1-chaman, 

Chatrt gTil bar ear kaahl, ey rourgh-l-ahabkhwon. goxa makhur. 
Han ma ahau sa-ummld Chun waqlf na'l az slrr-1-Kbalb 
Bashad andar parda bazihal plnhan, Kbam n ' ' 

" Lnsi Joseph shall relutn lo Kanaan's 1 an il— despair not, 
Aliliclion's cell iif gloam wilh lowers shall liKxim— despair □< 
Sad heart, ihy state shall mend ; repel despondeacy, 
Thy heart confuseil wilh pain shall sense regain — despair not, 
When life's fie-h spring returns upon ihe dais mead 
O night hint o'er itiy head the rose shall spteati — despair not 

:i syrup In [he i^aden of In 

" Itelter who sils in, .\<^aS, S)>cechless, idle. 
Than lie who kiiciw& i|{il his own iDnjiiie tn bridle." 

~" Zada az andlehtaa'e khub-1-tu wlldao wa bur 
Zada ax andlebba'e zlabt-i-tu dlv-i-kalan ; 
Sirr vra audiaba munhadlH bin abuda qasr wa sara 
Slrr-l-taqdlr-l-azlra bin sbuda cbandin Jahan." 


■" From thy good ihoughls ore born the boys of Paradise anil Ihc hnuris. 
From Ihy evil thoughts IS born Ihe great demon (Ililiii). 
See how Ihe secret thought of the geometrician has becomi: a castle or a. 

See >ioiv the hidden ProvUlence withoiil lieglnning has become Ihis 
mighly universe." (NlCHOl^ON). 

■' Zadam tiaha yak ruz bar taU-i-kholt 

Ba Kueh amadam Dala'e dardDalc 

Ki ' zlaHar asrar mardi. ahletatar, 

K] cbBBhm ■wa, bisa, Kueh wa i-ue ast war aar." Bos-tan or S'adi. 

" I one day struck a raaltnck against a hilloclt of earth i a plaintive 
expostulation broke moaning an my ear : ' Beivare, if thuu art mortal ; 
more gently ! for this is an eye, an ear. a face, n head." (KAtcONBK). 

" Za dud-1-dll-l-khala ghaSI mabaeb 
Ma Itun mEirduia azarl ey tundrae 

Kl DOKah raead bar tiiqHtu''i-icliudae." or 5'adi. 

'• Slight not the sighs of the hearts of God's creatures. 
Exercise not sevetily and mornaeness 
Fur the vengeance ul God uiU overtake thee unnwarcs." 

" Zabldl dar plIas-puBbl nlat 
Zahld-l-pali baisb wa atlaa push ; 
Tark-i-dunya wa shabwatast wa bawaa 

Parsa'l.— na tart-l-Jama wa baa." 

lie purely pious 
True h..lines 
The world ai 

t in sackcloth coarse and sad, 


Tsj Imr flttr nSh wa Islam hmr dnali.* Grx^zsTAs, dbrnpL. s. 


Kagf * are the exienaJ sign of bc*lises5 
Sa&dcat, — lor men jadge by oatvard dress ; 
Stnre to do well aod vhat tfaoa i^casesi vear. 
Thy bead a crown, ihr arm a fij^ maj* bear.^ 


MJBbataah ba admi aznad mmiiat.* jAUk:.'.-3>DiN Ruml 

** Serpenu* poison is life to serpents. 

In relation to mankind it is death/' (Whinfield). 

** ZtL kar-l-basta ma'andish wa ifflH-wbllniffta ma dar Id ab-i-chasb- 
ma'e baiwan damn tarikast.'' Gcustax, chapb. i. 

*' Have no doaUs becaase of trouble nor be thoa discomfited ; for the 
water of Iite'& fountain spricgeth from a gloomy bed."* (Eastwick). 

** Zalimera kbufta didam nlm ruz 
Quttam 'in fitna ast. kbwabasb bnrda bibj' 
Anki kbwabasb bibtar az bidariast 
Ancbunan bad zlndaganl mtirda bib." Gulistan, chap. i. 

" A tyrant lay, his noon-tide slumber taking. 
Said I "tis Ijest this scourge should sleeping lie. 
And he whose sleep is belter than hb waking, 
'Tis best for such an evil one to die.' " (East\vick). 

** Zamin sbiira sambal bcu* niyarad 
Dar u tukbm 'amal zal mafirardan ; 
Nikui ba badan kardan cbunanast 
SU bad kardan ba jae nik mardan." Gulistan, chap. i. 

** Salt ground will not the precious spikenard bar 
Waste not i hereon the seed of thy emprise ; 
Who benefits in evil men confer 
Upon the good no less heap injuries." (Eastwick). 

*' Z'an dam ki amadasti andar jaban-i-basti, 
Pisbat ki ta barasti binbada nirdubanast ; 
Awwal jamad budl, akbir nabat flrasbtl, 
Ansrab shudl tu baiwan ; in bar tu chtin nibanast? 
Oasbti az an pas insan ballm wa 'aql wa Iman 
Binerar cbe kul sbud an tan k'u juzwi kbakdanast, 
Z& Insan chu salr kardl, blshakk flrishta grardi. 
Be in zamin« az an pas jayat bar asmanast." 


• i.e., the faqir's rag 


" From the moment you came into the woild of being 
A ladder was placed before you Ihat you miglil escape, 
Firel you were mineral, later you turned to plant, 
Then you became animal : how should this be a secret lo you ? 
Afterwards yciu were made man, with knowledge, reason, faith. 
Behold the body which is a puriion of the dust-pit, how perfect it has 

When you have travelled on from man, you will doubtless become an 

After tlmt you are done «ilh this earth ; your station is m heaven." 


"Z'anpishldazjam-l-ajftlinaat Hhawl 
Zlr-l-lalcd-l-liailiBha past Bhawl, 
Sormaya bK doat e,r Inja k'anja 
Sudl nokimi aKartlhl dast shawl." Om^h Khawau. 

" Beitir thee, ere death'.'i cup fur thee shall flow. 
And blows of ruthless fortune lay ibee low ; 
Acquire some substance here, for none is there, 
For those who empty-handed thither go." {WHlNt-tnt.ti). 

" Za palldl wa za Ichubl tu Icunl surat-l-ebalchee 
Kl guiizad ba do faraanK way az bus paltdl 
Kunlaah Ca'mahe khaki kl ebawad sabKa'e paid, 
Blrabod u 2S DBjaaat chu dar u ruli damldl." 

" Thou inouldest of foul and fair the form of a man 
Thai he may tice two lejgucs from the odour of foulness ; 
Thou mak'tl him a morsel o( dust that he may become pure herbage. 
He is free from tilth when Thou hast lireathcd into him a soul." 

" Zar aodar kaf-1-mard dunya parast 
Hantiz ey biradar bisaiiK andar ast." Bustkn or S'adi. cti^. 9^ 

ii:in\ hnnd W[>ild-worshippinc, 

" Grieve not not let iby heirl be glad at this world's joy g 
For know the scene that now scem« fixed aye changci on 


" Zar'a-ra chun rasid waqt-1-dirau 
Na khiraznad chunanki sabza'e nau." Gulistan, chap. 6. 

'* Not so elastic bends the yellow corn, 
As the young blade before the breeze of morn." 


" Zar bidih mard-i-slpahlra ta sar binihad 
Waffarash zar na dihi sar binihad dar *alam." Gulistak, chap. z. 

" Give thy troops gold that for thee they may die, 
Else they'll go seek a better destiny." (Eastwick). 

" Zare ki pak buwad za imtihan chi grham darad." 


** Gold that is pure, why should it dread the test?" 


" Zarra zarra k'andarin arz wa samast 
Jins-i-khudra hamchu kah wa kahrubast ; 
Ncuian mar ncuian ra Jaziband 
Nurian ham nurianra taliband ; 
Safira ham saflan ragrhib and 
Dardra ham tiragran Jazib shawand ; 
Batilanra chi rabayad batile 
Aqilanra chi khush ayad aqile ; 
Ahl-i-batil batilanra mikashand 
Baqiyan az ba.qiyan ham scur khnshand." Anwar.i-Suheilu 

** Each atom in this earth and heaven, we find 
Resembles straw and amber to its kind ; 
Things igneous with fiery essences unite 
And bodies luminous seek things of light ; 
Pure natures wishfully pursue things pure 
And gloom attracts the sorrowful and dure. 
How are the vain seized on by vanities 
And to wise men how pleasing are the wise ; 
The foolish fools to follow them compel 
And others like them please as well." Eastwick. 



Za sad chuba ayad yake bar hadaf." Bostan of S'adi, chap. 2. 

** Out of a hundred arrows one comes to the butt." 


Zat-i-tu qcuiir ast ba ijad har muhal 

Ilia b'afHdan chun khud yagrana." Urfi. 

** Thy essence is able to call into being all that is impossible, 
Except to create one like Thyself." (Shea), 

la erm^Bim 1e1 aaktat Ichom buwod 
Dtle kl aukhta'e atleti-l-balct'e tu nlst, 
Klrona nlBt aana wb, aanaearon-i-tura 
Kudam suura Id sargraabtai'e Sana's tu niet ? " 


I will not shun Ihj blow, for very crnde 

Is the hc&it that ne'er burned in the (ire of thine sffliction, 

IS ine nc&ii inai neer uurnea in ine nre 
To ihy ptnise and praisets there is no eni 
What Blom but is retUnj; wilh thy ptaise 

Za buBtan wa za na ablaii btparhez 
Agar aqil buwad Icbaam-1-tu blhtar 
KI banadan sbawl yar wa birsdar." 

" Flee not a prison wilh friends la thy mind 
But Ihnse unsuiteil e'en in gardens shun. 
Thou uill a pTudent fuemaii belief lind 

'■ Za inif-l-llhud ma kun dar man nlgah 
Bar tu Bhab bar man baman Bhab cbastKah, 
Bar tu zlndan bar man an zlndan cbu bagb 
Ain maabKbull mara Kashta Hrasb 
Fa'e tu dar ei\, mora gll irashta gul 
Slar tura matam, mara aur wa dubul." 



I^t not B weakline li 

Ite you censure me ; 

Wh.t seems night to 

you is JToatl day to 

What seems a piiaon 

you is a garden in 

Busiest occupation is 

Vour feet are in the n 

What to you is funer 

1 wailing is mariiog 

" Za zubnat matara. ey pasandlda dust, 
El mumklD buwad li'ab-1-balwaa dar us't 
Dll az bl-muradl ba filcrat ma auz 
8bab ablatan ast, ey blrador, baruz." Bo^as ok S'a 

" O approveil friend, fear not the darltnets, 
In which it is possible there is the water of life. 
Consume not thy heart wilh failure of desire, 
O brother, the night is pr^nant wilh the day." 



" Z'in past aehlyan ba Tarax asblyana shud 
Azada bud wa zadjuz azadagrl najust 
Tan ra ba tan ffuzaaht rawaaaeh rawana ebud 
Janaah bazat-l-HozratJan-afrln rosid 
Blrun za qald-i-chartch wa zamln wa xamana shud." 


; of hnly freedom, 
ind hii E[iirit juined the- 

" Fram this lowly neat he departed to Ihe 
He was truly free and souyhl no fioics i 
He abandoned hiE body lu corporeal i^ 

(pi ritual tCGion, 

His soul wai uniled lo ihe Su))lime Being, the Crentni of souls. 
Soiling beyond the limits of heaven, enilh and time." (: 

" Zin plBh blmn za khwlati pindaabtamat 
Dar gayat-l-sair-l-lchud gTiman daahtamat, 
AkDun ki tura yaftam anl danam 
S'aadar qadam naJchust bu^zashtamat. 

ind deemed ihnl I should 

 Formerly I llioui<ht Thou watt will 
find Thee by long jou'neying, 
Now ihal [ have found Thee, I know Ihis, thai 
I left Thee behind me." 
" Zin gambad-I-grardlda bad arall bin 
Wazrattan-l-duBtonJahan Ithali bin ; 
Ta bltawanl Cu yak nafoa 1cbud-ra bosh 
Farda mangar. dar matlab ball bin." Os.ak Khwvah. 

" See what foul tricks this circling dome doih play, 
See enrth left empty of friends snalchei) away I 
To live the one brealh you c&n call your own 
I,ouk for no morrow, mourn no yesicrday." (Whinfield). 

" Zin BTiria U man kar-1-Jaban miblnam 
 A lam bama raesan baran ml-blnam, 
Subban Allah bahr chl dor mlyanffaram 
Nakaml kbwleb andor an ml-blnam." Omai Khawam. 

" So fur as this world's dealings I hive iniced, 
1 lind its fnvouix shamefully misplaced ; 
Allah be praised ihat I am one of ihose 
Who're disappoinltd by it and disgrac<--d 1" WhiM'IKLD. 


" From these stnrs like inverted candles, from these blue awnings of the 
There has come foith a wondrous people, that the mysterin m>)' be 

" lUmnme the soul by the light of contentment 
As the world is irradiated by the sun." Glauwin. 

•■ ffl panja dlram, ponj a^ror k&m ehawad 
DUat rlBh-l-Bar-i-pSiiiJSi'e gbom atiawod 
Chu panjah sal&t btrun aliud zl dast 
Obanlmat ahumaj panj ruae kl haat." Bostak op S'aoi. 

" Ifoutorfiftydirams five become wanting, 
Thy heart uilh the grasp of grief becomes torn ; 
When fifty years have gone lurth limn ihy hand, 
Cnnsidci it gain that there is a space of five days." 

" ZlralcaB guy&nd Ic'andar mar? nau'e rahataet 
Wa xa. bayan In aukhan bar khalg mlnnat ml-nlhand 
Oufta and tin kaa )d mlrad az du blrun oiet taal 
Ya bade l>{ieliad Id khalg azJaur-1-u Icanatar Jaband 
Yb Icam azaru. neku khulqi kl ahl-l-ruzBor 
Mlbisl-u warzand wauradardll-l-lchudJadlhaDd 
Oar nekuk&r aet az In zlndan-l-milinat wa ribad 
War bod aiidiBb aet khalq aa nolhnat-I-u wa riband." 

" The wise declare in death some pleasure lies 
And kindly ihus the explanation give : 
One of two natures must lie his who dies. 
Or bad, whence others less agreeably live 
Or inoffensive, of kind sympathies 
So men him love and in iheii bwoms hive, 
If good, he from this tmuhlous world gets free. 
If bad, men from his trouliling freed will be." 

East WICK. 
" Zlrakl za Iblle wa Isbq az Adam ast, 
Zlrakl amad sabahat dar bahar ; 
'Ishq cbun klabtl buwad babr khawas, 
Oum bud afot. bud a^ blab kbalaa." Jalai-cduin Rl-mi. 

" Cleverness comes from Iblis (Salan) but love from Adam, 
Cleverness is like Canaan (llanij's swiniming in the ocean, 
Love is as the ark appuinlL-d for ihe righteous 
Which annuls the danger and pruvirles a way of escape," 


" The lieaury of Ihe lidoved is in no need of oi 
Of luilre and colour and mole ami irickeU lin 
What need halh the lovely face?" 

 im perfect love. 


'■ Z'lttlhad-i-iftyma wa lltbtllaf-l-alwar 
RKhlrajl tS har grul-l-nau naqabl Had ba^an fflrad 
Man andar an Iclb ? Dam klBt In muborak dam 
Ei waqt-l-Bubh dar In tlra khaJcdan girad? " 

From every ncv 

Whose aus|»c{aus biealli rs this that at id< 
dust'heap (Ihe world)?" 

" Ziyan ml-kunod mard tafBlr dan 
Kl 11m wa adab faniBhad ba nan. 
Kuja aql wa shara fatwa dlbad 
Kl ahl-1-khlrad din ba dunya dlbad? " 

und doctrine. 
Where do wi&doni anri law ^ve Ihe decision 
Tliat one of wisdom should give relifiuii for llie world." 

" Zl zanjlivl-na parsayan barasC 
SI dar khalqa'e parsayan Dlabaat 
Acrar bajate darl In kbolqa glr 
El aultan &z in dar na darad g^tzlr." Bostah up ^'adi. 

" He escaped fiom the chain of the impute 
Who sal in the circle of Ihe devout, 
If thou hut any necil, choose this society 
For the Sultan even has no flight from this door." Clarkb, 

" Zl zuhd-l-khnshlc malulam blyar bada'e nab 
Dame il wiswaaa'e aql bl Icbabor darad. 
DU-l-ablkoBta'e Haflz balibalc Uiwahad biird 
Cbu lala da«rb-l-hawa'e kl bar Jlgrar darad." Hafie. 


*' Zud ba saltanat rasad har ki biiwad grada'e tu 
Shah-i-nishin-i-chashni-i-man takiyagrah'e khiyal-i-tust 
Ja'e dua'st, shah -i -man bi tu mabadja'e tu 
Shur-i-Bharab wa sirr-i-ishq an nafsam rawad zi Bar 
Kin sar-i-purhawas shawad khak-i-dar-i-sara'e tu." Hafi 


■** To sovereignty quickly reacheth whoever was the beggar of Thine, 
My eye's king-seat is the resting-place of Thy image ; 
A place of prayer it is. O my sovereign, without Thee, be not the place 

of Thine! 
Goeth from my head wine's clamouring and love's consuming at that 

When this head full of passion becometh the dust of the door of the 

abode of Thine." (Clarke). 

"* Zud bcushad ki khlra sar bin! 
Badu pa« uftada andar band ; 
Dast bar dast mi-zanad ki darigrh 
Nashunidam hadis-i-dcuiishmand." Gulistak, chap. 7. 

•* Soon shalt thou see the man of head -strong will 
With his two legs by fetters pressed. 
Smiting his hands, he cries in accents still 
* To hearken to the sage is best.' " (Eastwick). 

"' Zud bini shikasta pishani 
Tu ki bazl ba sar kuna^ ba grhuch." Gulistan, cbap. 8. 

** Who play at butting with a ram 
Will quick enough a broken forehead rue." 

*" Zud rawad, zud nashin shud ^hubar 
Z'an ba yake Jae na darad qarar 
Kuh b'ahistagri amad baja« 
Az sar-i-an ast chunln dar pae." Xizami. 

** The dust goes quickly ; it was quickly settled ; thence it has no per- 
manence in one place ; 
The mountain by gentle degrees attains its height ; by reason of that it 
is so durable.' Asiatic Miscellany. 

'* Zulam-i-zulm chu ssahir shawad, bar ayad pur 
Jahan za tiragri wa talkh aishi wa tangl : 
Ba adl kush ki chun subh-i-an tul'u kunad 
Parugrh-i-an birawad ta hazar farsangri*" Jami, Biharistan, chap. 2. 

*• When the darkness of tyranny manifests itself 
The world is filled with gloom, destitution and mirsery. 
Cultivate jusi ice ; for when its morning dawns 
The splendour thereof extends to a thousand parasangs." 


" Zulm shud Im n 

" Zulmate daram banisbat ba ahar 
Mur daram bahrl zitlmat nafUa 
Z'ao zairam ta tu tabl awaj-1 

Therefoie is my light weak ihM you may licar it, 
Fax yoM are nol slronR enuu^b to liCHt the douling si 

lien lliuu 

II the I 

of Zaid." (ClAKKR). 

" ZumTiil 'Uftulhft 'In nadda. fa ma 'afi'ada man zarnma, 
Wa rumm) 'lamala 'rraCbtha, faqad 'aBaha man ramma 
Waiiah man rtshabu 'nhausa. blma 'amma wa ma IchaBsa 
Wa la taaa ala 'nnaqel wa Cabrls ala 'llaaima: 
Wazawwld nofbaka 'llcbalra, wa d'a yu'klbu 'dbdbaira, 
Wa hayyla tuorkaba 'saalrl wakbaCmln lajjati 'lyamma." 


'■ Bridle thy speech if it « 

bridlelh it : 
And mend ihy ragceil conduct, for he hath piospeied who 
And plume him whisc plumage hxlh fnllen in calamity gi 

and sonow not at the tou and be not covelnus in amasiing, 
AnJ make provision uf i;oud ff>r thy soul, and leave thai which will 

bring on ill, anil prepare the ship fui iliy journey and dread the 

deep of the sea," (Chbnbrv). 

astray fur how happy is he who 

lb if, 


Jai-aluddin Run I. 

n can merely split a stone, 
'$ soot can cleave the moon." 


" Zuyyina llnnasl bubbu 'ahabawKtl mlna unlssal w'albonina 
-w'alQanatirl ImuQBntaratl mlna Idhrthahftbl w'allldbilhati walk- 
halll ImuBaTCuraiiiatl w'aJaD'aaail ir'elharttlL" Kokah, dup j. 

" The love and eager desire of wives and children and sums heaped op 
of gold and silver and excellent horses and cattle and land is prepared Tor 
men." Sale. 



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— — "^^^^^H 

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AttroctioD, draw the soul without 

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Blind, J 

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., the, 4 

Back. l>cnl. 223 

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Blin. 178 

Barley, sow— you cannot reap 

Blood, whole enrlh not worlti one 

wheat, 176, 307 

drop of, 199 

Bmb, the. 71 

Blow, the. 15 

Ba»r, whei the *ife lakes the 

Boaater, So 

path Id the, 58 

Body, cheri.h not thy, 185 

Be, and it is, I3i 

„ full ofgood and evil, 30J 

Beaata, the vilest in Gi>d's sight, 

„ not veiled from soul, 373 


„ the, 144. 177 

Beauty, 174 

,, two souls dwelling in one, 209 

„ I weighed thy ^against the 

Bone, every— contains some mar- 

morn. IJ6 

row, 72 

Bee, the. 108 tis, 294 

„ yoLi may devise to swallow 

the rough, 209 


Book, this— a guide lo God'TcuiDE, 

,, was — as clear as llie ending, 



Borrowing, 74 

Being:, no ciime worse than thy. 

Bongh, the— full of bull, 115 

KoatttKnl, \h:, 145 

Believe, if ye— not, 84 

Bounty, let nc.t-bc followed by 

,, sign* 10 peiiple who, lo 

injury, 251 

Believer, the— nui slung twice, 172 

Bow. eie vet the- l« strung, 176 

,. iheheail of the, 231 

Boy, ihe wL*, .58 

Believert, 304 

Bramble, who sows the— will not 

„ true, 229 

pluck the rose, 260 

Breut, I he dooi 

been opened, 

Breath, life hang. 

foe diily, 
of whoM— hnih 

0»re, ihou whose hcnct is full of. 304 
,, who flics iVom home has no 
I.nhi,, 55 
Career, ihey who choose an unjust, 

CareleBBQen, the ear o{, 34 
CarrioQ to the wolf, 359 
Cat, the religious — can pray, 78 

ihe — may lacerate the leop- 

Bride, a faii, 140 
Brim, the   

ihis, 78 

of God's giace hath 

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Bnd, 2(32 
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Bnrden, endute the— of Ihe feeble, 

Butt, he who composes makes him- 
telfa, 1S4 
„ noi every lime does the archer 

hit the, S04 
„ of a handled arrows, one 

Butler-mllk, no one 'lulls his own 

OB(te, ihc I 



in, :6S 

Calami tlei, d 
Calamit;. 11,. 

,, a person uvcdaken I'y, 22g 
Oalnmny, avutd. itlj 
Camel, how can camel-i'iiving !« 
done wiihom a, 15a 

„ I tide not on a, 204 

„ pasielh ihrough the eye of a 
needle, 171, 263 

,, ihe— goes day and night, 21 

„ Ihoin eating, igj 

,, when Baftria's — flints, 19,1 
Cane-brake, when thou seitcst fiie 



Celibate, pass 
Certainty, 18 
Cbftin, the— is 

i, 20s 

thy life a— aao 

Ihe lion's neck, 

Ohalice, made with art profound, 

Obampinga, hot— of thy spirit, 102 
Chance, S9 
Cliaraater, hear thine own— from 

OheumeD, « 

Ohlld. new liorn, 24S 

Choice, leave a mi>i 10 his, tsj 

Ohristiani, 167, iSi 

Clay, 68 

,, liicak Ihe idol of. 35 

,, devils arc fafhioncd from, 104 

., mnnkind moulded in. 177 

., perfumed, 103 

Olevemeea, 7, 326 

Cli>d, 152 

Clodi, ihey who throw, 151 

Glondi, 255 

Coin, 72 

., Ihe base. 231 
Coioaynth, the — brings not the 

CommuDlDD, ihe hoir>^e of. 148 
Companlotuhip, pr'ilii by, 93 
Company, bnd, 141 

., (', 267 

.. princes'. 267 
Comrade, u di->i3.sii-riit, 233 
CoaceiC, 205 

,, caiuiuc piolii Bg.iinsi truth, 

^^^^^H ^^^■^■^^^^^^^^^1 

^^^^^^^r ^^^^^^z^B^^^^^^^^^i 

^^^^^^^^ft '%■- 


m 338 ^^^^1 

Concerto, God prolecl u* from. 87 

Dawn, 133, 259 ^^^^^H 

Condeaoenaion, 152, 211 

Day. .0,. '38^' ^^H 

Conftict, aancet in the, 231 

„ nifiht pregnant with, 313 ^^ 

Dead, dealroy not the good Dame of 

a, 66 ' 

the, 129 

„ shame on the— whose task is 


Contentment, 15. 51. 73, 199, 214, 

„ we are the sons of the, 209 

135.263, 310, .W7 

,. when I am. 53 

Contest hirmecn Iwo peisona, 193 

Deaf, canst thou make the— to 

Contrition, 79 

hear, 4 

Cord, ihe broken may be joined 

Death, 3, 6, 11. 14. 15, 23,44,57, 

S4, 85, 162, 186, 198, 207, 

Corn, the yellow. 322 

218, 241. i43. 349. a53» 

„ who eai their— Hhlle ii is 

273, 294. 299, 308, 326 

green, tl? 

,, every soul shall taste of, 159 

Oorpae, rcjaice noi m the— of thine 

„ inmyfoe*-wh«ljoy, 1S6 

enemy, 77 

„ indulge not in joy at another's. 

„ use wine 10 wash my, 78 


Oonnael. fjiher's— to his son, 225 

„ is not — thy doom, 16 

Ooanterfeit, 19; 

„ of the poor, 188 

Counei, in Imllle onlvaluc stnll-Fed 

Deceit, 3S1 

on. 21, 79 

Deed, a good, 214 

Coon, ihey who worship in Gcni's, 

„ keep thyself tree from c» 


Deeds, evil, J31 

Conrteiy, show— to evere foe, 19 
CovetouB, ihc desire of Ihe, l6z 

„ had my— deeds been like my 

word.., 93 

CovetouuDSBB, 21 j, 26x 

„ rise by, 99 

Deer, 1,5 

Crentare, t.i Ihe~wi11 belongs not, 

Defeatfl, 214 


Deliberatioa, 35 

Creedi. mme look for truth in, 233 

Demoni, many— with men's faces. 


from the. 287 

Desert, in the, 33 

Crime, one siaincd wiib, 60 

„ aweel is slumber in Ihe, 158 

Crow, 112 

Deaire, consume not thv heart witlt 

Cap, common stone may break a 

Ihe failure of, 313 

golden, 95 

„ of wives and children, 310 

„ no solace left but the, 7 

Car. when a rave nous- finds meal. 

„ (he— in the desolate heart. 



Oardi, lol 

„ the seed of, Si 

Cure, think of ihc— before ihe thing 
Curl, lliy, 32 

„ what you have no hope fur. 

Deairsd, the— oblained 44 

CiuhioD, on honours', 274 

Desolate, king will not extract 

tnbuie from, 100 

DatkneBB. sunlighi succeeds, 76 

Deepair, 77, 172. 301 

Daughters, 295, 296 

DospoUer. 19S 

David, 107 

Doetinj. 44, 151 

DevJl, 84 

Earth, all— his whn flies from home. 

Devils, IC4 


DeiioiiB. the, 151 

,, go iran>ienl is this, 147 

Devont. ihe circle of ihe, 317 

„ the- a morinr, 157 

,. the, 287 

.. we come from the, 306 

DifficnltiBi, do not turn from. 324 

Eaoe, pompous, 13 

Dirami, if (ive out of fifty— be 

waming, 316 
Direotor, having chown ihy, 53 

EdiflCB, must have sure fonndalions,. 

ESeott, trace causes In their, 3S6 

DlBCiple, ^fcr from the disbeliever 

Egreii, try the — before you enter. 

than the, 33 


Egypt. 193 

Diwiple», so. 

,, Ihey tfiat make war with, aio 

Siagraca, 67 

„ no JislicssbrinRs, 164 

EloqneDoe, Sj 

Diatressed, (jo seek oul Ihe, ig 

Embrace, upen your arms if you 

Dog, a-«ould defile a cistern of 

desire an. 35 

Empriae, unsic nm the seed nfthy. 

„ a wei, 255 


., the cave -sleepers, 255 

Dolt, the. s. 230 

luicmaiiE'vesi. 154 

Doom, none outruns his, l6u 

Endured, they *ho have patently. 



Door, ill filled he who turns from 

Enemiea. the mo»l magnificent of 

the, 25 

thine, a 

,. who is HI ihe, 105 

Goemy. chufise an- you can wa- 

Doom, enter houses by their, a86 

qui.h. 4S 

Doubt, hand of Kuih tends the 

., upon whose favours conferred. 

clonk of doubt, 13* 


Dreun, ihc world only a, 71 

Drum, tlo rtut beat a— under a 

would St gain. 35 

4uili, 70 

Enjoyment, 87, 297 

,. oh noisy, Hi 

Ennui, 175 

DnlUrdt, 206 

Envy, 55, 275 

Da.t, 119, 31S 

Erring, tn his own loss the— err. 

., tread genlly on this, 231 


Dweller, didniiy of dwelling in the, 

Error, 181 


Eternal, fix thy heart on ihc. 68 

Eternity, how 1.1 attain. 4 

Ear, 10; 

Ethiopian Rrows not white with a 

., lend not lhe-to»el6sh men, 

hot bath, 34 


EvU. 172 

., take cotton of evil from the 

„ lenrn — ftnm thyself, 383 

minds', as/ 

„ lurnawftv, 127 

,, the mind's. 221 

., whodo,-sno. tj 

Evolution, 53, 3!i 

EiactioB. k.oK'-,, ; 

Esrneit. him who cometh to the, 1 

Example, hajipy the man warned 

Earth, 35, 39, 219 

by, 84 


J40 INDEX ^^^^B 

EicaUeuoe, keep siknt if you have 

Fool, 139 

no,, 56 

., a wise man understands the, 8 

EiertiOD, man's^no u&e without 

,. heaven supplies wailih lo ihe, 

Corf. 46 


EiiiWnce, loj, a.i6, 279 

.. olJ. 133 

Bye, 105 

,, silence, the answei to a, I4I 

,, the greedy, 250 

FooUah, he, 7 

Eyes, king ccooeniBing, 67 

FooU, 16, 27, 3Ja 

,, man may 1<e too kind with, 11 
Forelock, Got) holdelh every crea- 

F&ce, 67 

Faith, s,ii7- 131 

ime by the. l8l 

„ can move a niounlHiu. ajo 

„ menorUiHl'slrue, 263 

Foim. 169 

,, no value b.'Llt dcalh, 2J5 

„ and reileclion, 251 

Faifirul, Ihe-are bielhren. 133 

„ each— has ils archetype, 118 

FaithfolneiB, 175 

„ the outward, loi 


Falleo, when one haa, 27 

Fo'mal, tlie prison of the, 285 

„ «ho pulrs noi ihc, 3S 

Fortitnde, 19 

Faliehood, h Uteling, 13S 

Fortune, iS. 94, 99, lai, 170, 138 

Fame. 70 

„ blame not unkind, 168 

FtkQCf , no— wilhouL some Irulh, 97 

„ lely not on, 82, 297 

,. the l.itd of, 204 

,. ttust not, 86 

Tlqir. the. 11 

FoDDder, the gteal. 27a 

Pasting, 13, 59 

Fooler, who will nul sparrows spar, 

Fate, 44, 54, 56. Ml, 113,233 


.. eveiy nun's, 159 

Fngmenta, one can light a fire 

Father, korn what thy— knew, 191 

wiih, 34 

„ like-like son, Ml 

Frame, iH 

FMlti, lis 

„ uilhhold thy— from sighl, 78 

Freeman, 98 

Friend, a token of the, 2S2 

Favoan, 289 

,, do nni forego an old. 313 

Feet, snsres laid 10 raich oui Liip- 

,, make not— of ibe woild, 3I3 

pine, 30 

„ new. of a, no 

Feridnn, 90 

„ united wiO. my, 239 

Fidelity, «ant of. 33 

,, weep not for dislanl. 166 

Firdanei, 36, 44 

„ who consorts with your 

Fire, by wind, beciimes more lofly, 

enemies, 37 


Friend*, 7*. 73. 74. 112,367,868, 

Flame, the Guebre's, 5 


Flatterer, heed nol t'lr, 11 

„ a breach among, 294 

FlMh, the, 69 

„ agreement «mongsL, 36 

Flovera, NirvanU, 98 

„ he who would have, 14a 

Fly. 67 

„ he whose— are in a dungeon. 

Foe, 71, 73 


Foeman, ptudcni— l.etiei than 

„ spurn faithless, 31 comrade, 323 

,. l.Ht with, 64 

Foe., 72 

Friendahip, 56,68, 73, no 

PoUy, 139 

., the day of— when 11c meet, 

,, the live mnikf of. 1I4 



^^^^^B 341 1 

7nrDitnre, i6o 

God, love of, 135 fl 

FuWre. liad I known the, 171 

„ one pull from. 141  

Fntnritj. he who givclh-to Ihe „ orders our li^s, 98 ^B 

wind, I7S 

„ path of. 17; ^m 

,, (he prophels chose, 16 

„ praise of, 9 V 

,, prophet cares for naught but, ^1 

Q»in. lust of, 40 


Oardeo, the spiriiual. 39 

„ remember, 82  

Garment, old, ijt 

„ the unclean — ddshsd hy 2I ^ 

washerman against stnn 

,, seek — in broken hearli, 293 


,, Ihe best of providers, 296 

Gear, worldly, s 

„ iheessential altriljules of, 178 

„ the light of, 188 

„ h« who would call mankind 

„ Ihe lion of, 324 


„ Ihe man of, 215 

., the, 13. 196 

,. .he weaver, 47 

Gentleneaa, pursue. 59 

,, Ihey who sowed no seed for,, 4 


Oiaouf. 96 

„ think on, 294 

Om, ihepootanl\4 

;. wholrualsir.;iS3 

Glory. ifc6 

„ who would not die for lore 

Goblet, Ivrcken, 262 

of. 25 

God, 9, 13, 14, 32. 38, 46, 63. 66 


„ whom— »ha!l guide, 87 

,, withholds grice from none. 

109, 126, 127, "29. '31 


132. 134. 146, 147, tS5 

„ you can't have — and ihe world 

156, 160, 165, 166, 170 

171. 173. 174. 180. 184 

Gold, 47, 134. 321, 322 

185, 186. 1S7. 189. 191 

„ ass's neck encircled with, 70, 

195. i9fi. ao6. 212, 223 
228. 232, 237, 238, 242 


„ give Ihy troop*, 32a 

24), 253, 264. 267. 269 
276, 2S1, 284, aS;, 286 
29*. 294. 395. >96. 298 

„ the copper ol ynur existence 

changed to, 193 

„ the touchstone discovers the. 

300, 301, 302. 303, 306 


3"7. 3'3. 317. 3«. 3*5 

Good, 64, 172, 219 

., ctmnection with, 194 

„ and bad must die. 213 

,, tailh and pely ptiwd of, 235 

,, t«lhuu hut, 212 

„ family of, 175 

„ do— and speak not of ii, 145 

„ ravouri Ihe lil«ra], 1S9 

„ if Ihoudoeal, 213 

„ fenrer oS. 286 

,, man newer weary of praying 

„ friends and foei given by, 93 

for. 172 

„ grandeu I belongs lo, IJ7 

„ seek lo do. 213 

„ have mercy on Ihe wiekeil. 6< 

„ when ihou leckoncsl thyself 

., helps those who glorify him 

among the. 49 


Goodnwa. 116. 164 

„ keep to the fear of, no 

Qraee, hcivcnly. 94 

„ knowi what » best, 955 

„ seek means ol. 69 

„ life misery withoiil, 299 

,, the Holy Spirit's 84 1 

Gnce, woulil'si thou God's 


Heart, the prison of the secret i« Ihe, 

oblain, 1 19 

•Qi»ve, ihe. 133, I4>> '73 

Hearta, God halh not given man 

Great, now will he be called, 43 

two, 178 

„ Ihe, 41. 243. m 

„ the alKKle of devils, Ij6 

„ who icat their— ftom worldly 

Oned. 113, 190 

ihioRs, 13S 

,, ilestro)', 22 

„ quit, Z4 

,, messeneers ol. 97 

Grief. 183, 238 

Heedlew, a. thousand speeches profit 

„ no longer hug you.. 43 

noi the, 10 

„ no man conies lo-^uho knows 

BeiRht, no lest of value, aoS 

hia place, l6j 

HeU, (62 

,, none honouicd till iheysulTer, 

Hemp, the shnme of, zio 

., the heavies! wave in, J22 

'Guest, honour ihe, 7 

Hereaiea, 147 

«iiil6, 88 

HUl. dip ttom a, 04 

„ avuid, 190 

Hint, tt— sufTident from the wise. 

EaBz, 93, no, 117 

Hair, whiU— comes, 197 

Hog, flay the— or bind on the 

H»ndB, wash the diosi of life frotn 

Zinar. 63 

ihy, 6s 

Home, he who abides far away from 

Eappl&eu, 1S6 

his 37 

.. ihe one to»d lo, 38 

„ life's, .10 

Hiriot, 261 

Honey, 128. 223 

Earveit, 68 

Honour, ihe most worliiy ot~in 

Haste, 27 

(;o<rs sight, 132 

Hate, the seed of, 166 

Honont*', lile'i 92 

Hatred, hell Ihe toot of, 20 

Hope, 39, 19', 281. 2Si 

„ be noi without— in adversity. 

Hftirk, l^ like the— not ihe ra 




,, liing delaved, 2S9 

;: suc^eds hop^lesTt-es., 76 

ctow. 116 

Hostility, no war without, 50 

Head, 75 

Honrii, 233 


HoDis, youth's circling, 66 

„ wilhout reason, 257 

HouM, each comer greels a new, 

Health, hope for good, 3S9 


Healthy, the enjuymenl of ihc. 


How, reason at a losi 10 understand 

Beart, beware ihe sigh of 


the. 6 

wounded, 110 

HumUUy, 40-41. 140. 276. '79 

„ comtiie. 164 

Hunger, 2S6 

„ do not pain a single. 274 

Hnrricane, a hundred jewels not 

„ illumined with light of 1 


Eyaoinlh, 100' 

„ shake off dust from mirro 


Hypoorisy, l)bie turbans n sign of. 

ihc, 63, 176, 183,27s 

^^^^ INDEX 343 

loe, 93 

Joseph, 59, 308 

IdeM.ihc meadow of, 285 

Judgment, 167. 234 

Idol. 4'.2o; 

„ day, 128, 165, 237, 248, 250, 

Idolatry, religion even in, 201 

299. 302. J03. 304. 30s. 

If, 54 

314.31s. 3'6 

IgDorance, the beasl grew wilh, 91 

Jwt, be. 43 

Ignoble, why la men I Ihe, 230 

Jnatlce, 2, 138, 139, 329 

IU,ihedarli of coming, 153 

lU-doiug, 16S 

Eaaba, 193 

lUniion. life immer>^ed in, iS 

Kernels, nuts wiihnut. 149 

.. Ihe WO.M an, 18 

,, sound shdU oltcn cover foul. 

Imitator, Ihe, 15J 


ImpoMibilitieg. :i8 

ImpulBB frim Goil, 310 

loceudiarj, ihe lamp of an. 139 

,, niisp;aced, 257 

„ Ihe skilful exercises, 135 

„ bloaleil, 13 

KiiB, JS9 

Ire, ill 

„ diHerence of-and slave, 88 

Idfldel, 96 

„ the, 21; 

InGdelUy, if a saint imbibe, 114 

„ word of a, 268 

iDltdelE, 149, 150, 171, 29ti 

Kingcraft, j,o 

Injaitioe, 77, 'S^ 

Kingdom, when ihy real sdf is 

Iat«Uigeiice, 2^7 

thy. 57 

Intoiiotton. where there is wine 

King!, 217 

I here is, 33 

Kitchen, earth's, 310 

Irak, 274 

Knot, from the ).kein of the uni- 

Iron, najl of— cannot pierce a stone. 


,, remains in the joined cord, 56 

Islam, 15. iSi 

„ no monkery in. 165 

„ follow not that of which ihon 

Israel, 305 

hiul no, 167 

,, Ihe ingel grew with, 91 

Jackal, 262 

„ 10 Rain, 59 

Jacob. 30)! 

„ traditional, 57 

Jam, cuj'-beareri of the ban<iuel of. 

Koran, 3, 19, 110, 130, 170, 17;, 


1 82. 239, 306 

jMOi, t&i 

Jamiheda. 112 

I*bonr, 25 

Jar, when ulcernted lips have 

„ after. 220 

pressed the, 65 

lAila, 76. loK, 170 

JehaD, what do the people of — 

Lunp, which God has lighied, 46 

lAQd, choose a— which pleases Ihce. 

Jefiw, ijs. 181.245.301 


„ a sufficient hclpti, 135 

„ OQl decked wilh ptanii. 2gt 

.. buy not (he ass with the 

Language, 81 

giBpcl of. 34 
Jew. when the— grows poor, 127 

Law, Ihe bunien of the, 187 

Learning, a folly. 39. 311 



Letters. !)r;^'L;ir;i;. 2\2 

Letter- writer, only know ihc Iclter's 

Liars, 15S 
Liberal, he, 197 
Liberality, 255 

Life, 23, 46, 91, 142, 157, 198, 
241, 250, 278, 287, 290, 
292, 308. 312, 317, 329 
,, dross of, 65 
,, fairy waters of, i 
,, how to order thy, 248 
,, if God has written thee long, 

,, is short, 231 

,, let us cut short the ills of, 217 

,, look on — as occasion, 30 

,, love the water of, I 

,, offers two things, 70 

,, one breath of— flies each 

moment, 114 
,, pass — in pleasing others, 288 
,, rely not upon perishable, 46 
,, the world's, 128 
Light, lamp gives no — in the sun, 

,, the dolt who sets up a 

camphor, 2 
Loaf, a single — will supply the 

stomach, 250 
Lord, a day with thy, 314 

,, call upon your— humbly, 23 
,, hearken unto your, 136 
,, heaven's sovereign, 264 
,, nothing escapelh the, 190 
,, serve thy, 294 
,, the— cauj>ed our acts to be, 

,, those that fear the, 164 
Lore, life's — wrought, 7 
Love, 20, 68, 78, 79, 88, 105, 135, 

136, 143, 144, 164, 225, 

227, 228, 242, 250, 273, 

277, 289, 316 
,, of two sorts, 14 
,, the alchemi<;t, 264, 
,, the people of, 289 
,, the voice of, 118 
,, the water of life, I, 289 
„ to win the Shepherd's, no 

Love, when ^r.l;ini;, 64 
Loved, do yuii see die — and hated 
logelhcr, 23 

,, he who has, 236 
Lover, 194 

,, the — a monarch, 20 
Lovera, 75, 191 

,, advice to, 211 
Lowly, the — are to blame, 324 
Lust, 2, 50, 123, 124, 208 

,, battle against, 22 

„ carnal, 218 

„ of gain, 40 

,, the eye of, 67 
Lute, I am thy, 182 

Macrocosm, 220 

Mag^c, the talisman of, 160 

Magnet, thy love is the, 226 

Mahmnd, 36 

Majnun, 76, loS 

Malignant, give not opportunity to 

the, 176 
Man, 2, 24, 74, 91, 132, 133, 156, 
IS7» 165, 186, 281, 296,- 

298, 303* 321 
a wise, 8, 28, 232 
an envious, ii, 137 
demand no tax from the poor, 

do not lavish learning on a 

wicked, 277 
every garment cloaks a, 72 
foolish old, 316 
furious, 219 
honourable, 17 
honoured by trial, 234 
ignorant of the joys of life, 87 
Koran-knowing, 327 
many a righteous — turned ta 

dust, 24 
may be too kind with fools, iz 
must drink the cup of misery, 

merit of a, 204 
of headstrong will, 328 
that for which a — hath striven^ 


the dignity of a, 230 

the virtuous, 213 




I^H^^^BS ^^^^^^^^1 



^^^^^ f 

Hui, Ihewingsora, 20I 

Mora, all (x-ace till the breaking 

of. 131 

„ ihinkcfct ihou every— a mnn, 8 

Morrow, look for no. 325 

„ void of umlcrstaniiing, 209 

„ what is now, changes on the. 

„ when «— undetswnds ealing 


and sleeping. 48 

Mow, 141. 193, 302, 254 

,, whu is less than a woman, 

Mo^nei, to fail to see thy face in, 

„ who needlessly wounds, 134 


„ who walks in God's own way, 

Hoantain, the, 32S 
Mourner, 360 

Mankind, 156, 399 

Mouth; from beauty's, 40 

,. Ihe most roolish of, 8 

Hanlr. be, 25 1 

Musk, 301 

Hkrket-plEun, who goial ciiiply 

handed lo ihc, 142 

M«le, a congenial, 186 

Heddling, 64 

HMkneu, 35 

Men, dis!.oluie, r48 
„ old, 210, 314 
„ ihe worst of, 35l 

Nune, c"™!- 98. too 

Nftair-i^hntraUi 3it 

Naarin, 100 

Nation, govemcd by a woman, 164 

Nature. 296, 318 

„ everyone acts according to 

his, 177 
„ evil— cannot ihow gooJ, 31S 
„ «-hen the-is evil, io» 
„ yoLi first, 53 
Neck, beware thy tongue does not 
cut thy, 81 

M*"!""'. 305. 317 

Hsrcinil, ihe, 151. 
HerciM, many uie Ihc sccicl, 8 
Merej, 13 
„ show, 39 _ _ 

MeritoTdisplay ihy. 78 

„ let not thy hand be tied to thy, 


„ refuse lo purchdse, I3S 
Mickle. cveiy- becomes 1 mile, 159 
Microcosm, 230 
Mild, be, 273 
MUdnetui, 377 
Uiim. 4 
MiuB, ihc-wilhin Ihe mountain, 

Hioatrel, 103 

Minge, let noi the— beguile yoii, 86 
Mlra, if a jewel hl\ in ll^e, 142 
Hiier. the, 364 
Mite, every mickle becomes a, 159 

Nfght, 10, 138 

„ the d«k-of the friends of 

heaven, 259 
„ when the sun goelh up, where 

Slayelh, 47 

NighUng.lB. 40. 281 
„ among owls, 39 


„ ciwpoi wilh crows, 43 

„ imprisoned for her voice, 379 

No»h. 43, 295 

NobU. the hearts of the. 238 

Nothing, 366 

Mole, the, 216 

Honftmlii, commands of, 114 

Obedience, 143 

Money, abide* not wilh the cHielcw, 

Objeiot, priie high a wished for, 1S8 


Ohi, 164 

Moon, 331 

Oil, midnight, 206 

„ ahinet only in the night, 148 

Old, when Ihou art, 56 

Monli, lie whosc-oic corrupt, 162 

Omen, the happy, 25a 


Monl wortH, 125 

Onmipotont, reliance on the, 384 



Opinions, (iillcrinL; fi";ii lie "i.:^^"--, 

Opportunity, 34, 92 

,, take care of, 214 
Oppoflites, 148, 324 
Oppression, disgrace follows, 329 
Oppressor, 82 
Orange, none will eat the— from the 

dunghill, 65 
Orator shall have his defects pointed 

out, 203 
Others, to mount by, 242 
OntUw, 245 
Oyster, not every — pregnant with a 

pearl, 204 

Pagodas, 41 

Pain, we cannot rise without endur- 
ing, 299 
Painter, 270 

Paradise, I cannot be content with, 
„ the majority of those in, 32 
Psxdon, 283 
Parents, be grateful unto thy, 302 

,, the soul of our first, 140 
Parrot, 279 
Partridge, 78 
Parsimonions, 119 
Parting, with loved ones, 158 
Passion, 124 

Passions, our earthly, 149 
Past, grieve not for the, 243 
Pasture, better than the battle 

plain, 120 
Path, oppose no barrier to a good 
man's, 241 
,, the slain on God's, 167 
Patience, 151, 172, 183, 211, 270 
„ reason's proof, 265 
„ reason's treasury, 40 
„ supplies to every word its 
key, 27 
Peace, 142 
Peacock, discomforted by his ugly 

feet, 260 
Pearl, not always in the shell, 100 
„ should the diver pause, he'll 

never win the, 102 
„ the precious, 235 

Pearls, w ': -.-v. I t;i\ci wi'ilioul tiiv.l- 

Pen, 231 

Penitence, 31 

People, speak to —according to 

their understandings, 149 
Perchance, 54 
Perdition, throw not yourself into, 

Pharaoh, 141 
Philosopher, my critics call me 

a, 71 
Phoenix, 125, 154 
Pictures, fancy's, 214 
Pigeon, 149 
Pilgrim, the Ilijaz, 154 

„ what do the comfortable care 
for the tired, 301 
Pilot, where Noah is the, 43 
Pious, the vision of the, 201 
Pity, 220 
Place, cling not to a native, 168 

,, earth s labouring, 119 
Plan, no unmatured— can succeed, 

Pleasure, of the flesh, 144 

„ pass from the — of animals, 25 

,, take your — while you may, 64 

,, the value of a day of, 206 

Poetry, 262 

Pomps, earth's hollow, 88 

Poor, heaven does not strike the, 43 

Potter, 68 

Poverty, 11, 88, 149, 206 

God defend me from, 23 
in— there is rest, loi 

Power, 2 

Praise the Lord, 89 

Prayer, 8, 9, 41, 151, 166, 174, 

241* 305 

„ lend not to him who neglects, 

,, poor man's, 29 
Preacher, 55 
Pride, 220, 282 

,, boast not of having no, 190 
Prison, why fall asleep in a, 32 
Professions, the best of, 213 
Profligacy, 93 
Profligate, 119 




^^^^^^ 347^^^H 

Tromlie, to whom h good— is 

HeUgion, they thai batlcr-for Ihe 

ptomiscd, 3 
PropliBt, meek man all bul a, 149 

world, 69 

Beaeiriag, 146 

M Ihe. Jis 

Bepsat but half of what you hear. 

FropbetB, before ihc— came, izi 


,. purposes of ihe, 112 

Bepentance, 90, 172, 183, 23S, 298 

Prosperity. S3 

,, no use when life muaiidered. 

Proudly, walk not. 167 


Vatohaaex, who will pay gold, joi 

Bepoae, he who was nursed in soft. 

Pure, earlh is Ihe (fiutbli[is of llie. 



Heatirreetlon, 10, 171, 207, 236 

„ uf heart, 60 

Rhymea, 230 

Eichei, s, 12 

Qftti. S6 
QmI. Ihe, 334 
Qudlitiei, a man's, 27S 
„ look 10, 63 

„ who would wish for Ihe 
world's, 65 
HiBht, >2 

„ will enjoy— on others, for- 
gelline your own souls, 21 
Eighteoui, the, 133, 145, 165 
Bizv&n, 122 

QMlity, exliemes of, 193 

Quilt, do not l>enl a drum undec a. 


Bobber, when ihc— finds success, 
Boae, garden, 39 

BicB. Adam's, zS 

B«ga, 310 

,. 00— without a thorn, 29, 33, 

B»iii, ■,4 


„ crystal — fills from black 

„ none but the bird interprets 

clouds, 17 

Skindropg, the- and ihc ccean, 309 

„ the, 109, 217 

B»ijy»n. 4 

Bo»e», 306 

Earn, who play al hutting wilh a. 

„ from Ihe hand of ugliness, 40 

Bbii£, seek. lit 

Baby, 98, 164, 257, 291 

„ a stone which is changed into 

., lo*hom-ist!iven, llS 

BailineHs, spring* from ilic dtvil, 

Buat, 5 

Eational, hi- ihsl h, 171 

Sftba, 203 

Reap, only— where ) have sown, 

at'di. 20S, 253 


Bage. the— who does but [ireitch, 12 

Beuon, 39, 124 

Saint, be is no, 204 

,. human, loj 

Sfclnt*. 153. 311 

B«clcotiitig. the people's. 135 
EefleoUon, form and, 1$! 

,. love the, .91 

„ vexed, ihow their sliallow- 

Kegret, 38, jSj 

ness, 64 

EeUgion, 54, 163, 164, J73, 304 

Saki, 207 

,, buy not the woild in eictmnec 

Sanctuary, lhE-~l«fore ihee, 113 

fof. 34 

Satan, the deceits of, 104 

,, Islam yuot, 15 

Satiety, eat not to cause, J06 

„ people f..llow the— of iheit 

SatitUsd, l>e, 309 

•^lllngs, .6 

„ lhel«3l,399 

consign thy, 91 








Silence, through maintaining, 60 


Scorpion, 154 

Bin, bliss from the pardon of a, 197 

„ place not Ihy finger 

n Ihe, 

., iheleavcBof, 189 


Sinai. 17 

361, Ihe, 25;, 301 

Sinners. God fearing, 309 

SeM. iwo-nc -like, 189 

„ rcpenl. 30 

Secret, communioile not ihy 


„ when God desires to humble. 

,, rone can keeps, 144 


,. Ihe-of God, 384 

Sim. he afraid of ihy-this momeni, 

SeoreU, 244, 165 


Sect, only one— saved, 358 

SI«t, 300 

8ed»t«. 4. 37 

SlciU, 90 

flwd, 35. .58, 309 

Skirt, from the-of one so fair, 61 

» sowing, 35 
„ lime, 161.312 

,. L;rnsp hi^i, 61 
Skiai, fill my- with wine, 348, 266 

Saeda, who— finds, t&t 

,. what stream couki fdl the, 

Self, 6 


„ journey oul of, 395 

Slander. 45 

Self-praiBB, 235 

Slanderen. you cannot escape, 185 

Self-reliance, 313 

Slave. 116 

Sellm, ,23 

,, who lauyhl inc, made mc his, 

Seme, .he inward, IQ3 


Sleep. 143 

Serpento, 320 

Eleepen, ope no! slumber's eye, 71, 

Sarvftnt, arranges but God 

el tits, 



Slight. nauEhl — that God has 

,. fiod's, 52 

frniiieil, 36 

Slinger, keep beyond rniiee of a 

,, ofkings, 16 

practi.«:d. 4S 
Small, irthoHart,g6 

Sotting, liul a risinu. 103 

Bhftfl*. shot, reluin not, 213 

Snake, he who is bitten by the, 374 

8h.b. 122, 259 

Snares, [ile full of, 254 

Sbune, 261 

bneezing. 22 

,, licwail the wuik of, 30 

So and-ao, preferred to God, 280 

,. wretch devoid of, 33 

Sobriety, 373 

Sheika, 301 

Son. 121 

Shlrax, 157 

., if the Go<i of metcy had n, 

Bhirin. 76 


Shoe, hatcfool, hctler llian it 


„ the degenerate, 225 


Borrow, loo. 313 

Bickneu, what sick ninn 

„ dittof, 36 

lourceot. 114 

,, who fur thy pleasure givclh. 

Sigh, slight not Lhe-of 



■— I creatures, 319 

„ would'st thou keep thyself 

V Signet, your heart as Solo 

from, 37 


Sorrowful, the, 39 

Sikftnder, 284 

Soul, 6, 7. 46. so, no, 127, 141. 

_ SlWer, 261. 264 

142. 177. 218, 221. 335, 

L Silence, 26S 


j66, 27J, 374, 398. 

Soul, bcllerto make one's— icjo Ice, 
„ lie whose — is quickened with 

„ make pioviiion fui good of 

Ihy, 130 
,, niy — from every tarnish free, 

,, the burdeneii, 169 

„ the Primal, 146 

,, the vitioti of Ihe, 194 

„ which arl " 

SnH, the. 267 

Sugar, not Usle— from the reeil, I 

,, throw — tu the pnrrul, 259 
Sngar-cuie, 115 
SolUn. mil of proiimiiy to the, 41 

„ the praise of the, 119 
BniniimrT. crentmn's, 74 
Sun, 94, 157. 260, 30t, 334 

,, lamp gives nu li^ht in the, 46 
„ no need of stars with n, [51 
but the — c:in display 


iii|;ht, 116 Snuhght, 217 

. 57 

„ quench the — loeud Ihe flame, 

Bpeeeb, 2^, 269 

„ liridle Ihy, 370 
„ the just time for, llj 
Spirit, 313 

„ is very subtle, 351 
„ our celestial— free, 31 

„ the sent of the, 61 
„ turn Ihe mirror of soul lo, 65 
„ which wears not love, 3J7 
Spoken, you muai prove what you 



Spring, 103, 287 




BUr, foriunc'!. .^, 

Station, proud his— who fur nothing 

Steep, ihej 85 
Stone, j6j 

gnlden cup, 9S 
,, a tolhng, 209 
„ fruit on him who flings n— 

Struiger, for one friendly, 120 
„ leinembera home in sickness, 

,, secure ihe—ns thy slave, lt6 
Strength, 328 

Strife, he only lilfed fm the, 8] 
Snbgtancs, Ijlmir fui, 70 

Swine, in the heart of each ate 

Sword, good— not made from faulty 
iron, 261 
,, no worse fur worn sheath, 178 
„ suspended by single hair, 90 

„ who darei unslieaih the 

1,™!-., l.S 
,, who draws the unrighleous, 
Swordi, 277 

Taper, what cares m 

-die, 8s 
Tartary, 273 

TMk, fate's, 85 
Tavemi, belter to 



e with 

Teacher, esie'emed higher than Ihe 

father, 292 
Tamper, 205 

Temperament, the human, 214 
Thorn and the ruse ingether, 41 

., pluck not the. 23S 

,, upon ihe ruse is found, 266 
Tbonght, 76, 91 

all CI 


>. 147 

good and evil, 319 
,, the glass of, 120 
Thread, who antavellclh the, 167 
Throat, place a padlock on your. 

Time, change »r, 149 

3S0 in: 

Time, mat whai— has doae, 257 
„ spend well Thy. [CXi 
„ Ihe — ihal passelh iiwsy, 191 

Timidity, 271, 277 

To-dfty, rrjoicc, 5S 

ToUb, worldly. 311 

Tongue, 173. 3.8 

» every lho.n a, Z05 

„ man hidden under his own. 

waunlliorihc, 171 


Tnditian, heed not, 269 

Tranquillity, aj2 

Tiuuient ihings die, 137 

Travel, 74, 254 

Traveller, before Ihe— reach his 
home, 1G2 

Trsuure, as grnw;: Ihy, 42 
„ hide not (he hidden, 161 
„ no-wilhoulK serpent, 33 
„ of lovioj; kindness ^5 
,, who loils not, will not gain. 

Treei, had — the power lo move, 


„ none cast stones at — unless 

fruil i.t (here, 120 

TroQble, lie not disconililed by, 320 

UglineBB, roies from ihe hand of, 

TJmiu-ikl Ala, 291 

Unbolief, [g 
Cobeliaveis, 24, 179, 183 

„ piod ihln^ Ijcslowed on, 167 
Vnooageoial, aueicly of [he, 2JI, 

Universe, a. knot from the skein of 
the, 121 

„ this eircie uf the, 129 

„ we reflect the— 12J 
nDJnat, ihe, 196 
Unaeen, the. 114 

Unwoithy, fotluoe crowns ihe, 2io 
Upright, be, 22 

Vain, ihe. 322 

TaluaWe, only the — should be 

prized. 317 
Vazirship, 2J2 
VeU, of ihd-islificd, 21 

nullnl fcen bounded by the. 



Trntb, 8 

„ conceited will not lislen 10, 

„ inlellectunt, 65 

„ is from Ihe Lord, 13 

,, iiDt from worldly men, 5 
Turban*, blue, B4 
Tyranny, 104, 257. 319 

„ help one oppressed by. 245 
Tyrants, 22, 3:0 



„ the-of Cod's dec 
Teatmenic, one in sainl 
Vigorona, oft luid liencalli the clay, 

Virtne, 95, 319 

„ keep lime to, 69 
,, slnve to gel, 244 
voice, 295 

„ of n friend, 2J9 
Yoicei, no— from (he slain return, 

Waitings, gi' 


when the 

o nngry. 

. .s only ihy, j6i 
WakefulnesB, 282 
Want, 324 

Wants, relieve the people's, 319 
War, [42 

,, he must ii,k his blood who 

joins, 17 
„ who flies in, 17